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SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "Suprise Dinner Dessert".

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Suprise Dinner Dessert

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This is an absolutely true story of a completely random encounter that is about as unbelievable as can be. But it happened It was a Saturday night and we were going out for our date night like usual and we headed out to dinner. As usual Leah looked smoking hot in a short black mini skirt and an extremely revealing low cut top with no bra on. We started drinking early in the day and I’m pretty sure she was in a mood ?? we get in the car and her dress slid up barely covering her silky smooth pussy. As we pull out of the drive and get on the road we had a short drive to dinner I reach over and put my hand on her leg. Normally she tells me to behave and be a lady but tonight she slightly spread her legs and let my hand roam a little bit. I slowly slid my hand up where my pinky was touching the lips of her pussy and she felt warm to the touch and I could feel her getting wet. Leah let me know tonight was going to be fun. We went to dinner in a little place we found and sat in a booth next to each other. The restaurant was dimly lit and the tables covered in a table cloth. After our drinks and appetizers we noticed a couple across the restaurant looking at us and checking us out. I’m sure they were looking and Leah’s nipples testing the very fiber of her top. Leah reached down and placed her hand on my cock and rubbed me through my pants. That sent a shock wave through my body as she leaned into my ear and whispered hey I think that couple over there wants to fuck. I looked over at them and we all made eye contact and smiled. I turned to you and said then maybe we should see how good this gets. That’s all you needed. Leah went to the bathroom after we finished our meal and I noticed as she got up the woman from the other table followed after her. As she did he looked at me and smiled. I knew she was up to no good. ?? when Leah came back to the table she looked at me and walked past me with a devilish grin and walked over to their table and sat next to him. Before I could realize what was going on the woman from the other table confidently slid into our booth where I had stood up to let Leah in. I sat and we made eye contact and I watched you slide your hand under the table and rub his cock above his jeans. You are a sucker for jeans. She followed suit and leaned in to tell me “Hi I’m Victoria and your wife tastes amazing…. I could smell your sweet nectar on her lips. OMFG did she go down on you in the bathroom! I learned later that she didn’t go down on you but she fingered you to an orgasm and licked her finger clean after. We sat and talked for a few minutes while we paid our bills and all headed to the parking lot to our cars. That’s when they invited us back to there place about a 10 min drive from there. That 10 min seemed to last forever. We pulled into the driveway behind them and Leah looked at me and said “let’s have some fun” we all headed in and finally made formal introduction. Victoria and James were very similar to us he was older they had no kids and just liked to live there lives free of rules. They were not hardcore Lifestyle people just people that liked to unwind and have great sex. We all went to the living room and sat on the couch while Victoria went to the kitchen to whip up some drinks. When she came back she handed out the drinks and sat down next to you and immediately put her hand on your leg as if you were old friends and I could tell you were as comfortable as you could be as if you were two old souls. We made small talk and finished our drinks and Victoria said “ oh no we haven’t given you a tour of the place please follow me” she led us around the modest home showing us the entire place and then we all headed down to what the called their combined she shed/man cave of a basement. And what appeared to be their play room. Complete with a large sectional sofa with a rug in the middle and a large screen tv that covered the entire wall. She led us all over to the sofa and we settled in and Victoria asked James to put some background music on for us. James obliged and turned on some music while we chatted more and get to know each other when Victoria jumped up and said hold on I have something you are going to love.

When she returned she had a cart with her and on it was a motor bunny sex toy. Leah shouted “OMG what is that?” Victoria said “oh please let me show you” she set it up quickly and reached for your had and pulled Leah to your feet as she stood up leah stumbled just enough for Victoria to catch you in her arms as the two ladies made eye contact they instantly met each other with kisses and began to enjoy each other. As Victoria broke her kiss she grabbed Leah’s hand and led her to the toy that was placed on a soft rug on the floor in the center or the sofa area. Victoria looked at james amd I and said “boys get ready for a show” James knew exactly what that meant and stood up and stripped down to his underwear and sat back down. Leah looked at me with that smile again as I followed James’s lead and stood up and stripped down. Victoria looked at both of the bulges in our underwear us and said “looks like you guys are ready for the show” with a smile on Leah’s face. Victoria then turned Leah and kissed her once again and began to pull her clothes off. She didn’t have to work hard because Leah basically jumped out of her clothes in excitement. Victoria led her to the machine and had her straddle the device and with one last kiss she reached down to feel Leah’s soaking wet pussy to make sure you was ready. Victoria looked at James and said “honey she is so wet” Victoria helped you get into position and straddle the toy that now sat firmly against your wet pussy. Victoria stood in front of Leah and looked in her eyes as she turned on the motor. As soon as she did Leah let out a little yelp. A sound I have never heard her make. As Leah warmed up to the sensation Victoria expertly operated the motor. Leah got louder and louder almost screaming with excitement. Leah began to orgasm over and over… I could tell she was at her limit. Victoria slowed the motor down and we all watched as Leah floated back down to earth. As Leah caught her breath she said “OMG that was the best thing I have ever felt” Victoria looked at Leah and said “Oh baby we are just getting warmed up” leah responded with a smile as she leaned in for a kiss. As the kiss broke Leah looked up and realized that James and I were both stroking our cocks watching Leah cum for our entertainment. That’s when you said “Victoria it’s your turn” Victoria said “I was waiting for this moment when we saw you two walk in tonight” as Victoria turned to James she handed him the remote controller and lowered herself to the machine Leah stopped her and said “wait how do we know you are ready?” Leah walked up to her and kissed her again reaching down to finger her soaking pussy. “Oh she’s ready” and Leah sucked her juices off her fingers “and she’s delicious” Leah said. Victoria climbs on the toy and James begins to adjust the motor. Victoria begins to moan louder and louder as she is getting lost is the sensation. Her orgasm begins to build and her face reddens as her breathing increases. Soon Victoria is overcome with a powerful orgasm as wave after wave sends her into a frenzy. As Victoria regained her composure she looked at me and said with a devilish grin “oh I apologize I seem to have neglected our guests.” She crawled to me and reached up to grab my hard cock. Victoria looks at Leah and said “Hun would mind if I enjoy your man” leah answered with “by all means help yourself” Victoria replied “sweetie make yourself at home you are our guest, help yourself to anything you desire” you replied “Yes I think I will” as Leah walked over to James and knelt in front of him and reached up and took his cock in your hand. I have an average size cock with average thickness. James was slightly longer but much thicker. Maybe close to 8 inches but thick. Victoria takes my hard cock in her mouth but all I can think about is Leah sucking James and his hard thick cock filling her mouth. And how much I want to see him fuck her and make her cum all over his thick cock. I focus my attention back to Victoria as Leah works on making James cum. I hear the results of her talents and he begins to breathe harder and harder. James tells her “oh yes I’m gonna cum” you look at him and just keep sucking his cock everyone can see that you want his hot seed in your mouth. “Ugh fuck I’m cumming” you take every drop of his load and release his cock and move over to me and Victoria and immediately kiss her and share his taste. Victoria returns to my cock and Leah joins her and begins to suck on my balls. This is all I can take as two sexy women and sucking my cock “oh fuck, oh fuck I’m cumming swallow my cum” I exclaim as Victoria sucks every drop from my cock and Leah softly kissed and sucked my cleanly shaven sack. As Victoria released my cock both ladies again share the tastes of their men. One of the hottest things I have ever seen. After things calm down James and myself get up to make more drinks and when we return we find Leah and Victoria giggling and kissing each other wrapped up in a blanket. James and I sit back and let you girls continue to enjoy your female touch while we recover in hopes of a round 2. As we sip our drinks Leah and Victoria were working on getting more acquainted on the couch when Victoria asked if we would all like to go up to the master bed room. “ Absolutely” Leah answered and Victoria reached out and grabbed her hand and led the four of us upstairs in a naked parade. Once we got into the bedroom and adjusted the lighting James cued up some music and the we stepped back and let the girls continue their fun. Leah led Victoria down on the bed and climbed on top on her and began to kiss her body starting at her neck and began working her way down her beautiful body. As Leah kissed her belly and followed the beautiful path to her delicious waiting pussy poor Victoria was writhing around in heaven. Suddenly Leah stoped and looked at us now rock hard with our cocks in our hands Leah said “boys I want one of you on each side…. We both took that cue and both slid up next to her. Victoria reached out and grabbed a cock in each hand and began to stroke us as we both started to kiss her nipples. Leah began to kiss and lick her clit as Victoria began to moan out with pleasure. The only thing keeping her from floating away in pleasure was holding onto two hard cocks….. seconds went by as her breathing began to speed up. Her skin was flushing red and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out she was about to have another orgasm. She stopped stroking and arched her back…. It was happening Victoria started an earth shattering orgasm that seemed to last for ever her body writhing around in pleasure as her orgasm took her took her to heaven. “OMFG YOU ARE AMAZING, I THINK I AM IN LOVE” Victoria proclaimed after her body recovered “Now it’s your turn honey cum over here and sit on my face” Leah happily saddled up to ride Victoria’s tongue just like she rode the motor bunny. But this time the cock in her mouth would be mine. I stood in front of her and offered my cock as she opened her mouth and swallowed me whole she made eye contact with me and I told her “you are a good girl, you suck daddy’s cock so well, you want to get fucked now. James this slut needs a cock to fill her pussy,would you mind helping her out” Leah bent over in a little more and James moved in behind her, Leah was already on the brink of an orgasm with Victoria licking her clit when James slid his cock between Victorias tongue and Leah’s pussy. He entered and it sent a shockwave through her body and she moaned on my cock I knew she would cum fast and she didn’t disappoint. James wasn’t even all the way in when she came. Moaning on my cock but never stopped sucking on me. James was beginning to build a rhythm and fucking her harder and harder the slapping of his balls against her ass echoing in her room but drowned out by her moaning on my cock buried deep in her throat. “Does that feel good? Do you like his cock?” I asked she stopped sucking my cock and started to jerk me off I could tell she was enjoying this. “He feel so thick, daddy his cock feels so thick. It’s stretching my pussy so good, daddy he feels so good” she said “that’s daddy’s good girl, fuck him good, make him cum, fuck him good.” I could tell James was going to cum soon he had the look on his face. At that moment he said “fuck I’m gonna cum” “daddy I want his cum in my pussy” Leah asked almost begging to feel him fill her up. “Cum in her pussy fill her up. I want to see her stretched pussy dripping with cum” as soon I I finished my sentence James let out a grunt and his body quivered. Simultaneously Leah came as she screamed out she looked at me “daddy cum for me, please daddy” the scene was to hot to stand and I shot my load into her waiting mouth and she looked in my eyes and swallowed my load as I watched it go down. God dam Leah was a cum slut tonight. After everyone gathered a little composure we all headed off to the shower to rinse off before we hit the hot tub but that’s another story for another time….

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