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SuperBowl Sunday

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SuperBowl Sunday....

It's been a deliciously satisfying evening. My beautiful husband had 6 of the guys over to watch the Super Bowl. By half time, they were all pretty loud and carrying good buzzes. One of them, Diego,was expecting his wife, Jenna to join the party within the hour. I was wearing the cutest little black tshirt dress with no panties and my favorite black boots that went up just over my knees. My breasts were stuffed in the dress. They are always a topic of discussion as they are 36DDDs and yes, very real. Every time I would walk by the boys, some sexual comment would be made and my husband would grab my leg and pull me to him to cop a quick feel.

Once half time started, I was refreshing drinks when my husband pulled me to him. He pulled down the top of my dress until my left breast popped out and in his playful way he grabbed it and started to suck it like a crazed animal. I could hear the guys "Yeah man, suck those big tits" " Hey are you going to share with your friends?" I was laughing but getting so turned on to be taken in front of a room full of horny, testosterone fueled men. My husband then pulled his mouth off me and held my breast while paying particular attention to my nipple. The guys were still cheering him on when he slid his hand up my dress, exposing my ass to the crowd. His fingers slid so easily into my already soaked pussy. The roars in the room heightened... I could barely hear Beyonce singing anymore. "Let's see what else you got man" "I bet that pussy tastes sweet" "how about sharing that pie". I was becoming so aroused.

Diego who's married to Jenna had tasted me on plenty of occasions. He and his wife have been our "friends with benefits" for awhile. So as the guys continued to egg my husband on, I pretended to fight him off. He knew that I had no intention of stopping him. He continued to bury his face in my breasts and then asked me if I was interested in being the half time show. The guys were screaming.."hell yeah Ivana, show us your moves" "come on our show". I had every intention on giving them a half time show that they would never forget. As Beyonce blared in the background, I decided these horny guys needed a private dancer. I stood on the coffee table with my dress barely pulled down enough to cover my ass. As I was dancing, that dress found its way higher and higher up my toned legs. The bottom of my ass was showing and I could feel the cool air caressing my clit with each move that I made. I could see their cocks jumping to attention and that only made me want more attention.

I found my way off the table and straddled my husband's lap. He reached down and grabbed the bottom of my dress, surprising me and his friends as he lifted it over my head. I was now wearing nothing but my black, over the knee boots. I continued with my little lap dance, sitting on his lap and facing the guys until my husband said "Go ahead them your moves". So very methodically, I walked around the room giving them all a little lap dance.

Without warning, the door swung open. It was Jenna. I was glad to see her as I was thinking I was in over my head. I just so happen to be on her husband's lap when she came in. The other guys in the group had no idea about the four of us, so what happened next was quite a shock to them. They all thought Diego was in trouble, but they soon found out differently, I continued to grind my ass on Diego's lap as Jenna walked towards us. The guys fell silent wondering what was going on. I stared at Jenna as her husband's hard-on begged to bust through his jeans. Jenna leaned in real close and said "Are you enjoying yourself Ivana?" I moaned and said "oh yes". The guys were still silent, the four of us laughing inside at what they must be thinking. Then Jenna says "your pussy must be pretty wet right now" and gasps could be heard around the room. "Oh Jenna, my pussy is soaked baby" I replied while leaning back on Diego's chest. Now my sweet juices were visible to the whole room from this angle. Jenna immediately knelt down at our knees and spread my legs for the room. "Hey, look at that, she really is soaked", I thought the unsuspecting guys in the room would keel over in their delight when at that very moment, Jenna took my sweet sopping pussy in her mouth and buried her face between my legs. I moaned in excitement because Jenna was so good at pleasing me. Her soft hair brushed against my thighs as her tongue explored my wetness.

In an instant, the guys whipped out their swollen cocks without hesitation and began to jerk off while Jenna devoured me. My husband reached over her pretty ass and slid his fingers deep inside Jenna's beautifully waxed pussy. He then pulled his fingers out and savored her juices. Diego's hands cupped my breasts. His fingers tugging away at my hard nipples as he braced me while his wife continued to lick my pussy. The guys were no longer cheering us on, but moaning in self pleasure. My husband lifted her skirt over her ass and buried his beautiful shaft deep inside Jenna. I knew it must have felt good because Jenna sucked my pussy so feverishly I thought I'd cum at that very moment. My husband's expression is always so hot when he's watching me with Jenna.

Somehow we managed to shift from Diego's chair to the couch. Laying on the couch, my husband shifted his cock from Jenna's sweet pussy to my eager mouth. As Jenna continued to lick me like only she can, my husband slid his beautiful cock in and out of my mouth. I could taste Jenna's sweet juices on him as he pounded the back of my throat. I always give him the best blow jobs when my pussy is being devoured by Diego or Jenna. Diego had slipped away for a second, but returned with a dildo that I'm guessing he scored from my nightstand. I saw the straps with it and Jenna and I knew what was expected of us.

It all seemed so effortless as Diego put the strap-on on his wife. He sucked her pretty perky tits while harnessing her. Jenna lubed it up nicely, seemingly jerking it off as the guys jerked off with her. Diego enjoyed a bit of that lube himself! My husband continued to pound himself into my throat but slowed down, I'm guessing to keep himself from cumming as he watched Jenna getting ready for me.

I saw Jenna look at me and smirk, I knew she was going to show off for these guys. She motioned for me to get on my knees and I graciously did so. I gasped as I felt that slippery strap-on slide deep into my wetness. The men all moaned at once which only encouraged Jenna to thrust into me so much harder. I winced a bit as she pulled out only to slam that dildo into my again and again. My husband kneeled in front of me and I was so anxious to take his cock into my mouth again. The rest of the guys stood there moaning and jerking off. I wondered who would blow first.

I felt my knees grow week as Jenna continued to thrust her hips into me. Her nails dug into my hips as she braced herself and I could hear the wetness in my pussy. I was so very wet, and my juices ran freely down my inner thighs. Jenna never fails to pleasure me and is so in tune to my body's reactions. Just as I was about to come, Jenna pulled out of me, and with the dildo glistening with my juices, she rolled me over and buried her face between my legs again. My hips trusted up towards her mouth as I came. Her hands were on my ass, pulling me to her face. My orgasm was so incredibly strong and as she sucked my sweet nectar from my body, our husbands came all over my tits. It was so warm and I could feel the cum hitting my neck too. Just then, Jenna emerged from between my legs and lapped up the creamy cum from my nipples and my neck. She finished me off with a long, lingering kiss that tasted like all four of us.

I had to giggle a bit because the other guys grabbed napkins from the table as they came. They joked later about not knowing what to do when the time came to cum. A funny moment after a very hot half time show. Incidentally, the guys missed the entire second half but said it was the "best Super Bowl ever"!

Thank you for letting me share a very hot evening, Ivana

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