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Spontaneous seduction

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So my husband and I decided to start a new project at home. We knew of one of our lifestyle friends that had done this type of project at his house before but for the last year hasn’t kept up with it and had the supplies we needed. I had talked with him about using his supplies which he said we could have. I was already on the road and texted him if he was home and I could stop by to pick the stuff up. He said he was and I could stop by anytime. I pulled into his driveway and saw him outside doing some yard work, no shirt with just a slight sexy glistening of sweat across his chiseled chest. He came and greeted me with a hug being mindful not to get me with his sweat. The stuff was in his house so we walked in to go through everything. He stopped in the kitchen to get some water and offered me a drink which I took as it was unseasonably warm outside. We started talking about the project and threw some different ideas around. Just laughing at times with some of the sillier ideas. After about 5 minutes of talking I didn’t want to hold him up from what he was doing. The whole time I was looking at his body which I think he noticed. I stood up from his couch and went over to give him a hug goodbye and peck on the lips for the supplies. As I was hugging him, more than the first hug at the greeting, I felt the large bulge in his pants against my inner thigh, which instantly got me wet. My hands were wrapped around the small of his back and my breathing got a little heavier. And I could feel his arms around me and his face was at the top of my head and I could hear him inhale deeply into his nose my scent which made him moan some. As we pulled apart and I went in for that peck on his lips to say good bye, it became a bit more. I gave him a peck and as we locked eyes, I went in for more of a kiss. He sensed it and leaned in more also. Our lips met, parted. Tongues slowly teasing each other. His hands were all over my back and then down to my butt. Slowly caressing each cheek lightly, then grabbing them just right in each hand. My hands going up and down his back. Our tongues intertwined and our moaning much more vocal now. I didn’t think his cock could get any harder but it did because I grabbed it through his clothes and rubbed it up and down. He pulled away and asked if my husband would be ok with this as he didn’t want to overstep. I told him he was ok with me enjoying myself and loves hearing my stories. Sometimes I even take videos on my phone so he can see my enjoyment. That made him happy to hear, and he whispered in my ear that he wanted me so badly. I answered him by taking his pants down, getting on my knees and engulfing his long hard cock in my mouth. He arched his back in pleasure and let out a loud moan while putting his hands gentle on the back of my head and guiding my head gentle with each thrust of his cock into my mouth. I would look up at his face through my hair and see him looking down at me with a smile on his face. After a few minutes of my lips around his cock and my tongue teasing his bulging head, he grabbed both sides of my face and pulled me up. He started to make out with me, passionately while getting out of his pants. He told me he needed to just check on something in his house and would be back in a second. As he went away I set up my phone so I could record the situation which when he return said he would put on a good show. He picked me up completely by my ass and brought me over to the couch and laid me down while still kissing me. He started to life up my shirt and then took it off, throwing it away to the side. He proceeded to kiss my neck and work his way down to my nipples that had become hard from the kisses. He tongues each one and sucked so gently on each making me moan with pleasure. He kept sucking and licking while untying my sweat pants and start to slide them down my legs. As he was doing that he was licking and kissing me across my chest and down my belly until his face was between my legs. He moved my panties to the side and proceeded to lick my pussy slowly at first, getting me all worked up. He then took both my legs and put them over his shoulders so he could reach every inch of me. His tongue found my clit instantly and he would lick it and flick it while sucking it softly. It made me moan so loudly with pleasure that I came hard all over his face. He then took my panties off at which time I pushed him down onto the couch playfully and straddled his face, reverse cowgirl, with my soaking wet pussy and took his cock into my mouth again. I was sucking his cock and working my hand up and down his long hard shaft, up to the rim of his head. He was enjoying the long, slow strokes of my lips and hand. It made him continue to lick and suck my clit with enthusiasm, making my body squirm with pleasure. He would give my clit a break sometimes and lick my pussy lips, starting on the outside and then working his way inside of me with his tongue. It felt so good I had to stop sucking him to let out some loud moans. He worked back to my clit and I noticed he was pressing his face harder into me which caused the tip of his nose to tease my asshole. This new sensation just made me feel wetter and I took my other hand and push his head harder into me so I could feel it more. I think he sensed I liked the new sensation of his nose there and returned to my pussy lips. This time he was taking very long licks of my wet pussy starting right next to the clit and ending near my asshole. Getting a feel of how far he could go without making me uncomfortable. His licks kept getting longer and longer whcih made me take his cock deeper and deeper down my throat. He knew I was enjoying it more and with another long lick, he went across my dripping wet pussy lips and licked up to my asshole. There he stayed, licking around it first, getting more of a sense of my pleasure which I expressed with louder moaning while sucking his cock. He then waited no longer and started to lick my ass with the tip of his tongue driving me wild to the point I stopped sucking him and moaned while saying “Oh my god, yes!” This just made him more enthusiastic and he took his fingers and inserted them into my pussy while licking my asshole. It was such a sensory overload and it made me cum again so hard! I told him if I don’t feel him inside of me soon, I’m going to explode. So he helped me off of his face and I was on my hands and knees over his couch waiting for him to enter me. He got behind me and licked my pussy and asshole a few times to prime me up for him. He took his cock and quickly slid it into my soaked pussy while I let out a loud moan of pleasure. He thrusted inside of me slowly at first to work me up and then grabbed my ass and began picking up the pace of each thrust. Deeper and faster. Harder to the point that the couch was banging against his wall but he didn’t slow down one bit. I was thrusting back into him to feel every inch of his cock inside of me. His hands still grabbing my ass, he gave me a few playful spanks which received sounds of pleasure from me. He slowed his pace down some and continued to grab my ass when he stared to tease my asshole with his thumb just a little. It made me thrust myself harder onto him which in turn made him continue to explore my ass more and more. I could feel his finger on my ass as he applied more and more pressure until I could feel it inside of me. My thrusting into him became harder and my breathing more rapid. He continued to finger my ass more and more while continuing to pound my pussy. At one point he inserted more fingers to my delight at which point I made him stop thrusting, but still in my pussy he concentrated on fingering my asshole to more moans of pleasure. He pulled out of my pussy and without hesitation, slipped his hard wet cock into my asshole with guidance from my hand. He worked me up so much it was easy getting inside of me. Again he started with slow thrusts of just his tip and worked his way up to his whole cock deep inside of my ass. The moans of pleasure from him were so loud now and I began pushing back and forth onto his cock and he couldn’t believe what was happening. He began fucking my ass harder and harder. He reached around my hips and started to finger my pussy. I couldn’t control myself anymore and came again. I could hear his breathing start to fasten and his moans get louder. I told him not to stop and to cum in my ass, at which point he exploded inside of my ass and let out the loudest moan from him yet. I could feel his body twitching as he finished cumming inside of me. He didn’t pull out right away as he wanted to enjoy every second of being inside my tight ass until he needed to take a break and fell onto the couch next to me. We started to make out again not saying a word but just looking at each other. He finished his drink as did I. He was sweaty all over again but this time so was I. He helped me gather my clothes while i grabbed my phone and stopped he recording. He said that my husband is going to love this video which I agreed. I finished dressing and he escorted me to the door leaving me with one more passionate kiss goodbye. As I drove home, I replayed the events and it got me all horny again. I got home and showed my husband the video. I told him I’m so horny and wanted to do it all over again with him. He quickly took me to the bedroom. The rest of the story you already know what happens.

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