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Snowy Delight

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Snowstorm number four was in full force this Thursday morning. We are really tired of this winter. The cul de sac we live in has a few elderly women living here. They are not able to remove snow, so my wife and I help out where we can. Thankfully, there are no sidewalks.

This particular storm has already dumped 8 inches on us. Looks like a long day here. On top of that, my wife is not feeling well, i will be solo today.

As I was clearing the foutth driveway and sidewalk to their houses, our neighbor, Kelly, opened the door to thank me. I told her it was not a problem, I needed the exercise. "I have seen you in shorts and a tee shirt in the summer and you look good". I thanked her and went back to work.

Kelly is about 50 years old, trim, attractive, single, and still dating. We have seen her with several gentleman on different occasions. I have mentioned to my wife that I found her attractive, even sexy.

"I would like to show my appreciation, let me make lunch for you and Gail" she offered. Telling her Gail was under the weather, I begged off. "How about just the two of us"? I thought about it and accepted.

When I finished, I went home, showered, shaved, and relaxed a few minutes. Gail asked me what I was doing. "Waiting to go to me lunch date with Kelly". She pressed me for details. I explained that it was a way for her to thank me for shoveling.

Gail said "anything more than an hour and I will know the two of you are becoming better friends". I replied " you always accuse me of having an over active imagination".

I walked over to Kelly's (still snowing), was led into her living room, offered a drink, and was told to relax as I had earned it.

Kelly commented that it was too bad Gail was under the weather, but we could get to know each other better. "That would be fine with me" I told her. "I think there are things about you that are probably very interesting" she said. Excusing herself to check on lunch left me to wonder if my imagination was running wild or was this beautiful women flirting with me. I was about to find out.

Lunch is served" said Kelly and I followed her to her dining room. Soup, sandwiches, chips and dip were laid out on the table.

Conversation was interesting, she wanted to know more about Gail and I. Any travel plans? Parties with friends? Summer pool parties? I answered that we were going golfing in Myrtle Beach the end of February, Cruising the end of May, and yes house parties were always fun.

"I notice that the ladies are sometimes dressed different when they leave that they were when they arrive". "Sometimes you even have sleepovers". I tried to explain not wanting friends to drive home when they have been drinking, as for the ladies attire, I wasn't aware" The conversation stayed in a sex connected area. "I see you have plenty of male attention". She replied "I am old, not dead, I like to be around sexy men, they make me feel good" I responded that she was far from old and very sexy. The walking in the neighborhood has kept you in great shape, her gentlemen friends should be proud to be seen with her.

She thanked me and said that maybe she could join one of our pool parties. "That would be fine, but I should warn you some of our friends are nudists, the parties become clothing optional after dark". Why I even brought that up, I don't know.

Kelly looked me in the eye and said "nudity is a beautiful thing, I used to model nude in my youth". "I would loved to have been in that art class" I replied. "No I posed for nude photographs, I can show you" She left the room, returning with a portfolio, wearing nothing but a smile. I was floored.

Handing me the large book, she asked me if I liked what I saw. I looked her up and down and said yes. Placing the book on the table is got up, walked to her, embraced her. kissed her softly. She responded, swirling her tongue with mine. We held each other passionately.

"You should get more comfortable" she said. Kelly helped me out of my clothes, we stood naked in her dining room. She went to her knees and took me in her mouth. Her was a beautiful women 12 years my senior, giving me a great blowjob. Not wanting this to end, I suggested moving the party to her bedroom. Once there, she slid onto the bed. I kissed her, trailed my tongue down to her small, well shaped breasts, licking the whole breasts, paying special attention to each nipple. I heard her first moan, knowing more were to come. While tweaking her nipples, I tongued down her flat belly, to her pubic mound. Her trimmed pussy hair smelled almost floral. It was intoxicating!!!

I licked her clit, she moaned, sucking her clit got even more response. "eat me, please" "kiss my clit" "lick me" God that feels good"!!! I got her off, she came with a deep moan. It was a fabulous feeling getting this sexy women to climax.

She relaxed, her breath slowed, she smiled at me. "Roll over, please" " No need to be so formal" I said. She took my cock once again into her warm, wet mouth. Her tongue was awesome. I loved being at her beck and call. Not wanting to come too quick, I asked her if I could get my cock in her pussy.

She smiled, rolled onto her back and told me to enjoy. I tapped my cock on her clit, she said that it was nice. I slid in her pussy. Allowing her to get used to me being in her, I started a slow, deliberate fucking of this sexy women. Quickening the pace, I knew she was close. I was too. She exploded, I came, She screamed, pulled me closer to her, I continued to shoot cum into her hot pussy.

The throbbing came to an end, I began to soften, She never stopped looking in my eyes, I stared back.

"That was hot" she said. Promising to do this again she released me from her love grip> I swore that this was not the last time I would share her bed.

I took a slow walk home, entered the house to a smiling wife. I couldn't have told her anything but the truth. She was happy I made a new "friend"

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