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Sneak Preview

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I've been talking with Owen since I first signed on to SLS. He was the first guy to IM me. I started chatting with him, and we hit it off really well. I started to get nervous as I chatted with him, because he was from the same town as us. We started asking each other questions to feel our way around the fact that we might actually know each other. My family always teases me and says that I know everyone in our town. Well guess what? I don't. ;).

After we established we in fact do not know each other, I started to relax. We were hitting it off really well. I am really enjoying myself chatting with him. We exchange pictures, and we both like what we see. He informs me that he only plays in the summer when his family is away. So this means we will only be chatting until summer, and that is 2 months away!

Owen messages me and asks me if I would like to "run into him" in the Walmart parking lot. Just a chance encounter. We finally set up to "run into each other" on Sunday.

I pull up in the parking spot, and see him walking over to my car. He is so handsome. Much better than his pictures. Very sexy. We stood there and talked for at least 20 minutes, and I was comfortable and fed off of what he was saying. He seemed to be very pleased with me as well, and said he couldn't wait until June 9th to see what I had on under my clothes. He thinks about it and comes up with a solution. A sneak preview. He set up a place for the sneak preview, and we set a date 3 days away. Let the anticipation begin!

We spend the next 3 days chatting back and forth with one another. He messages me and tells me of all the times he jacks off thinking of what he is going to do to me. I am completely flattered and turned on to know a man jacks off thinking of me. :)

Wednesday is here, and I can't wait. All of the self doubt in myself rears its ugly head, and I start to question whether or not he is really going to like me. I want him to like me.

I hop in the shower and take a really quick shower to wash my body. He wants to lick my arm pits and asshole. I want to make sure I am good and clean. ;). I get dressed and head out to our destination.

When I pull around back, he comes out the door and greets me. We both walk in the office, and I put my phone and keys down. We are in the hallway, and he starts to kiss me. Oh, his lips are so soft. His tongue is sensual. He pushes me up against the wall and kisses me a little deeper. I start to get lost in our kissing. I unbutton my jacket and strip it off, and it hits the floor. He lifts my arms over my head and starts to kiss and lick my arm pits. Mmmmm, that feels so good. He then reaches down and pulls my tits from my hot pink tank top and black lacey bra. He wraps both hands around one of my DD tits and puts the nipple in his mouth, sucking it ever so slightly. Mmmmmm. He pulls back to the sight of my rock hard nipple. He can?t believe how hard my nipple got so fast. So the other tit doesn?t get jealous, he wraps both hands around it and proceeds to do the same thing. He is ever so gentle, and I start to go weak in the knees. I reach down and place my hand on the big bulge in his pants. Yeah, there it is, waiting for me to touch it. He reaches down and pulls his pants down around his cock and balls. I grab his rock hard cock and pump it a couple of times. Oh, it feels so good in my hand. If it feels so good in my hand, I can only imagine what it will feel like in my mouth or in my pussy. My pussy is starting to pulse and leak some of my pussy juices. I reach down to unbutton my pants. He leads me into a back room where I can lay on the table. I take my pants off, and climb on the table on all fours with my ass up in the air. He comes around and pulls my thong out of the way to get a look at my asshole. He leans down and licks my asshole. Yeah, that?s it, lick it. Mmmmm. He starts sucking my asshole and sticking his tongue in it as well. He strips my thong off so he can get a better look and taste of my pussy. He goes in for a taste of my pussy, and immediately comes around the table to kiss me so I can taste myself on his tongue. That?s it, just like I like it. He then goes back around and licks my asshole again before he puts his finger in and message it. Mmmmmm. The feeling is incredible. He rolls me over and pulls me close to the edge of the table. He dives his face into my pussy, almost attacking it, but in a gentle way. He runs his tongue along the slit of my cunt all the way up to my clit. Yeah, my clit is begging for attention. He sucks my clit into his mouth, and the warmth on my pussy is just heaven. I start to move my hips up and down, almost fucking his face. It feels so good. There he is again at my head kissing me with my juices on his tongue. I just taste better and better. He stops and focuses on my big beautiful tits, sucking one and then the other into his mouth. His mouth is working its magic on my body.

I turn my head to find his big beautiful cock right in front of me. I can?t help it. I have to have that cock in my mouth. I have to taste the pre cum that is on the tip. I take him in my mouth and the pleasure of my mouth being on his cock makes him moan. That?s right, let me make you feel as good as you have made me feel already. I pull my mouth off his cock, and he start slapping my face with his big dick. I run my tongue down his shaft and put one of his balls in my mouth slightly sucking it. I come back up to the tip of his cock and take him in my mouth again to suck the juices that I have caused. As soon as I have the juices in my mouth, his mouth is on mine. Trying to get a taste of himself. He is so comfortable with his sexuality, and it is sexy as hell! I?m going along with everything because it just feels so damn good.

He tells me to get back up on all fours and he goes back around to lick and kiss my asshole. He sticks his tongue in again, pulls out and puts his finger in. I am good and wet down there. He grabs the anal beads that I brought and starts to slide them into my asshole. I?m surprised at how easy they glide in. He is very careful, and asking me if I am ok. After all the beads are in my asshole, he tells me to push them out. I slowly push them out, and then he pulls that last few out making a ?slip? noise. He tells me that he loves that sound. Then he sticks the balls in his mouth to taste my asshole. He comes back around to kiss me. This is so hot!

I lean back down to take him in my mouth one last time. I?m sucking and twirling my tongue around the tip. There are those juices again. Tasting so good. I go back down and pay more attention to his balls. Sucking one and then the other. His cock is a work of art. It is so smooth and delicious. I knew that I loved cock before tonight, but I LOVE THIS COCK! There it is again, being slapped up against my face and mouth. I take him back in and I feel his finger sliding back into my asshole. This is the most erotic thing I have ever done.

He tells me that it is time to stop, because he did not bring a condom. Stopping was the hardest thing to do. I had never wanted a man more than I did him. I climb off the table, and he starts to dress me. I walk to the side of the table, and he stops me for a kiss. A kiss that turned into more nipple sucking, armpit licking and cock rubbing. Was I ever going to be able to leave him like this? I know I didn?t think it was possible, but all good things must come to an end. L

He asks me if there may be a possibility of meeting up with him on Sunday for a more indepth ?sneak preview?. I tell him I will do my very best to make that happen. I can?t wait to see and feel his cock. Feel his cock deep in my pussy. Mmmmmm. The thought of being with him again just gets me wet.

If the ?Full Feature Presentation? is anything like the ?Sneak Preview?, then I am in for a lot of fun and pleasure.

On my way home, I called my husband to let him know I was done. I started giving him a brief overview of what had happened, and that I did not in fact fuck him. That is really was just a ?sneak preview?. My pussy was so wet on my way home because I knew what was in store for me. When I pulled up into the driveway, he was standing outside waiting for me. I walked up to me, and there it was, the deep passionate kiss I love so much. I feel the big bulge in his pants, and can?t wait to get my hands on it. The sad thing is, we weren?t able to do anything until after the kids went to bed that night. So the anticipation of me feeling his cock in my pussy was going to have to wait. L

As soon as the kids went to bed, and the doors were shut, I stripped down naked in the bed. Before he got to the bed, he was naked as well. I could see the outline of his hard cock standing at attention before he slid into bed. Let me have that cock! I leaned down and put his cock in my mouth. Mmmmmm, tastes so salty and good. I go up to his face and kiss him so he can taste himself on my tongue. I want to make sure he knew where I had been. He started playing with my big tits, and leaned down to take a nipple in his mouth. His hand slid down to my cunt and found my clit. He started rubbing my clit. Yeah, that?s it, rub my clit. He slides his finger further down into my pussy. I reach over and grab his cock with my hand, pumping it up and down. I tell him I want him to cum inside of me. He said he wanted that as well. I climb on top of him, and start riding his big hard cock. I can feel it inside as I move my hips in a circular motion. He reaches up and grabs my tits and starts to twist my nipples just a little. Then, there is his mouth on my nipple, nibbling and sucking. Mmmmmmm, that it. I tell him not to stop. Keep sucking and nibbling on my rock hard nipple. I quicken my pace of riding his cock, and my body starts to shake, and I feel tingling all throughout my body. My pussy quivers around his cock as I cum.

I climb off of him and lean down to suck my juices off of his cock. Mmmmmmm, so good. I start sucking his cock and taking him all in. I suck and twirl my tongue, and then look up at him. I know that seeing me suck cock is his favorite. Especially his cock. I pump his cock as I suck and he explodes in my mouth. I take him in just a little further and swallow the delicious salty liquid down my throat. Mmmmmm. I look up at him with fuck me eyes and tell him thank you.

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