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Shes Never Done This Before, The Hotel

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She?s Never Done This Before ? The Hotel

I can?t believe this hot married woman is about to have her first real affair with me. We had already fucked each other at a swinger club with her husband there, but after sending sexy teasing texts to each other over the next few days, we knew we couldn?t get enough of each other. She asked me to arrange everything to meet the next day saying she?s can?t believe she wants to do this. A half hour later, she texted me for an update and I already had the hotel booked and ready to go; I don?t? fuck around when it comes to hot piece of ass like hers. We would meet there after work and it was very close to her job. She thought is was sweet that I thought of her so she wouldn?t have to drive a long distance, but I told her it was my selfish desire to pick that location, because I knew that if the hotel was closer to her home then I would get to fuck her that much longer.

We decided to meet at the restaurant next to the hotel so we could get some drinks first. She was really nervous about it and said she needed a few drinks to get ready to do what she was about to do. ?How does it make you feel to be the first man I?ve wanted to secretly fuck in over 20 years of marriage?? Tina asked after her second glass of wine. I looked up and down her fabulous little body and put my hand around her waist and just catching a feel of her breast as I pulled her close to me. I didn?t reply, I just looked in her yearning eyes and planted a deep passionate kiss on her. She grabbed my inner thigh right there in the bar and told me how much my kiss turned her on. ?Your kiss drives me so crazy,? she purred in my ear. ?You?re making me feel pretty good yourself,? I said as I moved her hand from my inner thigh right onto the huge bulge in my work slacks.

?Oh my,? she said, blushing slightly and looking around the bar to see if anyone was watching us. Tina and her husband were brand new to swinging when they first contacted me on a popular swinger website. They only had one other experience before me during a vacation, but she said it was much different because her husband couldn?t get in the mood and she had a lot to drink. When I was with Tina and her husband at the swinger club, we hit it off great. Her husband was comfortable with me and Tina and I connected immediately. She wanted me so bad in the club even after we fucked for the first time with her husband in the room. She secretly fucked me again without her husband?s knowledge and I went down on her pussy in front of a small crowd, again without her husband knowing.

She could easily have forgotten about me and continued in her new lifestyle going to swinger clubs with her husband and experiencing new men and couples to satisfy her. It would have been a completely consensual arrangement, but she wanted me, at a hotel, in secret, to fuck the living daylights of her ? She?s never done this before.

At the bar, we continued to switch between telling stories, having a drink, and then making out for everyone to see. I could see at least two husbands with their average wives looking over at us, wishing they were me with this petite, little firecracker of a woman. Both of us loved that other men were watching us, and she said it turned her on to be watched. I could tell I was awakening a dirty side to her that was always there but now she finally feels ready to act upon it. My mind was already racing about what I was going to do her once I got her back to the hotel room. I knew one thing, our clothes wouldn?t stay on long, and our neighbors were in for a great show.

We left the bar and headed next door to the hotel. Walking to the reception desk I pointed out to Tina my rock hard cock bursting again my pants. ?You might have to get a room just for him,? she joked. ?It?s all your fault,? I told her while grasping her little firm ass. Checking in was a breeze except Tina recognized the receptionist as someone who used to work at her husband?s building. She quickly ducked her head down into her phone and walked off hurriedly like she was taking a call. Affairs can be a tricky thing I told her. In hindsight it was probably not the smartest idea on my part to book a hotel so close to her work, but it added to the overall excitement nonetheless. No risk, no fun I always say. Besides, she said we could stay until around midnight, and I wanted every possible second to completely immerse myself in this devastatingly gorgeous woman.

We got into the elevator and we only had to go up one floor, but I wasted no time in pinning her up against the wall and kiss her while fondling her hard breasts. The door opened and I was a little sad that no one was standing there to see me molesting her. We finally got into the room and she asked me to fill a bucket with ice. ?I like ice when I have sex,? Tina said as she surveyed the room she would be fucking me in for the next four hours. I went out to fill the ice bucket and thought to myself how much I was about enjoy kissing, licking, touching and penetrating this little fuck doll who was so hot for me. She just over 40 I think, but her body looked 21 with how good she kept herself in shape. At 5?2?, light-brown hair, perfect perky tits, a firm little ass, and a tight clean-shaved pussy, she might as well have been 21. I felt 17 again with how much testosterone and adrenaline was flowing through my veins in anticipation of what was about to transpire.

I got back in the room and both of us were putting down our things, emptying our pockets, etc. We said nothing for a good 20 seconds, which seems like forever, but we knew the time for words was over. I was about to cross over from being a consensual swinging partner, to her full-blown secret lover. Standing there with her in those few seconds of silence, I could only feel my heart pounding and my animal instinct taking over. She was just looking at me with that look that only a woman can give that just says, ?Fuck me now.?

We stood at the edge of the bed and my hands grabbed her face and we started kissing, slow at first, as we loved to feel every nerve-ending in our lips send electricity to through our bodies. We both groaned with pleasure at how much arousal the kissing produced in us. Our tongues greeted each other like two snakes engaged in a dangerous dance. I pulled her body closer to mine so she could feel my manhood against her while we embraced in passion. I could feel her getting more desperate for my touch as I?m sure her pussy was throbbing wet for me by now. I pushed her down on the bed and mounted her with my clothes still on. I grinded my hips between her legs and she submitted to my advance with another groan of pleasure. Still kissing her I began tearing open her shirt to expose her sexy tits. I moved down and started sucking on her nipples and slid one finger in her mouth so she could simulate giving me a blowjob. Got I wanted her start sucking on my hard dick so bad now. I pulled her up and knew what both of us wanted. She hissed as she began undoing my belt, letting me know that she needed my cock in her mouth in the worst way. I took over taking my pants and shirt off and she tore off her clothes as well. Fully naked now, I guided my rock hard member to her face as she sat on the edge of the bed. ?Oh god it?s so beautiful,? she said right before plunging it into her mouth. Her wet mouth started going to work on my shaft and I felt euphoric sex waves coursing through my body. Her rhythm on my cock was fast and furious. She tried to take it deeper and deeper in her small throat until I could hear small choking sounds come out of her. She would have swallowed whole if she could; she wanted it that bad.

She was taking me to the brink but I was ready to taste her sweet pussy now. I quickly pushed her off my cock right before I came. Then I put my hands on her knees and spread them to reveal her tiny wet pussy. She started touching her slit immediately, writhing on the bed and hissing with every movement of her hand across her moist lips. Before diving into her snatch I just took a step back and marveled at watching this woman completely let herself be overcome with the moment. Her body was churning from the erotic flames that were burning over her. Her head lurched back and mouth opened as she enraged her sexual desires to the highest limit. It was my turn to send her over the edge as I pulled her hand to the side and started eating the fine feast of her fleshy sex.

The first lash of my tongue on her erect clit send shockwaves over Tina. ?Oh fuck yes, you lick my pussy so good, don?t stop!? she begged me as I buried my face deeper into her cunt. Her sweet juices tasted so good as I explored every inch of her inner sanctum. My arousal was at it peak as I loved nothing more than to bring her to her climax. ?Oh fuck, I?m gonna come, I?m gonna come. OH!? Right when I felt her at the point of no return, I buried two fingers deep inside of her and raked them across her g-spot. At that moment, Tina moaned louder than ever, no doubt alerting everyone on our floor that her orgasm was about to arrive. My fingers and tongue move frantically in synch with one another. My fingers penetrated her pussy to the back of her upper vaginal walls and my tongue knew exactly how to flick and tease her engorged clit. I could feel her juices increasing on my hand and face. I quickly took out my fingers and shoved them in her mouth so she could taste her own sex. Doing this drove her insane with unbridled pleasure and she begged me to put my fingers back inside of her body. I reinserted my fingers and she groaned louder again. My pace quickened and knew she was going to explode. ?Oh God, Oh fuck I?m coming, YES YES OH FUCK YES!!!? I was so turned on as she unleashed her womanhood all over me. Her pussy pulsated like a heart valve around my fingers. All I could think of now was burying my raging cock inside this little sex angel.

?I want you to sit my cock,? I ordered her and she quickly maneuvered over my thick, erect shaft of eight inches. I watched intently as she lowered her wet lips onto my cock, making it completely disappear inside of her. ?Oh shit, your pussy feels so amazing,? I told her as she began to ride me. Her messed up hair was slightly covering her bouncing tits and I grabbed them as she continued to bounce up and down on my cock. She was riding me so hard she began to tire quickly. Sensing that, I took her out of me and moved behind her to start fucking her doggy style. She welcomed my cock and put her tiny ass up in the air and laid her face on the bed. Her pussy looked so tiny sandwiched in between her ass cheeks and I took so much pleasure in splitting her in two as I entered her. I rammed her harder and harder from behind and Tina let out screams of half joy and pain as my eight inches pierced her tight, shallow pussy. ?You love that big cock inside you, don?t you baby,? I said. ?YES, YES, give it to me harder baby, fuck my little pussy harder,? she yelled.

I pushed her ass down on the bed so she was lying completely flat now. I then put her legs together and straddled right above her ass. From this position I was able to penetrate her pussy deeper than ever before. Putting all weigh of my lower body on her, my pressed my cock deeper and deeper inside her. Tina was screaming with pleasure and pain at what I was doing to her. Then I felt the tip of my cock reach the entrance of her cervix and it sent shivers down my spine. I knew I was penetrating this sexy woman as deep as humanly possible. ?Do you feel that, do feel how deep inside you I am?? I said as I continued to tickle her cervix over and over. This was a mind-blowing experience as she gladly accepted the punishment I was inflicting to her internal organs. I felt her coming again all over me as she moaned with ecstasy.

Not wanting to hurt her anymore for now, I flipped her over and entered her missionary style. I loved looking in her pretty face seeing how much she enjoyed having out bodies interlocked. We spent what seemed like forever fucking fast, then slowing down. I went down on her some more and she loved how I was always changing things up. She orgasmed again and I slid my cock back inside her some more.

I finally couldn?t handle it anymore and pulled out and flooded her tits with a massive load of semen. I sat back heaving for breath and looked as my love juice glistened all over body.

We cleaned up and laid down in each other?s arms to catch our breath for what was only the first round of much more to come (no pun intended).

?I have a surprise for you,? I said.

?Really? Should I be scared??

?No silly, you?re gonna love it, are you ready??

I started off by telling her to stand up naked and stand in front of the mirror that was adjacent to bed. I got up and stood behind her and cupped her perfect tits while staring at her tight little body. Seeing both of us like this was such a turn-on even though we had just finished an amazing session of fucking. She reached behind to feel my cock and it was already getting hard again from staring at her nakedness. I pushed her hand away because I wanted to really tease her now.

?I want you to do something that really turns me on. Just do whatever I say,? I told her. Leaving her alone in front of the mirror and grabbed my black button-down dress shirt that was lying on the floor. I brought it over to her and had her put it on. I stood behind her and just looked at how fucking sexy she looked wearing my shirt. I left it unbuttoned and opened it so her gorgeous tits just peeked out from the sides of the shirt. ?Oh my God, just look at how sexy you are in my shirt,? I whispered in her ear while staring at her in the mirror. Tina started breathing harder as it was erotic for her to be fulfilling my simple fantasy. I pulled her body against mine from behind and started kissing her neck. Her breathing quickened and she told me I was making her wet all over again. My hand was on her chin pulling her head back against my shoulder. She found my finger with her mouth and started slowly sucking on it. I reached down with my other hand and felt her wet pussy from behind her ass. This made her moan and she arched her back so my fingers could slide even deeper inside her. All the time I?m watching her in the mirror in my black shirt. The visual make me instantly rock hard and I couldn?t wait to bury my cock in this woman again. ?Oh God, will you please fuck me now,? she said with an aching voice. ?No, I haven?t given you the surprise yet,? I said.

I left her again standing alone in front of the mirror as I lay on the bed sitting up against the headboard. I told her to come lie against my chest with her back to me and she complied not sure what was about to happen. ?I want you to close your eyes, and just react to everything you are about to hear,? I said wryly. With her eyes closed in anticipation, I reached down into my workbag and pulled out a printed copy of the escapade we recently had in her work parking lot. I had typed it out at work recounting every detail of her begging me to meet her in her car after her shift. I wrote exactly how everything had transpired. ?My surprise for you is my words,? I told her simply. I knew she would love this because it was my first story about our encounter in the swinger club that made her pine for me while she read it from an email I sent her. Every dirty detail of our hot sex, the kissing, the wanting, sneaking off to fuck me again with her unsuspecting husband was driving her crazy for me.

This time I was going to drive her even crazier by reading our parking lot sex out loud to her while she lay against me wearing my black shirt. ?Oh my God, that?s so hot, you know I love your words,? she moaned.

I started reading out loud and every memory of what happened in the parking lot was making Tina?s body shiver as she lay against me. As I recounted how sexy her legs looked in her nursing dress, I ran my hand down between her inner thighs just barely missing her pussy. Then I talked about how we started kissing and how I touched her tits. While reading this I started fondling her hard nipples over my black shirt. Tina was breathing so heavy from the sensory overload I was giving her. She loved my words, and now she heard them as I touched her as well. She wanted to grab my cock for real but I refused to let her. I wanted to build even more tension in her mind and body. I wanted her to listen to the words and react to what I was saying. Finally I got to the part where she grabbed my cock out of my pants and started sucking on it in her front seat.

I broke away from the story and said, ?Now baby.? Tina turned on her stomach and immediately throated my entire shaft in her mouth. All the while I?m describing how well she was sucking me off in her car with people walking by almost seeing us. She sucked me on the bed harder and harder as my words told her what to do next. She was moaning louder and louder with my cock in her mouth listening to how she swallowed a massive load of my cum in the front seat of her car. I then read the part where we moved to the back of the car so I could pleasure her wet cunt my mouth. While reading this I positioned my head in between her legs as my words continued. I started fingering her dripping wet hole describing how I licked her fiercely in the back of her SUV. Tina had never felt so overwhelmed with the combination of her body and mind being fucked at the same time. I read on, recounting how much I love the taste of her sweet pussy. How my tongue probed her swollen labia and licked violently on her red clit. I could feel Tina on the verge of another orgasm, and that moment I broke away from the reading and started licking her cunt for real, harder and faster than ever before. Tina?s body wrenched tight and released a massive convulsion of orgasms as she screamed with delight. The papers I was reading were in a crumpled mess on the bed and she slammed her hand on them from her body exploding.

I seized my opportunity and raised up like a bull in a stud farm and buried my hard ready cock into her pussy that was still pulsating like crazy from her word-induced orgasm. Her cunt felt so amazing around me as I pounded away inside her. I wasn?t finished with my visual of her in my shirt thought. In a frenzy, I pulled out and pulled her up on her feet. Tina was in a dizzy, fucked mess but I didn?t give a shit anymore. Now I was just going to take her like a dirty whore. I shoved her up against the mirror again and aggressively grabbed her from behind her neck. She never felt me so selfishly manhandling her like this before. Holding her neck I pushed her head down and pulled her hips up so her body was in an L shape standing before me. Without delay, I lifted up my black shirt on her and started pummeling her pussy from behind like a jack hammer. She loved every second of my aggressive handling of her, begging me to fuck her even harder. I filled her hole with everything that I had while I watched her face wince from the toxic mix of pain and pleasure. Part of her knew she was getting fucked like a slut, but all of her knew she was loving every second of her first full-blown affair.

I needed to get deeper inside her, so I pulled up one of her legs so she could prop it up on the desk that was right next to the mirror. The penetration was amazing but the visual of her in the mirror was even hotter. We were making our own porno movie in this cheap hotel down the street from her work. She was getting her brains fucked out while families were having dinner and people out walking their dogs. If someone was in the next room they were either afraid for her or wishing they come in and join us. The world outside had disappeared; we were locked into each other with a primal force that made us feel higher than any drug could induce. Every thrust of my man rod jolted her nervous system as she released another orgasm on my invading battering ram.

I picked her up and threw her back on the bed. I manhandled her shaking legs and pulled her back to the edge of the bed to where I was standing. I scissored her two legs together and with one hand raised her legs in the air exposing her fucked pussy to me. I positioned my cock to enter her again. ?You know you want more of this cock, don?t you, DON?T YOU!? yelling at her like a crazed lunatic. Without giving her a chance to respond, I slapped one ass cheek hard with my hand. ?Oh yes, slap my ass harder!? Tina begged. Now she willingly wanted to be treated like a dirty whore. I slapped the same cheek even harder. ?You like that don?t you, I?m gonna do it again.? I smacked her other cheek with even more force causing her whole body to jump. ?Oh yes, I love it, Oh fuck me now please!? I happily obliged by ramming myself deep into her pussy that was made even tighter by holding her legs together in a scissored position. ?Oh fuck you really know what you?re doing, oh!? she said as I went to town on her wet gash. I pulled out and started licking her again, this time my tongue was finding her tight little asshole as well. Tina?s body convulsed as if she wasn?t used to this kind of kinky stimulation down there. I loved tasting every crevice of this hot female specimen. I enjoyed taking her places she?s never gone before. I wanted more of her ass.

I told her start sucking my cock in a 69 position as I lay next to her. There?s nothing I loved more than seeing her cute little ass come closer to my face. She finally reached my face and started sucking me with all her power. I could hear her choking on my hard cock as my tongue lodged itself into her wet little asshole. Her body squirmed uncomfortably from the foreign experience but she let me continue into the unknown. I switched back to licking her pussy and put a finger on the outside of her asshole and barely pushed it inside her. Her ass was so tight that my finger had trouble going in, I can?t imagine what it would be like to try to put my cock inside. We both sucked away at each other until she came again, but I held myself back. I just wanted to keep fucking this goddess? mouth into a tantric daze. I had her turn on her back and she lowered her head off the bed so her head dangled upside down. I stood up on the floor and then started fucking her mouth with her head upside down. This was so hot to see my balls slapping her face while my cock was sliding in and out of her mouth. It looked all so dirty and she was enjoying it so much. I didn?t want her to pass out so I had her put head back on the bed and lay on her side at the edge of the bed. I fucked her mouth some more and she begged me to shoot my load in her mouth. She sucked harder and harder until finally I sent streams of hot cum into the back of her throat. I was shaking and sweating like crazy and I just couldn?t get enough of this hot little vixen.

We laid around basking in the glow of post coitus for about an hour. It was nice just to talk with her about past sexual experiences, childhood memories of getting laid for the first time and all the embarrassing stories that go along with it. We realized our time was getting short, and we ended up fucking again one last time for good measure. It was nicer this time, more passionate, like we?d already become accustomed to how our bodies worked together. We did more kissing this time, enjoying each other?s softer touches. Neither of us waited long before coming again. She couldn?t believe how many orgasms she was having and I couldn?t believe I was still so hard for her after how much fucking we?d already done. I squirted the absolute last of my bodily fluid on her beautiful little ass and she smiled at seeing me enjoy her for the last time of the night.

We showered together and I enjoyed lathering up her perfect breasts and she soaped up my battle-worn cock. We checked out and walked to our cars. I gave her some more kisses and a tight embrace. Pulling her cute little body against me made me a little hard again. I really couldn?t believe what this woman was doing to churn my hormones so strongly. We agreed to meet again at her house in a few weeks when her husband would be out of town, but something told me, we wouldn?t be able to last that long. What a night!

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