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I had met Tina and her husband at a popular swinger club and had an amazing time. I couldn't get enough this devastatingly gorgeous woman. After the night was over, I wasn't sure if I was going to see her again. The next day I logged in to the swinger website and I saw a message waiting. Sure enough it was from Tina with note that had her phone number that said, "I had an amazing night, text me anytime."

I nearly fell out of my chair lunging for my phone with a shit-eating grin on my face. I immediately sent her a text telling her how much I enjoyed ravishing her perfect, 5'2" body. We texted back and forth and the conversation heated up quickly. She told me how much she wanted to sit on my hard cock. I told her how much I love seeing her orgasm all over my face as I licked and fingered her hot, wet pussy.

Both of us were still so horny for each other it was unbearable. The next day at work we started texting again. I had sent her a letter over email detailing every second of our encounter at the swinger club. She is a nurse and was reading this at work. She said reading it was making her so wet underneath her short white sexy nursing dress. The visual of her blushing and squirming in her chair was driving me insane. I pictured myself under her desk while she was reading it out loud, listening to her sexy voice saying all the dirty details of our wild first night. Under her desk, I imagined I would slowly spread her firm little athletic legs apart while she was trying to assist a guest. I would then spread her legs to the point that I could see that she wasn't wearing any panties. Oh fuck, just the fantasy going on in my head were making so hard sitting at my work desk.

I imagined pulling her chair closer to me so my head could perfectly fit in between her soft creamy thighs. Then I would ever so slowly tease her wet pussy with my warm tongue. I would just making small little licks around her lips to make her body beg for more stimulation. Her voice would start to stutter as she would be trying to talk to the hospital guest. While talking her breathing would grow uncontrollably harder making her words more incoherent with every delicate lick of my wet, pleasing tongue. The guest starts looking funny at Tina noticing that something is definitely wrong. The guest mutters, "Should I come later." The irony of the question makes Tina giggle and say, "If you want, but I'm going to cum right now." At the very next moment, Tina lets out a loud and long "OH, OH!" telling her entire office and the guest that she just exploded a massive orgasm in her chair.

My thoughts jump back to reality and I'm back at my work desk with a rock hard cock by now. And wouldn't you know it, the damn cleaning lady is right behind me asking me to get up so she can vacuum under my desk! Haha, in the back of mind I'm thinking, "Yes, mama please come vacuum my hard cock right now..." Tina and I have texted for nearly two hours now and neither of us are getting any work done. Finally she sends me a text saying, "Why can't you be here now?" I write back, "Well my boss just left for the day, so..." "I want you so bad, can you seriously come to my work right now," she wrote. "Yes, I'm coming to you now, and then I'm going to cum on you," I said. " You do have a way with words, so wet right now," Tina wrote.

The next thing I knew I was driving down the interstate plugging in work address on my car's GPS. I couldn't get there fast enough. While I was driving she wrote, "Meet me in the parking lot, I'll be in the last car in the back left corner, hurry..." Oh fuck, I couldn't wait to get my hands on her. Driving like a bat out of hell, I finally arrived at her work parking lot and parked right next to her car. Sure enough, there she was in a tight, short white nursing dress. I couldn't wait to check if she was really wearing panties or not. Before opening her passenger door I noticed she had an SUV with tinted windows in the back. Hmm, this is going to be perfect I thought.

I opened the door and my god there she was, her light brown hair put up in a bun, her perfect hard tits pressing through the top of her dress. Her tanned legs looked even sexier than I remembered as the short dress displayed them so perfectly. I sat down inside and said, "Nurse I think I'm coming down with something." "You poor thing, let me see if I can do something to make it come up," she said as she scooted closer to me. Without saying another word, we started kissing like teenagers in puberty. Our tongues explored every inch of our lips and mouth. Her hands were already unzipping my pants as she feverishly searched for my manhood. I was squeezing her tits over her dress and couldn't wait suck on her hard little nipples.

Before I knew it, she pulled out my raging cock and immediately started sucking me off. It was only the late afternoon, so there were still people coming and going from the parking lot. I was so turned on that anyone could see her giving me a blowjob and she didn't care because she wanted my cock in her mouth that bad. Luckily no one saw us, but she could get fired for this at any moment. Her boss could walk by for all we knew. Her passion for me though made her simply act on her instincts. She was sucking me so good and hard I knew she wanted me to blow my load in her willing mouth. I didn't hold back, her soft lips stroking my cock felt so amazing that I lost all control and doused the back of her throat with massive shots of cum. She sucked me even hard trying to completely empty my body of all my sex fluid.

After she finished, we were breathing so heavy from the excitement of this near public blowjob. She gave me devilsh smile and licked her lips with traces of my semen still on it. I happily kissed her knowing that would turn her on even more. "Get in the back," I ordered her. Without hesitation, she jumped in between the front seats and made her way back to rear of the SUV. I forced my way back there too, and as soon as I reached her I flipped her on her back and drove her dress up over her thighs. Looking down I saw her perfect wet pussy waiting for me. No panties. I dived down and started frantically licking her sweet juices. God I loved tasting this beautiful woman. My tongue found her bulging clit and her legs were already shaking and sweating from what I was doing to her. I put two fingers in her mouth so she could wet them for me, and then I shoved them deep into wet hole and she gave out a loud accepting moan. "Oh fuck, yes, that feel so good. Oh god, I love this."

I wanted her to come fast knowing that at any moment someone could be knocking on her car or worse opening it. I picked the pace of my tongue and fingers. I could feel her getting wetter and wetter. My hand was completely soaked as her pussy juice ran down my two fingers onto my hand. "Oh shit, I going cum, Oh my fuck, YES YES YES!" She exploded all over my face and once again I relished in feeling her vaginal muscles contracting around my fingers. Her hips were convulsing and she pulled my hair harder and harder into her cunt.

After we both took a minute to calm down, we both knew that we couldn't end it here. She looked up at me and said, "There's a hotel just down the street, I want to fuck you so bad right now..."

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