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Room for two - erotic fiction - lesbian-bi

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I walked in the small shop, I hate to shop but sometimes it just has to be done. She had caught my eye as I glanced in when I was passing and I had to go back. She wasn?t very tall only about 5?3? (the same as me). She had long very dark hair and pale white skin. She was wearing a tight black dress that was not meant to be revealing in the least, but on her, it showed all her curves perfectly. She was curvy but probably didn?t wear more than a size 6, she had large round breasts. Oh she was HOT!

I made my way into the store which turned out to be a ladies lingerie store, perfect! I walked around, looking at the selection and picturing each one on her. I kept her in my line of vision while I browsed, watching her walk was making my clit and nipples tingle.

I must have lost myself in fantasy because suddenly someone asked if they could me and when I looked down I was squeezing both cups of a bra I had been picturing on her. As I raised my gaze I was looking directly at her. She works here! I wondered to myself what she would think if she knew it was her breasts I was kneading in my fantasy.

I smiled, and said ?yes, I need to buy a new bra but with so many new styles I am not sure what type or what size to buy?. She smiled and said she could help. She motioned for me to follow her and she picked up a tape measure and headed to the back of the store. I?m not sure what I expected but the small dressing room she walked into and held the door for me to follow was going to be an adventure. My pussy was already tingling and growing wet but the thought of being in that room with her did it, I was soaked.

When the door was closed she told me that she needed to measure directly over my bra, that my clothes being over it could cause an incorrect sizing. This day was getting better and better, not only did I not have on underwear, I was in a dress! I wondered if she would be able to tell how horny she made me, and smiled to myself, I hope she can.

Once I had taken my dress off she asked me to turn, with my back to her, she reached around me with the tape measure and I could feel her breasts pressing against my back, it was all I could do to stifle a moan escaping my lips.

I didn?t know how much of this I could stand. Once she had that measurement she asked me to turn to face her so she could make sure she was measuring at my nipple line. She wouldn?t have any problems finding my nipple line, my nipples were rock hard. This was sweet agonizing torture I wanted to turn around and rip that dress off her and ravage her body.

When she leaned in to reach around me with the tape measure her breasts rubbed against mine and a groan escaped, I couldn?t help myself. She didn?t say anything or show any sign she noticed. I could feel my juices building and if I shifted I knew the juice would rub onto my thighs.

Then she asked me to remove my bra so she could see how they pointed and how far apart they were. I was afraid I?d put her eye out with my nipples. If she didn?t know how horny I was before she would now. The room was so small I had trouble getting the clasp undone, she said she would help. When she moved closer to reach both arms around me, she slid a leg between my legs. I knew she could feel the heat coming off my pussy in waves. I wanted to grind my clit and pussy on her leg. Her breasts were pressing and rubbing against mine. If she kept this up I was going to cum. She unhooked the bra and slid it down my arms letting my breasts fall free. My nipples were rock hard, then after looking at them and making some notes she reached out and lifted them, one in each hand. I exploded when she touched them. She looked at me and kept holding my breasts as I shuddered from the orgasm. Then she shocked me, she leaned in and took my nipple in her mouth and sucked on it, I arched my back pressing it against her face and I moaned. I felt my orgasm building again. When she let go of my nipple I couldn?t stand it any longer, I reached out and pulled and tugged on her dress til I got it off her. She was more perfect than I thought, she wasn?t even wearing a bra and her breasts were so lifted and full, pale pink nipples were long and full and they were rock hard, her skin was smooth and even toned and she was shaved smooth.

I grabbed her breasts and began squeezing and rubbing them pushing my leg between hers to rub her cunt. I felt her heat and her wetness on my leg. I sucked one of her nipples into my mouth and then the other. She smelled so good and the heat of her pussy on my leg was driving me crazy.

I knelt down and pressed her legs apart and gazed at that perfect pussy, pale white with full pink labia sticking out, her clit was swollen and slightly protruding as if it was reaching for my mouth. I pulled her lips open and her whole pussy glistened. I didn?t know what to lick first, I drove my tongue into her hole and licked all the way up to her clit and sucked her clit hungrily into my mouth, I moved the tip of my tongue in small circles on her clit while I sucked it, She pressed her pussy into my face almost smothering me with it. She was so wet and her scent sweet and spicy mixed perfectly. I wanted to lick her and make her cum over and over. She tasted so good, and the feel of her clit in my mouth was driving me to orgasm again. I licked her pussy again from hole to clit and back, I slid two fingers into her dripping hole and began fucking her with them as I went back to sucking her clit. She ground her face into my pussy and moaned and groaned. ?Yes she breathed, please don?t stop.? Hearing the desire and arousal in her voice had my cunt throbbing. I wanted to taste her cum. I sucked her clit deep into my mouth and began to work it like I was giving head, sucking it in and out and swirling my tongue around it. I kept fingering her and when she starting fucking my hand back I knew she was going to cum, suddenly she grabbed my head and pressed my face closer and started to grind her pussy on my mouth, she was cumming all over my mouth, I stuck my tongue out to lick and lap at every drop. When she finished she leaned against the wall, I told her to turn around I wasn't finished. She put her hands on the wall and spread her legs even wider; I fucked her pussy hole with my tongue and licked all around it. I spread her lips as wide as I could to get as much of my tongue in her as I could. She was pushing back trying to fuck my tongue. She started moving her pussy up and down on my tongue, she was so fucking hot I wanted more of her. I grabbed her hips and pulled the cheeks of her ass apart and licked from hole to hole, when my tongue got to her little puckered pink asshole her whole body trembled. I flicked my tongue around and around her hole, pressing my tongue against it and licking across and up and down, pressing against it with my tongue barely slipping the tip of my tongue in the very edge of her hole. She continued to tremble and groan and begged me not to stop. I was beginning to think I was going to cum from rimming her. I could feel my juice running down my thighs, and my pussy was throbbing, my clit was so swollen it felt like it would explode. She began to press back into my mouth like she was trying to press my tongue into her. Slowly I pressed my tongue against that tiny puckered hole and slid as much of it as possible inside of her. I held there while she moved back and forth pulling off my tongue then pressing back on it. Suddenly she arched her whole body and shoved her pussy back in my face and cried ?I?m cumming oh god I?m cumming? cum was poured from her, I latched on to her pussy and sucked as much as I could into my mouth. I didn't think she would be able to stand up after that orgasm, I stood and she slid to the floor. I was thinking how good her pussy was when I felt her hand sliding up my thigh, she barely touched my clit and I came. ?Want to go home with me for an all-niter?? I asked, she stared at me and nodded yes as she leaned forward and took my clit in her mouth.

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