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Re-Awakening Hazel

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My wife and I had been involved in the swing scene for most of our married life, then about 6 months ago things changed. The two reasons for this being that firstly my wife turned 70 and her confidence nose dived. Secondly I was diagnosed with empysema, which drastically reduced my ability. to preform in bed. I soon began to realise that I missed seeing my wife with other guys and set about to reassure her that she was still a sexy, desirable woman. This how I went about it. The story is basically true with a little poetic licence thrown in. No names have been changed and thank you Mark for your help.

HAZEL RE-AWAKENED I stood behind her, one hand stroking her breasts and pinching her hard nipples while the two fingers of the other slipped easily in and out of her wet pussy and onto her clit. My wife had always looked good in her sexy 'come fuck me' outfits. My fingers traced along the lacy top of her stocking, up the suspender straps, back across the little mound of silky, blonde hair and back into her pussy. She had just turned seventy but still had a body that turned heads. She stared ahead intently and sighed quietly.

He was sitting on the couch, naked as the day he was born, stroking his huge, thick cock as he stared at my wife. ?You want him, don't you?? I whispered as I rubbed her clit. ?Look how hard and thick he is.? ?Yes Mike I want him,? she groaned as she turned her head and kissed me.

I think an explanation to how my wife and I found ourselves in this situation is called for before we go any further. We'd been involved in the swing scene for most of our eight year marriage but lately things had slowed down due to two major changes in our lives. Firstly, I had developed emphysema, seriously reducing my ability to perform in bed and secondly my wife had hit seventy and her confidence had taken a serious nose dive. She was convinced that at her age she no longer had sex appeal, so I'd set up this meeting to prove to her how wrong she was.

Mark, the guy sitting on the couch was someone I'd contacted through 'Fabswing' an online swingers site that we'd used several times in the past and where we'd met most of our, 'horizontal friends. After getting to know him online, I arranged to meet him at a local bar, to see if he was suitable and, after finding out that he was, had invited him to visit Hazel and I at home. Hazel knew were having a visitor, but as far as she knew it was just a friend from my fishing trips. I think she may have had an inkling that I had ulterior motives when I asked her to dress sexy for Mark's visit, but she didn't say anything and had put on what I'd suggested.

Mark had arrived at seven that evening and for the first hour or so, we'd all sat drinking and talking, allowing Hazel to get to know him. Hazel and I sat on the three seater, while Mark sat on the two seater opposite us giving him a perfect view of the prelude to the fun I hoped was going to happen. After Hazel had had a couple of glasses of wine, her demeanour started to change slightly, not overtly throwing herself at him but gently flirting. It was now time for my next move!!!

As I suggested, Hazel was wearing a white blouse and loose fitting black skirt and she didn't really resist when I started to unbutton the blouse, revealing her lacy red bra beneath it. Mark was mirroring my movements and was unbuttoning his shirt and I felt Hazel sigh when his muscular chest was uncovered. Slipping the blouse off her shoulders, I unclipped her bra, exposing her 36B breasts and her already erect nipples as Mark slipped his shirt off. With one hand teasing Hazel's nipples I eased my hand between her legs and pushed her skirt up her thighs. I knew that Mark could now see her thighs above her stocking tops and the crotch of her matching red panties.

I heard Hazel sigh again as Mark stood up and dropped his slacks, giving Hazel her first view of the huge bulge in his boxers. As I ran my hand over her lace covered pussy lips, Mark was openly stroking his cock through his tight fitting boxers and Hazel groaned softly. Easing the crotch of Hazel's panties aside, I slid a finger into her obviously aroused pussy and she gasped. Whether it was my finger that caused her to gasp, or the sight of Mark's massive cock as he slid his boxers off, I don't know, but whatever it was it was having the desired effect!!!

?Come on Mark, I think she wants you,? I said. Mark got up from the couch, his big cock bobbing lewdly infront of him as he approached us and sat beside Hazel on the couch. She turned towards him, her legs closed with her hands resting on her knees. I picked up my camera and began shooting, first focussing of her lovely breasts and erect nipples then pictures of both of them as his hands moved onto her tits. He stroked and squeezed them then slid his other hand between her thighs and easily parted her legs. He looked down at her lace covered pussy. Hazel looked down as well as he stroked her inner thighs with one hand and guided her hand onto his hard cock with the other. She didn't need much encouragement and she leaned into him and they kissed. Her hand worked over his cock, from his bulbous, glistening knob, down his thick shaft and over his balls. Her legs were spread wide now and he pushed her panties aside and worked two fingers in and out of her. My camera recorded it all, her hand teasing the head of his huge cock and sliding up and down his shaft that was so thick that her fingers wouldn't close around it. As his fingers slid in and out of her pussy, Hazel's moans and sighs grew louder and I knew she was very aroused and ready for his cock.

Mark pushed her back onto the couch, slid her panties off then spread her legs wide then knelt between her open thighs. I took close-ups of her parted pussy lips, swollen clit and his fingers and tongue at work. Hazel squirmed, groaned and sighed as his tongue found all the right spots and she went into her first orgasm of the night. Mark stood and Hazel leaned forward, stroking his cock before sliding his knob between her lips and I saw her cheeks bulge as he fed more of his length into her mouth. He told her to take her hands away then held the back of her head with both hands and slid his cock in and out of her mouth. It was really exciting to see my sexy wife once again enjoying a hard, thick cock. She groaned loudly, and her hand slipped between her thighs as she played with her clit and let out little cries whenever the cock in her mouth allowed.

After several minutes Mark backed off and Hazel lay back, her eyes fixed on his hard, pulsing cock, twitching as blood flowed through the bulging veins along its length. His knob was so swollen I thought he would have difficultly getting it into my wife but I wanted to picture him trying. Hazel spread her legs even wider, pussy lips wide open as Mark stood over her, slowly running his hand up and down his length. He positioned himself over her and lowered himself towards her welcoming, wet hole. When the tip of his huge cock gently rubbed against her clit Hazel groaned loudly and murmured, ?Yes. Oh God yes.? After a few more times rubbing his knob over her clit, Mark eased it slowly into her soaking pussy. I was surprised that it went in so easily and I zoomed in for a close up and saw his huge knob spread her pussy lips and disappear inside her. He forced it deeper and deeper as Hazel cried out. ?Yes, yes. Ooh, my God yes.? There must have been at least eight inches of huge cock in my wife when he pulled back a little and began pumping in and out of her. He had her legs over his arms and he forced them back, spreading her pussy open even wider. I snapped away as her juices glistened on her pussy lips and on his cock as he drove it in and out of her. Almost all of Mark's ten inch cock went inside her now with each downward thrust. My wife was beside herself, gasping, moaning and clutching at the couch and his back. It had been a long time since she'd been fucked so hard and she was glad to see that she was really enjoying it. Suddenly Mark pulled his cock out of her pussy, stood back up and slid it back into her mouth. From my close up position I'd got great pictures of her swollen, pussy and his cock sliding in and out of it.

?Take her into the bedroom Mark, I think she wants more,? I heard myself saying in excitement. Mark stepped back from the couch and, taking her by the arm her hair, helped my still-gasping wife onto her feet.

He led her into the bedroom and sat down on the edge of the bed, pulling her head down to suck his cock once more and I moved in closer to picture her lips working up and down his cock. I went back down the stairs and continued filming. He lifted her off his cock then bent over the bed and slid his huge cock back into her. I stood on the bed and got great down shots as his cock slid in and out of her upturned pussy. Before he came, Mark pulled Hazel to her feet again and lay down on the bed himself, pulling her on top of him and I filmed him fucking from below. From this angle the size of his cock was clear as it drove in and out of my Hazel's pussy. They rolled over and he slammed his cock into her again as Hazel cried out and gripped the duvet tightly. He fucked her harder and harder until he exploded inside her, I was taking some real close ups and captured his cumm literally spurting from her pussy as he drove his cock into her. His cock was still semi-hard and looked massive when he pulled out and I focused on it, covered with his cumm and my wife's pussy juices. After giving me the chance to get pictures of his cumm running out of her pussy, he took hold of his cock and slid it back into her and fucked her hard for a couple more minutes. When he finally got off her, Hazel just lay there, panting, her fingers still gripping the duvet. I got great pictures of her face, wreathed in a look of utter delight, her hard nipples and her pussy that was, dripping Mark's cumm onto the duvet. It was still only nine o'clock and while they showered I fixed us something to eat. Dinner was finished in an hour and my wife went back to the bedroom to change for round two. Fifteen minutes later Hazel called to say she was ready. I left the camera downstairs. This time I wanted to join them. When we got to the bedroom, Hazel was standing by the bed dressed in a white satin corset thing that pushed her tits upwards, white panties, and white stockings. She stood there giving us the chance to take the sexy sight in. I could tell she was really horny and her every move showed it. She came up to us and we both grabbed her, squeezing and spanking her ass, mauling her tits and kissing her. Her hands were busy when I pushed her down to her knees. Our erect cocks were soon released and she really went to town on them before taking each one in turn into her mouth. My cock is an average size, but next to Mark's it looked almost small. Her hands were on our asses as she sucked each one of us to the edge of oblivion. My wife has a knack of knowing just when a guy's going to come and pulls back just before he does and she was using that knack to good effect, taking just onto the verge of climax over and over again. Eventually though I knew she wanted her pussy filled with hard cock and she was going to get twofold.

I lifted her up and bent her over the bed. I spread the cheeks of her ass and pulled the panties to one side exposing her pussy. Mark's fingers and tongue explored her open pussy as I held it open for him. Then we changed places and I fingered and tasted her while held her pussy lips open for me. Hazel was crying out and I knew just what she wanted so I stood and slid my cock into her and fucked her doggie style he played with her tits. Changing again, Mark spread her pussy wide open and I watched as the huge knob and shaft disappeared into Hazel's soaking hole. He drove deeper into her with each stroke and she took it all. His balls slapped against her and I watched the thick cock pull her pussy lips back and forth as he pumped it in and out of her. She was crying out and moaning continuously as he fucked her hard and deep. ?Oh yes, fuck me, yes that's it, yes. Ohhh yes.?

Mark pulled out of her and we lifted her onto the bed with her head hanging back over the edge and filled her mouth with my cock. Mark held her legs wide and I watched as his massive cock drove in and out of her. After a while I climbed onto the bed beside them and mauled her tits and she played with her clit as Mark's big cock continued to pound into her.

I lay on my back and my wife got on top and began sucking my cock, her pussy poised above my face I had never seen it so wet or so aroused. I spread her lips and watched Mark's cock eased into her and began a steady, rhythmic fucking motion. Being so close to her pussy while it was filled with Mark's huge cock was one of the most exciting and arousing things I'd ever seen and I stared intently at the huge cock driving in and out of her. My wife was having multiple orgasms and had to stop sucking me to cry out through them.

We turned her onto her hands and knees now, we took turns eating and fingering her pussy and spanking her ass while stroking our cocks. ?Fuck me, fuck me, I want a hard cock,? Hazel moaned loudly. Her request was quickly answered and her pussy was filled with Mark's thick cock again. He was fucking her really hard and deep as I knelt in front of her and slid my cock into her mouth. After several minutes she gasped, ?Oh my god, yes, yes.? At that point Mark grunted and shot a second load of cumm deep into her pussy. He continued to fuck her for several minutes, his cock making squelching noises as his cumm was forced from it before he pulled out and I took his place. Her pussy was well lubricated with a cocktail of Mark's cumm and her juices and I fucked her hard and fast as she licked Mark's cock clean. I soon added my own cumm to the mix and she finished off by sucking both cocks clean.

This experience rejuvenated my wife's appetite for hot, sexy threesomes and I knew it wouldn't be long before I again had the pleasure of watching her being fucked by another man or even men. She knows now that she is still a lovely, mature woman with a good body, nice tits and a willing mouth and pussy and there are plenty of men out there that would love to sample her charms.

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