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Prince Charming

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First Part of an adult fairy story

(1) PRINCE CHARMING It was a Saturday night and I was in a bar on the outskirts of Bangor in North Wales. The DJ was loud and the room was small and crowded with students like myself. I was on my own and had managed to find a seat at a table half way down the room from the DJ station which gave me a good view of the patrons going back and forth from the tiny dance floor. As the evening wore on seating became a premium and I finished up sharing my table with three middle aged ladies. They seemed out of place in the bar full of rowdy students but that didn't seem to bother them as they chatted amongst themselves. It soon became clear that they weren't paying much attention to me as, at one point, when one number the DJ was playing stopped abruptly. The lady sitting opposite me was still speaking loudly over the now non existent music. ?.... he got me so turned on I left a wet mark on my seat.? She turned a bright shade of scarlet and glanced over at me. I just smiled and nodded and added, ?no problem.? She smiled back at me and turned back to her friends. ?That was embarrassing,? she said and the three of them burst out laughing, all three looking across at me.

I hadn't really taken much notice of them up until then but that little episode and what the lady had said had me giving them a bit more of a close scrutiny. The lady who had the verbal accident really caught my attention though, she was an attractive, blonde, probably in her mid to late fifties, with a nice tan. The pendent hanging around her neck drew my attention to her cleavage showing above her white, button front blouse. As she fidgeted in her seat, it became obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra and I could make out a pair of sizeable nipples rubbing against the inside of her blouse. The blouse was tucked into a black skirt that finished just above her knees, exposing quite a bit of her nicely shaped nylon covered leg.

I guess her verbal accident was still making her a bit uncomfortable and she was fidgeting, bouncing her shoe on the end of her foot. Soon the inevitable happened and her shoe fell off landing near the leg of my chair. I knelt down and picked up the shoe and slid it back onto her foot. Then followed one of the corniest conversations I can ever remember having!!!

?Your name must be Cinderella,? I laughed and settled back onto my seat. ?Thank you,? she said, ?in that case you must be Prince Charming.? All three women laughed and the ice was broken. ?Well, Cinderella,? I said, ?your Prince Charming would be honoured if you'd allow him to buy you and your friends a drink.? They all smiled and I went to the bar for another round of drinks.

The DJ started back up, I tipped my chair back against the wall, and watched as they talked and sipped at their fresh drinks. I could see 'Cinderella' kept glancing over at me. Soon she pushed her stool back and I noticed her shoe was on the floor again. She looked over at me and kind of gave me an oops look. ?Your Prince, at your service,? I laughed. I got down under the table again took her foot in my hand and started to slide the shoe on and it seemed she was purposely trying not to let the shoe on. I then noticed the hem of her skirt had slid further up her legs, which were slightly parted. I was surprised to see that she wasn't wearing tights, but stockings and could even see as far as her white lacy panties.

She must have realized what I'd seen and her foot slid quickly into her shoe and she pulled her skirt back down. I stood up and sat back down again. She looked over and smiled at me then leant across the table she said something and one of her friends. Then the three of them got up made their way to the ladies. As they got up, 'Cinderella' smiled at me and said. ?Don't go away, we'll be right back.? I nodded then noticed the empty stool next to me where 'Cinderella had been sitting. There was a small wet patch in the centre of it. I reached over and ran a finger over the spot and then cautiously brought my fingers up to my nose. Oh yes, it was pussy. It was very slight but definitely pussy. When they returned 'Cinderella' seemed flushed and excited. I asked if she would like to dance. ?No thank you, I don't dance when its this crowded,? she replied placing her hand on my thigh.

Her friends stood and said it was time for them to be going. Ohhh no, not yet. It's still early,? Cinderella protested and looked at me. What could I do? ?If you want to stay I could drive you home,? I said. ?You don't know where I live,? she said to me while looking at her friends. ?No, but you do,? I quipped. Her friends laughed and she asked them if they would mind and of course they didn't. They hugged and kissed good-bye and arranged to meet the following day. Her friends were no sooner out the door when she looked at me and asked if I wanted to go. ?If you're ready I am,? I replied, hoping this was going the way I wanted. 'Cinderella' spun around in her seat her skirt slid right up giving me a perfect view of her pantie covered pussy. She swung round and stood up, the hem of her skirt, dropping back down again covering her up. She put on her coat and started for the door not even waiting for me. I grabbed my jacket and followed watching her move through the crowd to the door. Once outside the night air hit her and she pressed up close to me. ?Brrr, it's cold out here. Where's your car?? We crossed the car park and I opened the passenger door for her. As she got in her skirt slid up again giving me with yet another glimpse of what was now obviously on offer. I was getting harder by the second.

Closing the door I quickly moved around to the drivers side and got in. When I switched the ignition on the interior lights came on and I could see her nipples were hard and clearly showing through her silky blouse. I pulled away and almost immediately she leant over to me, wrapping her arms around me. I reached out and turned the heater up while she stroked the inside of my leg, moving her hand up until she was resting it on my hard cock. ?Mmm,? she said softly, ?it feels like my prince is pleased to be with Cinderella.? She leant over and kissed my cock through my pants then sat up smiling, still rubbing me.

My cock is aching for release and I noticed she'd unbuttoned her blouse and I could see her breasts rising and falling as her breathing quickened. She caught me looking and stopped rubbing me, then Sat up and slid back to her side of the car and turned to lean against the door facing me. She smiled sexily as she slid a hand into her blouse and and began to stroke her breasts. Her other hand moved down to her skirt and pushed it up over her thighs and she started rubbing her pussy. ?I'm so wet,? she moaned softly. She pushed the crotch of her panties aside and slid two fingers into her pussy. When she took them out I could see they were shining with her juices. Holding them out to me she leans forward until her fingers are right under my nose. ?I'm really wet,? she said. Just as I went to say reply she let her fingers brush my lips and then slid them into my mouth. I sucked on them and worked my tongue around and between them while she worked them in and out from between my lips. Finger fucking my mouth. She took her fingers away and got up on her knees on the seat sitting back on her heels. ?I don't live far from here,? she said, ?but you can take the long way round, head for the island.?

I turned onto the Menai bridge and headed for Anglesey as she leaned over and reached out to my belt, unbuckling it and undoing the zip. She pulled the top of my pants apart and tugged them down just far enough to get my cock out. She reached under and cupped my balls in one hand while sliding her lips down over my knob then started to work them up and down my shaft. I knew I wasn't going to last long and she must have sensed it. ?Pull over by The Jade Garden,? she said, there's a nice quiet place there.?

I did as she said and drove over to the back of the car park. Almost before I put the handbrake on she was out of the front seat and into the back, waiting for me. As I got in beside her, her head was in my lap again and my cock was in her mouth. She started to stroke her fingers up and down my shaft it as she continued to lick and suck my knob. I slid a hand into her blouse and began to play with her mature breasts and bullet hard nipples. She raised her hips and slid her panties off then took my hand and moved it down to her pussy, raising one leg to give me better access. I rubbed my finger over her clit and drew little circles around it with the tip, feeling it get harder and harder. She started to press her hips onto my hand. Her clit was so hard I stroked it like a mini cock between two fingers. She again took my hand and pushed it a little further down. ?In me,? she groaned, ?put it in me.? Then she slid her lips all the way down my cock taking my full eight inches into her mouth.

I could feel my cock pressing against the back of her throat but she held it there. I slid my fingers in and out of her pussy while she pushed back against them and ground her face deeper onto my pelvis trying to get my cock further into her mouth. I'd never felt anything like it. Soon she clamped her legs around my hand pressed her mouth harder onto my cock and I felt her juices pour from her pussy. That was it I started to cum, over and over I felt the spurts unload into her mouth. She pushed down harder as I came. I could feel her lips tighten around my knob as I filled her mouth with more and more of my seed and to my amazement she just kept swallowing.

Once she was sure she'd sucked me dry, she eased back and her grip on my hand relaxed. She took hold of it slid it out of her pussy and guided it to her mouth and licked some of her juices off it before moving it to my lips. I sucked my fingers clean as she buttoned her blouse. ?Hey I better get home,? she said looking at her watch. I was gutted, I thought I get to fuck her at least once but the lady is always right so I got back into the driving seat. She climbed back into the passenger seat beside me. ?Back the way we came,? she said as I pulled off the car park. I followed her directions and was surprised when we arrived back at the bar. ?Take a right here,? she said, ?and stop just up the road.? About a hundred yards from the bar she told me to stop.

?Just pull up in front, don't go in the driveway.? Then sounding a little surprised. ?Oh, shit he isn't supposed to be home yet.? She quickly reached into her hand bag and pulled out a bra and just as quickly put it on. Then reaching into her bag again comes out with a pair of panties and puts them on. A wedding ring on her hand wasn't there ten seconds ago. ?Maybe I'll see you again in the bar sometime,? I said. She smiled, ?Yes but we'll have to leave earlier next time.? ?Are you going to be alright?? I asked, realising that her husband was waiting inside for her. ?Yes,? she said, I'll be fine. ?I just need a mint to hide the taste of you.? she laughed. He'll just think my pussy is extra wet and creamy just for him. Maybe next time we can go all the way!!!? She laughed, gave my cock one last squeeze and trotted off up her driveway. I drove off not believing what had happened over the last hour but determined I was going to spend more time in that little bar. A lot more time!!!!

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