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Pre party fun

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Angie and I had signed up for hotel take over party several hours away. It was an interracial themed party. We drove in saturday and got to hotel about 3:00 PM got checked in and unload supplies for the party. There is a sports bar attached to the hotel so decided a bite to eat and a few drinks was in order. Angie put on her skirt with a nice split up the thigh and a white top that did little to hide her tits. Angie is early fifties 5'7 165 lbs and nice 38D tits and Angie looks much younger. We walk into the bar and sit at the bar so I could watch some of the football games. Soon two younger black men dressed to impress and sit a few bar stools over from us. I mention to Angie maybe they are on the menu for tonight. It does not take long for Angie to engage in conversation with the men. I mention for Angie to make sure her skirt slit was giving a great view of her legs and Angie sheer black thong under. I ordered a round of shots and asked if the two guys wanted some as well. They said sure and moved down sitting next to Angie. As the bartender brings the shots I notice Angie nipples are rock hard and Angie areoles slightly showing thru her white top. We asked if they were here for the party tonight and the said yes. They introduce them selves as TJ about 25 6'4 solid build and TT also about 25 5'10 and fluffy build. Angie excused herself to the bathroom and while gone I asked if they knew moderator of the party tonight and they were confused. TJ said there was a party at the bar for the big football game tonight. They asked what party we were going to and said there was a swinger party tonight at the hotel. The second floor is were the party was being held and I said Angie was thinking you guys would be there tonight. Turns out there is a small group getting together to watch football game tonight at the bar. Angie walks back and I notice she has the slit of her skirt now right up between her legs which will offer and amazing view of Angie long legs and sheer thong. Angie is now facing the men legs spread just enough to show off her thong. Both men are now watching Angie more than the game on tv. A few more rounds of shots now has Angie getting a little bit adventurist spreading her legs enough to see her thong and a few times I put my arm around Angie and would cup a tit. Now dress slacks and boxers were now allowing Angie to see what's hiding as well. We were about to cash out Angie says she looks forward to seeing them later at the party so I let Angie know they were not going to swinger party tonight. I told Angie they were here for a football game tonight. As I tell the bar tender to charge our room making sure the guys could hear our room number. Angie gives each guy a big hug and tells me we have plenty of beer in our room and party does not start for a few hours.

We go back to our room same floor as the party and Angie says maybe we should have invited them back when I told Angie they heard me say our room number to the bartender, if they are interested they will be knocking. On the way back we meet and old party toy of Angie and James follows us back to our room asking Angie for one of her amazing blow job. I turn the football game on the tv and with in a few minutes Angie is on the bed topless and in her thong sucking James when we get the knock on the door. TJ and TT are at the door asking about those beers Angie mentioned so I invite them in and help yourself to a cold beer and enjoy the game and show as they can see Angie sitting on the edge of the bed sucking James big black cock. TJ goes to get beers and James asks for one as well as TJ hands them around he can't help but to stare at Angie deep throating James about 8 inch cock. James says how Angie gives amazing head and TJ says Angie done this to him before. James says yea and that Angie deep throat skills are amazing. Everyone is watching Angie going balls deep on James cock when James says he is ready and Angie opens her mouth as James rest the tip of his black cock on Angie lip as James strokes his cock pumping shot after shot of his cum into Angie waiting mouth as TJ and TT jaws drop watching Angie's performance. James thanks Angie for the early playing as he walks out the door leaving the door open as he leaves.

Angie walks over grabbing my beer chugging down half a bottle of beer as Angie says nothing like a beer chaser after a nice load of cum. Angie standing between our new friends topless asking who is next as she rubs TJ slacks. TJ says don't have to ask him twice as TJ drops his slacks with boxers barely holding in his black cock. TJ not sure how swinging works. Angie now rubbing TJ cock leaning up kissing TJ neck and says pretty much what ever you want to do. TJ admits he has never had a white lady and wanted to eat Angie pussy in a 69. Angie steps out of her thong and shows off her shaved pussy for TJ. Angie drops to her knees as TJ drops his boxers and a good 10 inch cock pops out right in Angie face. Angie starts to stroke TJ cock hard before she starts to suck him only going about half down on TJ cock. They move to the bed as TJ lays on his back and tells Angie to lower the white married pussy down on his face. Angie gets on all four over TJ and leans down stroking TJ cock and rubbing his balls as TJ moves Angie knees out lowering Angie shaved pussy to TJ anxious mouth. TJ has one arm around Angie back holding her onto his mouth as TJ starts licking over Angie clit and working two fingers into Angie pussy causing Angie to start moaning louder as Angie know sucking TJ cock and rubbing his balls. TT and I are now sitting on the two chairs at a table wearing just our boxers getting a great view of the action. TJ has now slid his thumb into Angie ass sliding his thumb and fingers in and out as TJ sucking and licking Angie clit. TT asking if I am okay with Angie playing and I said sure and that later tonight I will get my chance to play. Angie moaning has caused another couple wonder into our room to watch. I stood up and offered our friends Stan and Sue also in their fifties and Sue is shorter on the plump side with amazing 42dd tits. Sue has on a blouse with no bra with tits jiggling. They each grab a beer as we all are watching TJ and Angie playing. I am stand up behind Sue and reach around opening her blouse and holding and rubbing Sue's tits. Angie is now deep throating TJ cock as TJ has his thumb up Angie ass with two fingers pushing into Angie's pussy in a pinching motion as TJ is licking and sucking on Angie clit. Sue moves over standing next to TT sitting on the chair now watching Angie work her magic putting an arm around TT with her tits in TT face basically. Angie is now rubbing TJ balls as Angie deep throating when TJ says yes making Angie hold deep on TJ black cock when TJ starts thrusting up into Angie throat pumping his load into Angie mouth. Angie rolls off onto her back says break time.

Angie grabs a water as we are all standing around talking about the party tonight and by now we are all naked enjoying our beers when Angie goes up to TT reaches for his black cock rubbing it as she leans up to give TT a big kiss before leading TT to the bed and laying down on her back at the end the bed spreading her legs for TT. TT looks back at me asking if it is okay to fuck Angie to which I said Angie waiting. TT black cock was thicker then TJ and almost as long. TT standing at the edge of the bed pulling Angie hips to his waiting cock. TT rubbing the bed head of his black cock over Angie pussy before barely sliding the head in. Angie moans out yes thats it fuck me good. TT pushing further in till he is balls deep inside Angie pussy. Angie points to Stan to cum closer, as Angie laying on her back, her head near the edge the bed Angie starts stroking Stan cock as TT is now pushing completely into Angie pussy. Angie is now sucking Stans cock as Sue TJ and I are watching with me behind Sue reaching around playing with a tit as I nudge Sue other hand towards TJ. Sue reaches behind with one hand rubbing my cock as Sue reaches for TJ cock stroking it hard again. TT tells Angie he wants her to top ride him. TT lays down on the bed and Angie climbs on top of TT gliding his thick cock into her pussy as Angie starts bouncing on TT cock. After a couple minutes Angie bends down to kiss TT when Stan gets on the bed straddle behind Angie and takes her anally. TJ is stunned as Sue now has his cock rock hard again. Angie asks TT if he likes that to which TT says hell yes. Sue asks TJ if he wanted her pussy or booty to which TJ ask if Sue is serious, to which she said yes. He said he wanted her ass so we all moved to the other end of the bed, Sue gets on her hands and knees as I lay down in front of Sue and TJ gets up behind Sue. Sue tells TJ to fuck her pussy few times to get some moisture on his cock. Soon TJ fucking Sue ass while she is sucking me. We then hear Stan he is ready as he pulls out shooting his load all over Angie back side and TT continues in Angie's pussy. TJ now has his hands under Sue playing with her huge tits as he pounds Sue Anally. It does not take me much longer to blow my load into Sue mouth when TJ says he wants Sue married pussy. Sue rolls over onto her back as TJ gets on top and starts to make love to Sue white pussy. As TJ pushing into Sue, she leans up to kiss TJ to which TJ starts kissing back not thinking about my load was just in Sue mouth. TT tells Angie he about ready and we hear Angie say to fill her pussy good as TT unloads into Angie who is pushing down on TT hips until he unloads. Angie finally rolls off and Angie moves onto her back legs spread and TJ sees TT load dripping out of Angie was enough to get TJ off as he pushes deep into Sue unloading into Sue. As TJ pulls out Angie quickly moves over to clean TJ cock before Angie moves down to lick Sue clean as well. With all the action going on few more people had strolled into the room to watch as well including the couple in charge of the party.

We all cleaned up got dressed and relaxed till the party started. Once we got to the party we noticed TT and TJ were invited to stay for it as well.

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