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Post-divorce Remedy

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I’d been divorced for about 6 months, very sad, it hadn’t been my idea. I had been talking to my close friend Roxanne when she said “you’re way too sad over this bitch, pick me up at the airport tomorrow afternoon.”

I arrived at the airport at the appointed hour and went to meet Roxanne at baggage claim. She was happy to see me and told me we had to wait a few minutes for something special. I figured it was for her luggage. Boy was I wrong!

Across the terminal I see a total smoke show walking along, Roxanne said “would you look at her”. Then she went up and grabbed the smoke show and kissed her and turned to me and said “This is Bridgette, she here to have some fun with us. We’re going to get you out this fucking funk you’re in.”

Our first stop was the grocery store, I was so flummoxed that I didn’t’ even pay attention to what they were buying. Then it was off to my apartment.

I opened the door and the girls went in and began immediately taking each other’s clothes off. Most of the weekend was spent naked. After they got naked, they stripped me down. Bridgette, knelt down and examined my hardening cock closely, and sucked very hard on it to get it powered up all the way. She looked up and Roxanne and said “You were right!”

Roxanne told me “Sit in that chair and watch what I’m about to do”. I obeyed and sat in my lush living room chair. She pushed Bridgette down onto her back and dove between her legs, lots of kissed up and down her thighs, sliding up to kiss her breasts, neck mouth and then back down to tease her pussy. After 10 minutes of this Bridgette could take no more and reversed the rolls on Rox and threw her onto her back and pushed her tongue into her mouth and 3 fingers into her pussy. She began to roughly take Rox with her hand until most of her hand was inside Rox’s pussy. Rox began to cum and thrashed around on the floor, very hot and sweating. Bridgette was having a hard time holding her down. She asked me to come over and hold Rox’s arms above her head, which I of course obliged. As I held Rox down she exploded into another orgasm that was amazing. We all sat back and let her come down from her massive high.

After a few minutes and a round of water and some wine, at 2 in the afternoon. We were just getting started.

Roxanne looked at my still hard cock and told Bridgette “I’ve fucked him before, it’s your turn now”. With that she pushed Bridgette onto the couch face first, took my cock and sucked it deeply, and got it slick. Bridgette was slick with pussy juice, Rox took a lick at her pussy and guided my cock into Bridgette’s steaming hot pussy, and pushed me all the way to the bottom. She slid under the two of us and licked Bridgette’s pussy while I slowly pressed all the way into her, very firmly and almost forcefully. Roxanne reached around and wrapped her arms around Bridgette’s hips and ass. She pressed a finger into Bridgette’s ass to spin her up even further. It didn’t take long before Bridgette was cumming and cumming and cumming. Rox came up from below and said “I’m damned near drowning down there.” She then worked three fingers into Bridgette’s ass and reached underneath to vigorously rub her clit, then to my great enjoyment, she slid a finger into her pussy with my cock, and started the help fuck Bridgette. The pressure of her finger on the bottom of my cock set me off and I pushed my cock all the way into Bridgette and let cum flow into her, filling her pussy. As I pulled out Rox took my cock to clean me off while keeping her hand over Bridgette’s pussy, after a couple of deepthroat strokes and sucking on the tip of my cock to get the last bit out. She replaced her hand with her mouth and ate cum out of her friend.

We stretched out on the couch and all fell fast asleep. I woke up to a double blow job from the two of them, while they were fingering each other (a recommended way to wake up if you have the chance). They told me not to cum, just get hard. After about 10 minutes, Roxanne, climbed on top of my cock and slid down “oh, I forgot how thick you are”. Bridgette was pinching her nipples and playing with her ass. She put a finger into Rox’s mouth and had her get it wet, then she bent her over and pushed her finger into Rox’s ass, looked around at me and said “can you feel that?” I told her that indeed I could feel it and she worked a second finger in there. The feeling was amazing. Roxanne started cumming and Bridgette upped the torment level by biting rox’s nipples and pulling her hair back and finger fucking her ass pretty firmly. Bridgette then turned Rox around to be in reverse Cowgirl and spread Rox/s legs apart and began to lick my cock as it went in and out of Rox’s pussy and clit, pushing her tongue in with my cock. I couldn’t take it any longer and told the girls I was going to cum. Rox ground down onto my cock and I began to spew into her. Bridgette put her mouth on Rox’s clit and my base of cock where it went into Rox, pulsing the cum into her. Licking up everything that was leaking out. As I started to shrink she slurped up all the jizz, both mine and Roxanne’s, slid up and gave Rox a giant kiss and they played like that for at least 10 minutes.

After that we needed food, so I made us a nice dinner, we ate, and then laid down for a while.

The entire weekend consisted of fucking, sucking, licking fingering…. everything was on the menu.

When they left on Monday morning, I wasn’t really aware they had called a cab to the airport, they left me a bowl of cereal and a big glass of water, kissed my mouth and my cock, snuck out the door and went to the airport. I woke up needing a 1 hour shower, all the cereal and water and I think a pint of blood might not have hurt anything. They had fucked me flat. The whole weekend If I had needed a break, they played with each other.

Needless to say, my post-divorce funk was gone.

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