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Platinum Lover

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Let me tell you about the man who knows how to really pleasure a girl. Oh they're out there everywhere right? Every so often you have the chance encounter with a man who is platinum in the bedroom. Sinful and blissful. He's the type you could just suck his dick laying in bed all day. Call in sick and suck dick all day never getting tired of it. I used to be such a good girl. Now I can't get enough in every hole while eating some hot sluts pussy. That's what this man does to me. And his cologne instantly makes my pussy dripping wet. Unbelievable.

It's the little things that drive me wild. The way he inhales sharply. I know he feels good. I love that he can lay back & relax. He just lets me go to work. I suck just the tip. I lick it. I'm rubbing his balls and run my tongue down to them. I suck on them individually. I love how he lets out these little moans. I can take this smack talking, mean Italian boss and make him weak to sexual pleasure. I run my tongue up and down his shaft. He gets so unbelievably hard. I'd lick his ass for even guiltier pleasure. I dip a finger in my soaked, hot pussy and use it to run my finger on his hole. Then I go back to a rhythmic sucking & move my finger gently around. I get more aggressive with my mouth and as his pleasure grows I gently slip my wet finger in to his ass. It's so hot.

He tenses up so I hold my finger still and start licking his dick. When he relaxes and shows he's feeling better I slide it in deeper as I begin to suck. Finally I find his prostate. I keep a good sucking rhythm on his dick as I so gently rub the area around it. Once I hear his breathing getting heavier I slow down. Oh not yet baby. I build him back up a few times until I know he's completely out of his mind. Literally putty in my hands. I know once I get a steady rhythm going, not changing things up, & my finger in his hot, tight ass gently rubbing his prostate that he will cum in about 15 seconds or so. So without warning to him I press my finger softly into his prostate & start sucking intensely on the top half of his dick. The way I rub the head on the top of my mouth, I know, will give him the friction he loves. So I give it to him. Rubbing my own legs together & my clit against the bed. I'm so aroused.

I'm aching to have this mega hard dick in my pussy so bad! I would climax in 5 seconds with the way his dick fits in me. The way he slides his dick slowly all the way in. The tip of his dick naturally rests perfectly in my G-spot. I immediately feel my pussy lips swell up as though they want to hold on to this amazing dick. Inside I get a heat rush. He pulls back and slides himself into me again. I love looking at him while he's inside of me, but I can't keep my eyes open. That heat spreads to my clit and as his body pushes against it I get a quick tickle of pleasure. He moves back. He moves into me again and the heat passes over my breasts. My heart is pounding. My pussy swells tighter on his dick. My hips are moving, pulling him deeper on my clit and g spot. It's almost too intense. I want to cry it feels incredible.

At this point I am not aware of anything around me. The whole world could be watching us. Touching us. I know I can't stop the quickly inevitable. Less than 10 thrusts of my lovers dick into me and I lose it. My pussy is throbbing so hard against his dick. I want to hold him against me. I want to kiss him. Oh god! Thank you for giving me this pleasure! It's amazing!

And he just doesn't stop. He's effortless. He keeps giving it to me! This man knows how to push every pussy throb out of a girl. I feel my pleasure calming down. Just a warm pleasure no drug in the world could match! I'm coming down now but every thrust of this man in my pussy temporarily brings me back up. My pussy starts throbbing. I try to hold on to him as I come down again. My whole body just relaxes.

He doesn't stop! He turns me around on all fours. I can barely hold myself up. My body is numb. My pussy feels so warm. He gets behind me and shoves that amazing dick back into me. He's not going for the pleasure, he's getting things ready. His dick is so wet from me. He works that all around down there. I feel his dick wanting to slide in. My ass this time.

My ass, saturated with so many nerves. One wrong move & it's torture. He slowly starts to push. He does it so patiently. He's so cool about it. It's a different kind of persistence, one he's long mastered. I have my eyes closed. Breathing deep. There's a degree of trust, of giving up control of a secret part of me, I mentally stop functioning and zone out. I feel the tip of his dick make its way through just a little bit. He knows to hold it at this point. He lets me get used to him being there for just a second. Then as he moves in a little harder I fall back against him, giving him total control. His rock hard dick slides deeper into my ass. He moves back and gently slides back into me. He crosses a threshold where suddenly I want his dick harder and deeper. Faster. I move back with his thrusts. For a second, I'm slamming my ass against him. This man of intense sexual mastery has my body begging him for more. His thrusts cause all the nerves in my ass to fire off so much pleasure. Every small tug has my already super sensitive clit ready for action. I move my legs in a little more, I run my finger on my clit, and his movements inside my tight ass push me again into another dissociative state. My ass, my pussy, my clit! Everything starts to explode with pleasure. This man can take all of me. He could ask me to do anything, I'd do it, the pleasure is so intense!

It excites me more, having another woman in front of me as he's doing his work. There's nothing better than feeling his hot load shoot into me. That generally guarantees at least one more orgasm from me. But the way this man gives me so much pleasure, more than anything I've felt with any man, it turns me on to get bad and put this dream in another woman's pussy. Better yet, in her ass as well. Give me a shaved slut in my face as my ass is getting pounded and I will finger and lick her, getting her juices flowing. Once the other girl is hot and ready I want him to fuck her. Bad.

My pussy is dripping hot watching as he slides his dick into her as well. Its beautiful watching his dick pounding another girl. And then another. I know she is feeling wonderful. It beautiful, exotic, erotic watching your lover inside another woman. Watching his face, her face, they feel so good. I want to kiss her, make her taste her own pussy on my lips. I want to suck her tits. I'm satisfied hearing her pleasure from my man. But I want one thing more from him.

When he's about to cross that line I want him to pull out, I want to take his dick in my mouth, I want to taste this girls juices on his dick, I want to taste his hot load shooting down my throat. Ive had issues with some men having all sorts of weird tastes. His is perfectly neutral. Its like a warm dessert in my mouth. I love how his body tenses up. I love his sounds. It's hard to come down from this euphoria. I want him again and again.

He will get my lips wrapped around his dick again shortly. Just for a little dessert. 5 minutes of gentle sucking. Not that he couldn't go again, his stamina is teenage. He can shoot numerous loads all night.

That's it until I see him again a month or two later. But in between I find myself in the most benign situations thinking about having it again. Oh the frustration. That's the hard part being away so long. Only thinking about it. Mmmm...

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