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Patience pays off SLS

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You and I have been playing this ?Cat and Mouse? game for the last couple of years. I ask you if you want to come over some night and get together for some fun, like we used to do, a few hundred years ago. Your answer has been almost the same, word for word, whenever I ask you. ?I might see you later tonight, you never know?. I usually end up anxiously waiting for you to show up; but no luck yet. Well, it?s a Friday night and I have the house to myself, once again. I saw you earlier today and asked if you were ever going to show up at my door. ?You never know; maybe later tonight? you said. I laughed and told you; ?I think you?re too scared to show up?. You stuck your chest out and stated; ?I?m not afraid of you?! ?Then prove me wrong?. I replied. Your answer was the usual; ?You never know, I almost came by the other night?. ?I?ll try to get out tonight?. Then, off you went. There was something about the way you said it, or the twinkle in your eye, or something that had me sitting there waiting for you to call or maybe just show up. By 10pm I had about given in to the fact it wasn?t happening that night, when my phone rang. It was my friend Mike and he was in a bind and desperately in need of my help. His car had died on him and it wasn?t registered and it had to get moved right away or it would surely be impounded; not to mention he had a warrant for failure to appear. ?I will make it worth your while?, he said. I told him I was on my way. It was raining hard and when I pulled up to his car, he came out from the nearby bushes, soaking wet. We hooked his car up to a tow strap and hauled ass back to his house and snuck in and dropped it off. He told me he couldn?t stay there tonight,(family problems), and asked if he could hang out at my place with me. He opened his backpack and grabbed a zippered pouch from it and gave me a peek at what he was carrying with him as party favors. I saw a bunch of pills, a bag of stinky green bud, and a large bag of crystal shards. We made it back to my place in record time, needless to say. Once inside, I told Mike to throw his clothes in the washer and he could take a shower in the back bathroom to get warm. ?There?s a big robe in the hall closet that will fit you until your clothes dry?, I told him. I turned my laptop on and checked my e-mail. I heard the shower turn off about ten minutes later and then I noticed headlights pulling up out front. I peeked out and saw your car in the driveway. I grabbed the laptop and raced down the hallway and into the bathroom Mike was using. ?Here, do me a favor, keep quiet for a few minutes and I?ll let you know when the coast is clear?. He nodded ok and grabbed the laptop from me and said; ?I want to see some porn while I?m trapped in here?. I told him to use the ear-buds in the drawer so you couldn?t hear them. I jetted down the hall to the front door just as you were going to knock and pulled it open and said ?Hello Lady, what are you doing out alone at a place like this?? ?I hear it?s dangerous at night around here, especially for women traveling alone?. I spoke in some goofy foreign accent; that made you burst out laughing. You said; ?I?m not afraid of you or the Dark?. ?Now are you going to invite me in?? ?Or should I come some other night?? ?Please come in?. I bowed as you stepped inside. ?Let me take your coat?. I said, as I slipped it off your shoulders from behind you. You turned around facing me and my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when I couldn?t help but notice you had no bra on and your nipples were looking like they were on steroids! ?My eyes are up here?. You said sternly. ?But mine are glued down here!? I giggled and that got a huge smile out of you. You were wearing a white top made from a thin, silky type material with a zipper down the middle. That top was made just for you. It clung to your 5 star breasts like a second skin, showcasing what I can only describe as ?The World?s Greatest Pair of Nipples?. ?Let?s sit and smoke a bowl? I said. ?I?m not scared? was your answer. I laughed under my breath at what you had said. ?Not yet?. I added. As we puff-puff & passed, you vented to me about your lousy night. ?So I said Fuck all this, I?m taking some Cassie time?. ?Well you sure look hot for having such a bad time?. ?I can?t believe you were allowed to wear that to Hobey?s? I teased. ?Well I had a bra and an over-shirt on earlier; that?s what took me so long to come in? ?I was hoping to get a reaction from you?. You stood up in front of me and twirled around then shook your boobs all sexy like, just an inch or less from my face. ?So do you like what I chose to wear for you?? Your smile had a very sultry, sexy look to it, as you held one of your perfectly shaped boobs in each of your hands and guided them up to my nipple-hungry, hot mouth. I sucked and licked your rock hard nipples through the thin white material of your blouse and a soft moan escaped your lips. I did my best to slowly lick them in a pattern that spiraled down tighter and tighter, until I was able to suck the eraser-hard tips into my hot, wet mouth. You had your eyes closed and your head was tilted as far back as possible as you fed me the right and then the left and then back to the right one. I reached up and hooked the ring of your top?s zipper and pulled it down and setting them free, In seconds, I had the prize in my mouth. The ?Booby Prize?.

I was like a kid in a candy store; or a homeless kid that finds a giant present with his name on the tag, under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. I admit it; I love tits! Big ones, little ones, perky ones, floppy ones, store bought and Dr. installed ones, or yours. So absolutely, perfectly, proportioned they were definitely created by God?s own hands.

I was expecting you to make me stop at any second or pull them away from my hungry lips; but tonight things were very, very, different. I slowly reached up and took them into my hands and softly squeezed and fondled them, sucking back and forth, popping those pink cherry nipples in and out of my mouth faster and faster. Your legs started to tremble and shake from the intense pleasure you were getting. I heard your breath coming in short gasps with several deep, sexy moans in between. One thing was obviously coming in the near future: and it was YOU! I wrapped one arm around your waist and pulled you closer and kept up my tongue attack on your sensitive, highly aroused pink nipples. As I pulled you closer to me, I felt your hands take hold of my head and held my mouth directly on your swollen left breast and nipple, just as the surging ripples of your first orgasm of the night, rapidly evolved into powerful waves that washed over and through your body in an intense climax. I held you tightly as you moaned aloud, ?Oh Fuck, oh fuck, I?m coming?! Your body stiffened and your legs went from trembling slightly to shaking violently. I held you in my arms until the intensity passed and you started to regain control of your faculties. I eased you down and sat next to you on the couch and asked you, ?When was the last time you got off like that?? ?That was fucking hot as Hell!? You had a look on your face of pleasure, surprise and mixed with pure lust when you locked eyes with me and said, ?That has never happened to me before?. ?I have been thinking about fucking you again for a long time?. ?Maybe a little too long?. You giggled. We both got a good laugh out of that one. ?Well, don?t let that happen again!? I warned you. ?I won?t. Now, where is the bathroom?? ? I want to take a minute or two to freshen up and catch my breath.? ?When I come back, I want you naked and sitting here on the couch, stroking your dick hard for me to give you your turn, with me at the controls.? ?And can you cut the lights?? You added. ?I?m not afraid of you or the Dark!? Off you went down the hall and shut the bathroom door behind you. I raced quietly past, and back where Mike was waiting, and popped open the door, catching him stroking his dick to a porno on the laptop. ?Shit!? he said. ?I had to do something cause I took a Viagra a few minutes ago; and it?s working!? That is perfect I whispered and swallowed one of the blue bombers myself. I told him he had to be real quiet cause we were going to give you a BIG surprise! Down the hall and back to the living room we went, killing all the lights along the way. We sat across the corner of the couch and loveseat?s intersection. I felt around and found the baby oil in the pitch black room and oiled up my dick and began sliding up and down it?s shaft, making it very slippery and extremely sensitive to the touch. I told you to use a bit of this oil on your dick. And reached forward with the bottle just as mike reached out to feel for it in the sheer blackness. Sure enough we grabbed each other?s cocks by accident at the same time. We didn?t make a sound, and we really didn?t jump at all. We simply give one or two quick tugs on each other?s hard dick?s, before returning to our own. To tell the truth it was quite a rush for us both. ?Here I come!? you yelled down the hallway. ?It?s so dark, I can?t see my hand in front of my face!? you were now whispering, feeling the air in the room, by waving your arm back and forth in front of you like a giant curb feeler. ?Are you scared yet?? I whispered in your ear. ?For the last time; I?m not scared of the dark; OR you!? you snapped. Just then Mike joined in and said; ?How about now?? in a real fake, deep voice. You jumped back into the corner of the couch like you had been electrocuted. Exactly where we wanted you to be, right between 2 very horny and extremely hard cocked men with pure lust flowing through their veins, and raw sex on their minds?.It was so quiet for a few seconds, we all 3 could hear your heart beating really loud from the startling and unexpected surprise you just went through. Thump, thump, thump, rattle; Thump rattle Boom, Boom, Boom, rattle rattle. It was so loud;

We all three couldn?t help it and we erupted in laughter from the scene we were enjoying in the inky black total darkness of our room. You reached forward with both hands, each heading in opposite directions; and scored direct hits on both of our oil slick, rock hard dicks that now filled each of your hands. ?Oh my God!? you gasped, with a very pleasantly, surprised, yet sexy; voice. Your hands were slowly yet firmly stroked our cocks slowly, deliberately and with a purpose. The movements of your hands wasn?t a deliberate thing with a sinister purpose, but more of a auto-pilot reaction that occurs from the inner memory you developed from handling and playing with penis flesh in your past. The feel of the smooth yet strange texture of penis head has stirred your lusty memories. You felt your pussy getting warmer and wetter with every thought and every breath. You let any inhibitions you might have shielded yourself with in the past fall away and got into the action in a flash. I felt you move forward and Mike moaned ?Fuck that feels so good!? I knew then you were working your magic on his hard dick. After a couple of minutes of pumping my cock with your slippery hand, you switched off and it was my turn to enjoy the world?s most incredibly mind blowing blowjobs ever! You were doing exactly what Mike and I had dreamed you should do, when we had talked about how wild and crazy it would be if this exact Fantasy ever happened. Yes; horny guys talk about kinky things they want or wish would happen, especially when they?re high. And so far, you were following our ?script?; just as if you had read this story before; or maybe your kinky fantasies were a mirror image of the one I had shared with Mike, on more than one occasion. It was so cool we were on the same wave length, living out this fantasy, on this unplanned, once in a lifetime special night.

My turn was over too soon, and you moved over and sucked the head of Mike?s dick back into your hot mouth, making him groan with pleasure. With each bob of your head, you took him deeper and deeper down your throat. I know how hot you get from sucking dick, so you had to be ready to explode with two in front of you. I reached for your pants and unbuttoned them and with your help, your pants and your panties were added to the pile with your blouse and coat. You were kneeling into Mike?s lap to suck his dick, with your bare ass and wet warm pussy open and inviting me to explore their secrets. I slid between your trembling legs and lightly licked your swollen pussy lips from just under your clit back and up and across and around and around your tight butt hole. With each pass, my tongue pressed deeper and deeper into your very wet inner folds, teasing your throbbing little man in the boat on one end and rimming your ass and pushing into your back door as I tongue fucked it as deep as possible, over and over, again and again; until it was finally relaxed and begging for more. I got so excited from your moaning and sexy comments you were making, each time you popped his cockhead out of your mouth, you shouted out things like; ? Oh yessssss! ?Lick my pussy and suck my clit, just like that, Oh yesss?! ?Oh, you?re gonna make me come again, just like that Baby!? ?Oh Fuck that?s it, yes, yes, please, don?t stop!? I had avoided direct clit to tongue contact, up to that point, but that was my queue. I sucked your hard, overly-sensitive, swollen clit into my mouth and your body shook violently as a huge orgasm crashed over you and wave after wave of pure electric spasms of pleasure engulfed your entire body. Your back arched as you ground your pussy onto my mouth and chin. I tasted your sweet juices that flowed from you as you came. I slid my index finger into your hungry pussy as I continued sucking on your engorged clit, then added my ring finger, pushed them in and out with a few short strokes, then pushed them deep and directly onto your G-spot making my fingertips dance across your secret spot. I honestly can say, I?ve never seen a woman come harder than you did at that exact moment. I heard you scream ?Oh Fuck! I?m cumming, I?m cumming so fucking hard right now!!? I felt your hot, sweet, juicy nectar drench my face and trickle down my neck an chin. ?I?ve never came that much before!? ?It was like I squirted or gushed or whatever!? You kept saying things like that; over and over. ?That was amazing, incredible and so crazy!!? you added, as you started to recover and catch your breath, over the next few minutes. ?Now can we smoke another bowl and get something to drink?? ?I know I?m dehydrated!? you announced and we all broke into laughter and made us all even more comfortable. I loaded the pipe, as you went into the kitchen, to mix us drinks, while Mike went to take a leak. The Viagra we had taken earlier was working it?s magic on Mike and I both. My dick was as hard as teakwood from the rain forest and bigger than I had ever seen it before. I walked into the kitchen to help you with the drinks and the second I stepped into the light, you got your first look at the Viagra effect, up close and personal. I saw your jaw drop open as you stared at my very angry, purple headed dick that stood straight up and proud in front of me. It actually bounced up and down with every beat of my heart from the pressure of its blood engorged veins. ?Look at your dick!? ?Its fucking huge!? you squealed. ?Thanks to Vitamin V? I said. ?Are you sure you?re not even a little bit scared?? I asked you. Your answer lacked the confidence you had earlier tonight. ?I?m intimidated; I admit that.? ?But I?m still not scared!? I told you that was a good thing. We grabbed up the drinks and as we made our way back to the front room; I whispered these words into your ear; ?I hope you feel the same when it grows into its ?full size!? You stopped dead in your tracks, when you heard those words. ?I have an idea to relieve some of the inner pressure!? ?That should shrink it back to its original size? you announced, with a new found confidence. We sat down on the couch and hit the pipe a bunch, waiting for Mike to return and join the Party. ?Now its my turn to make you come as hard as I did.? You whispered to me. ?Just sit back and close your eyes.? I was in position in a flash. I felt you get on your hands and knees in front of me and felt your hands on my knees and spreading my legs and giving you access to my cock. I felt your tongue dance lightly across my sack, up the shaft and around the mushroom shaped head of my angry dick. It was really bobbing and twitching with the anticipation of your talented mouth working its magic on me. ?Do you like that?? You teased. ?How about this?? you added; as you ran your tongue up across my stomach and chest, straight to my left nipple, making two or three tight circles around its sensitive little point; then you sucked and licked and even tongue-buzzed both my nipples, back and forth for a couple of minutes making my dick so damn hard I knew the skin was stretched to its bursting point. I was moaning and muttering out loud, without a care who was listening. My eyes were still closed when you finally asked; ?Are you ready to come now?? ?Oh Fuck Yes!? ?Its going to split open any minute and it?s so fucking hard it actually hurts!? I groaned. I felt your breasts between my thighs with the hard nipples pressed against my legs as you lowered your mouth and slowly swallowed the mushroom head of my cock slowly; like a snake slowly swallows an animal it has killed. Very slowly, unhinging its jaws and walking their jaws up and over the victim?s body, until it?s completely engulfed. Ok, maybe I embellished the story a bit, maybe a lot. Anyway my head was spinning with the pleasure of your hot mouth sliding up and down slowly at first; then increasing tempo and grip strength on my throbbing dick. I heard you make this really deep groaning sound from way down deep in your chest. I opened one eye to peek and realized that Mike had returned and the noise you made was when he slid behind you and pushed his hard dick into your slippery pussy until it was balls deep into you and he was holding you by the hips and while he remained still, he was pulling you back onto and off of his cock, going a little faster each time. We fell into a perfect rhythm as he slid you up and down the length of his cock; you were forced to swallow almost the entire length of my cock, with every thrust. It was so incredible I was unknowingly holding your head in my hands and my hips were actually fucking your mouth and throat and I was getting so close to coming that my legs were shaking uncontrollably as my balls began to rumble like a volcano that was about to erupt. Our speed had increased to a near fever pitch as we all were loudly grunting and moaning and groaning with lusty pleasure. As we rounded the corner and headed for the finish line, Mike raised up in a squatting position over you and switched his style from pulling you onto him, to a pure powerful, pile driver, as he held you firmly by the hips he was out of his mind with the need to come driving his cock down into your tight pussy; just as fast and hard and as deep as he could. I felt that magic feeling in me as the three of us hit high speed and with one giant hip thrust; Mike?s eyes went crossed drove deep into and exploded into your deepest depths and like a chain reaction, the feeling of his hot come splashing against your cervix and inner walls sent you over the edge and you came for the 3rd and 4th time that night. Less than a nanosecond later, I shot the biggest load in 20 years down your throat as I held your head in my hands and pumped jets of hot come in your mouth; but you kept swallowing and sucking my dick until it was completely drained and finally stopped twitching. You never spilled a single drop, and that made me so proud and happy as we all slumped together in a tangle of very satisfied legs, arms and hair and sweat. Round #1 was over. After a short rest period to pee and re-hydrate; Round #2 was our next stop. The sign up ahead read ?THE DP ZONE? ??? be continued.

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