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First off I am 33 now, all this happened when I was in high school and my first year of college.

I was a normal teenage girl, I started growing a lovely pair of 40 C cups at the age of 14, which got me a lot of attention which I didn?t understand. At 15 I was taken aside by my sister who explained to me the reason for the attention. This all was before computers so young girls had to be told stuff like this. I am not a skinny girl, some would say chubby but I see it as normal and through time I have found many people find me very attractive.

When I was 16 I landed a cake babysitting job with a great couple. Their kids were well behaved and had great personalities so I enjoyed my time with them. Their dad, Tom worked cataloging music so he was a great teacher, the kids were introduced to all kinds of music, starting in the womb. Their mom Sue was a massage ther*pest , both were really cool and a bit on the hippy side. While there the oldest boy taught me the guitar and piano, I took the girls on shopping trips so, I really did spend a lot of time with them. No one ever mentioned sex in the house, everything was straight up, I suspected nothing.

By my late 16s I had started to feel very randy, I noticed boys watching me and I liked it. I had blossomed in to a striking dark haired girl. One guy described me as a dark haired Marilyn Monroe but with more curves in the right places. At seventeen I started finding Playboy and penthouses mag at the babysitting house, when the kids when to bed I would leaf through them. One night I found a swinging newspaper on the night stand out side the parents bedroom. I enjoyed the reading and the photos, they had started my mind thinking about what was to come.

On my 18th birthday Tom and Sue through me a birthday party with all the kids and some of my friend, Tom and Sue were very good to me and I enjoyed being around them. I started doing more for them, I was asked if I would bartend at a party they were having, now that I was legal, I told them that I didn?t know much about it but I would try. Tom assured me that all the couples there were very friendly and would help me through the night.

Sue told me the party was going to be on the fancy side so I should wear something nice when I told her I really did have anything to wear like that she suggested that she and her friend meg would take me down to another friend store and buy me something. We left in the morning and arrived early to the store. When we walked in I noticed all the women kissed each other on the lips and held it a few seconds. They introduced me and the shopping began. They let me roam the shop and pick what I wanted first and, said they would help me tweak it up. Well above the knee hemlines were in fashion, and I never wore a dress that was less than 7? above the knee to school, so the clothes there were perfect. I had never wore a top before that really showed and cleavage but, I always wanted to try one. Everything I picked out they loved but all the while I am shopping me the girl helping me has a smirk on her face like something is going to happen, when I asked her she said she was going to the party and would explain there.

The night of the party I dressed at their house. Sue got dressed in the same room as I did, Sue is not bashful about being naked in front of me. Sue is a 6? dirty blond haired very well built women, c cup boobs, tiny waist, and a pretty good size hard round ass, Sue is completely shaved, not a hair from her neck down. While we are in dressing 4 of the other ladies come in the room, all give each other long kisses. Meg is there and she is going to help me with the dress, I strip down in front of the other women and wait. They others all compliment me on my 18 year old tight body, all wishing they were 18 again.. As I?m standing naked Sid, the girl that helped me in the store walks in, again I get that silly little smirk of hers.

Sid is 19 slim round ass no boobs she knows everyone there and she kisses the other women. I have noticed that none of the women are wearing bras t the party and lots of cleavage is exposed.

When we get down stairs Sid and I go behind the bar which is as nice as in a fancy hotel. Sid greats all the men with a kiss on the lips and introduces me, I get handshakes and 2 kisses on the hand. The party is 2 hours old and the empty booze bottles are piling up, everybody is having a good time, dancing, never with the women they came with. Sid is gone for a while she seems a bit disheveled , her hair is mused a bit and I smell the faint scent of weed. I have smoked weed with the kids at school but never with adults. As the parties comes to a close, Sid tells me I should probably head home, and asks if I would stop back at about 11am to help her clean up the mess from the party. I tell her I can stay now but she insists I leave.

I show up 11am Sid opens the door, she is dressed in a long men?s t shirt that comes just below her crotch, if she raises her hands I could see her bush, We pick up the mess and on by one the other couples come down from upstairs. They are hung over and their clothes are a mess. I say to Meg, must have been a hard night, she winks and tells me I don?t know what I missed. Every one files out, it?s just Sid, Tom, Sue and me left in the house. Sue comes down stairs and tells me good morning, she is the perfect example of rode hard and put away wet. Sid has already made coffee so Sue just sits down. After reading all the playboys and penthouses I know what happed here, but no one is going to tell me so I turn to the two girls and say , well I went to my first swing party and you made me leave before the fun started, both women looked at me like I told them I killed pup on the way here. Sue says to me, if you knew last night why didn?t you say something, we only wanted to have you tend bar.

We talked for a bit and they asked if I would have liked to stay, I told them I would have stayed to watch but, I don?t know if I wanted to join in. Sue says no one if forced to do anything, although there were women here that get off on that sort of thing. I tell them I?m up for the challenge, Sue says do you want to start now, I say sure, she says Tom just got in the shower, go hand him a towel when he gets out. I smile devilishly and head up stairs, I turn and ask if this is alright, they both say yes we are all open to anything.

I stand by the shower, the water shuts off and Tom steps out, he reaches for the towel and I tell him it?s over here, he is startled but looks up to see me holding the towel. Tom is a average guy, salt n pepper hair, which I love, 5?11? clean shaven all over, I know now, soft spoken and gentle. He laughs and asks if the girls sent me up, I said yup. He asked what I thought of the party last night, I tell him I think I missed the best part, he smiles and says yup you did. While we are standing chatting I notice that his male member is standing strong, he looks at me looking down, he looks up and smiles, he says big george seem to like you, I say well I like big George, Really big George is not that awfully big, I don?t tell him that. I smile and walk over give him a deep kiss and go downstairs.

The girls are laughing at the table, they had come up stair to watch, they say wow you left him with blue balls, I say it?s his fault he should have let me stay last night. They ask me about my sex life, I tell them I have been with 10 boys from school and a 45 yr old guy that picked me up in a bar, by far the 45 yr old was the best lay, I have been with two girls at one time and we ?study? together quite often, I also have a 50 yr old female lover that has been going on for quite along time. They ask what else well I will do just about anything and have tried many things, and I want to come to Saturdays party.

Saturday roles around and I?m ready, I spent the morning shaving my pussy lips, silky smooth, my hair is done, not that it will matter. I get to the house before the guests, Sue and Tom are home getting ready. Sue says we have a bit of time before the others show and, it is a custom that the hosts get first crack at the new meat in the house. Sue pull my dress off of me, today no panties and no bra, she kisses me down my back as my dress drops. When the dress hit?s the floor I feel her tongue come up my leg and her nose slides right between the cheeks of my ass, her tongue is licking my pussy from behind. Tom is watching all this when I feel a finger in my ass and in my box, I cum right then, when I cum my juices run right out of me. Tom sits on the bed at full staff, Sue pushes me over to him, turns me around and makes me sit on his cock, he spreads the cheeks of my fat ass and he hits bottom, I cum again. Sue is on her knees licking my pussy as Tom cock slides in and out. Sue is licking up everything that is pouring out of me, Tom is Grunting big time and I can feel his cock start to swell, I grind my ass on Toms cock and in turn into Sues face. Tom cum with brute force, he pumps 5 hot loads up into me and I keep grinding. Now my crotch is totally soaked, Toms lap and legs are soaked, even Sue?s hair is full of my cum and Toms. I feel another pair of hands on me and I turn to see Sid rubbing against my sweaty body, she gives me a deep kiss and helps me off Tom?s cock, Sue is sitting Indian style on the floor all sticky. Sid pushes me back on the bed, spreads my leg and tries to put her face in my pussy, she is licking up everything she can find. We all lay together to catch our breathes, we are a mess and all need a shower. What I learn now is that Sid is the party shower whore, Sid showers with everyone at the parties. We all get in the shower and let Sid do her work?..a

And the party has not even started yet?.to be continued

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