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Party Party Party 20

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Now that I have been brought in to Sue and Toms swing group that seems to be all I can think about. I enjoyed being with the group and have made a new friend in Sidney. Since the last party I have been getting call from the couples I had met there, all looking for a little fun on the side. In my spare time I have been working myself in to a lather thinking about that night. Is it normal for a young girl to hav her hands in her pants every chance she gets.

Sid has been asking me to come visit her while she does a massage, I really haven?t had time but today I do. Sid does her part time work at her studio, she tells me it is a fully outfitted massage room and more. I head over it a very nice day mid 80 a bit humid, a day that makes your jucies flow. The front door mas a electronic look with a code and I let myself in, it must be 100 degrees in her. I can hear voices coming from one of the room to the left. I walk into the room, it?s hotter in here, I see a naked man stretched out on a table hand and feet bound spread eagle, he is completely oiled. He is completely hairless from his head down, he may be in his 40?s maybe 50?s, not bad built, tan and muscular. I don?t see Sid anywhere, the man is laying face down so he can?t see me, I stand quiet and still admiring the size of the balls on this man. I can?t see his cock but if his balls are any indication it should be substantial. Sid comes walking in from another room, naked either oiled or very sweaty, she sees me and says I?m glad you could finally make it.

She comes to me and gives me a long deep kiss and it makes my nipples hard immediately.

I ask her if it will be a problem if I?m here while she work, she looks at me and says no problem at all I want you to see what goes on here. She says the man on the table has been coming here for years and enjoys the hot temps and the hot oil rub, he comes to be relaxed. She walks up to the table and puts her hand on the mans ass to let him know she is back. I ask do you always do this nude, she says it is part of the process, and it is way to hot to where clothes in her, she starts with a bikini on but it doesn?t take long to come off. She rubs her belly alone the mans left arm as she walks to the front of the table. As she talks to him she rests it against his head, she asks him if he is ready to begin this part of the treatment he grunts yes. She starts at his shoulder and rubs down his body all the while dragging her naked chest before her hands. She goes to the other side and does the same. She runs her hand up his legs and grips and pulls down, she does the same to the other. She does the same move again only she comes ever so much closer to his balls, this goes on maybe 10 more times every time she is getting closer and closer to his balls. This time her hands go up and brush the bottom of his sack, he moves and grunts a bit. She reaches for the oil, fills her hands with it and grabs his balls softly, again he moves. She pours some of the hot oil down the crack of his ass and runs her hands between his cheeks, I see her take one and caress his balls while the other plays with his asshole, his grunts turn in to moans. I ask her if she is trying to drive him insane and it must be painful laying on his cock the way he is. She turns and smiles and points under the table, I am confused , she points again so I walk over get down on my knees and look under the table.

What I see makes me moan to my self. Seems this massage table has a added feature, a hole where a cock can poke through. Handing at full attention is a sizeable male member, maybe 61/2? to 7? long but very thick. I?m wondering if he was at the party the other night. She tells me the table was made for her by a client, she says he finds it painful to lay on his cock while I give him a massage so he built it for comfort, she says I have adapted to use it in other ways. She tells the man his time is all most up and asks if he is ready to finish, he shakes his head ever so slightly, she pats him on the ass ok. She walks away from the table and calls me to her, she asks me if I would like to be a part of this, that she is going to make him cum, cum hard. She says you can go below and make sure he hit?s the sheet when he cums if you would like, or you can hold on to it when he cums and feel his cock pump the cum out or, you could suck on the head, she says I have to warn you this massage style excites a man greatly so they cum a lot, it just happens that this guy cum like a fountain so I don?t think you would want to try to swallow it all. She says there is another option that I may like, she asks if I like to have cum shot on you tits, your going to get a bath from this guy but I will make sure I clean you up at the end. I think for a second and, pull my dress over my head and say tits it is ! Sid walks over to me and rubs he body up and down me, I am already wet from standing and watching the show, she runs her slim finger between my pussy lips?.and I cum, we lock in a deep kiss. I am pretty oiled up now so I crawl under the table to watch the show.

The cock hanging there make me wish I could ride him to the end. His cock is purple, I reach up and touch it, it is hot, really hot. I make it now to be 7? and big enough around that finger and thumb will not touch when I grip it, the head is much bigger, perfectly shaped to give a women pleasure. A steady stream of precum runs out and into a puddle on the floor. I would say I have never seen a man as excited as this one. I reach up and let a little bit of the precum fall on my tongue, it tastes salt and sweet, quite nice. Sid tells me she is about to start, I lay my naked body on the floor so that my tits are almost directly under his shaft, I positioned myself so I can?t help but get some of his sweet juice in my mouth. When I laid down I felt the puddle of precum squish between my shoulder blades, I am making my own juice, that is running down the crack of my ass. Sid begins her massage, a prostrate massage, something I have never heard of. As she works her finger into his ass he begins to moan long and hard. I can watch his cock throb and grow hotter and larger, which I didn?t think was possible I lay there thinking if I ever get the chance to fuck this man I would not pass it up, in fact this cock is so nice I would let him fuck me any place anytime, I may beg for it. I see his cock start to jerk, I hear Sid tell him to hold back as long as he can. His unit jerks, he let out a primal scream and cum shoots out of the hole. A hot steam a ΒΌ? in diameter hits my upper cleavage and slashes all over my tits, he cums so hard that his juice hits my tits and sprays on the bottom of the table. He continues to repeat the process, 1,2,3,4,5 times, I am bathed in the hottest love juice that I have ever had on my tits. I am covered from my mound to the hair on my head, I am soaked in his cum, the gob that fell in my mouth equaled the load that I have swallowed from other guys. His cum is hot, salty, sweet, and sticky. I watch as his cock shrinks away, I sit up and lick the last drop off the head.

Sid crawls under the table to tell me she is done, before that she runs her tongue up my leg and through my wet snatch. She stops at my clit for a second and licks her way up my belly. Her tongue is pushing a wave of cum, like a snow plow pushes snow, she pushes he wave between my tits, I put my chin to my chest so she can push the salty snot into my mouth. She lays on top of me and we push the gob around in each others mouth. She licks my face and I lick hers. I finally swallow and roll her over on her back, I rub my tits all over her and slide down her body. I stop at her pussy and suck on her lips, I push my tongue as far as I can into her hole, she cums hard. Now I have his cum and her cum in my mouth, I slide back up to her face and we enjoy the mixture of him and her, she sucks my tongue clean.

We laid there a moment enjoying what had just happened. Sid slides out from in under the table to get the totally rung out man to the shower. The table has wheels so she pushes it right in to the huge shower in her office. She asks me if I would like to help her with him, I tell her I sure would, I need to get to know this man, I think we could have good times together you never can have to many fuck buddies.

We get him off the table in to a swing that extends from the ceiling of the shower, it runs on a track, and can be push al over the shower. Sid takes the ball gag out of his mouth and asks him if it is alright if I am there, he nods yes. We wash him down, rinse him and put him on what Sid calls a drying rack. He watches my tits sway back and forth as I dry him. I catch his eyes staring at my nipples, I ask him if he likes what he sees, he shakes his head yes. He hasn?t worked up the energy to speak but I feel his hand run up my leg. It is just me and him in the room now Sid went to answer the phone and grab us all a beer. I part my legs so his hand has a easy path to where it is going. He rubs my pussy softly, his finger spreads my lips and I feel his finger go in me. My legs quiver, I cum on his hand. He rubs some more and I cum again. He takes his hand away and offers it to me to lick, I lick it and he takes his turn. I lean down to kiss him, he kisses me deep, driving me right over the edge. He pushes my head to his cock, which is semi hard, and whispers?.suck it?.and I do. He comes to full attention in my mouth. At full staff I can just about get my lips around it. He whispers something but I can?t make it out, I take my mouth off his cock and come to his face, he grabs me and gives me another deep kiss. I hear him this time, he says get up on me.

I work my way up on to the table and straddle him. With his cock in my hand I rub it up and down my slit. The head is at the opening, and I sit down hard on it. It hits bottom and feels like it will keep going. The girth stretches me but it feels good. I have cum twice just settling in on it. We fuck for a short time, he cum inside of me. I can feel his cock shrink away. I crawl off, I can feel cum run down my legs, I grab a wet towel and clean my friend. I help him off the table and he heads back to the shower. He asks me to join him but I say no.

Sid returns back to the room, first thing she asks??did you fuck him. I take her hand and bring it to my pussy and ask her what do you think. He is dressed now, shirt tie and suit. He pays Sid for the massage, smiles at me and starts to leave, he walks back to Sid and whispers in her ear then walks out the door. Sid looks at me funny and says , what?s the matter. I say?you know I just fucked that guy and that?s all I get is a smile? Sid says?he is one of the group, and you will see him again at the parties. She also said if you want to come back to his appointments you can? does that make you feel better. I tell her it does, she says by the way he left you a $100 tip. I smile, I love being part of this group.

Sid and I head back to the shower, we are both exhausted to fool around anymore. We wash each others back and chat a bit. Sid tells me that some of the parties happen at her office. As we dry off she tells me that she has had 35 people in that shower at one time and she is sure I will like the parties here.

Since this play time with Sid I have went to massage school, seemed like the right thing to do. I love the fact that I have been accepted in a no string attached group like this. I know girls that do what I do are considered sluts but I think that is wrong. We party no one gets hurt and everybody is happy. I have been with several of the couples in the group alone. I help them live out their fantasies. I will write about these fantasies, I think it is nice to share.

To be continued

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