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Out of Town friend and my girlfiend MMF

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The day began with alcohol in the air. And for me, as always there was sex in the air. The night before, my girlfriend, a friend from out of town and I went out to dinner and for some drinking. She wore a sexy dress that showed her beautiful braless cleavage, and as always no underwear. Which meant that at times her completely shaved pussy was almost visible. And at other times it might peek out for any lucky sole to get a glimpse. I?m not sure if that night my friend got a glimpse, but I know he did notice how hot she was; and he probably thought some of those thoughts, that we all imagine out of town friends think.

So this next day began with Bloody Mary?s while we waited for our companion?s with a boat. As we sat at the outdoor bar two girls walked towards us. One had the shortest shorts she could wear and a cowboy hat on. Her ass hung out the back. I commented, ?here come the strippers? and at that my girlfriend called over to them. They were the women of our boat trip. Not a bad start. I won?t dwell on the boat trip, since we didn?t get naked, nobody came, and I didn?t really even get a hard on. Though the cowgirl wore a tiny thong that accentuated her pretty nice ass; and my girlfriend wore a bikini that she practically burst out of. It wasn?t till later that I found out why I had moved down to the tropics.

After the boat trip ? which included some serious alcohol consumption, we parted ways with the boat people and my girlfriend, my friend and I went to dinner. I don?t know about anyone else but I wanted to get me some. And I knew I would, because my girl and I had a fabulous (still do) sex life. She excites me to unbelievable and continuous states that keep me going even when we?re apart. After dinner we headed back to my apartment and my girl announced, ?let?s go skinny dipping?. She liked to skinny dip. But until then it had only been the two of us. It didn?t take two guys, who had been out all day with scantily clad women, very long to strip down and get into the pool. Actually my girl stripped down completely first. All she had to do was drop her dress. She didn?t seem to mind showing her naked breasts, curves and as I stated before completely shaved pussy, to my friend. I too removed everything, but he left his underwear on. Modesty? She didn?t stop there at tantalizing us. Instead of climbing completely into the pool, she sat on one of the steps with her top out f the pool. God, what great tits! He thought so too, as they were in plain site the entire time we were outdoors. She and I played in the pool a bit. I wanted to lick her pussy and kept swimming towards her open legs. But when I got just between them, she would close them. I tried bargaining and asking for ?just a little lick?. But she became shy. I thought perhaps she?d let me, and then I?d invite my friend to lick to. Maybe it was because we were outdoors in a public area, and surrounded by windows of apartments.

The swim came to an abrupt end when my friend announced that he?d go inside and leave us alone. But we said we?d go in with him as well. I was again excited when my girl stood up and showed us her naked body. I think my friend was too. We wrapped towels around ourselves and went in. He retired to the guest bedroom and we to my bedroom. She and I climbed in bed naked together and began our normal love making (though there was nothing normal in the sense of ordinary about it). I?d been horny all day and toying with a thought so I said, ?shall I get him to join us?? She didn?t answer, so I asked again. She said, ?I don?t know, let me think about it.? I knew this meant yes, but she wasn?t completely comfortable saying yes. Also with hindsight, she wasn?t sure what having him join us meant, so perhaps she really did have to think about it. With all the alcohol in her though, I don?t know what kind of thinking she could have done. So I continued to kiss her and rub and lick her breasts; and then I asked again. ?Should I get him?? When she didn?t answer I said, ?I?ll go get him, what do you think?? And she replied ?okay?. I will always remember that reply, as it is the most erotic use of that word I have ever heard.

When I left her she was naked and uncovered to her knees. When my friend and I returned she was still naked but covered to her chin with the sheet. It hadn?t taken much to get him to join us. I walked into the guest room where he was dressed just in pajama bottoms and had the TV on, and I said, ?come on in the bedroom with me? He didn?t even answer; just followed. When we got there she asked for a cup of water and he left and returned with it, in about a second. She sat up modestly holding the sheet over herself while she drank and he and I lit four candles around the bed. Then he spied my massage lotion and filled his hand and one of mine with it. He took her right hand and removed it and her arm from under the sheet and began rubbing lotion on her. I followed suit. Then he moved the sheet down exposing her right breast and rubbed lotion onto her breast and her nipple. Again I did the same onto her left breast and nipple. It was fun that he was taking the lead. I wonder if I would have if the roles were reversed. I wonder if he hadn?t what I would have done. But he was definitely excited and wanted something to happen, so he wasn?t leaving anything to chance. He bent down and licked her right breast and sucked her nipple. I did the same with the left one. She was lying naked on her back and two men were licking her nipples. I have to imagine that?s one of her favorite fantasy?s now. I wonder if she masturbates to thoughts of that. There are certainly parts to this evening that I masturbate to. I hope she doesn?t mind.

He kept moving the sheet lower and rubbing lower until his fingers found her pussy. I bet he?d been thinking about that clean pussy since he first saw it. I wonder if he saw it the night before? That would be something if he?d thought about it when she was wearing her bikini on the boat. I?m sure he saw the outline of her pussy on the boat. It?s one of my favorite things about that bikini. Especially when it?s wet it?s tight to her groin and her pussy lips protrude though it. When his fingers got between her legs he first learned how wet she was, as he placed one then two inside her. She moaned. This was something I should have expected, but hadn?t really thought about. The whole concept of sharing my girl was wildly exciting to me, but a moan was very personal. I guess I?m pretty comfortable with how close she and I are, because the moan just added to the excitement. Then he quickly moved down and began licking her pussy. He spread her lips and put his tongue inside. He licked the inside and the lips. He rubbed his fingers in her while he was licking her and then continued by licking her clit. At this point I think she may have realized where this was going and what was going to happen. I don?t know, but it sure was damn fun.

He was standing by the bed on the left side (her right side) and I was kneeling on the bed on her left. I slipped off my shorts, which was all I was wearing, and she immediately started rubbing my erect cock. He had been bending over, licking her pussy and he stood up and went back to rubbing her tits, as I was. He was standing next to her head and his groin was eyelevel for her. But her right hand was by her side. He took her right hand and placed it on his pajamas, right where his cock was. She began rubbing him through his pajama?s. I don?t know about him, but I love to start out like that. With expectation of skin to skin contact coming. I could see her hand holding his cock though the pajamas. When I next looked over she had slipped her hand into his pajamas and was directly rubbing his hard cock. She had one cock in each hand and we were rubbing her nipples. He pulled off his pajamas, and then all three of us were naked. I watched as she turned towards me and rubbed my cock, and then underneath, rubbed my balls. All the while holding and rubbing his cock too. Then she turned towards him and rubbed his balls. Her face was very close to his cock and I though she was about to suck it. But she was following our lead. She wasn?t initiating anything and she was completely compliant to anything we did. So I suggested that we both fuck her at the same time and she asked ?what should I do?? Another extremely erotic use of a simple phrase. I told her to get on top of me, and I laid down naked on my back with my hard cock pointing to the ceiling. She climbed on top of me and inserted my cock in her pussy. Just watching her do this and knowing that he was watching us and looking at her naked body, almost put me over the edge. She sat on me in the cowboy position ?facing me with her ass toward my feet. He climbed on the bed and attempted to fuck her in the ass. I?ve seen this in porn movies, but perhaps it?s not so easy. We had no lubrication and maybe that was it. Next time I?ll have lube available. He pressed his cock up to her ass and began to penetrate slightly, but couldn?t get it in. Meanwhile she moved up and down on my cock and I rubbed her tits and her clit. She moaned and drove me wild. Then I sat up and pulled her down and sucked her nipples. He pressed his cock up to her ass again, but didn?t get inside it. I pulled her down some more and kissed her passionately. She and I have amazing kisses together that are as good as sex itself. This was no different. Then I said, ?let?s switch? and again she said ?okay?. God I love that little ?okay? of hers. Especially when it involves such a forbidden activity.

Now my friend laid on his back naked, with his cock pointing to the ceiling. And she simply and easily climbed right onto him. She took his cock in her hand and guided it into her pussy. And she moved up and down on him. She was fucking another man right in front of me; and the three of us were loving it. I got behind her and pressed my cock into her ass. But just like him, I could only get it in a tiny bit. I took my fingers and put them in. She moaned. She was naked, moving up and down with his cock inside her and I had two fingers in her ass. I think she enjoyed it. He rubbed her tits, which look awesome from that angle. They look great all the time, but sitting up, and on your cock ? magnific. He even said so when he said, ?you have great tits?. How cute, she thanked him, ?thank you? she said. He pulled her down and sucked her tits and nipples and I kept playing with her ass. He pulled her down further, wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. It was the heat of the moment. Men love to kiss when they?re fucking. Women do to, but it may have been too personal for her. She didn?t stop him though. Remember she?s very compliant.

I realized that we weren?t going to get the porn scene quite accomplished so I stopped trying and moved up to the top of the bed and watched them fuck a little more. She sat up and I rubbed her tits and wathed her pussy come up and down the shaft of his cosk. Then she got off him and laid back down. He and I resumed the initial positions of him standing to her right and me on the bed, kneeling to her left. This time with our cocks so near her face I said, ?why don?t you blow us both?. She asked, ?At the same time??. With hindsight I should have said yes, and we could have ?smacked? her face with our cocks and played that porn scene. But in my drunken state I thought that two cocks wouldn?t fit in her mouth so I said ?no?. She rolled toward me and began sucking my cock. She?s been told before how good she is at that and her fans are correct. She put my whole cock in her mouth, then she licked the shaft and my balls. She licked below the balls and sucked on my balls. She licked and sucked the head of my cock, and drove me wild. I only wish she had licked my ass. I love when she licks my ass. After she had done that for a few minutes, she turned toward him. And did all the same things to him. I watched as his cock went into her mouth, as her tongue moved over the shaft and as she licked and sucked his balls and just beneath. Again, too bad about the ass. I would have liked to have seen her tongue in his ass. I guess that will have to wait till next time too. And why not a next time? She?s compliant. She may not be outwardly pushing it. She may hesitate if I mention it again, but that?s how this happened. And if she protests, I?ll do it anyway. There?s definitely an erotic fantasy in having sex forced upon you. I think she?ll love it. I?ve already got parts planned out, including her sitting doggy style with her ass and pussy exposed to me and my friend, and maybe a third guy. Maybe I?ll let the two of them take her while I watch. But I digress. Back to that evening.

After she sucked my friend?s cock for a while he stepped down to her spread legs and rubbed her pussy some more. He put his fingers inside her and then he pushed his hard cock up to her ass. He did this for a minute or so, while I rubbed her nipples and she and I watched him. Then he exclaimed, ?I?m in her ass? and she moaned. He moved in and out and fucked her ass for a minute of two, and she squiggled away. Perhaps too much. In fact when I asked her the stupid man question afterwards, ?who?s cock is bigger?? She told me his was wider and mine was longer. Perhaps his width was a bit too much, especially without lubrication. So with his cock now bulging and ready to explode he began fucking her pussy. Quite an interesting show and view. I watched as he stood between her legs and moved his cock in and out of her pussy. He called out, ?you are so wet?. My friend fucked my girlfriend for a few minutes. Occasionally she would moan or suck in her breath. She liked being fucked by him. Then he asked, ?where should I come?. And she replied ?not in me?. He pulled out and she watched him as he jerked off all over her stomach and chest. Afterwards I thought, rather than him jerking himself off, she should have sucked his cock or at least rubbed it. And she would have if I?d asked. Or if he had asked. Again, next time. Next time though we all might throw rubbers on at the end and come inside her one by one. She loves that feeling of pulsation. I bet she?d love it twice or three or four times in a row.

After he left the room, she and I continued our passionate love making. Almost as though there had been nothing extra-ordinary about the scene before.

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