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Our Two Tries at Auditions

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By PinkPocket

Ashley and I were sitting in her car outside of an address that we had been given for a porn studio. Our dresses were up around our hips as we lightly fingered our clits and talked.

A month previously I had gotten it in my head to do a porn audition from watching videos on youporn dot com. I had figured out that one of the bogus audition places was in Phoenix, and called an SLS friend who lived there, Ashley. She watched the underground papers and located a few ads that looked promising. I then did the calling since I don’t live in Arizona and my caller ID is blocked. The building we were now sitting outside of was the studio we had chosen. We were sure it was bogus - the studio address was in an industrial office district, no markings above the door. And the audition time - midnight - was awfully unusual.

We had arrived early and were more than a bit horny; and decided to spend the few extra minutes playing with our clits just to be extra wet and horny. We approached the door at the appointed time.

We were in our early thirties at the time: Ashley is a long-haired brunette, 5 foot, 6 and very sexy figure; perfectly tanned; round firm 34D breasts. I love her largish nipples that stick out when hard. She really doesn’t need a bra, but wears one in public. She has a completely waxed and tanned pussy. On the other hand, I am a rather leggy 5 foot 4, dishwater blonde with shoulder-length hair, nice curves and perky 34C breasts with medium nipples (they do not stick out like Ashley’s!), that get white hard; bellybutton jewelry and no tan lines. At the time, I had a narrow landing strip that ended just above my slit. Ashley was in a smooth pink dress that hugged her curves without being too tight to remove easily. I wore an off-white gauze dress that was mostly see-through in bright light. Both were ultra short minis with low scoop necklines. We wore fuck-me heels and nothing else. Well, make-up and jewelry, but no underwear. We were turned on and had a plan.

Inside, the studio consisted of nothing more than a couch, a desk, and four video cameras. The attractive man introduced himself, as did I: “I’m Stephanie. We talked on the phone.”

“Hello Stephanie. We talked about an audition . . .”

“I hope you don’t mind that I brought my girlfriend Ashley along.” I interrupted. “She wants to get into porn also.” We were sure he would love to film two sexy girls playing together.

“Well, this is highly unusual. I usually audition clients one at a time.”

I looked at Ashley. With a brief nod, a pre-arranged signal, we pulled our dresses up over our heads. I’m sure if he looked closely, he could see how wet we were.

I took advantage of his silence: “Could we audition together? Please? It will be hot, you’ll see.”

He was completely caught off stride, but recovered, “Well, sit down while I ask some questions.” He never asked to see ID’s, sign a model release, or took any contact information, however. As we sat next to each other, we started running our hands over the other’s legs, breasts and stomachs, as he tried to ask his standard questions, designed to put nervous girls at ease, and perhaps ease them into getting naked. Instead of really answering his questions, we just showed him. I get very wet very quickly, so I parted my legs and spread my pussy lips, while Ashley easily ran a finger inside her soaked hole.

“Can we just fuck each other,” Ashley said, “and answer your questions later?”

Again, he was off stride; we took his silence as consent. Ashley started sucking on my breast as I began to rub her clit between my fingers. She can cum like that, but I wasn’t going to let it go that far just now. But, due to our masturbating in the car, we were firecrackers waiting to be lit. I think I may have let out a slight moan a split second before Ashley. This was so horny. Both of us have been swinging for some time and love to be exhibitionists at clubs and house parties. This was different. This guy was used to tricking girls into getting naked and fucking him on camera, not swinging. Plus, we had never played in front of cameras, much less someone that was not a swinger. The thoughts that were racing through my mind made me hornier that normal. The same for Ashley.

We moved into a 69 much quicker than we had planned. I felt a small orgasm the moment Ashley inserted her finger. Ashley’s juices were flowing like never before. I forgot about the cameras and the guy watching as pure lust overtook me. I was on top and buried my face in Ashley’s cunt, drinking in her sweet juices, tongue rapidly lapping everywhere. I became vaguely aware that Ashley was coming - vaguely aware because a massive orgasm wracked my body at that moment. Still, I couldn’t stop.

When I became more fully aware, I discovered that Ashley had somehow retrieved her pink double-headed dildo from her handbag, and was teasing my outer lips with it. I rose up just enough to see her face between our bodies, and smiled, “You are a horny slut, aren’t you?”

“Lets show the cameras what toy fucking is really like!” she exclaimed.

I got off the couch and rotated around as she inserted her end. I slid down the couch to my end, easily taking it into my wet hole. Our legs scissored together, and we were soon grinding clit-to-clit, pussies filled with the firm, flexible dildo. Ashley prefers a strap-on, but this is my favorite girl-girl toy. I love feeling our pussies rubbing, thrusting; aided by fingers on clits. Ashley was soon screaming, “Fuck me baby. Fuck me. Fuck me.” To which I could only reply, “Fuck my cunt. Faster. Feel my juices!”

Again, orgasms rocked through us. Ashley shook violently, which caused the dildo to shake and thrust into me like a rabbit vibrator. I was having multiple orgasms, one right after the other, pelvis rolling up and down as contractions rippled through me.

Satisfied for the moment, but not yet satiated, I looked over at our cameraman. His trousers had dropped to his ankles and he was stroking his erection over the top of his boxers. I didn’t see his hand-held camera.

“Maybe we should help him,” I said.

We slowly disengaged from the dildo; that is to say, Ashley did. I decided to keep it in me for the time being. We slid to kneeling positions on the floor in front of him. I pulled down his boxers as Ashley swallowed his cock. I started licking his balls. When I moved up to lick his shaft along with Ashley, I could see that she had two fingers buried in her pussy. Well, I had been playing with the dildo.

The guy started breathing pretty hard, so we backed off and left his cock alone. We started chatting about how hard it was and how good it would feel inside, while we moved over to sit on the couch, legs spread. Slowly, I removed the dildo from my cunt and stuck it in my mouth. As the Cameraman approached Ashley, she asked him to get a condom. Naturally he had a bunch of them in his desk. She took it from him and expertly rolled it down over his dick, promptly sat back and said “Fuck me right now!” I reached over and guided him into her hole. As he started to pump on her, I rubbed her clit.

Ashley is a great playmate, always looking after everyone’s enjoyment. She was breathing hard and really into the fucking that she was getting when she said. “Now go fuck Steph!”

He pulled out, reluctantly, I think, and came over to me. Ashley guided his cock inside and he immediately resumed thrusting. I had time to regain some composure; enough to concentrate on milking his cock with my kegals as Ashley massaged his balls. I was able to whisper in her ear, “put your finger inside while he’s fucking.” I love this. Few guys are able to take much more than a minute of this before they cum. He was no exception. Feeling Ashley’s finger dancing inside my tight pussy, moving over his cock with a different rhythm than his thrusting was just too much. His butt tightened, thrust deeply inside me, let out a loud groan/cry and came hard. I could feel the warmth of his cum as it filled the head of the condom.

Like most guys that are not swingers, he lost interest after he came and started to dismiss us. But we were not done. We had a surprise for him.

Reaching into Ashley’s handbag, I pulled out a skinny, pointed strap on. You know what it is for. Ashley got it all wet by spitting and sucking on it and turned around so I could pussy-fuck her doggie style. The Cameraman had retrieved his hand camera and was trying to get action close-ups. I commented to him that this was usually where guys lost interest. He said this was hot; keep it up. With a grin I told him that we were just getting the shaft properly lubricated for it’s true purpose. The replied, “Huh.” (Very witty.)

“This strap-on is for anal,” I said. “Don’t you require your clients to audition with an anal sequence?” (We knew that he did!)

“Sure!” he exclaimed, excitedly.

“The girls that you audition all have to take your cock up their butt?”

“Well, I talk most of them into it when they learn that they can make more money for anal scenes,” he said. (During this whole conversation, I’m slowly fucking Ashley for visual effect and she is stroking/sucking his cock back to life. We are taking our time.)

“So even if they are unsure, or don’t really want to, you get them so horny and excited that they give in?”

He continued in very halting speech because Ashley had him nice and hard, “Pretty much. Uh. Um. I use plenty of, Uh, lube and once they get, Um, passed the first bit of penetration pain, Um well, I think they all pretty much love it.” He was sweating and panting.

“So, you THINK they all love it. Have you ever tested that? I mean Ashley and I would like to see if you are right.”

He just about came right then. As he pushed Ashley’s hand and mouth away from his cock, “Sure! If you haven’t ever done anal, I’ll get the lube and introduce you both.”

We let him get the lube from his desk. As he turned back to us I was still wearing the strap-on, “Actually there is a much better way to see if you are correct,” I said as I took the lube from him and squirted out a generous portion. “Please bend over your desk.”

He was stunned. Shocked. Ashley added, “You have such high faith that you are right, this is the best way check it out. Fucking a couple of more females up the ass proves nothing. Put your theory to the real test. It’s not as if Stephanie fucking you is against your being straight. You may never have another chance to have anal sex with a girl - with the girl fucking you!”

He was pretty much backed into a corner and knew it. He sputtered for a bit, but we knew he had resigned himself and he knew that we were serious. Finally, he leaned over the desk. I smeared lube around his anus and all over the strap-on, even getting some past his sphincter. I lined up the dildo and pushed against his butt slowly. Ashley had the hand-held camera focused on his face.

“Remember,” I said, “this dildo is designed for anal,” as I continued to push. His expression and grunts went from slight discomfort to moans of pain. “Do you think I’m far enough inside to start fucking?”

“That’s . . . that’s . . . far enough . . .”

“But I have less than a third of your cock’ length inside,” I interrupted, as I went slightly deeper and started in-and-out motions.

“Stop! No more!” He commanded.

I withdrew. He slumped against the desk. Ashley and I smiled at each other. I took the strap-on off and we pulled our dresses on. Meanwhile, he stayed slumped against the desk for a few minutes before he too dressed in silence. Ashley threw in the last zinger, knowing full well that he had no intention of doing this: “Please send us a copy of the video when you get it edited. We really want to see it.” He didn’t even have our address! We left, hugging, giggling, and chatting. For the longest time, we checked his website and youporn to see if he posted it. He never did. More than a year later, Ashley and I were still talking about it, and having hot sex as we did! It was so hot having sex in front of the cameras! We wanted to do something similar again. We finally worked out another audition.

When our next vacations came around, we rented an Airbnb condo on the east side of Phoenix and took out a one-day ad in a free paper for Female Fantasy Productions. The ad was clear that Female Fantasy Productions was looking for new girls wanting to appear on camera. We were able to borrow cameras and even a couple of studio lights.

Our hope was to find one really sexy girl to play with for a night. We were completely taken by surprise when applications poured in! About two dozen; everyone from 18 to 45 and all body types. Even a few men (don’t they EVER read directions?), of which a couple were very sexy. We momentarily considered calling them. Originally, we planned this for a single day and a night, but after seeing all the beautiful applicants, we settled on two days and nights - four of the applications were so very hot. We followed up with an email specifying an appointment date, time and location.

The condo was an open design, with a lot of natural light and quite comfortable. We added candles in the large bedroom. And, of course, put our toy collection on the dresser. We made a professional-looking sign for the door with Female Fantasy Productions on it and put it out whenever we scheduled an audition.

Our first audition was Wednesday afternoon. I was wearing a black cocktail dress – too sexy to wear most places – quite low cut and backless; a very high slit up the side so that anyone could easily tell that I was not wearing panties. I had recently gotten rid of my landing strip and now was waxed bald. Along my ribcage, the dress was mostly open with two strips of cloth to keep the front tight against my flat belly. I also wore black stilettos to set off my legs. Ashley wore an equally sexy dark blue satin cocktail dress that flared out and matching heels. She wore a light demi-bra that left her hard nipples exposed to point thru the thin fabric of her dress. No panties over her fully waxed and tanned pussy. We were both wet with anticipation.

Our first girl was a 26-year-old, 5 foot 7, brunette with a great smile, alluring eyes, firm D breasts, and great curves. She had submitted a fully nude photograph that turned us on instantly. At the close of the telephone interview, she said that she couldn’t wait! Judging by her actions when she showed up, she wasn’t kidding! She wore a bright yellow dress that resembled a short nightgown – it had a see-thru layer over a very short full-cut dress that showed off a large part of her breasts and beautiful legs. With no hesitation, she said “Hi, I’m Robin,” and came right into the living room.

“Hello, I am Stephanie and this is Ashley. Have a seat on the couch.”

As Robin bounced down on the couch, her short dress flared up for a moment; I was sure she was not wearing panties, either.

Ashley started off: “Robin, we know your background from the phone interview. We’d like to find out why you want to do erotic films?”

“I’m very sexual and have wanted to get into erotic movies for years,” Robin said. “I’ve never had the time to get to California and the companies around here have terrible reputations.” As she spoke, out of the blue she removed her dress. Just like that! Indeed, no panties; no bra either. She was now completely naked. Well, a very small tattoo on the edge of her mound – it looked like a heart, but it was too small to tell.

“You certainly are comfortable! Have you done anything like this before?” I asked.

“I’ve never had sex on camera,” Robin said as her right hand crept between her legs. She appeared to be lightly playing with her clit. Over the next couple of minutes, she slowly opened her legs and we could plainly see that she was rubbing her clit. “I love to fuck. I love cocks and cum. I’ve had threesomes with guys – I love it when they cover me with their cum.”

“Have you had sex with girls?” Ashley asked

Robin rubbed her clit a bit more quickly at this, “I am very anxious to! I have been naked around college friends, with some kissing, rubbing, fingering . . .”

“Pussy eating until you cum?” I interrupted.

“A couple of times; not often enough,” she answered.


“Just on my own. Noting with another girl.”

“OK. You remember that we make movies exclusively with girls?” Ashley said.

“Oh, yes! That’s why I am here!” Robin’s pussy was visibly wet now and her fingers were ever so slightly entering her hole.

“You certainly know how to put on a very horny masturbation show! Our viewers will love the way you do it.” My pussy was so wet, I was thankful that I hadn’t worn panties.

A low moan emitted from Robin. “I’ve been fantasizing about this from the moment I applied!”

“I hope that is not the only thing you have been fantasizing about!” I laughed as I let my dress drop to the floor and moved over beside her. Ashley did the same and set on her opposite side. Robin’s eyes got huge as she looked from one to the other, two fingers now buried in her pussy. When I kissed her sweet mouth and Ashley nuzzled her neck, I would swear that she came. We immediately started snuggling up against her, hands roaming freely. When my hand made its way down to her pussy, Ashley’s was already there, rubbing her clit. So, I inserted my finger to her G-spot. Robin’s hands were gliding over our bodies and her breathing was getting ragged.

Ashley and I both stopped. “Robin, you need to eat my pussy,” Ashley commanded, and laid down on the couch. I went to grab the hand-held camera. When I returned, Robin’s tongue was already licking Ashley’s pussy.

“Oh, Robin that is beautiful. You look soooo sexy licking Ashley. Keep it up. Put a finger inside her. Suck her clit.” I was concentrating on looking thru the camera’s view finder as I directed the action. I saw Robin’s hand move and moved around just in time to see her insert two fingers in her own very wet cunt. Watching all of this through the camera was one of the biggest visual turn-ons that I had ever experienced! My free hand was in my own pussy.

When Ashley came on Robin’s tongue and fingers, I suggested that we move onto the bedroom, where the studio cameras and lights were.

Ashley stood between us, hugging us tightly, when her hands went down over our butts and slipped her fingers into our cunts. She laughed at our startled expressions and really started to finger fuck us. Robin sucked my nipples. Ashley directed me to lay on the floor and Robin to put her pussy over my mouth. She proceeded to start the video cameras and took the hand-held camera from me. Ashley made us change positions to suit her desires for erotic movements on camera, talking as graphicly as she could. This excited all of us. I think that I came half a dozen times.

We were all wet from coming so much and sweaty from sex. Ashley continued directing. As director, Ashley had the least action, but her hard nipples and wet pussy gave her away. She directed us to eat each other. Robin spread her legs wide for me. "Suck Robin’s cunt while I fuck you with this,” as she picked up my favorite dildo. Soon, I felt it entering my cunt and being worked around as only my girlfriend knew how to do to get me off. I moaned into Robin’s pussy, vibrating her clit. "Make me cum on your face," she commanded. I lustfully fingered her and sucked her clit. I was soon rewarded with her cum in my mouth.

"Oh, god this video is going to be so hot!" Ashley exclaimed. I looked over and saw that she had her favorite dildo inside her pussy.

We played more like this until we were exhausted. Well, Robin was the energizer bunny and kept up a stream of dirty talk and roaming hands. My trembling pussy need a rest; Ashley and Robin 69ed, but finally Robin’s pussy had gotten too sensitive, so she moved off of Ashley’s mouth before bringing her to a climax. After a long while of cuddling, giggling, and enjoying the warm glow that only girls can know, it was time for Robin to leave. More kisses and hugs.

We had a change of schedule that evening when the next girl canceled. Not wanting to lose out on a chance for more hot sex (it had been three hours by now!), we called a couple of the runners up and finally Jontae said that she could come over in about an hour. Her picture and application showed a very cute 21-year-old, 34B-26-32, petite brunette, in a pale satin top and cut-off jean shorts – very nice legs. Her makeup was understated; she could probably turn many more heads if she applied just a bit more. On the phone interview, she had a soft sexy voice that tended to fade out; we thought she was quite nervous.

When Ashley opened the door to greet her, Jontae stood outside for just a second longer than usual, just looking in. Finally, Ashley got her to come in. She was dressed a bit sexier than in her picture, in a modest scoop-neck, sleeveless top and mini-skirt. She clutched a small purse tightly in front of her. She was even cuter than her picture, both because her picture didn’t really do her justice and because she had applied just the right amount of makeup.

“Please come on in and sit down,” I urged. “Let’s chat and get to know you.” She seemed to relax a bit, but sat stiff-backed on the edge of the couch. “Would you like something to drink? No? OK. Do you mind if Stephanie and I have a glass of wine?” After pouring our glasses: “Why did you respond to our ad?”

“I thought I wanted to try something different . . . but in a safe way. I thought that being an erotic actress was something I could do.”

“Hmm. It seems that you are quite apprehensive now.”

(Long pause) “All the way over here I kept wondering . . .,” she trailed off.

“Since you are here, you must have come to some sort of decision and have some idea of what you want to do with this audition?”

“I’m sure that I have to get naked and the movie will include others that are naked and we will probably be touching and stuff like that.”

“You are right so far. So, why don’t you get naked so we can see you.” I really didn’t think she was up to it, but to my surprise, she slowly stood up, placed her purse on the couch, and quietly started to strip. Removing her modest white bra, she exposed her firm, perky 34B’s. She was more beautiful than I had thought from her picture. Her skin was flawlessly and tanned. Her bikini panties tightly clung to her pubic mound; we could plainly see her pussy lips through the thin material.

“Wow, you are so pretty and sexy,” Ashley said, and both of us continued to reassure her. But she would go no further. Thinking of a way that that we might get her out of her panties, I asked if she'd ever had her picture taken while she was naked. She said no. Ashley asked her straight out if she'd like that to happen. Again, she didn’t answer right away. Finally, she said that would be OK, but her body language only loosened up a tiny bit.

I went into the bedroom and brought back a camera. “You are just beautiful sweetie; you have beautiful skin and your breasts are to die for. Why don’t you sit on the couch and I’ll snap a few pictures and we will take a look at them and see what you think.” Jontae sat down and tried to relax a bit. I took some stills, then suggested that Ashley sit next to her for some more. Again, I didn’t think Jontae was up for this, but was again surprised. Ashley removed her dress and sat down next to her. However, Jontae moved over just a bit to insure some distance between them and didn’t look directly at Ashley.

Rather than look at the few pictures that I had taken, Ashley tried a new approach: “Have you ever watched an erotic movie?”

Jontae shook her head.

“Would it help you to relax if we put on the type of erotic scene that our company produces?”

After some thought she slowly nodded yes.

We had a nice scene that a friend had shot of us at a party. It was queued up to show on the big screen TV for just this sort of occasion. It took just a moment to turn it on; a moment that I used to take off my dress and move over to the couch on the opposite side of Jontae from Ashley. She barely looked at me. The clip started with us naked on a bed, passionately kissing and licking. Wide eyed, Jontae looked from the screen to us.

“Yes, we love to play together, it is so sensual and sexy.” On the screen we were playing with each other’s tits and pussies. When we inserted fingers in each other, there was a sharp intake of breath from Jontae. After a moment, the camera moved so that we could see Ashley’s waxed cunt and my two fingers sliding in and out. Jontae’s eyes were still watching the screen, but she stood up, with her hand over her mouth. I stopped the video and Ashley stood up next to Jontae.

“Are you OK, dear?” Ashley asked.

“Oh, I don’t know. I knew that things like this happened in erotic movies, but. . . well . . . I just don’t know. I thought maybe I wanted to try things with a guy . . .” she trailed off. I switched off the TV.

“That’s OK, dear. Would it be OK if Stephanie and I played for a bit, while you watch and think?” I moved up behind Ashley and cupped her naked breasts. “Would you like Stephanie to touch you like this?”

Although her eyes kept watching us as I ran my hands up and down over Ashley’s body, she stood mute. After a couple of minutes, she said that she had to go. I continued to feel up my friend and asked if she were sure. “We can take it as slow as you would like.”

But Jontae was looking for her clothes. When she bent over to put her mini skirt on, I could plainly see a wet spot between her legs.

When she was dressed, she said that she was very sorry. Ashley replied that we were happy that she stopped by; it took a lot of courage just to do that. “We hope you can enjoy the evening.” Jontae quickly left.

We compared notes and found the experience strangely erotic. We had been naked in front of someone clearly not into female sex or exhibition.

The next day was our third audition. Roberta was our youngest; she would turn 19 in a couple of weeks. Her photo showed a demure, short girl at 5 foot 1, 34C and cute without being beautiful. Her eyes were the most beautiful hazel color that we’d ever seen. During the telephone interview, she stammered a lot over the sexual questions, but her voice was strong and beautiful. She arrived in very stylish black slacks, matching black heels, a nicely fitting blue satin blouse that buttoned down the front, and a single strand of pearls. We knew that we were not wrong in wanting to see her.

“Come on in sweetie and have a seat,” I said. “Would you like a glass of wine?”

“No thank you,” Roberta replied, very formally. “I do not drink.”

“OK,” replied Ashley, pouring only two glasses. After we sat down with our wine, Ashley continued, “Why did you apply to production company? No offense meant sweetie, but you seem a bit, oh I don’t know, maybe a bit conservative.”

Roberta replied with a weak smile, “You’re right. I was raised very conservative; religious. That’s why I applied. To break out of my life. Do something bold. Daring even.”

I thought, ‘here we go again, a girl just like the last one.’ But I said aloud “You do remember that we are an erotic filming company?”

“Oh, yes! I don’t know if I can do what you need, but I want to try. I have this need to try something different. To do something that I have never done before. Well, not drugs. And not too weird. But sexy is not being weird.”

“Is having sex with other girls being weird?” I asked.

Silence. “I was raised to believe . . . but . . .” Another pause. “I have begun to feel . . . well, I am attracted to girls. Like in a friendly way. In a friendly hugging way,” she trailed off.

Ashley: “Stephanie and I started as hugging girlfriends. That lead to kissing. Have you ever kissed a girl?”

Another pause with downcast eyes. “N-o-o-o, I’ve never . . .” then raising her eyes, “Well, maybe. It was just playing around back in junior high. I liked it. A lot. I fantasize about it often. What it could have been like to do more. And it makes me . . . well . . . I get horny.”

I moved next to Ashley and started hugging her and running my hands over her body. She did the same. “Do you masturbate?”

“Yes. When I get horny thinking about boys. Lately, when thinking about girls.” Roberta responded with a cute flush coming to her face.

Ashley and I turned to each other and started kissing. After a minute or so, seeing that Roberta was watching us, I asked, “When Ashley and I first kissed, we got very horny. The more that we kissed, the wetter we got, so we decided to do something about it. We have been having sex now for years and it is so great. Have you had sex with a boy?”

“Just once.” Roberta responded. “About six months ago. I have been thinking about it ever sense, and masturbating. Lately though, I’m thinking more about girls. I was quite horny when John and I did it, but, well, I was still horny when he was finished and getting dressed.”

Ashley and I grinned at each other and kissed some more, our hands visibly running over each other’s breasts. While I nuzzled her neck and squeezed her breasts, Ashley replied: “Boys are often like that. But girls get it that both need to cum and are careful to make sure that happens.”

I was so worked up by now, that I pulled open Ashley’s blouse and started sucking on her exposed breast. Ashley had to work around my mouth and arms, but got my blouse open and pinched my erect nipples, as she continued: “We like boys for sex also, but find that girls are so much more sensual and caring.”

With that, we took our blouses off and moved over to sit on either side of Roberta. We hiked up our short skirts to partly expose our pussies. “Do you still think that you’d like to audition for our movies?” I asked, as we began snuggling with Roberta, running our hands all over while avoiding her breasts and inner thighs.

Roberta sighed quite deeply and seemed to melt into me. Soon her hand slowly went to Ashley’s naked breasts. Ashley raised Roberta’s head and leaned in for a kiss. Roberta opened her mouth slightly to meet Ashley. As they kissed, I unbuttoned Roberta’s blouse and worked a hand inside her lacy bra, over her firm right breast. Her nipple was rock hard. Roberta broke the kiss and turned to me. Her kiss was hot, passionate, and wet. Ashley finished working Roberta’s blouse off and unhooked her bra. I felt it getting loose and pulled back just enough for Ashley to pull it off Roberta’s C-size breasts, then smashed my tits up against hers. If possible, Roberta’s kissing got more demanding.

Ashley and I were passionately fondling Roberta’s breasts as she moved her mouth back and forth between us. She moved down to play with our chests and suck on each of our four nipples like she had been doing it forever. She also began pinching our nipples, driving us crazy. I marveled at how quickly Roberta fell into lesbian sex, knowing that she hadn’t ever been with a woman before, let alone two. We lightly drew our fingers over Roberta’s back and through her hair as she continued to suck and lick our tits. Ashley moved her hand to Roberta’s slacks, unbuttoning them. Seeing this, I guided Roberta’s right hand down to Ashley’s exposed pussy. I think they both touched each other at the same time. Roberta’s eyes got wide and she started moving two fingers up and down through Ashley’s slit. Ashley was doing the same to Roberta, hampered by her slacks and panties. I was later to learn that she had a closely trimmed jet black landing strip.

Roberta suddenly broke all contact and quickly and clumsily removed all her clothes. This gave me the opportunity to remove my skirt. Ashley left hers bunched up above her hips. We moved as one to the bed where Ashley gently laid Roberta on her back while slowly kissing her way down from those beautiful tits, down her stomach, stopping just above her landing strip; all the while keeping up her finger action on Roberta’s clit. I moved to the head of the bed to allow more room for them and to turn on the cameras by remote controls.

I then moved down Roberta’s left side while she opened her legs further and drew them up to give Ashley better access to her cunt. It became clear that Roberta was about to cum from our playing. She arched and grew tense. Ashley and I intensified our play. We each took our free hands and began to concentrate play around Roberta’s lower stomach, mound, and inner thighs; Ashley never let up on her clit. Finally, Ashley moved her mouth down to Roberta’s clit as I eased one finger, then a second, and finally a third into her drenched hole. She let out a loud moan, thrashed wildly and screamed as I finger-fucked her: “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she cried.

When her cum subsided, we gently backed off our playing, although not stopping completely; just light tongue flicks from Ashley around her clit and slow, gentle strokes with my fingers, letting her ease off her cum without feeling abandoned.

“Oh, my god! That was so incredible! Did I pass out? I think I must have passed out!”

“Oh, sweetie, your cum was incredible” Ashley said, as we both snuggled with her. I carefully withdrew my fingers and offered them to her. She eagerly sucked on them. “Oh, that tastes so much better than when I masturbate!”

After more of Roberta’s exuberance at her orgasm and our playing with her, she got a bit more serious: “OK, now you need to teach me how to return this wonderful favor.”

And that is just what we did. For the next three hours. She was an excellent student. We ended by finger-fucking and licking pussies: me on Roberta; Roberta on Ashley; and Ashley on me. I came more times than I counted, and Ashley later said the same. Roberta asked for a copy of the video before she left, saying that she wanted to show it to some friends to see if they would get interested enough to play.

The next afternoon, we welcomed Connie, a 25-year-old, tall, thin build with gorgeous eyes and smile, long wavy brown hair, nice breasts and hips. Like Jontae and Roberta, she was nervous, but much more determined than Roberta. In her picture she wore a very small French-cut bikini with not even a hint of a tan line! She had not sounded at all nervous during the phone interview. She now arrived in a modest bikini top, matching shorts and heels. She came right in and went over to the couch and sat down. She happily accepted my offer of a glass of wine and started to loosen up as we talked about why she had applied and what she wanted to do.

She watched porn and really, really, liked girl-girl; in fact, those scenes turned her on to the point that she would always masturbate and have a delightful orgasm. She had never been with a girl and had only let four guys fuck her – in bed at night; no lights. Although there was foreplay and she came before they did, and she considered it fun, she thought there ought to be more. More fun, more to her orgasm. She recently purchased a vibrator and loved using it. Her orgasms were more intense with it.

As we talked, Ashley and I had moved closer to her, and started lightly touching her arms and legs; any exposed skin. She kept smiling and did not move away. But she did not reciprocate. Finally, I gently took her chin and moved her face to mine. Ever so slowly I leaned in for a kiss. At the last possible moment, she leaned in. Our lips parted slightly and soon we were kissing deeply. As we held the kiss, Ashley undid the back of her bikini top and pulled it out from between us. We continued kissing.

When we were all completely naked, we moved into the bedroom. As I lay on the bed with Connie, Ashley went to the dresser and got the double-headed dildo. This one had beads inside of the latex at both ends. It turned on when squeezed in the middle, with a rotating motion of the beads. Ashley sucked on it while positioning herself so she could insert the wet end into Connie’s pussy. As she slowly inserted it into Connie, I spit on the other end and rubbed my saliva all around. Ashley moved the toy in and out of Connie, letting the bumps and knobs caressed the walls of her pussy. Ashley then moved around me until she was straddling Connie’s hips, facing the back of her head. I bent the dildo at the middle and pointed the free end at Ashley’s very wet cunt. She lowered herself onto it, fully impaling herself on it. I squeezed the middle firmly, turning on the vibrating and rotating motions and began to fuck them with it. Back and forth, deep into one cunt, then the other. All the time, rubbing my own clit with my free hand and darting my tongue from one pussy to the other. Ashley and Connie were both moaning; Ashley with hands wrapped around Connie’s tits, massaging and pulling at her nipples. Connie’s fists were pulling at the sheets, her head just as firmly buried into them, but turned to my side so she could breathe.

Ashley finally braced her hands on Connie’s back and took over the fucking, riding her fast and hard. When she thrust herself on the dildo, it was pushed deep inside of herself and Connie. As Ashley moved faster, Connie matched her thrust for thrust, thrashing wildly under her. I reached under Connie and rolled her left nipple in my hand, while doing the same to Ashley. I could see Connie’s pussy contracting hard around the dildo.

"Cum for me Connie," Ashley yelled, her face flushed with pleasure. Biting her lip, first Connie came, followed by Ashley. As my girlfriend collapsed on Connie’s back, Connie in turn collapsed on the bed. I turned off the dildo but left it in both, slowly moving it back and forth like a newly spent man might do. When I slowly removed the cock-like ends from each pussy, I sucked and tongued their sweet pussy juices clean. This and my girlfriend’s fingers inside of me as my own fingers rubbed my clit, sent me over the edge.

With sex in the air, we moved together. As we cuddled and kissed each other, I could feel juices running out of our pussies onto each other. Later, Ashley and I admitted to each other that we did not want these sensations to end. But an end was inevitable. Connie dressed and kissed us deeply. When we walked her to the door, we were still naked.

We removed the sign from the door after Connie left and relaxed with some wine, a quick nap, and a shower. We had just finished our shower; I was in an over-sized shirt with just the bottom two buttons fastened and had just finished fixing my hair for a short evening of sex with my girlfriend before bed, when the doorbell rang. I looked thru the peephole and saw a girl in her mid-20’s. Between the peephole distortion and the darkness outside, I couldn’t tell much more. I decided, ‘what the hell,’ and opened the door.

“Hello, I’m Madison; I live three doors down and have noticed your sign on several occasions. Are you filming here?” She didn’t even blink at my attire.

“We were conducting auditions for new female actresses, but we’ve finished for the evening.”

At this point, Ashley emerged from the bedroom in her bra and nothing more; her hair still damp. Madison took notice but didn’t stare. Instead, she smiled and asked if we could make time for one more audition, adding that she was certain we would not be disappointed. Behind me, Ashley said that we could certainly spare the time for someone as beautiful and self-assured.

I let Madison in, and asked her to sit on the couch. She glided over to it with the grace of a ballerina and turned to face us as she sat down. In the light, she looked to be 24 or 25, about 5 foot 6 or 7 without heels. She had beautiful milky skin, deep green eyes and long, dark hair that flowed down below her shoulders. And bedroom eyes. She was dressed in a tight minidress that barely covered her tight, round butt. After the quick welcome, offer and acceptance of a glass of wine, Madison jumped up and said that she felt overdressed. Before we could react, she reached for the hem of her dress with both hands and pulled it up over her head and tossed it on the couch. Beneath she had nothing on; her C-cup breasts giggled nicely as her dress set them free, nipples prominent and hot hard.

“There, that is better!” She exclaimed and sat down. Her skin was unbroken by tan lines; her pierced bellybutton had a small bejeweled silver dangle and her pussy was clean shaven.

She was quite the sexual girl! “OK, Madison, you have our attention. Tell us about yourself.”

“I think what you want to know is that I have been a dancer at the [omitted] Gentleman’s Club for two years and am quite used to people seeing me naked. I still get a thrill out of it, especially when the ladies come on to me. I have had boyfriends, but right now have a girlfriend slash roommate. I have never auditioned before but have a couple of sex tapes that she and I made with others.”

Well, we were quite turned on by her admissions and anxious to start playing with this firecracker! We lead her into the bedroom. After turning on the cameras, I turned back to see Madison and Ashley’s mouths playfully locked together, with each other’s tongues darting in and out. They were feeling each other’s breasts.

They were sitting near the foot of the bed, so I headed for the head of it. I moved down to Madison to get closer to the action, and started running my hands all over her. As I was moving, they took turns squeezing each other’s breasts, sucking and pinching each other’s nipples. I began to kiss Madison’s neck as I fondled the breasts that Ashley had given up. Ashley moved up onto the pillows, leaned back against the headboard and put her feet on either side of Madison to give her easy access to her pussy. Madison leaned down and began eating her pussy while fondling my right breast. Ashley was running her fingers through Madison’s hair and pushing her head tight against her pussy.

Things were building. I got on my knees, as Ashley pulled Madison up to our mouths for a three-way kiss. A kiss that was so erotic that we all moaned softly. As the eroticism of the kiss built, we began to play with each others’ tits. Finally, I moved down to suck on both of these sexy girl’s breasts. I hardly had to move my head at all to suck on all four of their nipples, we were so tightly mashed together. Ashley started pinching nipples, driving Madison and me crazy. I was transfixed by them and the aroma of sex.

Ashley and I laid Madison down on her back. Ashley went to Madison’s left as I crawled down her right. We began kissing and licking everywhere. Meanwhile, our free hands were inching down Madison’s abdomen, belly and finally, in unison, to her pussy. After only a couple of minutes of fingering her pussy lips, while sucking on hard nipples, Madison had her first orgasm. Her body momentarily went ridged and she let out a loud moan. Her pussy got incredibly wet. Ashley moved down to that wet pussy to enjoy her cum. I quickly ran a couple of fingers inside. This further drove Madison wild and she may have cum a second time. I withdrew them and sucked on her sweet juices. As Ashley was sucking and fingering her pussy, Madison got up to her knees and worked her way up my body. Reaching my mouth, we started kissing deeply. Madison was humping on Ashley’s mouth. I could tell by her breathing that she was approaching another orgasm. Ashley anticipated the same and picked up the pace of licking and sucking on her clit. With some difficulty she inserted one, two and finally three fingers. Then with a loud moan, Madison began wildly writhing, followed quickly by going rigid, grabbing Ashley’s hand, forcing it deeply into her cunt. Wanting to taste her cum, I quickly moved into a shared 69 with my girlfriend. We both ate her juicy pussy. Ashley then positioned herself to dine on my pussy. Madison came again on my mouth; her juices were wonderful. Tasting this with Ashley sucking my clit, I came!

Ashley told Madison and me to lay on the bed, next to each other with our heads on the pillows. When we were in position, she came up from the bottom of the bed and began to eat me while playing with Madison’s pussy. This was fantastic! Madison and I kept kissing and kissing! She and I soon had ripples of pleasure ripping thru our bodies.

Ashley said, “Time to switch places.” She switched with Madison and me, putting the two of us next to each other and positioned to eat her pussy. Madison started licking Ashley’s clit and sliding hands over her thighs. I wasted no time in joining her from the other side. I started massaging my friend’s G-spot as Madison focused her tongue. After a few minutes, I felt Ashley’s G-spot engorge. We were working Ashley into a frenzy. She was breathing deep and rapid, her body trembling and thrashing in extasy. Her moaning grew loader. I was rubbing my own clit as fast as I could. When Ashley began screaming, “Oh Fuck! Don’t stop!”

I pulled Madison to me; she finger-fucked me. I sucked insistently on her tits and heard her moan. Her fingers increased their action in my pussy and her thumb massaged my clit. “I’m cumming!” I yelled. Madison found my g-spot and increased her movements. I came hard. That sent Ashley over the edge and she came from Madison’s attentions on her pussy.

I pulled Madison to me and we kissed. Her nipples were hard against my breasts; I could feel her wet pussy grinding into my thigh. Her breathing became more and more rapid. I grabbed her round ass, pushing her cunt harder against my leg. Finally, she came hard. Her pussy seemed to flood against my leg. Ashley must have been pleasuring her own pussy because she came again just seconds behind us.

We all fell back, exhausted.

It was probably more than a half hour later that we said goodbye to Madison. This night we were too exhausted to talk and play with each other. Instead, we fell asleep, smelling of sex. Time to look at the videos tomorrow.

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