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Our Thai Road Trip

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During the last ten years prior to my retiring at an early age, I spent a great deal of time traveling overseas. Some of the time was spent in Europe but the majority was in various parts of Asia. This included trips into Korea, Japan, China, The Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore.

When in Thailand I would sometimes be there for as long as a month at a time, sometimes taking a few days to run to Singapore or Hong Kong to address a few issues.

When on the extended trips into Thailand I would stay at an Apartment Hotel Off of Sukhumvit Soi 11. The accommodations were very nice and the location was close by the Sky Train and the subway system. My accommodation would have a large bedroom with a brass 4 poster king bed on a beautiful wood floor, large marble bathroom with jacuzzi tub and seperate shower and large dressing area. There was also a comfortable living room and a small kitchenette. This place helped me from going crazy by not having to be in a small hotel room all the time.

After I retired we did a lot of traveling where I could begin to explore and enjoy the areas where I spent so much time in conference rooms and looking at the world through the windows of taxis and limos.

We were planning a two week trip to Thailand to enjoy Bangkok and some of the amazing Thai beaches. Before we left for there I decided to get on one of the adult web sites and see if we could connect with any interesting couples in the area.

I found a few very interesting couples and began communicating and sharing some pictures. We decided to meet 2 of the couples on different evenings and , if nothing else, at least hopefully have a interesting night of wine and discussions.

The first couple that we met was a Swiss citizen from the German section of Switzerland and his Thai wife. W had an export business and was exporting back to Europe.

The night that we were to meet came and they were to pick us up at our Apartment Hotel and we would go to dinner. My lovely wife spent her afternoon at the Apartment Hotel Spa getting pretty for the evening. She was wearing a very summery type dress that showed a bit of cleavage and a nice pair of pumps. With her tan from our time at the beach she looked exceptional.

W called and said that they were in the lobby and we jumped on the elevator to head down to the lobby. We were holding hands on the way down and shared a quick kiss. When we arrived at the lobby we got off the elevator and started to walk across the lobby toward W and his wife B.

W is about our age and a little taller than me and in very good shape. He had somewhat typical German characters such as blondish/gray hair and very blue eyes. His wife B was about 5 ft. tall and weighed maybe 95 pounds. She was as cute as one could possibly be and an impish smile on her face.

As we got closer I could see her looking at my wife and saw an excited look cross her face. She was wearing some very high pumps(typical for a Asian lady trying to look taller) . As we got closer she turned to W and said in a very pleased sounding voice, and a bit loud, "She is beautiful!!" Then she turned to my wife and said "You are beautiful". And then again, back to W she proclaimed "She is beautiful".

The short, pretty Thai lady was obviously taken by the tall, slender blonde from America. W started to laugh and agreed, and then teased her and said not to forget about us(meaning the guys).

We went to dinner and had a bottle of wine before dinner and another with the dinner. The laughter and teasing and conversations were as if we were long lost friends. There was definitely a strong connection and we were all having a good time.

As the check arrived I asked if they would like to come back to our place for a night cap. They quickly and happily agreed.

When we arrived back, I fixed drinks for all and we continued our conversations. W then announced to B that he had met me on the adult site and that we, as they do, enjoyed some periodic playtime. At first she had a somewhat puzzled look on her face and I thought, "OH man, is he surprising her with this and are we going to have some drama here" She then smiled and said that she was not sure when they came out and if she had known she would have had on her really sexy underwear. We all laughed and agreed that she would look great with or without any undergarments.

We all went to the bedroom and started to explore. Her kissing was soft, but somewhat reserved. W and my wife seemed to get in the flow quite well and were now naked and getting quite passionate. I noticed that W had a large and fat cock and that my wife was having a good time licking it and sucking on his balls. He was moaning and groaning and would AHHHH....oh shit that feels good. She was sucking, licking, stroking and nibbleing her way up and down his cock and balls and he was as hard as a rock. He now shifted and went down on her and began to lick and finger her in earnest. I could see her moving around and moaning and grabbing his head. Her first orgasm of the night was about to erupt. All of a sudden she stiffened and let out a large AHHHHHH....I'M CUMMMMING!!!

When she started to come down W got up to grab a condom. And then it happened. B literally dove on top of my wife and began to passionatly kiss her. I could see that they were both involved with some deep kissing and tongue action. Their hands were exploring one another and you could feel the heat in the room go through the roof. They were both breathing heavily and really into one another. Then B slid down and began to lick my wife. She was making little noises as her tongue attacked the inside and outside of my wife's hairless pussy. It was not long and the familiar signs of orgasm were surfacing. She was getting flush, she was getting loud and she was jumping around like a she had been electrically charged. The scream, and then the strong orgasm.

Now surprise number two....this had obviously energized B because she immediately turned to me and gave me a very passionate kiss and then began to suck me with an intensity that was both a bit scary and amazingly hot. She was making gutteral sounds as she slurped down my cock. She was MMMMMing and slurping and sucking hard and this little dynamo with surprisingly large tits was on a mission to suck me dry.

Then all of a sudden, she stopped, lay down next to me and handed me one of my condoms and said now you use this.

I put it on and entered her we, but oh so tight pussy.B was about 20 years younger than me and had never had children, and she was amazingly tight. I worked my bursting cock into her slowly. Once I was fully into her it was as if a switch was turned on. She began to make noises and grabbed onto me and pulled me into her hard and wrapped her legs around me at the same time. She began to kiss me very hard and pull me into her in a very needing and demanding sort of way. It was like two animals lost in lust. She got very vocal and that just set me off more. I could feel my balls about to explode as she continued to assault me. Then I felt a massive eruption as I had spasm after spasm of come erupt from me.

I fell off of her in a sweat covered exhaustion and we both just lay there catching our collective breath.

As my head began to clear I realized that we were getting bounced around pretty good as W was pounding my lovely wife and she was meeting him thrust for thrust and getting pretty loud. She was yelling...OH GAWWWWD....AHHHHH....FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKKKK. IIIII'MMMMM CCCUMMMMMI(NGGGGG AGAIIIIINNNNN.

At the same time W let out a loud growl exploded in her as she was exploding around his cock.

We all lay there for about five minutes trying to recapture our sanity and composure. Then we lay there for another 10 minutes talking and smiling. About that time both ladies got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. It took a while before they returned smiling and giggleing.

To this day my wife claims that nothing more happened...but I think that they had some fun time together getting cleaned up. Maybe I just hope they did and enjoy thinking about that.

Our only regret was that we were leaving Bangkok the following day and we would not see them again. We all expressed that we would like to get together again.

We have kept in touch with them over the last few years and hope to get back there this year. We will certainly be sure to get together with them early in the trip. Maybe even take a beach trip for a few days with them.


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