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Oral ending to Meeting up with my SLS Match that

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As I wait for him in the bar of the restaurant, I find myself ripping napkin corners and sipping my drink a lot faster than I should. I need to slow this down.

Can’t get sloppy.

We’ve been texting and talking a few days now. Heart is beating faster and I’m starting to sweat a little. What if everything I’ve built up in my head is just a cover for someone trying to talk a stupid woman into letting her guard down to be a prime murder victim? It could be worse, though. What if he’s MORE than I’ve built up in my head? What if he’s better? What if…he turns into an addiction? Shit. What if he’s awesome and finds ME lacking?

He walks in and I immediately know it’s him. He’s a little more down to earth looking than I expected, but he’s definitely handsome. His age is apparent in the way he carries himself, but it doesn’t take away from his appeal. He’s tall and broad with large hands and a twinkle in his eye that only a man that KNOWS his way around a woman can manage.

I agree to ONE more drink because I don’t want to lose my head here. Focus. Don’t. Get. Murdered. Damn, but he’s so sexy. His added experience we spoke about through text and over the phone has me clenching my thighs to keep the arousal from leaking down my legs.

As the time passes, I realize my worry he wasn’t going to find me attractive was unnecessary. His desire for me breaks through every one of my insecurities with every touch. A small graze of his hand on mine when we laugh together. Fingers landing on my knee when he turns to call the server over. A leg grazing mine as he switches positions. An elbow against my breast as he reaches for a napkin.

I’m going to fucking combust here.

Which one of us will break first?

Good thing this stubborn streak in me runs deep. I WILL NOT lose this game of chicken.

Looking down from my destroyed napkin to my foot lightly caressing his ankle …he looks back to me. He holds my stare for a moment. Two moments. Three. Fingers lace in mine and I get a tug with a wink. He calls the bartender over to pay our tab and helps me off my barstool.

Ha! I win!

We only make it to the dark alcove by the restrooms before he guides me into the dark corner and pulls me to him. Bodies tightly lined up together, I can see the pulse in his neck as he stares down at me and starts to pull me up to him.

The kiss is soft at first. Tentative. I feel one hand clench tighter on my waist and another reach to grab me firmly at the base of my neck as he begins to explore my mouth with his tongue. Fuck. Fuck. This is a KISS. A fucking kiss and I’m lost. Damn it. I was hoping I’d be less easy than this. My nipples are pebbled and my wetness is halfway down my thigh.

Don’t mind me! The epitome of class over here.

By the time we break from the kiss, I can’t tell how many people walked by or how long we were going at it. Fuck. This. Is. Dangerous. Someone could have seen me. Fuck! I am a wife. I am a mother. I need to get it together.

He tugs my hand and walks me out to his car and HALLELUJAH the tint is dark.

Am I an imbecile for not hesitating to climb in the back seat after he opened the door? Probably. If I get murdered…this is why. My pussy made this decision for me. Death by pussy brain. Dumb ass.

As soon as his door is closed the bomb explodes. I can’t tell where he ends and I begin. Really glad I had the forethought to wear a dress with no undies. I can feel every inch of him through his jeans while I straddle him.

He kisses every available inch of my neck and I nibble on his. The moans we’re making would make a porn star jealous and we haven’t even touched each other yet.

Should I do this? What the fuck am i doing? Why does this feel so fucking amazing? Damn what would that tongue feel like on my pussy?

And then the brain starts to short circuit…

Did I lock my car?Does he think I’m too heavy?Does my extra cushion turn him off? Can people see us?I hope the sitter remembered to bring in the dogs.Did anyone see us inside?Crap.My kids are gonna find out about this.Therapy is expensive.Maybe I should have taken an Ativan before I got here.

OW! He bit me. He fucking bit me. Shit. Why do I like it? He must have realized I was drifting and knew exactly how to bring me back.

The kissing continues and I can’t help but soak up every sigh and every sound.

As he reaches down to feel how wet I am, he lets out a growl from his chest that can only be described as well…animalistic. He brings his fingers to his mouth to taste me and he groans when it touches his tongue. Oh thank goodness. Glad I ate the mango and drank the pineapple juice earlier…

I can’t take it anymore. I kiss him with no mercy while I begin to unbutton the jeans he’s wearing. I take his straining cock into my hand and play with the bead of clear precum at the tip. Rubbing it in with my thumb in the same rhythm of my tongue in his mouth, I feel him jerk at the sensation.

Damn this thing is massive. Like how is this even anatomically possible? Really glad I made the decision before we met not to take that thing in my pussy today. No way I’d be able to walk tomorrow. I’d be feeling him for days.

Losing all patience I fall to my knees on the floor of the car and lick him from base to tip. I swirl my tongue around his crown and take the head of his cock between my lips getting it wet as I spread my spit all over the top half of it.

I can’t close my hands around it, but as I get it slick and I start to take him in…I realize I’m gonna need his help to get it to the back of my throat to cut off my air like I love. As I’m working his cock with one hand up and down while sucking getting his tip wet, I use my other hand to guide his hand to the back of my head. A silent encouragement to let him fuck my mouth and get rougher. There is that growl again. Fuck that sound causes my pussy constrict and I feel the gush slide down my leg. This man loves what I’m doing.

Takes him three thrusts, but he finally gets my jaw to stretch enough to take him to the back of my throat. As I make eye contact with him, I can see the madness in his eyes as he watches my eyes water and my body strain from the lack of oxygen. I tap his forearm and he pulls my face off of him with a groan. Thick drool falls out of my mouth and I cover his cock and his balls with the throat spit he just choked out of me. I let him choke me two more times before he blows his load into the back of my throat on the last choke. Right before I swallow I let him see his cum in my mouth. As it is about to leak out, I take it down in one gulp. I lick my lips and give him a sheepish smile as he pants to bring his heart rate back down. Hmm. Does that look on his face mean he thinks I’m insane?

He pulls me to him and we kiss leisurely as he comes down from his high and his hands reach for my cunt again. I feel his cock jerk against me when his fingers find the pool of wetness at my apex. This man cannot still be hard. There is no way. I look down and sure enough…there it is. Staring at me proudly.

He kisses me and nibbles on my neck and calls me his dirty little slut all while working my pussy into a frenzy. I feel the tingle at the base of my spine start to creep up when he reaches his long fingers inside my pussy and touches the front wall as he works slow circles around my clit at the same time. Breaths getting more shallow by the second and his mouth on me everywhere…when he commands me to cum, I combust. I see stars in my face to extras and the sound that was ripped out of me is not something I knew I was capable of. He kisses me while I milk his fingers and more of my wetness jets out of me. Once I’m spent and can’t handle anymore, I grab his wrist to stop the torture. To my utter fascination, he once again pulls his hand to his mouth to lick all of my wetness off his fingers and palm. Every. Last. Drop.

Well. Damn.

I giggle. What else could I do? When my emotions run high, I laugh. I feel like I just ate a pot brownie I bought off a van from a Mexican American and a bearded hippie.

We kiss a little more and I finally check my watch and realize I have 8 minutes to relieve the sitter.

I adjust my clothes and use my phone camera to make sure I look presentable before run out to my car with a thank you and wave.

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