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Old friends, New Years Eve fun!

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The story you are about to read is true; the names have been changed. Any details I add to the story were confirmed in conversations afterwards.

Samantha and Drew are our best friends, have been forever, and for a period of a few years back in the early 90?s, we would get together for some incredibly intense swinging sessions. That is a longer story for a different day?.for now, let?s stick to our New Year?s Eve party that turned into much more than we had planned.

So, we all love each other still, we just don?t get together like we used to-it had been some time since we had sex as a group, so the expectation of doing that was not even a consideration when we made plans to celebrate the new year at our house. Neither couple had made prior plans, we live close by, just some drinks and snacks, no big deal, just old friends hanging out.

The night was going well when we decided to play a card game called Apples to Apples. The more we played, the more we drank, and the more the girls started to giggle (traditionally, this was always a good sign!). After a couple of rounds, someone asked about an old game we used to play ?back in the day?, called Getting Deep. We all reminisced a bit about how much fun it was, and I was surprised to hear both girls comment on the positive as well. I mentioned that I still had the game buried in my closet, and asked if anyone wanted to dust it off and give it a try. Everyone said yes!

(Now, about Sam and my wife, Alex; both are petite, attractive ladies, who could set the PTA gossips on fire with the stories they could tell. And it looked like both of them were ready to relive some of the old times tonight?.Sam is a busty blonde, with perfect tits, large nipples and a talent for giving head. Alex is a brunette, with an ass that won?t quit with shapely legs and fantastic, responsive nipples on tits a cup size or two smaller than Sam?s.)

Our game consists of moving pieces in concert with a dice roll, and landing on action squares that direct you to drink, remove an article of clothing, and later in the game, it gets more fun as it directs you in different types of sexual fun. I was just amazed that the girls were up for playing, and my dick was growing by the second as we set up the game board and began to play.

In short order we all were either naked or nearly so, and the drinks continued to flow as we moved our way around the board. As we reached the second level, game cards come into play, and that is when the fun really starts. Alex was the first to get a card, and it directed her to spend 2 minutes in heaven with her ?non-spouse?, so off Drew and she went to the bedroom for some fun. I later found out that when they got in the room, my horny little wife went down on my best friend! Though they did not fuck, Drew was able to play with Alex?s tight pussy, and she was indeed fired up, as his hand was soaked when they left the room.

Sam and I just chatted a bit while the others were away playing, and it was a joy to see her tits and nipples again after such a long break. When the timer went off, back came Drew and Alex, Drew?s hard-on leading they way as the entered the room, still glistening with my wife?s saliva! I felt a familiar jolt of excitement as I watched them return, both smiling and laughing and a bit flushed from their fun. Alex?s nipples were hard, standing at attention, and she seemed to be very pleased with the progress of the night so far.

Several action cards later, I was the lucky winner of a card that directed me to pick 2 other players for a private encounter. I couldn?t help myself, and I chose the girls to join me for a few minutes of fun. We left Drew to watch over the drinks and headed back to the same room he and Alex had just used.

When we hit the bed, I really had one goal, and that was to get the girls to do something with each other, as this did not happen much in the past, and it remains to this day my biggest fantasy. However, we ended up with me in the middle, and before I could say or do anything, I felt Sam?s hand wrap around my cock. I reached down with my right hand and started playing with one of her tits, tweaking her nipple and rubbing and squeezing her as she jerked me off.

I was able to turn my head, and started sucking on my wife?s tits, taking turns on each nipple. In short order, Sam slid down and began to suck me. She is truly fantastic at giving head, so much so that I had to concentrate to not let go too early. So I?m now sucking on Alex?s tits, and playing with her pussy as Sam is jerking me and sucking me. Her head is just inches from Alex?s pussy, and I move slightly in an attempt to get her to divert her attention to Alex- hoping she would get my hint.

My timing was not so good, and Alex took this as a chance to change positions, and she whispered to me, ?go ahead, fuck her??. I stood up, and had to take a second as I had Alex and Sam laying on their backs before me on the edge of the bed- it was incredible! The sight of these two lovely ladies, naked, nipples erect, laying before was an instant classic.

I moved in front of Sam, and began to rub her pussy and clit with the head of my cock, feeling her own wetness combine with mine was giving me chills. Alex had rolled onto her side, and she was rubbing my leg as I began to penetrate Sam. The familiar sensation of sliding into the waiting pussy of my best friend?s wife was beyond description. Having my wife there, watching and approving was just the icing on the cake.

As I began to find a rhythm, I noticed Drew standing in the doorway, and Alex saw him and stood up and took him into the next room. Both doors were left open, and I could hear them laughing as they hit the bed. By now, Sam was getting close to coming, and she kept saying ?FUCK ME?, first in a low whisper, but each time she said it she got loader, until she was nearly screaming it. We were going at it hard, I was pounding her pussy with all I had, playing with her tits, squeezing them harder and harder, and as she came, I could feel her orgasm gush around my cock. She was playing with her clit, moaning in pleasure as she came, and her finger kept rubbing against my cock, and it was all I needed to finish me; I came in her sweet, wet box, filling her with pulse after pulse of cum, a throw-back orgasm that nearly buckled my knees.

At this same time, Alex had moved to her hands and knees on the other bed, and as Drew moved behind her to take her doggy-style, she said to him, ?make me scream like that?. Drew was quick to oblige, and had no problem slipping right into her waiting snatch. She was drenched, and he slid in easily, and they started fucking at a frenzied pace, keeping up with the action coming from the other room. Drew was squeezing her ass as he admired it, his cock pounding away all the while, and in short order Alex was moaning and hinting of the orgasm she was feeling. She came in bursts, the memories of past nights combined with the new feeling of Drew?s cock and hands, the sounds coming from her husband fucking in the other room. As she came, she tightened around Drew?s cock, and it was all he could take- he shot his load deep into her, pounding and slapping his balls against her as he brought them both off, burying himself in her with his cock as their combined juices flowed down his cock and onto his balls.

In our room, I was still inside Sam, and I layed down beside her and kissed her neck and then her tits, taking a few extra long pulls on each nipple. After a few minutes, the sounds in the other room were diminished, so we decided to go join them on the bigger bed. I needed to take a leak and get a drink, so I excused myself in the hallway, all the while hoping maybe Drew would get lucky and have some alone time with the two girls! I did my business and grabbed a cold beer from the fridge, and walked back to the master bedroom to see what was going on.

As I walked into the room, it took me a few seconds to focus on what was happening, but it became very clear- Sam was going down on Alex, while Drew was sitting on the edge of the bed, jerking off!! Alex was laying on her belly, the position she finished in after Drew and she had fucked. She hand not gotten up after they finished. It seems Sam came into the room, saw that Drew was taking a minute to catch up, and decided to have a taste of the place her husband had just fucked.

I was shocked- I watched with complete awe as Sam?s head moved up and down on my wife?s pussy. I started to jerk off, almost without thinking, and my movement startled Sam, who sat up, saw me and what I was doing, and flashed a devious little smile my way. She kept her eyes on me as she reached down and put two fingers in my wife?s pretty pussy- the sight was beyond words.

I couldn't watch any longer, and I climbed up on the bed, moved on top of my wife, and began to rub my cock on her ass as Sam played with her pussy. Without direction, Sam put her hand on my cock, and guided me into Alex. I began to pump, and my wife said, ? I know who that is?that?s my husband?. We all laughed, and I reached around and put both hands on her tits as she raised up from the bed while we fucked. Her pussy was the wettest I?ve ever felt it, and she responded quickly to the work I was doing, pushing her ass back against me with each thrust I made. I was fucking the same pussy my best friend just came in? the same pussy his wife had just gone down on. Incredible stuff.

Sam continued to play with Alex?s pussy as I fucked it, her fingers joining my cock as we explored her hot, wet box. As Alex neared orgasm, she began pushing against me, moaning, ?I?m cuming again?oh fuck me?. I did as I was told, and brought my wife off with the help of Sam?s fingers. Sam then moved her hand down to my balls, and as she alternated rubbing them and massaging my ass, I was done for, and I shot the second load of cum of the night into my wife?s pussy, this load every bit as big as the one I shot into Sam earlier.

We all agreed that it was crazy to go so long between get- togethers, and promised to fuck more often.

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