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It has been a long and tiring month for 'boss' Jessica. Some of your employees call you "the Pit Bull" others call you the "Bitch" but it doesn't matter to you. You have projects to get completed and it can't always be on their schedules. You have worked hard to get to this position of responsibility in the company and you have learned that not all employees have the same drive in them that you do. They need to be driven and YOU are the driver.....they the nails and you the hammer. That's one of the ways to make it to the top. Take in golf for example, either you walk up to the ball, address it and slam it's ass down the fairway or you weakly take a feeble swing and watch it hook, slice or dribble forward. You have always taken the big calculated swing and that is how you have gotten where you are today. The other way is kissing ass, and fucking and sucking dick up the ladder. Although you love doing that, you want to chose who you do it to and when you do it! Not some old fat limp-dick partner up top in Corporate. You have been able to avoid that trap because the only other thing that those types love more than fucking a secretary or having their dick sucked is MONEY..... Corporate profits. Every division that you have run has always been the top producer for them and the company. Keep the stockholders happy and they keep the big guy's upstairs in their positions. You said as you traveled from your home office to the "OctoberFest" that this time you were going to try to enjoy this otherwise boring get-together. You never missed a chance to have someone "freshen up" your drink and were starting to feel a good buzz. You think "It never fails that when every married guy in the place gets a few drinks into them, they think they are studs and you can't resist them." and are glad to shoot them down. A parlor game to you. As the celebration begins to wind down you make your way to the elevator the takes you up to the 4th floor and your "Home Away from Home" as you call it. A smallish office back to the rear of the main office space which is used by the Home Office personnel when they are visiting the Corporate Office. A base of operations for when you are there. A desk, chair, tall filing cabinets, a large comfortable office chair/recliner, a bench for extra seating and a coat rack. WTF. Yeah, a COAT this day and age. You think that it must have been left over from some old guy that retired office and they didn't know where to put it. It ended up here to save money and not to have to buy REAL furniture. Cheap ass bastards. I don't care. They pay me and they pay me well. The BEST of all worlds. I get paid a ton of money which allows me to do and experience almost everything in life and I love my job and what I do!

As you reach your "office" you are feeling a real good buzz and you could give a hairy rat's ass about the furniture situation. You leave the light off and go around the desk, past your overnight bag and purse and slide down into the large oversize desk chair. The leather feels very comfortable to your tired body. The longer that you sit there the more relaxed you begin to feel and you close your eyes and think of your 'friends' big stiff dick that is waiting for you when you finally get home from this trip. You are usually always horny or aroused in some way throughout the day, and a quick fingering in the bathroom usually helps to ease the tension that is building up within your groin. You have always felt this way since as far back as you can remember. You must have been an early 'bloomer' as women used to say when a young girl starts to go through puberty sooner than her peers. You noticed the strange 'tingly' feeling in a spot that you now know as your clitoris well before your older sister even. You would lay awake at night and talk to it and play with it as it were a toy and experiment in ways to make it feel 'tingly'. It didn't matter if you rubbed it, pinched it or spanked it, it felt good, very good. Eventually, as time went on, you would notice it was getting larger and much more sensitive to your touch. You could now see that when you played with it, it actually would double it's size and in doing so became extremely sensitive to your touch. This is the time that your pussy begin to produce a juice, a wetness as you continued to rub your clit. You realize that you have become side tracked and bring your mind back to the present but also feel the wetness that those thoughts have left you with. Dammit, now I'm hornier than ever. You put both legs up on your desk and recline back in your chair and close your eyes. You now have a tight buzz on from your earlier power drinking and your mind dances from one topic to another. First, that Johnson project, then 'Where to go for the Thanksgiving holidays.' and then to 'Does the car need tires yet?'. That is when you say CRAP, why am I thinking about work and the fucking car tires? I have to put a stop to this train of thought. You reach over to your purse and take out a porn CD. You slide it into your laptop and you can hear the drive start to spin up and you think, 'Hurry up, Jessie's mind needs a distraction. She needs to feel good....real good!". The CD begins to play and you focus on the action on the screen imagining that it is you that is being explored. "You" are there auditioning for a spot in a porn scene and it will involve the use of Fucking Machines. Mechanical devices that take the act of fucking to another level. Of course 'You' are totally naked and are in a hanging rope chair with your hands and legs tied out to your sides spread eagle. You are slowly swinging back and forth and have not control of your body. Someone slides a machine mounted on a table towards your pussy and lubes up your pussy and the huge dildo that is attached to a long shaft. The shaft is attached to a motor driven wheel so that when turning, the wheel moves the end of the shaft in an out. As you are watching this you spread your legs on the desk, slide your jeans to your hips and gently stroke your legs and thighs. Your head is starting to feel light from the alcohol and anything that you feel is heightened. You imagine that it is the other person in the porn scene that is stroking you and your pussy 'tingles' with excitement. "He (you)" takes his hand and slowly strokes the area between your thigh and you outer pussy lips. It tickles a little, but with a slightly firmer pressure it is very erotic and stimulating. You see the guy on the screen move the machine closer so that the head of the dildo first stretches and then penetrates her pussy. He turns on the motor and it slowly moves towards and into her stretched pussy lips. He stops the motor when she has taken the whole 10". You can see her nipples getting harder and becoming very erect. He takes some nipple clamps and places them on her erect nips. He pulls on the clamps and twists them and her eyes roll back into her head. It is obvious that this feels very good to her, as you can see some cream pushing past the dildo and coming out of her pussy. You also noticed that when he put the nipple clamps on her and pulled on them, you felt very aroused and excited as if it was you that he was doing this to and you think "Ummmm I'm going to enjoy this CD. I think that I may really get into this S&M thing." You continue to watch the girl in the CD as you pinch and pull your nipples as he does to hers on the screen. The machine is turned on and up to a faster and faster speed as the dildo slams first into and then pulls out of her now pink and swollen pussy lips. She is taking the whole 10" as the camera zooms in so that you can see everything in life size detail. The raised crown of the dildo's head stopping just at the edge of her pussy hole without popping out, the large ribbed veins on the dildo rubbing and flexing the wet swollen outer pussy lips and then the stretching of her cunt as it reaches bottom with it's full girth. The machine is at it's full speed and the girl starts to squirt each time the dildo pulls back. You can hear the nasty, sensual sucking sounds of a pussy being royally fucked. You can see the suction that her contractions are producing with the associated sound and it is driving you wild with excitement. You look down and see that you are working your clit harder and faster than you have ever done before; subconsciously trying to keep pace with the fucking machine's stroke.

Without you knowing it, the building's security guard is making his final lockup rounds. He gets off of the elevator on the 4th floor and first checks the main office space. A random light here and there left on they are turned off in short notice. As he walks toward the rear of the floor he can hear some noises. As he gets closer to your office he hears the CD audio and maybe someone else's voice, he thinks "Someone left a damn radio on.". As the guard approaches your office door he can see you reclining there with your legs up on the desk. He can also see that you have unzipped your jeans, have slid them down to your knees, and you have your legs spread open as wide as you can get them. You are working your hand on your clit at an almost impossible speed. So fast that he can see the pussy juice running out of your pussy lips and splashing off of your moving hand. You have your eyes closed and between your moaning and groaning, you are saying "Come on, FUCK me harder, faster, faster, harder". "That's right baby fuck this cunt.", "Ohhhhhhh Shit, Fuck that feels good." "Fuck meeeeeeeee!,", "Give it to me hard and deep baby." Come on..... long dick me all the way to your balls. Baby girl needs to cum.". The guard is rubbing his now erect cock and decides to quietly enter the doorway. He can smell your pussy juice and can see the puddle on your desk top and says "Hi there, can I help you?" This startles the shit out of you and you open your eyes to his presence. Your heart jumps and you can feel an adrenaline rush flush from the top to the bottom of your body. You foolishly feel like you first did when you were a little girl and was caught masturbating by your mom. Normally you would think that his being there, catching you doing what you were would turn you off and instantly remove the sexual excitement that you were feeling but it had the opposite effect. After the initial rush and fear, you immediately feel your g-spot swell to twice its' normally aroused size. The pressure is similar to when you have a full bladder and have to pee. You contract your PC muscles and squirt. That's right, you squirt pussy juice across the desk and onto the front of his starched blue uniform. He laughs, bends over and leans on the desk and says, "That's right baby girl, cum hard, Squirt that pussy juice all over me again. Come on do it!" With that encouragement (which you really didn't need), you again cum with your legs shaking spasmodically on the desk in the puddle of pussy juice. This time your juices spray his face and he licks it off and swallows it to your excitement.

He walks around the side of your desk and looks at your laptop and sees the action still going on the screen. By this time, the scene shows the girl bound with rope, her hands tied and handcuffed, her mouth has a gag in it and the guy is fingering her in every hole. He also spanks her from time to time and tells her that she has been a naughty girl. You are exhausted from your cum fest but strangely, you are still very aroused and don't feel as satisfied as you usually would and wonder why. As the guard moves closer you can smell the muted remnants of his cologne and a second rush spreads over your body. You think "If I was standing I would have felt weak kneed. Is it the alcohol or is it him?". He quietly reaches behind his back and retrieves a pair of handcuffs that give off a flash of reflected light coming from the doorway. He takes first your one hand and then the other and cuffs them behind the chair back and you again feel strangely aroused. He steps back and undresses himself in preparation for the final act whenever and whatever that may be. You study his muscular toned tanned body as he removes his underwear and his erect dick stands there. He encircles his dick with his hand and strokes it's length a couple of times as if he was jacking it off and you find yourself wishing that it was in your mouth around it at that moment. He takes your legs from the desk and swivels the chair around sideways to face him. Next, he reaches over to near his clothes and picks something up. In the dim light it is hard to make out at first. As he gets closer you see that it is a long cotton rope that he found in his rounds. He walks over and puts the rope between your teeth and through your mouth; running it back and forth from side to side. He pulls it snugly into your mouth making it a little harder to breath. Next, he wraps one end around your left breast two times at it's base and then around the other one twice. Your full breasts are now starting to stand up a little higher as the tension on the rope starts to constrict their normal diameter into a smaller area. He continues to wrap the cord tighter and higher around your breasts and as they become MUCH firmer from the constricting bindings and the nipples are starting to stand up totally erect. You think that to be strange, as neither you nor he has touched them. Your tits are starting to feel a little cool and their normal toned color is showing a bluish hue. After completing the wrapping of your tits, he takes the rope over your shoulder, around your neck and back down to the cord between your now tingling tits. It is pulled tightly and tied off forcing your head down towards your breast. He takes the free end of the cord and with it in his right hand he slides his hand down the front of your tight jeans, across your abdomen to your crotch. Damn, you think, "Why didn't I put on any underwear this morning?". He takes his right hand and slides it down the back of your jeans and follows the guidance of the tight crack of your ass to its' eventual end. He takes a finger of each hand and follow the path between your pussy and your ass hole. You feel very wet to his touch and don't want him to stop exploring your holes but you dare not try to say a word with the cord still in you mouth. He takes the end of the rope in his hand and pulls it through to your ass hole. He slowly withdraws his hand and at the same time it is pulling the cord into the front of your jeans, across your clit, between both your outer and inner labia across your taint, then your ass hole and up the tight crack of your ass. You have NEVER felt the feeling that you are feeling now. You recognize the sash/cord as part of the decorations around the banner that was hanging across the balcony in the company's main events room during the meeting/party earlier today. The banner read "Welcome to S & M's Annual Employee OctoberFest Sidney & Marcell, LLC". At the time you remember thinking that the cord trim looked very special; too nice for trimming a rather Blah Blah sign. You, being an expert on textiles and weaving could discern its' quality and that is why it caught your attention and appeared out of place on that sign. Little did you know that later that night you would be seeing just how 'special' it really was and GOD was that soft fuzzy weave making you feel aroused. As he slowly, very slowly pulled the cord's entire length through your pants, you could feel every soft ribbed braid of the rope as it slowly and firmly rubbed, bumped and bounced over first your clit and then your pussy lips and pussy. "This is such a turn on", you think. He then takes the cord and binds your arms at the elbows. Picking you up from the chair he carries you over to the wall cabinet and stands you on your feet facing it. He loops the cord over the door and hoists your handcuffed bound arms up which bends you over towards the cabinet. The rope gets tied off and then he pulls down your tight jeans and off your ankles. He takes the cord and continues to bind you. This time it's your feet that get subdued. He spreads them apart until you feel like you are doing a split like you used to do in gymnastics. You feel very vulnerable in this position AND very turned on at the same time. The guard walks over to your middle desk drawer and opens it. Seeing nothing of interest he then opens the next drawer and spots what he was looking for; spring loaded binder clips. You are facing the other way so you can't see what he is doing but you can hear him opening the drawers. Your mind is playing a virtual PowerPoint presentation of the possible things that are in your drawers. A picture of each item appears and then you move on to the next. A thought flashes through your mind "Crap, I hope he doesn't find the stapler!". And I laugh to myself. At that same time I feel him standing behind me and feel his outer thighs brush against my inner thighs. I feel his stiff dick bounce off of my tight ass cheeks and fall into a natural position in the crack of my ass as he reaches around my torso and cups my tits in his large, strong, slightly rough hands. He has my erect nipples protruding through and between his fingers and he pinches them as he squeezes my tits at the same time. I haven't had anyone do that before and didn't have an idea that it was possible to get such a feeling in that way. He removes his hands and I can feel him turn his body towards the desk and then back to me. I feel him grab my left tit and squeeze it and at the same time I feel something cold touch it's nipple and then begin to squeeze it. The pressure increases and stops at a medium intensity. The same thing is done to my right tit. I'm able to look down at my tits and see that he has taken two metal spring binder clips and attached them to my erect nipples as makeshift nipple clamps. He takes the cord and runs it through the arms on the clips and around my sides to my back and ties it to the cord that runs down my abdomen across my clit and pussy and back up my ass crack to my neck. The guard presses tighter against me and I feel his need to satisfy his arousal and huge erection as he slides the head of his dick up and down your ass crack along the rope. You feel him bend his knees and lower his hips and just then you feel the head of his dick slip below your ass cheeks and up against your pussy lips. He takes one hand and guides it's head up and into you pussy past the rope. He pulls on both of the ropes which run to the binder "nipple" clips and shoves his long thick dick home. He says, "It's going to be OK sugar, relax and let's see how deep your honey hole goes.". As he slides into you, you try to press back into him and his shaft the best that you can while still being so restrained. As he continues to stroke his dick in an out of your pussy you can feel your pussy juices dripping out and hitting the floor. You can feel the drops splatter and land on your feet. You have NEVER been so wet and had your pussy juices flow like he has made you. He is riding your pussy and at the same time he is pulling on your nipples and this sends your sensory tolerance over its' limit and you begin shaking and cumming. When he feels you doing that, he climaxes and pumps load after load after load of his hot sticky jizz into you throbbing cunt. When he finally pulls out, it removes the dam that has been holding back both your cum and his full loads also. You look down and see a huge wet spot on the floor between your feet and can also see his thick spunk dripping from your pussy lips in long thin sticky strings. He then removes first one clip then the other from you nipples and an electric like shock runs from them to your pussy. He then removes the bindings from your almost numb tits. When he does, you experience a truly unique pain/pleasure feeling when the blood rushes back into you tits. You don't know if your head is spinning from the alcohol, the extreme fucking, the bindings, the nipple clamps or all of the above, but you do realize that you stand at the threshold of many new sexual/sensual adventures. You both get dressed without saying a word and as he is leaving he smiles and says, "Happy OctoberFuck'nFest, see you next year!".

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