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New Neighbor (Cuckold)

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Brendan had moved into an apartment after a rather difficult divorce. It was not a habitation that he wanted since he was used to living in a traditional suburban home with his ex in one of the more affluent areas in Orange County.

The complex that he had chosen was quite upscale but the only opening that was available was a one bedroom flat which had another floor above those on the lower level. Brendan never thought anything of it when moving in. He was happy to not have to move new furniture up a dual stepped access to the second level with the usual turnaround halfway up.

Brendan had completely immersed himself to his work as a consultant for an architectural firm that worked on a global basis. Brendan constantly volunteered for projects that would take him out of the country for extended period of times. He wanted these assignments more for the solace of being out of Orange County. He had been traveling solidly for some six months in Europe and South America trying to put his ex out of his mind.

He had no desire to be with a woman in the six months that he had been on the go. He pondered this as he rode home on the flight back to the United States. During the flight, he was in a dreamlike state from exhaustion when his mind focused on Silvanita, a lady that he worked with on his last project. She worked for a progressive firm and that firm had hired his company for consultation. She and he worked closely on a set of plans for new mall center and there were some late evenings with dinners and drinks between the two of them.

He did notice that each day, Silvanita dressed a little more provocatively. Her laughs were much more open and it seemed that she had touched his arms more frequently during conversations. She was certainly the epitome of a Latin woman. Dark long curly hair, full ample breasts that highlighted her small waist and wonderfully shaped ass. Her dark brown eyes always were smiling and her accent was perfectly enchanting. He only realized now that she was seducing him. His inability to process this seduction was dormant due to a divorce. At that moment, he made the decision that he wanted to be with a woman again and that he was not going to let his ex to rule him any longer.

The next morning, after a deep and much needed sleep, he was refreshed, focused and determined to meet with his boss. It was time to explain he wanted to slow down a little and relish some time for himself locally.

Oddly enough, his boss agreed with him, ?Brendan, you have no idea what I was going to tell you this morning when you came to my office. I want you to take a week off at our expense. Re-energize and find some time for fun.?

Brendan?s green eyes opened ever so slightly at this turn of events. ?Great and I will take you up on it. I am weary of living as I have. Thank you so much and see you in a week. Be prepared though, I plan to spend some of your money!? He replied with a laugh.

As Brendan pulled his Black Shelby into one of the open spots at his complex and right next to a silver Liberty Jeep, he noticed that there was a somewhat tall dark haired lady speaking with a casually dressed man. They seemed to be in a serious conversation but as he did a second look, he realized that the lady lived above him. He had never spoken to her but had spotted her walking up the steps to her apartment as he turned the corner to go into his once in the past.

Brendan pulled his strong muscular body out of the souped Mustang. Every time he exited his car, he wondered why he bought it because it really was not all that friendly to Brendan?s 6? 3? frame. But, he wanted a car that was fast and sounded like a car instead of the high whine Acuras, Hondas, and Mitsubishis that all the locals seem to be enamored with in the Orange County area. He had to laugh that more than once he had been challenged by some young high school brat revving up his rice eater next to his Shelby. The kids always got the shock of their life when Brendan accepted the invitation and put the Shelby on edge leaving the kid behind.

As Brendan walked past the couple quickly in order to not interfere as being an eavesdropper on the conversation of the couple, he kept his vision straight ahead and did not notice that the man had spoken to him other than he had heard something.

?Hey there, nice Shelby,? said the man a second time a little more loudly than the time before.

This time Brendan acknowledged he had heard the compliment. He stopped and turned around to say, ?Thanks. Not sure it was a practical thing to do in truth.?

?Are you kidding me? That car is worth its weight in picking up women with you in it,? was the response with a big hearty laugh.

Brendan noticed his neighbor lady had smiled slightly from her friend?s comment but in a modest motion, she lowered her eyes. Brendan looked at her a little bit more closely and realized that she was probably fifteen years older than Brendan?s age at thirty one. She had dark hair that was stylish and obviously was well taken care of by the curls and sheen. For a moment, Brendan could see that her eyes were an outgoing blue accompanying a smooth perfectly shaped nose above a set of lips that were done in a gorgeous red lipstick. Brendan immediately thought that those lips were made for sucking cock. And as that thought entered his mind, it was Brendan?s turn to take his eyes off her in a little fit of bashfulness.

Brendan felt awkward since he had such an impractical moment of lust, replied, ?If that were true then I must have wasted a ton of money!? At this he turned and began to walk on to his apartment.

Right before making the turn, he heard him say, ?Hang in there big boy. That car will bring you pussy just as sure as the day turns to night.?

Brendan unlocked his door to his apartment and as he entered the door, he began mentally making a list of things that had to be done since he had been away awhile. He needed to make the bed up, vacuum, dust, make a grocery list and perhaps get some clothes out for a trip to a new club that had just open near The Block. Through the execution of doing some of the things that he had made a mental note of, he noticed that he could hear his neighbor above him walking around in her apartment. He just realized that he had never noticed her before but then, he was never home till late at night and gone early in the morning so she must have been asleep when he were awake.

He listened closely to her and could tell where she had walked in her apartment. She was walking from the dining room area to her washer and dryer. He could hear her startup her washing machine and also she was signing some song that he did not know. He thought she had a decent voice and was surprised that he could hear her voice much clearer than the washer. He dismissed it as his ears were just playing tricks on him because it was a woman?s voice.

Brendan walked into his bedroom to survey what clothes he wanted to wear for woman hunting that evening. He tried on several different things but not certain what he wanted at the moment. He decided that he would take a bath in his sunken tub and stripped off his underwear and walked to the tub. Once the water was set temperature wise, he grabbed a pair of gym shorts and a T-shirt to wait out the filling of the tub. He was a little thirsty and thought that he would grab a Guinness and finish it while in the tub so he strolled from the bath and to his kitchen. He had a good fifteen minutes to wait so he sat down at his kitchen table and thought that he heard a soft sound of a phone ringing and knew that the ringing was from his neighbor upstairs.

He sat back and took a drink from his cold Guinness. ?Ummm, this tastes so good,? ran through his mind. He could hear her talking on the phone and the sound was muffled but her voice pitch was clear. She had an almost soprano type voice that had not been diminished by time. He liked the sound of it and put him in a better mood as her voice mixed the soothing sound of the bath water running.

Suddenly, his ears clearly heard her voice rising in an agitated state and thought her heard her say, ?Damn it Jeff. I cannot do that and quit asking me to do it. I have no clue why you want this and I am not going to talk about it any further!? The next noise he heard was her slamming the phone down and her bursting into tears.

Brendan was a little stunned in hearing such an outburst right above his head and hearing her sob so hard made him wonder if he should check on her even though he did not know her at all. He took another drink and noticed that she had walked into her bedroom in a trail of tears. Brendan decided to turn off the bath water and check on his neighbor. After all, she could just refuse to see him or tell him to go to hell but did not want to let this crying go on the rest of the time he was getting ready to go out for the evening.

He walked up the double flight of stairs, swallowed hard and rang the doorbell. He could hear her as she walked to the front door and could tell she was at the door due to the peep hole going dark. She did not open the door but he knew she was at the door. He decided to ask, ?Are you alright? I could hear you in my apartment and was concerned?

She spoke through the door a little more calm but still could hear an uneasiness in her voice, ?I am okay. I am sorry that I bothered you. You can leave and thank you for your concern.?

With this Brendan said, ?Okay, if you need anything then let me know,? and with that, Brendan headed back down the steps to his apartment.

Once through the door he saw his beer on the coffee table and grabbing it, headed for the bath while stripping off the gym shorts and T-shirt. He basically jumped into the tub making a splash like a little kid getting into the pool. He leaned back and soaked in the hot water while draining his beer. It did not take long for him to begin fantasizing about Silvanita. He could visualize her dark curly hair bouncing up and down on his cock as she sucked him. His fantasy was working well because his 8 inch cock was up like a periscope with the head poking out of the top of the water. He grabbed a bar of his special order soap that he ordered occasionally. He liked the smell of it and lathered his groin generously which helped lube his hands as he began to stroke himself slowly. ?Oh yes, Silvanita. You wanted to suck mi pelo didn?t you?? But his fantasy was interrupted violently with the ringing of his front door bell.

?Damn it, I can never get Silvanita right,? was all he could say.

He jumped out of the tub with a quick dry and pulled on the gym shorts hurrying to the front door. As he peered through the peep hole, he could see that his neighbor lady was at the door. ?What the hell,? he thought as he opened the door.

She noticed that he only had on a pair of gym shorts that could not hide his semi erect cock. She also saw that Brendan was an athletic man and very attractive and blushed when she finally looked into his eyes. ?I wanted to apologize for being rude and not letting you in. It was sweet that you came to check on me and I am fine.?

Brendan noted that she had painted her mouth with a new coat of red lipstick and she was wearing a loose fitting top that was colorful over a pair of tan capris. He told her that there was no need to apologize and if she would like to come in for a minute then please do. He explained to her that he had been in the bath and needed to finish toweling off since he was still a bit wet.

She laughed at this comment and told him, ?I heard you dive into the tub and thought you were having a swim meet!? They both laughed loudly and this broke the ice as she entered into his apartment.

?Make yourself comfortable. I am going to the bathroom to finish drying off as well as drain the tub.? With this said, he left her. He never noticed her standing behind him till he spotted her in the mirror. She had removed her top and capris which had hidden a black sheer teddy with nothing on beneath it. He could see that she still had a younger woman?s tits. They were 34 B with little sag and dollar coin size areolas. Her nipples were erect and not large but perfect in size to her titties. He could tell that she worked out and her body had been sculpted nicely but not to the point of athletic. She had small hips that housed a small patch of dark hair just above her pussy lips. It was obvious she had taken much effort to keep her crotch well-manicured.

Brendan was shocked but loved what he saw and felt his cock begin to rise. His look on his face must have given away what he was thinking.

?Do you want to know why I am here? Do you want to know why I was crying earlier this afternoon?? What you were hearing was a continuation of a conversation between Jeff and me that has been an issue for quite some time. ?Jeff is someone that I have been seeing for a year or so. He is a bit wilder than me and has been asking me to fuck someone in front of him. I am sick of him badgering me about it and do not understand this whole thing of a man wanting to see his wife or girlfriend being fucked as a performance. Do you know anything about this type of thing??

Brendan was beyond startled at this point. Here is a beautiful woman that he does not know standing in his bathroom in a sheer black teddy asking him about why her man wants to watch her have sex. He was embarrassed as well because his cock was standing upright and yet, he was turned on by her frankness visually and personally.

She could tell that Brendan was in turmoil but noticed that his nice sized cock was hard. She walked over to him and pulled Brendan into her. She put her arms around his neck and pulled him down to her mouth. She kissed him with passion and Brendan could not hold back and kissed her back with equal zeal. Slowly she moved right hand down to face of his gym shorts and rubbed his cock. Brendan moved his hips to match her motion and groaned.

?Do you want me,? she asked? Brendan nodded slightly.

She took him by his hand to the bed room and had him lie on the bed. She told him to wait a minute and exited the room only to return with her clothes that she had left lying on living room floor. As she came near the bed, she stopped and asked, ?I am excited by you. I do want you as well but I want to teach my boyfriend a lesson in all of this. You have to agree or you will not get me. Do you understand??

Brendan nodded but was not sure what she was going to ask.

She then said, ?I will give you anything you want but you have to let me face time this prick of a boyfriend so he can see that you are fucking me. I will keep your face out of it. He will not know where I am being fucked since he has never been in your place. I will not tell you my name either. Do you agree to this or not??? As she said of all this to Brendan, she had dropped her Teddy, walked over to the side of the bed that Brendan was and removed his gym shorts.

Brendan agreed with, ?As long as you do not show my face to him then I agree.?

She took her cell phone and dialed the number as she put her black Teddy back on. She put it on speaker so Brendan could hear the conversation. Brendan could hear the phone ringing and could see her smiling at him.

The phone connected and the speaker said, ?Hey baby. I am surprised that you called me so quickly after our last phone conversation. I am sorry that I am being such a jerk but you just do not know how much it would turn me on. I am also sorry that I put you on the spot this afternoon when that good looking kid passed us. I could just imagine that stud with you so I guess I was being selfish once again.?

?It is okay sweetie,? she purred, ?I am beginning to understand your desires. Perhaps I have been selfish of your wishes and think maybe you are right.?


?Yes. Would you like to see me in my black see through Teddy right now? It is new and a present for you.?

?Hell yes. You want me to come over now??

?No, I thought that we might face time it so I could prime you a little bit,? was her response as she walked closer to the bed where Brendan was lying.

?Great idea baby. I would love to see you in it and perhaps I might even jack off in front of you.?

?Okay honey, connect me to you now,? she said as she pushed the button and positioned herself against Brendan?s wall. Brendan had a painting hanging on the wall right above her head and she stood exactly beneath it as the picture begin to transmit.

As he began to see her in one of the sexiest outfits she had ever worn, he commented, ?Wow baby that is so hot and makes your body look so great.?

?Thanks Jeff. Noticed anything else in the picture besides me??

?Hmmm, not sure. Move your phone a little higher because I cannot quite make out what is above your head in the apartment.? She moved the cell phone up till only he could see her face and the majority of the picture was viewable. ?Baby, did you get a new picture to hang on the wall??

?No Jeff, I did not and good of you to notice. You have been so hell bent on seeing me with someone well this is your day,? she exalted as she panned the cell phone to show Brendan?s cock.

?Shit, are you kidding me? You are in some guy?s bedroom that has a hard on with you in that Teddy??

?That is right you bastard. I am going to suck and fuck this cock till it shoots cum all over the place. So get ready you little prick because this was all your notion and I am sick of it!? With that, she placed her mouth on Brendan?s cock and began to suck it deeply into her throat while moaning loudly. She was holding the phone close to her face so Jeff could see every inch go down her throat and see her hand at the bottom of a cock shaft that was bigger than his.

?My god baby, what are you doing? I cannot believe that you are doing this to me??

She ignored him and continued sucking the hard stiff cock that was in her mouth. She was surprised that she was getting turn on and could feel the warm right hand of Brendan reaching down to her ass. She move so he could touch her more easily. She moved her head upward and just off the head of his shaft saying into the phone, ?Oh baby, I never thought a stranger?s cock could taste so good. You really were right and I should have done this long ago. Do you like it baby?? She then turned the phone to show only her face to him.

His face was flushed and she could not tell what was going on in his mind. He did seem to be nodding like he was saying yes but it was so slight she was not sure what he was implying.

Brendan loved the feel of her skin. He slowly reached down into her ass crack and slid his finger between them. He was surprised to find that her pussy juices had wormed their way into this area. He was even more surprised that she moved herself to give him more access. So he took that as the sign and slowly inserted one finger into her tight ass. She moaned and pushed back so he could get deeper.

?Oh my God Jeff, he is fingering my ass! You need to see this,? and she took the phone and put it behind her and leaned more on her side so Jeff could see a good sized hand with the middle finger probing his girlfriend?s asshole. He could hear her telling the mystery man to put one more finger in her and Jeff watched her ass being stretched with a second finger.

With that, she faced Jeff once more and told him that he should be doing this to her as well. He only nodded deeper than he was already. Then she realized, he was jacking off. She confronted him and said, ?You fuck, you are jacking off right now aren?t you? Show me you little shit.?

Jeff slowly panned down his cell phone and the screen showed her a very erect cock with his hand clenching it. He brought the phone back to his face and told her, ?Please baby, put that big cock in you. I want to see you fuck him senseless.?

She did not hesitate. She put the phone down so he could not see anything. She then put Brendan in a position where she could mount him and show his big rigid cock going in and out of her when she put the phone on the night stand.

The image began to transmit to Jeff and he watched the big cock split her pussy lips apart. He was stunned to see that the cock glistened with her juices and she was riding it for her life. Amazingly within four minutes, she had cum all over his ball sac. She was oozing a lather that he had never seen.

Brendan could feel her pussy stream and he began to buck her hard and she was not used to having a younger stronger man but she loved the way he could lift her. He was basically jackhammering her onto his cock. She said only this to her mystery man, ?Fuck me harder. Please.?

Brendan could no longer keep quiet and told her that he was loving hot wet pussy and would cum in her like no man had ever done before him. Jeff could hear the voice of Brendan but could not place it.

She told Brendan in a whisper to not cum in my pussy. ?I want you to cum in my mouth and on my face. I want him to smell your scent when I see him.? She then sat up and screamed, ?Cum in my mouth baby. I want the pussy boy to see what a man does to a whore.?

Brendan stood up while she grabbed the phone and kneeled on the floor. She looked at Jeff and said, ?Watch this you little shit.? As she turned the phone and opened her mouth, cum was spewing out Brendan?s cock that had been stored for more than a year. He covered her face and a bountiful amount had found its way home into her mouth.

She turned to face the phone and Jeff?s eyes were huge with wonder. He could tell that she had received more cum in one outing then he could produce in a week. The only thing said to him by her was, ?Since you like watching me do this, I plan to suck and fuck this cock all the time. You will watch me and you will clean my face or pussy up from now on. This cum covered face is a warning to you as to what you will be digesting from now on. That is the way it is if you want to be with me. Agreed??

Jeff could only nod because he was exhausted from cumming all over himself and she could see a larger puddle of jizz than normal by him lying on his shirt.

When he finally caught his breath, he told her, ?Hmmm baby, you are the sexiest woman I have ever known. I love you and you can ride that Mustang anytime you wish. That cum is fine for me.?

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