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Natalie, the artist

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At my wife's urging, I am writing this story. It all started with the local High School Spring Musical. My wife is the theater director, early forties, tall, slim, and sexy as hell. Her long, blonde hair and GREAT legs are head turners. I have often told her that most of the male teachers and some of the female teachers would LOVE to get her in bed. She just laughs it off. We would soon find out. Denise's assistant is a woman who is not happy with being an assistant, and it shows. She recently went behind Denise's back and tried to get her job. Talking behind her back and running her talents down caused a problem. Sadly for the assistant, she was up against a person with the mentality of a fighter pilot. Cool under pressure and the heart of a killer. Also, I am a Principal of another school in our district making things worse for the assistant. She was soon no longer the assistant. All the drama caused some problems for Denise. The amount of work involved was tremendous. I tried to help. In stepped Natalie. She is an art teacher in Denise's building, and had helped with the sets for a few years. She was able to see things from a different perspective. Also, when I was helping it was hard to play good cop, bad cop with teenagers when you are a married couple. Teenagers are a tough breed. The musical was a huge success and Denise and Natalie become better friends. How good I wasn't aware of. Natalie was invited to the "girls" weekend after the musical was over. They head to Atlantic City on Friday afternoon and return on Monday evening. Little did I know how this was going to impact my sex life. A few weeks after the trip I was upstairs and Denise and Natalie were in our kitchen. They were unaware that I was able to listen to their conversation. I heard Natalie say that she was glad Denise seduced her in AC. Denise replied that it didn't take much seducing. One kiss, Natalie kissed back, pajamas were shed and they fucked each other. They both laughed. I waited a few minutes and made my way downstairs. Phone in hand, I made my way downstairs. Denise told me that Natalie was staying for dinner. I told her I was on my way to see Mike and would be home at 5PM, giving them plenty of alone time. I was not sure anything would happen, but giving them nearly two hours alone might give them the chance. I called mike, a lifestyle friend of ours, and had him cover for me. I then went downstairs to the basement, placed Denise.s bag of "toys" strategically, took down the cover on the bed in the playroom, folded the sheet back, then covered the bed. Out the door I went. Again, I called Mike and told him that we might have a single lady join our little group. He wanted details. I told him 5'4", maybe 115 pounds, sexy as hell and a little younger than us. He seemed VERY interested. I drove about a quarter, parked the car, and walked home. Entering the back of the house allowed me to see that the ladies were not in the kitchen any longer. Also, entering from the back of the house gave me easier access to the basement steps. Slowly, I made my way to the top of the steps. I could hear the sounds of passion. I crept down the steps, not that they would have heard me. Natalie was on her back being tongued fucked by Denise. She was moaning, begging, pleading for more loving. It appeared that Denise was more than willing to do so. Natalie is a screamer and was in good voice. She had a mind blowing orgasm and I think the neighbors knew it. Wow, what a turn on. After a short rest, I was ready to sneak out, Natalie said it was Denise's turn to cum. Natalie got Denise's strap on and went down on Denise, getting her motor going. I think Denise had orgasm number one. Natalie got behind Denise and slid the cock into her. getting a gasp from Denise. Soon they were into a nice,slow rhythm with Denise asking for a good fuck. Natalie increased the thrusting, bringing Denise to orgasm. Denise said that Natalie always makes her cum so good. I knew that i should make my way out of the house. I got to my car, had a few minutes to kill, thought about what I had just witnessed, and wondered how I could make this work out for me. I can't help it, its a guy thing. I arrived home at exactly at 5PM, the ladies were relaxing, glass of wine in hand, looking refreshed. I handled the grill, the ladies had everything else under control. I went downstairs, the "toys" were back in the bag, the bag was in the middle of the closet, turned down the covers on the bed, sheets were not as I left them, and it looked like Denise's panties were under the bed. Amateur moves. Dinner was great. the ladies looked GREAT, and we decided to hot tub after dinner. The ladies went to change in the small powder room, me upstairs. We met at the tub and relaxed, beautiful night.We needed a second round of after dinner drinks and I asked Natalie to help me. In the kitchen I approached Natalie and asked her how long she and Denise had been lovers. The look on her face was priceless, she knew she/they were busted. She moved toward me, we embraced, we kissed. I was in heaven. I removed her top, she pulled at my bathing suit, soon we were both naked. Drinks in hand we made our way to the hot tub. Denise smiled and told us she liked our outfits. Natalie told her she was over dressed. Denise reached behind her and showed us her bikini. Now, I was REALLY in heaven. We finished our drinks, went to the bedroom, and the ladies had their way with me. On my back I had Natalie slowly impale herself on my cock, Denise, facing Natalie sat on my face allowing me to lick her cunt. Soon it was apparent that Denise was nearing the finish and cum she did. I was soaked and loving it. This got Natalie going, knowing her lover had climaxed. Denise crawled off me and Natalie leaned forward and kissed me and licked Denise's juices from my face. Readjusting, Natalie squatted on my cock and began to pound her cunt down on me. I knew when she orgasmed, just before me. I exploded inside her. As we came back to earth, I had to chuckle. The ladies asked what was so funny. I asked them if they wanted to know how I knew they were lovers. They were sure they wanted to know. They wanted the details. I told them I heard about AC earlier, then set a trap. they wanted details. I told them we needed to go to the basement. I showed them the bag of "toys" that had been moved, pulled back the cover to show the sheets, and lastly I reached down and picked up the pair of panties. We all embraced, I bent Denise over, she needed some cock, slid into her, and slowly fucked her. Denise patted the bed in front of her. Natalie moved in front of Denise's waiting tongue. Denise cleaned her up, I increased my motions, Natalie was getting louder, Denise was showing signs of cumming, Natalie came, followed by Denise. That was all I could take, exploding in Denise. We have become VERY good friends with Natalie, even introducing her to other of our lifestyle friends.

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