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SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "Natalie, The Artist White Hat".

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Natalie, the artist- white hat

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After being watched by Natalie's mom, I couldn't shake the thought of somehow knowing this lady.Three days went by and Natalie didn't call or text that we had been caught by her mom, fucking. I wasn't going to tell her and didn't even tell my wife, Denise. Still the feeling That I had seen her before kept creeping in. About a week later I was out on a training run, no stop off at Natalie's. I turned into Natalie's cul de sac, more to go by her moms house than anything. It was a little out of the way, but a few more steps wouldn't hurt. As I approached her moms house a classic car was being backed out of the garage. A 1966 Chevy, maroon with a white convertible top. This caught my attention. One, I love classic cars owning one myself and two, this car seemed familiar. I looped through the development eyeing the Chevy on the way out. When i turned to head for home I again ran through Natalie's cul de sac. The Chevy had been washed and was now getting waxed. From the other side of the street I could see a man and a woman working on the car. As I turned to run up their side of the street, the guy nodded and the lady looked me right in the eye and waved. I am not sure if she recognized me or not. Later that afternoon i was looking around the lifestyle site to see if any friends were online, possible parties, meet and greets, etc. I clicked on Who's On and on near the top of the page was a couple nearby. I clicked on their profile, looked at some photos and to my surprise there was Natalie's mom, naked on the hood of the Chevy, arms and legs spread, with that damn hat over her face! When your feelings are that strong you are usually right. Now it was time to put a plan together. Denise and I always check out couples and singles together. I called to her and showed her their profile. A little older than us, but in our and their age range. It seemed we had similar interests, so Denise said drop them a line. Later that night we got a reply, it seems they had an interest in meeting. We set it up for the next afternoon. We met at a nearby Pub, had a few drinks, talked, and got to feel comfortable. Their profile said they sometimes play on the first meeting if everyone was in agreement. We are the same way. After about an hour Denise asked Jim to dance, off they went. I am not much of a dancer, so Fran and I sat close together. It was then that she said "our little secret" I told her I had not even told Denise. She asked if Denise knew about me and Natalie, I replied Denise and Natalie have been lovers longer than her and I. Fran seemed shocked. When the dance was over we agreed to take this to our house for some "fun". It was then we all realized we had all walked the short distance to the Pub. As we neared our section, Jim and Fran laughed at how close we lived to them. Jim told us their daughter lived right down the street from them. Denise and I traded glances. Once in the house, Denise took Jim to the downstairs playroom, Fran and I heading upstairs. Clothes were soon an afterthought, stripping each other quickly. Fran and Natalie could have been sisters. Both having the same sexy bodies. I laid Fran on the bed and slowly worked my way around her body. From her lips to her eyelids, across her cheeks I trailed my tongue. Next i nuzzled her neck, she let out a small sigh. Her right breast, then the nipple were kissed followed by her left breast getting the same attention. She began to moan and squirm. Is it possible that Fran is a screamer like her daughter. I would soon find out. Kissing down her slim body I neared her pussy, I teased a little before kissing her cunt. Next came licking, Fran got louder. When I started sucking her clit she went wild. Yes, she is a screamer. I LOVE that!! I had her sit on my face and I put my right arm inside her right leg. This gave me full access to her shaved cunt. I could eat, then finger, eat again. I started to rapidly finger fuck her, she was going wild. I put a second finger in her and finger fucked her harder. I knew she was close to cumming as she told me so. She then showered me with cum, squirting all over my face. Yet, another turn on. When she caught her breath she told me it was my turn. She had me on my back, licking her cum off of my face, saying she LOVED the taste of pussy. She tongued her way down my body, driving me crazy with her expertise. Soon she found my cock and balls, paying special attention to it all. When she had me in a sexual frenzy, she asked me if I could cum twice like I did with Natalie. I told her I could. She then proceeded to lick and suck me until I couldn't hold off any longer. Fran knew I was really close and doubled her efforts. I blew my load into her and came like a man who was deprived of pleasure. I shot a large load of cum in her mouth. She took it all. Fran excused herself and went into the bathroom. When she came back we lay next to each other and chatted. She wanted to know details of how Denise and Natalie became lovers, when I entered the picture and so on. As we chatted she played with my cock and I began to stiffen. She said she liked guys who could recover quickly. I told her she kept the conversation going, turning me on and playing with my cock helped. Fran then went down on me, saying she was hoping to get fucked from behind just like I fucked Natalie. This brought back memories of her watching me fuck her daughter. I was stiff in seconds. Fran remarked that it seemed that triggered something in me. Without speaking, I got her on all fours, slid into her sopping wet cunt and proceeded to pound her like I did Natalie. Fran got really trashy, telling me what to do, how good I was doing it, begging for me to pound her harder. occasionally a scream would escape. I was REALLY turned on. She reached back between her legs after she came again, played with her clit, screamed, then played with my balls. That was all I could take, cum spurted into her cunt, she screamed again, and we collapsed on the bed. As we came back to reality we realized we had been in bed about 90 minutes. Fran said we should go see what our spouses are up to. As it turns out Denise and Jim were still fucking. Fran and I crept down the steps to see Jim on his back and Denise squatting over him, banging the hell out of him. Denise said she was cumming, her tits bouncing with each thrust. She came and Jim was not far behind. after they came back to earth, Jim said they had gone upstairs, heard Fran screaming and went back downstairs for round two. All in all a VERY fun night.

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