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My wifes new friend

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My wifes new friend.

My wife Dee and I have been swinging for a few years now, but she has yet to have another man make her cum.

Now at age 50 my 5'3 140 lb hispanic wife has found joy in swinging. We have been chatting with a guy about 1 hour away from us. He is really in to Dee and she is loving it. So the time comes for us to meet. We drive to a hotel half hour away and he tells us the room number , mind you Dee has already had a few cocktails. We get to the room and we met John. He's a good looking man, 6'4 300LBS , but carries it well , like a linebacker. We chat and he's pretty nervous , so we have a few drinks so they can relax . After about half an hour of talking , everyone is comfortable. I stand up and make out with my wife then tell her to have fun and text me when she wants me to join in. The look on her face was priceless , confused but confident. He asked it I was ok with this and I told him to have fun as I closed the room door behind me.

Now I drive to a burger joint a block away and sit in the car thinking about what my wife and john are doing. I know he cant last long fucking my wife, her pussy is like warm silk. I know this all sounds crazy, but my sexy wife deserves to enjoy her self. She has taken a few for the team and has never complained. After about 45 min my wife text me to join in.

I knock on the door and John opens it standing there naked. Over his shoulder my wife is on her back legs spread and glistening from the fuckjng she received. I enter the room and quickly undress , my 8 inch cock throbbing. I asked my wife if she had fun and she replied "fuck yes". Then John knelt by her head with his cock still wet from her pussy, his cock was not as long as mine but it was really thick. I got on the bed and fingered Dee, his cum was still leaking out of her. I guess in her excitement over his thick cock she chose to go bareback. In 20 years of marriage my wife is finally enjoying another man.

Now I'm really turned on with my wife , she guides my cock into her pussy with one hand while her other hand is barely able to hold Johns cock as she pulls him to her mouth. She milks his fat cock like a pro and cleans the mixture of their juices from him. Her pussy is so hot and wet from his cum I hacve to slowly fuck her so I don't cum yet. By this time his cock ih hard again and to watch my gorgeous wife bob up and down on his cock was almost to much for me. I pulled out my cock and moved my wife to the Ottoman. I stood over her head wich was hanging over the edge and she pulled my cock to her mouth and began giving me one of her best blowjobs. John pushed her legs up over her head so I held them spread as he rubbed her pussy with his cock, ever so slowly I watched him push that fat cock past my wifes pussy lips until he was balls deep. Dee is moaning all over my cock now , she pulls my cock out of her mouth just long enough to tell john to fuck her hard . He doesn't need to be told twice, this huge man was now poundind Dees pussy with everything he had, I feel my cum building in my balls , I grab dees head and hold it still while I face fuck her and shoot load after load down her throat. I pull my cock from her mouth and let the last of my cum land on her lips and face. Now shes begging john to fuck her harder and to cum deep inside her, john happily obliges. Watching my wife be fucked this good was a complete turn on. John starts moaning hes gonna cum and with a few mighty thrust dumps his seed deep in dees pussy just as she is having a major orgasm. As john pulls his cock from wy wifes swollen pussy the cum river flows out down to her ass and on to the Ottoman, this whole time im holding her legs apart. John takes my place and puts his cock in dees mouth so she can lick him clean.

We both help Dee up from the Ottoman as her legs a trembling so much she can barely stand, cum running down her legs as she goes to the bathroom to clean up. John collapses on the bed spent , I sit in the chair and toss john a beer while I crack one open. He's telling me how awesome Dee is and I'm lucky to have a woman like her. Dee joins us sitting on the bed next to John. We talk for about an hour like were old friends. Now I join them on the bed ready for some more. I start making out with Dee she reaches out to her sides and starts playing with our cocks, I move down to her breast and start kissing her tits and playing with her nipples. She pulls john closer and starts making out with him, now I move down to eat her pussy and john starts playing with her tits. My wife did a good job cleaning her pussy because I really didnt want to taste another mans cum. Dee is grabbing my head and face fucking me with her pussy . Im at full mast again and johns got his cock in my wifes mouth . My wife is violently cumming and squirting on my face as I lap up her juices. When shes done I take position ready to fuck her doggy stlye . She gets john on his knees and I slide my cock in her from behind , after 15 minutes of hard banging im not gonna hold back anymore, Dees cumming on my cock again as she giving John some great head. I let loose another huge load in Dees pussy . She immediately pushes John on his back and quickly slams her pussy on to Johns cock and starts to ride him. Im catching my breath and have a perfect view of Johns cock stretching Dees pussy with each thrust. I slowly reach up and tried to put a finger in her ass , but she motions me away. Hey I tried. Dee starts cumming on his cock and shes squirting again a flood of juice runs out and now its making a squishing sound with each thrust upwards from Johns thick cock. John can't hold back and rolls Dee over so know shes on her back legs up in the air tits bouncing as John starts cumming. He's fucking her so hard its like he's gonna push her through the mattress. She's screaming how good his cock feels and how she loves his cum insider her. Then he starts cumming again Dee is holding on for dear life as he empties his balls in to her well fucked pussy.

We all have another beer as we get dressed. We talk some more, by this time we worked up an appetite. We leave the hotel and goe to a nearby restaurant for dinner. We really enjoyed his company and I told him he can join us anytime and if Dee wanted to meet him in private, it was ok with me. On the way home I told my wife she could fuck him whenever she wanted just as long as I knew about it, she said she wouldn't want to. We have already set a date with john next month so Dee could try a DP.

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