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My wifes eye exam

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Recently, my beautiful 35 year old blonde wife Chris mentioned to me that she had decided she wanted to try getting contact lenses, as she was tired of misplacing her glasses all of the time and needed a new look. I told her that I really like the look of a hot woman in glasses ?and especially with nothing else on but heels. She said, ?Don?t worry, I?ll still have the glasses ready any time.? She is a slim, in shape mom with a pair of 36D breasts and pink nipples that stand way out, seemingly all the time. She has short blonde hair and a really fine round ass. Even after two kids, she still looks like we did when we met.

We have been married for 8 years and although she likes to flirt a bit after a few cocktails, not much more had happened than that since we have been together. She was with her first husband since high school and he was extremely jealous and controlling. So back then, there was not even some flirting. I have encouraged her to loosen up a bit and she slowly is coming around, but she is still very cautious.

Chris is a surgical nurse and works with any number of eye surgeons. She decided to go see 42 year old Dr Brian, who she mentioned a few times that she thought was in really great shape and had even fantasized about him at work when they were in the OR together. He always made borderline comments on how great Chris looked and what a shame it was she had to be covered in the surgical scrubs all day. She liked the attention and often came home and told me the stories of what flirtations they had that day. I enjoyed hearing just what went on?it was quite a turn on and I looked forward to the days she worked with him, knowing there might be some fun times ahead that night. She too got turned on telling me about those happenings in the OR with him and that often led to a great night of sex.

So the day came for the appointment with Dr Brian in his office downtown. She had dressed just a bit hotter than usual for a simple day out, wearing a very tight top and fairly short shorts. I pretty much forgot about the appointment and when she returned home, she was strangely excited. I asked how it went and she tells me that she had her new ?test lenses? on and was trying to get used to them. Then she says she has even more to tell me. She explains that she was brought into the exam room and was seated in the chair that you get the eye tests in, as always. Dr Brian came in and greeted her with a smile and a friendly hug telling her how pleased he was that she chose him as her eye doctor.

He performed all of the usual tests and with those, he is in close proximity to her. She says he smelled real good and she felt a little bit of excitement each time he came near. Once the tests were done, he moved away the equipment and said he was going to try a couple of different lenses to see how she liked them. So he brought over a set and reviewed how they were to be inserted. He made one of his usual comments about ?they should just slip right in and feel great?

As he helped her put them in her eyes, his hands were touching her face and as he leaned in he pressed against her breasts, just a bit longer than he needed to it seemed to her. But she enjoyed the sensation and she thought he could sense that, based on the look he gave her as he backed away and the points of her nipples clearly visible through her top. He smiled as he stared at her obvious reaction and said ?I guess we have the AC turned up a bit too high maybe?? She looked down at where he what he was referring to and blushed bright red and headed to the door saying her good byes.

That was all that happened that visit, but for the next few days in the OR, she says Dr Brian was quite a bit more aggressive with his sexual comments as well as ?casually? brushing against my wife during the day. Since she is the only one in that sterile room that can touch anything that needed fixing, she was often called on to do all kinds of things.

This one day Dr Brian said his scrub bottoms were coming loose and she would have to pull them up and retie them. She asked if he was kidding and he said ?either fix them or I will do the surgery with no pants on?and I always go sans boxers? She blushed a bit, but went ahead and pulled them up and as she did so, he pressed against her side with this ?real solid erection? as she put it. They both had on masks so he could not see her big grin, but again, their eyes met and held a stare for just a bit. She says she was actually shaking for the rest of the surgery and was quite surprised at her own reaction. I really enjoyed this story and she was extra loud in bed that night.

I later asked how she felt about her reaction and again she blushed and said she hesitated telling me for fear I would be angry, since up till now the stories were simply just about joking around. This was a bit more serious to her and she was unsure how to feel since she was married and not looking for trouble. I assured her that it was a real turn on to me and that I knew she loved me and was free to have some innocent fun.

The next day she had a follow-up appointment with Dr Brian as the lenses seemed to be causing her some issues, since she got them earlier that week. This time she had on a soft sundress that fit her curved form real well and could not be worn with a bra. I told her she looked hot and she just smiled as she left. She later told me that when he came into the exam room, he said he wanted to try a new pair that would help her.

As he was finishing placing them in, he let his hand slide down ever so slowly to her left breast and gently cupped it in his hand through the stretchy material of the thin strapped sundress. She was quite shocked and froze for a moment as he locked eyes with her waiting for a reaction. He found his way to her long hardening nipple and played with it through her dress. She was so surprised, that she just sat there smiling, again shaking with excitement and allowed him to continue for a moment.

Now her big fear was someone from his staff walking into the room and she finally told him so. But he said not to worry and then moved his hand inside the stretchy top of her dress feeling the warmth of her now heaving chest sliding his fingers from one breast to the other. She was torn between wanting to put a stop to this, but not wanting to let this feeling pass as she never broke eye contact with him.

He gently leaned closer and kissed her lightly on her lips as he pushed the straps down on her dress letting it slip below her tits and then fondled both her breasts and squeezed her straining pink nipples. She was melting right there and was still terrified at the same time for my possible reaction, as well as being caught. She looked away from his eyes and off to the side where she could see the all too familiar bulge in his pants from the OR earlier. She was tempted to reach out and touch it, but hesitated unsure of where this was going or if she even wanted it to go somewhere.

He was now kissing her neck while one hand slowly started down the front of her dress and just above her hand that was pressed between her legs. That was where she came out of her haze and grabbed his hand and said ?I have my period, so that is not happening? She questioned herself as to why she felt the need to tell him that, rather than just say NO. She fixed her dress and prepared to leave. He touched her hand gently as she turned to leave and she gave his a squeeze without another word.

This latest story really got me going and once she finished, I had to admit I was so hard that I just grabbed her and we went at it right there on the couch. She was soaked and it was pure raw sex?fast and incredible. Neither of us wanted to delve into what was happening, but I know I wanted to see where this went. I encouraged her to keep the stories coming, but she expressed her concern about letting this go too far and risking our marriage as well as her job. I told her to do what she thought best, but inside I wanted her to keep this going.

Two days later her eyes were really bothering her from the new lenses and she called the doctor?s office asking if he could see her after work that day. They set up an appointment for 5pm after she got off her shift. She had on a short denim skirt and a loose tank top which was fairly low cut as she had originally planned on meeting me for dinner.

She later explained that when he came in, he stated that she quite possibly just could not wear contacts based on the issues she was having and might want to give her eyes a rest. At that point there was an awkward silence and out of nowhere she had a strange impulse and reached down and slowly pulled up her skirt and let him have a glance at her with no panties on before she pulled it back down looking into his eyes and gauging his reaction. She also was clean shaved and he did not hesitate fearing he would lose his chance.

He sat in his rolling chair and rolled right up between her legs where he could get extremely close to her smooth open thighs. He put the armrests down and asked her to ?lean back and do that again? She complied gently raising her skirt and at that point he slid one finger and then a second inside her soaked slit. (she told me also that when she was in the waiting room, she was so wet from the anticipation of seeing him again after the last visit, she could not sit still in the chair) She moaned a bit and grabbed for his hand. He pulled out his fingers and licked them as she just sat there mesmerized at what she was letting him do. He again inserted his fingers and then pulled them out and said ?you have to taste how sweet you are? ?and she did, licking his fingers and trembling the whole time.

He asked her to stand, pulled up her skirt and fingered her deeply while he was licking her ass and squeezing her breast with his free hand. Again anyone could walk in at any time, as there was no lock on the door. This was just too much for her and she knew she was fast reaching an orgasm and certainly did not want to make any noise. But it was too late and she felt it building deep inside her and it came over her like a wave. He knew this and felt her juices just flowing out of her and all over his hand. She gripped the chair for balance and bit her tongue to keep down her moans of pleasure. Her knees were shaking and she could not believe the speed and intensity of what just happened.

When she recovered, she knew she had to stop this right now and fast. She told him this was way too risky and that she really had to leave. He backed off very disappointed. But as she left, she looked over her shoulder and asked ?what if he get together outside of work?? He asked where and she said ?at my house, with my husband and I? He hesitated asking ?why not somewhere on our own?? She made it clear ?if this was going to go any further, my husband had to be aware and a part of it, otherwise, this ends now?

He then agreed saying that it sounded strange to him but as long as there were no issues with her husband, he was in. She assured him it would be OK. They chose Friday night and she gave him the address and she left flashing him on the way out with a great rear end shot and a smile.

Once she finished her account of all of this, I was in shock. She told me if I wanted, she would just call and cancel with Dr Brian. I had all kinds of thoughts going on, including if I could actually watch her with another man. We went to bed and again had some of the best sex of our lives as this was running around in my mind.

At one point I even asked her to tell me what she wanted to do with him on Friday. She said ?I really want to pick up where we left off and I will leave it to you to decide just how far this would go or when to stop.? I was content with that and fell asleep picturing all of what had happened as well as what might be.

Friday night came and Chris spent an extra hour getting ready after her shower. She wore a short back semi see through dress that was never worn in front of anyone but me and only here at home. Also black heels and a transparent black g- string. She looked spectacular and I told her so. The doorbell rang as he was right on time. Chris answered the door proudly in her incredibly sexy outfit and his jaw just dropped staring, as I got us all drinks after a brief introduction, and they settled in on the couch. He was, I could tell, still a bit unsure about me being there and asked if there were any issues. I assured him that all was good and we would definitely have a fun night. With that, he put an arm around her and kissed her long and deep as she moaned just a bit.

She told him she wanted to dance for him and asked me to put on some good music. I did just that and she got up swaying slowly in front of him as he just followed her every move. I was rubbing my throbbing cock enthralled with my wife?s new found openness. She slid off the straps of her dress one then the other and slid the top down baring her ripe mounds for him to feast on as she was looking past him at me. I nodded to her encouragingly and she felt a new bravado.

Ever so coolly she pushed the dress down over her hips and then kicked it off to the side as he stared at her in just the heels and a g-string. This was so fucking hot and I was totally engrossed in the action. She leaned in as she was still dancing, so he could fondle her swaying tits and he reached out pulling her close so he could suck on her now very pointed nipples. This really got her excited and she then sat in his lap straddling him and grinding on his straining erection.

Chris pulled his shirt over his head and he was kissing her and touching her everywhere. She finally said it was time to move to the bedroom, looking over to me to be sure it was OK. Just her eye contact with me and seeing her straining excitement, made this even better for me. I again smiled and asked that she lead the way. Things were really moving fast now and as they reached the bedroom, Dr Brian was already pulling off his pants sporting a real thick 8 incher. ( I was about 7?, but nowhere near as thick) She stared for a moment and openly told him ?I really love your thick dick and have wanted to feel it in my mouth since you pressed up against me that day in the OR?.

I had never heard her say anything like that and it was only the beginning. She sat on the bed and he instructed her to ?lick the tip of the dick you say you have been thinking of.? She was like an obedient child reaching out to grab it with her shaking hands and bringing the dripping tip to her lips. I knew she gave a great blow job, but never thought I would see it from this angle. She was taking almost all of it in her mouth, twisting with her hands on the shaft and moaning louder and louder. She said ?I love sucking your dick? and he kept telling her to talk to him. Chris was not a talker, but quite a noisy moaner normally, but tonight she was a totally different woman. She grabbed his ass and screamed ?pump my mouth, grab my hair!!. I want to milk every drop you have!!?

He was just lost in the action, as was I. After an extended period of this, he grabbed her shoulders and told her ?Lie on your back and spread your legs wide. I want to watch you rub you clit?play with yourself and tell me how it feels.? She slid her fingers down to her moist slit and slowly rubbed up and down and then inserted a finger that was glistening with her juices. ?It feels so damn wet and I am so turned on right now rubbing my cunt in front of someone other than my husband. I want you to take that thick fucking dick and jam it in my pussy, while my husband watches every inch sliding in and out of me. I want to feel you fill me with your cum and then feel it running down my legs later.?

He smiled, looked over at me, dick in hand, and said ?Chris, your husband will never forget this and neither will I?

With that, he moved in between her legs with his pulsating dick and her apprehension was obvious. She looked at me one last time and she knew by the expression on my face that there was no way I wanted her to stop.

He placed the large round head of his cock at the entrance to my amazing wife?s waiting pussy and started entering her, a little at a time. She reached down to help him and get herself spread as wide as she could. She was so wet that it took little effort after that. His entire length was inside my wife and I was transfixed. His pace was picking up and he asked her what she wanted again. She said ?fuck me hard, fuck me, oh please fuck me!!!? This seemed to go on for quite some time and she was getting louder and I could see her face start to really change as her orgasm was fast approaching.

Soon she was bucking wildly and all Dr Brian could do was hold on to her ass and keep pounding her. She kept cumming and cumming one after another. Chris can have any number of orgasms back to back?but I never saw her this engrossed with wanting more as each one overcame her.

Her nails were dug into his ass and she was slapping it loudly. He was reaching his peek and she could feel him grow inside her. She said ?cum in me?shoot your load into my pussy?I want to feel you explode!" With that, he could take no more and let out a loud moan and started filling her with all he had. She was crazed with lust and kept pulling him in deeper wanting every drop inside her. I finally lost it too and just let fly as this scene was more that I could have imagined. They were wiped out and he just fell along side of her and kissed each other as they tried to catch their breath. He told her ?that was the most incredible sex ever? She smiled and stated ?it?s early, who knows if it can?t get even better.?

I went to get us drinks and when I returned, they were in the shower together. I could hear them laughing as they described to each other what they just had experienced. They came out drying off, took the drinks and sat on the bed side by side.

After a bit of friendly discussion with all three of us, Chris reached over and grabbed his semi hard dick and asked ? Can we do that again?. ? He looked at me and I said ?please do, as I want to film this one? He agreed that was fine and rolled my wife onto her stomach and started massaging her ass as I grabbed the video camera.

She was moaning lightly as he pressed his fingers into the crack of her ass. She was still quite soaked after the shower and he slid a couple of fingers into her cunt from behind as she lifted her ass up a bit to allow him in. Her ass was wiggling side to side as she told him how good it felt.

By now he was sporting another full erection as he got to his knees straddling my bride and grabbed her hips pulling her ass toward his rock hard pole. He said ?do you want more Chris?tell me you do? She looked over at me and right into my eyes and almost growled to him ?I want to come all over your dick while you take me from behind even deeper than the first time. Fuck me till we collapse!!?

He then positioned his bouncing rod at the entrance to her waiting slippery hole and slammed it in hard and she let out a sound like I had not ever heard her make. He was ramming it into her and she was pushing back to meet every thrust. He then started playing with her asshole and I could not believe she let him, as I never could get her to consider that. He slowly moved his thumb, pressing on her back door as he continued to pound her from behind trying to keep from knocking her over with the thrusting. But she had a tight grip on the headboard to be sure she was staying on her knees.

Then he pressed a bit harder and his thumb was in her ass and she seemed to moan allot louder and let him know it was OK. It went in deeper and she just made more sounds of excitement. Now both her holes were filled and I was ready to blow another load. But I really wanted to have a feel of what the fine doc was getting, so I held off. I also did not want to miss a moment of this action with my camera, so I could see it over and over one day soon.

His pace was picking up as she was again on her way to another series of monster orgasms. She was shaking her head and screaming ?I?m cumming, pound me harder!! Harder!!? She was over the edge and he too could only let it go shooting his second load of the night into my wife?s ready pussy. She eventually fell flat on her face with him on top of her breathing heavily. He rolled off her and she looked over to me and asked ?do you want to see if you can get me off one more time??

I was ready, setting the camera on the dresser and jumped on the bed, flipped her on her back and readily slid into her cum filled slit. Dr Brian was sucking on her tits and kissing her neck as I slammed my way into her. It was a strange feeling following up after another man was inside my wife and still next to us, but I was so turned on by this knowledge, that it just made my dick feel bigger than it ever had. Chris was screaming ?I?m coming again?fuck me, fuck me!!!? I could hold out no more and I could feel her getting even wetter as she shuddered with one more wave of orgasm. I felt like I was never going to stop spurting into her. It was incredible. I leaned over and kissed her and thanked her for a night to remember and thanked Dr Brian who had the biggest grin on his face.

Chris and Dr Brian got together only one other time as we were planning to move away after that. I was returning from a trip to Phoenix and really looking forward to the night ahead. Big storms hit along the way and I got diverted to Chicago for the night. I could not believe it.

I called Chris with the news and she asked what to do since she was going to be alone with just him. I said continue the night as planned and the only request I have is that you film the entire evening, so I can catch up on my return. The camera had already been set up before I left and Dr Brian did a great job capturing every single thing he did to my hot wife. They spent all night together and I loved watching every moment of the action. Nothing will ever replace that fist night, or so I thought. As it turned out, we had unleashed something in both of us that we were unaware of. Who knows what is next?but we never plan as Chris always reminds me??just let it happen?

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