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My first time in Vegas

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My first trip to Vegas, and I was going all by myself and for work. I knew my days would be full of training, and I figured my nights would be boring, but boy was I wrong! The first night was a dud since I was exhausted from the time change and not really wanting to hang out with people from work. I called it a night right after dinner and went to bed. The second night, I went to dinner with some girls from work at Paris, which was beautiful. We had a great dinner and a few glasses of wine. One of the girls lives in Vegas, and we told her she could leave us after dinner so we could walk and explore our way back to our own casino. We wanted to check out the Chandelier bar at the Cosmopolitan, so we walked through the hustle and bustle and ordered a drink at the bar. It was really pretty, and we talked about work and how they wished they could find a cute guy to hang out with since they are both single. I told them we should walk around and see if we could find them anyone since I am married and not interested in finding anyone to hang out with. As we sat at the bar, my attention kept getting drawn to a craps table close by because there were tons of people hanging around and apparently winning. Every few minutes, they would all scream and high-five each other, and it looked like a fun place to be. When we finished our drinks, I suggested that we go over and see what was going on since there were mostly men at that particular craps table. Neither of them was interested, and they suggested we separate and meet back at the bar in an hour. I decided I was going to go where the fun was and walked over to the back corner of the table where there was a little space in between all the people. One of the guys standing in front of me and to my left turned to look at me and moved over a little as if to give me room to play. I told him not to make room for me since I had no intentions of playing and had no idea what was going on. I told him I had been at the bar and decided to walk over to see what all the excitement was about. He laughed and tried to explain the game, and I pretended to be very interested. We introduced ourselves and told each other where we were from. His name was Brian, and he was from Kansas. After a few rounds of watching, he asked me if I was there for a convention, and I told him I wasn't. He told me he was, along with a bunch of his friends and introduced me to several of them who were standing by. One was his brother, who promptly said, "Hi of us is older and wiser, and the other is younger and better looking. Which one do you think is which?" They all laughed, and I told him I wasn't going to play his game. We stood at the table watching everyone win and getting more and more packed around the table as more people started to come over to see what all the commotion was about. Before long, we were all smashed in together watching and cheering. In a little while, I noticed Brian had his arm around me, and I was trying to be non-chalant about it. I thought "Well, maybe he is just trying to make sure I don't get knocked around with all of these people." I could tell he was a really nice guy and that he wasn't sleazy. After all, I was clearly wearing a wedding ring and was not flirting with him at all. It got to be a little too crowded, and I needed to check my phone to see what time it was since I didn't want to leave my co-workers waiting. I told him I would be right back and walked away to check my phone. He left right behind me and asked me what my plans were. I told him I was supposed to meet my friends and go back to our hotel. He said he and his friends were about to leave and go to NYNY, which is where we were staying. I told him that is where I was headed, too, and he said "Cool! Let's meet up over there." I told him that would be fine. He gave me his cell number, and I called it so he would have my number to meet up in case we got there at different times. Bridgette, Banke, and I left and decided to walk back since we were only a few casinos away from NYNY. We took our time getting back, and I told them I was going to play my $11 that I had allowed myself to gamble with and then go to bed. We walked around and found a 25c slot machine that seemed to be calling my name, walked up, and put my money in. I played for a little while, winning and losing, until all $11 was gone. My feet were killing me, so I told them I was going to bed. I had just gotten into my room and took my boots off when my phone rang. It was a KS phone number. I was actually shocked because I really thought we would all go our separate ways and not meet up again. I almost didn't answer because I was thinking about how comfy my bed would be, but instead I thought, "Why not go back downstairs and have some fun?" So...I answered. It was Brian asking me where I was. I told him to wait by the registration desk and I would be there in a few minutes. He hugged me when I walked up, and I asked him where his friends were. We went to watch them play craps again for a little while, but it was so smoky in the casino. He suggested we go get a drink and go for a walk, so I agreed. We went upstairs, he got a drink, and we walked outside to the skywalk. It was so pretty outside with all the lights, and we hung out there and talked, looking at all the crazy people and sights all around us. After a while, we got cold, so we started to go back inside. As I turned to walk away, I sensed that he was trying to lean in and get closer to me. I was really glad that I turned around when I did, and I realized I was going to have to point out the fact that I was married to make sure that he knew this was going nowhere. He was so nice, though, and I didn't want to assume that he was trying to kiss me. We walked back into another casino and ended up in a section that was weirdly deserted. There was a cozy bar with comfy couches, so we decided to rest for a little while before walking back. I deliberately sat at the very end with my back against the end of the couch and immediately put a big pillow right in front of me so there was space between me and where he was going to sit on the couch. We talked about kids and Vegas and our jobs and what we like to do in our free time, and out of nowhere, he said, "I really like you, and I REALLY want to kiss you right now." I said, "Well, thanks for warning me because you noticed I'm married, right? And that's not going to happen!" He kind of laughed and told me he was hoping we could not worry about that just for one night, and I told him that's not the way it works. He was a total gentleman about it, and we went right on laughing and talking about stuff. At one point, he said something about "Mark." I said, "Who are you talking about??" He said, "That's my brother that you met...his name is Mark." I told him that is my husband's name, and he was like, "Well, great." I decided it was time to go since I was getting tired, and we walked back. When we got back, his friends were wrapping up their games and meeting back up. I told them all to have fun, nice to meet them, etc, and he said he wanted a picture of all of us. We took a few pictures, and we hugged again, and he whispered "I really want to kiss you more than anything right now" into my ear. I told him it would not be the right thing to do, and he said he understood. He told me he would walk me to my elevator and told the guys he would be right back. I thanked him for being such a gentleman and told him I really enjoyed our conversation. We were almost to my elevators, when he said "Hold my hand." I said, "What? No! Why?" Right then, he grabbed my hand and pulled me over into a corner and proceeded to kiss me like crazy. At first I was freaking out, and pulling away telling him it was wrong and that I couldn't. He said "I'm apparently never going to get to see you again, and I've wanted to kiss you since the minute we met. It's not like we are having sex or anything." In my mind, I thought, "Okay, it's already done, and I might as well enjoy it. It will be something fun to tell Mark about." So, I kissed him back. He had his hands on my face, and it was a very sweet kiss that seemed to last for a while. All I could think about was how I hoped no one from work was still wandering around and seeing me right now. He stopped for a minute, looked me in the eyes and said, "Oh my God. That was the best kiss ever," then proceeded to kiss me again as I am slammed up against a wall. I could feel his hard dick pressing against me, and I was starting to lose my head a little and thinking about jerking him by the hand to the elevators and going upstairs to finish this up. It was like my mind was leaving me, and I had to pull myself back or let myself go at that moment. Just then he pulled away from my mouth, and, with his hands still wrapped up in my hair, said, "God, I want to tear your ass up right now." I said, "Well my room is right this way." I led him by the hand to the elevators, where we could not keep our hands off each other. We practically ran down the hall to my room and collapsed on the bed with him on top of me, pushing his dick against me through our clothes. We kissed for a long time and really took our time touching each other, unbuttoning and removing clothes as we went. He was so tender and sweet, and it was really weird to me how I felt about him after just meeting him a few hours earlier. He kissed me all over my neck and down to my breasts. As he took off my jeans, he saw my totally shaved pussy, and I thought he was going to lose his whole load right then and there. "I cannot believe how smooth you are and that I am actually about to get to taste you and fuck you right now" he said. He started to lick me, and I knew I was completely soaked, just from the kiss in the lobby. It didn't take much licking and sucking before I was coming in a big way, and I was dying to get my hands and my mouth on what I could tell was a very large dick. I sat up and helped him get his pants off and went right to his big hard tool. I grabbed it with both hands, and he gasped because my hands were so cold. I kissed him on the lips one more time and then started to slowly lick around the head. I kissed the tip and slid my mouth down slowly, wanting to take in all of him. He was pulsing in my mouth, and that was all I could stand. I wanted him inside me that instant, so I laid back on the bed and pulled him into me. I couldn't wait for him to ram that thing inside me. Instead, he caressed my face and leaned down to sweetly kiss me one more time. We kissed for a long time, and I could feel the tip of his swollen dick touching my pussy and teasing me. He rested his body fully on top of me, and I couldn't wait any longer. I moved my hips down and back so the tip would slide between my lips, and he slowly pushed himself inside me. All they way in he went, and I arched my back and moaned. He started kissing my neck and breasts and raised up so he could get up on his knees. He started moving faster and faster, thrusting himself into me harder and harder. It felt so good, and I all of a sudden wished Mark could be there to see his fantasy come to life. Brian leaned back down to kiss me again while lying on top of me and thrusting. He came hard, and all I could do was moan. He couldn't even talk and just looked at me. He put his arms around me and squeezed, and we kissed for a long time. We both fell asleep and did not wake up until my alarm went off. I told him I had to get ready to go, and he jumped up since he wasn't even in his hotel and had meetings to get to. We hugged and kissed one last time, knowing we would never see each other again, and said goodbye. He left, and I suddenly remembered him telling his friends he would be right back. I couldn't help but wonder how long they waited down in the lobby for him!

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