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My fantasy about a married co-worker

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I?m at a dinner party, and I see you enter the room from the other side of where I am sitting. You scan the room, and our eyes meet. You quickly turn away so it is not obvious that I am checking you out. You are wearing a long, tight open back black dress, with the top tied around your neck. Your long gorgeous locks are dr*ped in front covering one breast. You look across the room again and I am gone. So you go to the bar to get a Crown on the rocks.

Suddenly you feel a light brush against your ass as I walk by you. I am teasing you almost as much as you are teasing me. You act as if nothing happened, get your drink, turn around and scan the room, longing for our eyes to make contact again.

You find me again, I gesture for you to follow me as I walk outside. You don?t want to abruptly leave so you mingle through the crowd, making quick visits as you head to the door to find me.

You make it out back where the air is cold and crisp, the smell of rain lingers from the showers that fell earlier that day. Your hard nipples are now rock hard from the cold air, you look for me, hoping to feel my touch all over your body.

Suddenly you feel a hand on your ass and my lips nibbling on your neck. You give out a slight moan, you have wanting this for a long time and now it is happening. I can tell that you are not wearing underwear so I move my hand towards your dripping wet pussy while I press my rock hard cock against your ass. While I?m still kissing and nibbling on your neck I slide hand in your dress and fondle you perky breasts, squeezing your rock hard nipples. I get my other hand under your dress and easily slide a finger into your moist wet pussy. I squeeze your nipple at the same time, you moan and groan very loudly, your first of many orgasms. You turn around and kiss me with your tongue attacking my tongue. Then you stop and look at me with pure lust in your eyes and whisper I need your cock in my pussy now.

I sweep you off your feet and take you to a sun room around the corner. You meekly say no, somebody might find us here. I give you a long passionate kiss, and I can tell from the way your tongue is darting in and out of my mouth that you want this as much as I do.

I untie your dress and watch it fall to the ground. In the dimly lit sunroom I can barely see your beautiful naked body, oh I?ve wanted to see that for years now. There are a couple of candles that I want to light but I can?t for fear of getting caught.

I start sucking one nipple, while one hand is fondling the other breast, and the other hand is fingering your pussy. My finger alternates from in and out of your pussy to rubbing your swollen clitoris. You are moaning and groaning loudly now, and I can tell you are close to you?re second orgasm. Your knees soon buckle and you place your arms on my shoulder to hold you up.

I carry you over to the sofa, gently lie you down and spread your legs. I start kissing the inside of your thighs slowly making my way to your dripping wet pussy. You say no, no I want your cock in me then my tongue starts licking your clitoris, you stop mid sentence and just start moaning. You place your hands on my head and force me harder into your pussy. I am licking and sucking your clitoris and when I stick two fingers into your pussy, you shudder and shake and have another orgasm. I keep on licking your pussy while I take my pants off. I stop licking your pussy, you say don?t stop but I can?t take it any longer. I plunge my cock into your pussy all the way in. We both moan together, that feels so good.

I keep on fucking your hot wet pussy, you are shuddering and moaning, I can tell you are having another orgasm. I can feel myself coming to an orgasm too so I slow down, start kissing your breasts, then your mouth. I slowly roll you over so I am on my back. You sit up and grab my cock and guide it into your pussy. You start to rock slowly back and forth, I am squeezing both your nipples, you pick up the pace, start groaning again. Your juices are flowing all over my cock, you have another orgasm. You collapse on my chest and start kissing me while I start pumping my cock in and out of you. soon I shoot my load deep inside you. I collapse and you whisper in my ear that was fantastic, why did we wait so long, and I can?t wait to do it again. I replied that was the best sex I've ever had and I can?t wait to see you in the club. We got dressed and you slipped into the party from the back door and I worked my way to the front door.

Until we meet again

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