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My cheating wife made the internent

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I'm watching a porn site where scorned lovers post videos of former personal escapes. I click on this one and there is my wife blowing some dude as he's pumping his load down her throat and face. WTF!! Let me go back a year ago when my wife had an affair that I had discovered. She had been acting differently for a few months and I had become suspicious. This one day she had concocted a story about baby sitting for a divorced friend who had to work a graveyard shift on the weekend when he had custody of his daughter. She let me know all the particulars but it just didn't seem right to me. I agreed but soon after she left that evening I jumped in the car and drove to his house. I didn't see her car and after a while I did see him and his daughter leave to possible go out to eat. I texted my wife and she responded shortly after. She stated that everything was fine and that he had just left and she was playing board games with his daughter. The lying bitch! I continued texting her through out the evening with I miss you and I love yous. I asked her if she wanted me to come over but she always replied that it was ok and that she would return home in the morning. Just to make sure I drove back over and waited until he and his daughter returned home and still no wifey. She was out fucking somebody of that I was sure. She planned it so well even to the point of fucking me before she left due to it being our regularly partying Saturday night tryst. I took her as soon as she stepped out of shower. The cheating whore blew me in the bathroom and I remember she seemed intent on sucking me until I came that day. She rarely let me cum in her mouth but she would do her customary jacking me off on her sweet titties. But I wanted a piece of her tail and I bend her over the sink and fucked her hard until I was about to cum. She asked me not to cum inside her as she would be leaking the whole night and instead let me pour my seed onto her beautiful soft breasts. I covered her tits with hot semen and afterwards she wiped it off with a wet washcloth right after she had wiped down her skanky cunt. Then she got dressed and left. I remember it was April Fool's day and I was the fool. I was waiting for her the next morning and confronted her about it. She admitted the affair to me finally and promised that she would end it and never do it again. She wouldn't tell me all the particulars but it was an old boyfriend from high school and that he told her he was always madly in love with her. They had only had sex 4 or 5 times over the last few month and that he wanted to married her. I didn't have to remind her that she was already married. She told him that very day that it was over and not to contact her again. He was not happy and that was apparent in his last couple of texts he sent after the next couple of days but he finally stopped contacting her and almost a year has gone by and we have been very happy together since. Now I find her on the Internet showing her ass for all to see. The videos was shot from an angle that covered the center of his bed from a dresser or somewhere hidden I presume. It showed him turning it on and checking the view and then he hurries off to answer the door. After a minute he returns with my wife in hand and they began kissing passionately by the side of the bed. Clothes began to be taken off and he starts man handling her titties as soon as the bra is removed. She is an active participant and wants it just as much as he does. The little whore, no food or drinks just wham bam thank you mam. They crawl onto the bed and continue kissing as his hands are all over her. He's mauling her soft white breasts as she sticks her tongue down his throat. Yeah I'd know those titties anywhere. Her hands are stroking his erect manhood and his cock was definitely larger than mine. It looked to be around eight inches and fairly thick and she couldn't keep her hands off of it. He starts sucking on her soft orbs and then pulls his mouth off of them.

"You smell like cum." he says.

His hands also head south and he sticks his finger into her cunt and then he abruptly stops and tells her how wet she is.

"Oh yeah baby, I've been thinking about you all day." she coos.

"No, I'm talking about just fucked wet! You fucked him just before you came over, didn't you." he retorts.

She goes on to explain that she had no choice as not fucking me would have probably made me think that something was up, which is exactly what it was.

"You little whore. I told you that I didn't want you fucking your husband anymore." he responded.

She apologizing and begs him to fuck her. He put his hands on her shoulders and presses downward. With only the slightest of encouragement she drops down and engulfs his dick with her mouth apparently trying to appease him.

"Suck me you fucking slut." he chastises her.

Now my wife loves sucking cock and she can definitely give a professional blow job but she doesn't like to swallow. This guys is laying on his back while she gobbles his knob and coats all eight inches with her saliva. She sucks him until he's squirming with joy. I watch her crawl over him and position his big dick at the entrance to her horny hole.

"Don't come in me. I don't want to risk it." she tells him.

She isn't on the pill and I took that as she didn't want to get PG. She slides her slick pussy down over his throbbing cock and soon he's embedded inside her wet pink. My eyes are glued to the computer as I watch his pole disappear into her wanting cunt. She's riding him like the whore that she is and she's taking her sweet time about it. Her moans began to fill the room as she's enjoying his thick shaft filling her slutty cunt. When she finally gets the entire length of him balls deep she grinds her pussy against him in a slow rhymic pole dance showing her unbridled lust. Then she begins a quick succession of bucking as her ass rises and falls with his man snake inside her twat. She was definitely fucking him hard and he just lay there enjoying the sensation. Her moans become louder and she is close to reaching her climatic goal. She then flips both them over so that she's on the bottom.

"Fuck me! Fuck me HARD!" she screams.

He pushes her legs back until they're sticking high in the air and it leaves her cunt exposed and unprotected and then he begins to pound her and he pounds her roughly. It was not hard to hear at this point as moans and groans and the loud slapping of flesh against flesh echo off the walls. They are both lost in fuck lust. He's driving her ass deep into the mattress as he shoves all 8 inches deep into her cunt. That was what she wanted and that was what she needed as there was no mistaking the next thing I heard on the tape.

"Aaagghhhh!" she shrieked.

The little bitch was cumming on camera and she was also telling it to the whole world. Now everyone knew what a cheating whore she was. He drove into her balls deep and just remained still as I knew what he was feeling. Her juices were flowing fast and freely as she came. Her body was pinned beneath him but I knew her cunt was twitching like a mother fucker. Her cunt was now blowing him as her mouth had done earlier. Her screaming subsides and they just remain one motionless pile of entangled flesh. Soon he begins to resume fucking my wife as now it's his turn. He's almost back to slamming her as hard as he was just before she came. You could hear my wife garble something like 'don't cum in me'. She was just regaining her senses by this time but she still had the presence of mind to inform him not to unload inside her. His grunts were as clear as bells and he pounded her like a mad man. He was on the verge.

"Where do you want me to cum!" he yelled.

"Cum on my tits." she replied and I thought this bitch lets everybody cum on her tits.

"No! Not there, I want to cum in your mouth." he yells again and she doesn't respond right away and he's ready to explode.

"Mouth or cunt!" he demands.

"Mouth, cum in my mouth." she finally relents.

Next he pulls his cock out and scrambles up to her face. She grabs him and starts to jack him off. You can see her flinch as his first spurt erupts against her cheek.

"OPEN your mouth and suck it!" he screams.

And that is exactly what my slut wife did. She was sucking the top half of his sex covered pole as she jacked off the base. He just kept pouring man gism down her throat. She kept his cock inside her mouth as he grunted each time he unloaded and this dude could cum. He finally pulled his sensitive cock out of her mouth and my wife immediately jumped off the bed and ran to the bathroom. You could hear the sound of running water as he lay there blissfully. He calls and asked her how long she's going to be in there and she replies for a few minutes more. Then he does something curious and gets up and positions the video down toward the end of the bed and also increases the mag. He lays back down towards the bottom and waits. After a bit my wife returns and she has a towel dr*ped around her. Is she trying to be modest? It's not like he hasn't seen every part of her naked body by now.

"You spit it out didn't you?" he asked.

She doesn't respond but you knew that was exactly what she did as I told you she doesn't like to swallow. It was some small consolation to me as she wouldn't swallow mine either. He reaches over and pulls the towel off of her and pulls her next to him and kisses her some. This goes on for a bit before he make a request.

"Get me hard again." he tells her.

She reaches down and grasped his semi hard cock and begins to stroke it. This is when he moves down to the end of the bed and tells her to get on the floor. He's directly in front of the camera now and he tells her to suck him. She takes him in her mouth and her head is bobbing up and down. She's polishing his nasty sex covered knob like a common streetwalker and he's loving it. He's rock hard now and he stands up in front of her positioning her sideways to the camera. Her face is shown profile and her cheeks are indenting from the suction. You can see her up close and there is absolutely no doubt that it's my wife. His hand is on her head and he's slowly pumping his entire shaft in and out of her mouth. The stupid slut has no idea that he's taping her. This blow job continues for awhile until he pulls her up and has her get on the bed. She's on all fours with her ass protruding over the bottom edge. I watch him stand behind her and I can't see through his body but he's playing with her backside. Most likely rubbing his cock around and against her cunt.

"You want it don't you baby?" he comments. "You have to ask for it."

"Yes, yes I want you. I want you to fuck me some more" she replies.

He promptly enters her and begins fucking her again. The little whore as already been fucked twice in the short span of an hour and here she is begging for more. She starts moaning immediately again as he fills her wet pink full.

"You love my cock don't you." he taunts. "Tell me how much you love it."

"Oh baby, I love the way your big dick fills my pussy completely." she pines.

"Are you going to stop fucking your husband and save that sweet cunt for me." he said.

"Baby I can't. He'll know something's wrong." she answered.

He slams her forcefully causing her some discomfort as if he's trying to punish her. The slapping against her ass resounds through the room.

"You fucking slut! I want to own your cunt. I want to be the only one filling your fucking holes." he yells.

My wife isn't moaning now. She can't respond as he's knocking the breath out of her with the violent pounding he's giving her at this point. He goes on to tell her that if she's going to keep letting her husband fuck her than she is going to have to do something special for him that she doesn't do for me. He rips his cock out of her and walks off camera. Her ass is framed all by it's lonesome on the bed. He returns with a bottle of lube and pours it over his massive cock.

"I'm going to fuck you up your ass." he announces.

"I tried anal once and couldn't even get it inside of me and I don't even let my husband fuck me there." she protests immediately.

That was sort of a lie. Over the years I've probably only ass fucked her twice and both times she was super drunk. But taking dick in her butt isn't her cup of tea.

"And his cock isn't even close to being as big as yours." she continues.

Great! Tell the whole fucking world that I have a smaller dick. My anticipation grows waiting to see if she lets him fuck her tightest orifice.

"That's why I'm going to fuck you there and then I will own your butt at least and I WILL be the only one you let in there." he gloats. "Now reach back and spread you ass!"

My wife doesn't do anything as he continues lubing up his cock. Then he slaps her backside suddenly and that really shocked her.

"I said spread your ass wide!" he orders.

Her hands reach back and spreads her cheeks in full view of the camera. It's a great shot of her tiny brown button perched atop her puffy swollen vaginal lips. Her ass is already wet with sex slime. He lets her stay there for a good while allowing anyone watching the video to get a eye full. I can't believe she would wait obediently for some dude to shove his cock into her ass. I kept thinking she must really love him or his cock to lay there spread eagle cause I know that she would never do that for me. The subservient tramp must love being fucked by his big dick to the point where she would do anything to keep receiving his big dick. He finally moves behind her pushing his legs inside her thighs. Her ass is not visible at this point but I sure he rubbing his dick against it.

"Please baby, your cock's too big." she pleaded.

You can see him looking down and he's probably positioning his dick at her almost virginal backdoor. Her cries let you know that he's pressing his enormous head trying to enter her miniscule asshole. She let's out a sharp yelp and I know that the bulbous head must have just popped through. Her sphincter is probably clamped down tightly on the shaft right about now. He just continues the assault. She whimpers quietly as inch after inch make it's way into her butt. The lube only makes it barely tolerable as her groans increase as her continues his journey into her butt. That mother fucking has no intentions of stopping until he's buried his entire shaft inside her.

"Tell me to fuck your ass." he quips.

"Fuck my ass...Ughhh!" she groans.

You can see his ass rocking slowly back and forth as she continues crying. He's fucking my wife's ass in earnest now. She's crying out from time to time and she's definitely not moaning anymore and she definitely not enjoying it. I can't believe she would let him abuse her ass.

"Easy baby, easy." she pleads.

As uncomfortable as it is, my wife's not asking him to stop but just to fuck her more slowly. This slut would let him do anything he wanted and he knew it. He pays no mind to her request and instead he starts to pick up the pace.

"Your ass is so fucking tight." he exclaims. "And I own it now. Tell me whose ass it is."

"It's yours. My ass belongs to you." she replies.

"Damn right it does! And I'm the only one who gets to fuck it." he tells her.

You can see his cheeks tighten everytime he thrust more and more of those 8 inches inside her. She's groaning with every single thrust. What a total slut she is? If I had know this for the past year, you know I'd been assfucking her every week because after her little affair it was I who now owned her. They're both groaning now but his is filled with pleasure while hers is filled with pain.

"Tell me you love it. Tell me how good my cock feels inside your ass." he orders.

"Yes baby, I love your huge cock fucking my tight ass." she states.

There is no sincerity in her voice as you can tell she just wants him to finish his anal assault. Her asshole is just being used for his own perverted pleasure and my wife just wants it to end. He grips her hips and pumps her hard. He keeps increasing the speed and depths of his strokes as he pounds his way to climax. My wife's face is buried in the mattress and her muffled cries are only poetic justice for what the cheating whore deserves. Right about now my wife's green eyes are probably turning brown as he packs her Hersey highway. He's almost fucking her as hard as he was fucking her cunt earlier and his panting tells me that he is very close once more. He pulls his right hand off her ass and reaches forward and grabs the back of her hair pulling her off the bed.

"Tell me you want it slut!" he orders.

"Cum baby, please please cum.' she whimpers.

He pauses and stands on top of the bed while his cock is still in her ass. He straddles her hips and begins to fuck her ass at a straight downward angle. Now his cock that's being driven into her butt is fully visible on the camera. He withdraws the full length of his shaft leaving only the head inside before shoving it back in until his balls rest on her anal ring. I'm sure he wanted the video to be getting all of this and that was the reason for the position change.

"Spread your cheeks apart." he yells.

You see her hands reach back and spread her taunt cheeks even further apart. The cinematography is stunning and you can see her ass wrapped tightly around his thick shaft as he pumps her shit chute. Each time he shoves back down her puffy pussy slit contracts slightly from the force of his thick shaft being driven back in her butt. I wonder how many times he's jacked off to watching this video because I have to admit even though this is my wife it was fucking awesome to see. Up until this point he's been fucking her with long rhythmic strokes but then he begins to quicking the pace as he gets closer.

"Beg me to cum inside you!" he yells.

"Yes, yes, fill me with your hot cum!" my wife screams.

He's fucking the shit out of her now.

"Where!" he yells again.

"In my ass! Please cum in my ass!" she begs.

A couple of short fast strokes and he stops with half his cock buried inside her abused butt and you hear him grunting. You can see his cock throbbing as he explodes into her ass. Every pulse send another stream of hot white semen down into her bowels. He just keeps pumping even though it's his second time tonight. He floods her ass with man juice. Towards the end he pumps her a couple more times and fills her up some more. When he finally stops he squeezes his cock base down as he gets the last remaining remnants into her and finally pulls out. One last drop of cum falls into her open asshole and he's done. My wife has been laying face down on the mattress while he used her like a cum dumpster. Now her ass drops to the bed also. Her asshole looks nasty and abused but it's not over yet. He orders her to raise up on her hands and hold that position. He gets to the side of her and spreads her ass apart for the camera. Her gapped asshole doesn't need any help but he pulls it apart just the same. Gravity goes to work and soon you can see a small white bead forming at the base of her stretched out hole. It begins to trickle out slowly. Soon the small trickle turns into a torrent and his freshly deposited load begins to run out of her ass and down over her vaginal folds. This is one nasty gooey cremepie that's pouring out of my wife's asshole. It looks like she's taken two loads as strands of cum dangle off her cunt before dropping onto the bed. Her behind looks like some fucking porn star.

"Push it all out." he orders.

Her ass feebly contracts about halfway as she cannot even close her sphincter back to normal. A small amount does ooze out and then she's mostly empty. He releases her cheeks and she collapses back down with all her energies spent. Her backside is one huge painted canvas of pasted cum and it was a befitting picture of the cheating whore's nether regions. I was thinking her ass would never be the same. The video continued as she lay there exhausted and I'm sure he turned it off later when she wouldn't notice. I found myself hoping that it would continue until she finally would recover to hear what she said to him afterwards. I was also wondering how long it had been on the site and how many people had tagged it their favorite but I had more pressing needs as my cock was now and had been hard for the last 15 minutes. I saved the video and returned to the bedroom. I picked up the lube and laid it on the night stand. She was fast asleep in her little nightie but not for long. I thought about making another video of me fucking her but that could wait. My wife was about to receive some more hard cock up her butt and I wouldn't and didn't have to take any excuses from now on. If she could take him up her ass then she could definitely handle mine. He owned her ass for one night but I now owned it for the rest of her life. The cheating slut reaped what she had sowed and sometimes that means you have to bend over and take it up the ass. She was going to be begging me to cum just like she begged him before the night was over.

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