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My Wifes First Experience, Swing, Group, Him Domineering, Anal

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My wife and I met up for a day at the nude beach, with some of our close friends. When Sara and Reese got there I had already placed the sheet down and had our drinks ready. My wife Candice loves Tequila so every Sunday we have a bottle and make Margaritas. I knew Candice was still shy about being with another person other than myself but Reese and I had other plans.

A week ago Reese asked me if we would ever think about hooking up with them. I know Candice liked Reese. He had all the characteristics that I know she likes the nipple piercing, dark hair, blue eyes, tattoo, and athletic build. Sara was both of our types, dark long hair, blue eyes, gorgeous pussy, and just a bit domineering. So when Reese asked me I told him without a doubt but Candice will never take the first move. Reese said not to worry he would think of something.

In the following week Sara invited us to go out to dinner and dancing. Reese made sure the Tequila was following which I know makes Candice extremely horny. Was this his plan? When we got back to their house Candice said she was way too drunk, so Sara told her to go and lay down in the spare room let the boys catch up. Candice did just that. Reese followed Candice into the room with a blanket and placed it over her. He sat down next to her and started rubbing her head telling her how beautiful she was and was there anything else he could get her. She cooed and told him no but thank you and that he should get back to me. He stood up bent down and grabbed both her arms placed them over her head and kissed her and left the room.

While Reese was in the room with her Sara was sitting next to me, rubbing my thigh up to my groin. Even though my cock was growing in excitement I would in no way jeopardize Candice and my relationship. We had talked many times about if we ever and both agreed nothing without one another. I kindly said I can?t. She pouted and moved to the love seat. Shortly after Reese came out and told us what had happened. As if on cue Candice emerged from the room and told me that we need to go home.

On the car ride home Candice was fidgety and unusually quiet. Smirking I asked her why she was so quiet. Candice looked at me and in the softest voice, ?He kissed me?. Aw sweetheart well now you know he has the same feelings that you have for him. She cocked her hard and said, ?you knew??. Of course I knew I know you. ?You?re not mad?? No of course not we have talked about this for a while now. The next thing that came out of her mouth I almost had to pull over. ?Then invite them to the beach on Saturday and let?s see this thing thru!?

So here It is Saturday and they just arrived. Candice just finished her first Margarita when Sara came and sat next to her. Sara was talking to Candice while Reese and I chatted. The next thing I see is Sara ever so slowing caressing Candice?s leg. The girls seemed to be having a blast drinking chatting and now there are doing shots. Reese leans over and says, ?ya this will be great?. The day is finally over and Sara invited us back to their house. Candice knew this was the moment of truth. Candice said ?sure we will head over just want to wash the sand off first?. Sara said no problem we will see you shortly.

When we arrived to the house I was already excited, so excited as a matter of fact I rubbed on out prior to coming over. Candice had her favorite low cut top which showed off her huge boobs, and a short skirt with a slit up the back. Sara answered the door in an almost see thru dress with nothing on underneath. Reese?s wife was very pretty slender little body, and thick ass. Reese entered the room and told Sara to serve us drinks. She replied with ?Yes Master?. We both looked in shock, Reese explained it?s a little game they like to play. When she reentered the room she gave everyone a drink and the sat next to Reese on her knees head down next to Reese. Candice was biting the bottom of her lip, she always does that when she?s nervous. Reese tells Sara to make sure Candice feels comfortable. Sara rises and seats herself next to Candice.

Sara placed her hand on Candice?s thigh and kissed her. I knew Candice liked her kiss because she grabbed her head and pulled her in for more. Reese cooed ?Good Girl?. Sara placed her hands at the top of her blouse and slid the shirt exposing her left breast. Pulling back Sara went straight for Candice?s nipple which was hard showing how turned on she was. Reese told her to come back over to him. Sara immediately stopped and walked back over to and sat back down the way he wanted her to. Reese stood up and moved next to Candice. Sara was staring straight at me eyes so full of wild and unbridled passion. I felt myself stirring watching and wife and her oh the possibilities. Reese took Candice by the back of her head and kissed her tongue probing her. Reese pulled away and told Sara to make sure I was comfortable. A smile came across her face as she crawled over in front of me.

She slid her hands up my thighs up to my lower stomach just missing my ever growing cock as if intentionally on purpose. Oh how I wanted to just flip her over and fuck her. Just as my head is reeling I heard my wife say ?Oh yes Master?. What the? Back to reality what was going on over there.

Candice then crawled over to me next to Sara both of them between my legs. Candice starts to unzip my pants. Reese calls out ?Slowly! SLOWLY I SAID?. As she proceeded to pull my hard cock she looked at Sara and Sara leaned down and began to put my cock in her mouth. My wife stroked me in the same rhythm as Sara?s head bobbed up and down up and down. I leaned back closed my eyes and enjoyed every minute of this. I vaguely remember hearing Reese?s voice but when I opened my eyes there was Sara pushing her head up and down hard and fast and Candice doing the same with Reese. I was so shocked she said she could never do that. Just before I could wrap my thoughts around that Reese ordered the girls to stop. He then grabbed Candice?s wrists turned her around and sat her on the couch. He then told her to grab the back of the couch and spread her legs. He reached down and felt her pussy I already knew she would be soaking wet you could see it in her face. He smiled and told Sara to take care of her. Sara with expertise licked her lips and pounced on Candice?s pussy. She was load as she sucked and licked her pussy she was really enjoying Candice?s taste. I chimed in with She really tastes good doesn?t see. Candice?s was moaning and her hips were grinding Sara face in rhythm. I walked around the back of the couch and tilted Candice?s head back and shoved my rock hard cock deep down her throat. I knew Candice was close to cuming, so I pushed deeper and pulled her head to where she was almost choking. I didn?t care she started flailing I knew how hard she would cum she loves being gaged while she came. She started rocking back and forth Reese came over and pushed Candice?s hips down to the couch as Sara sucked and bit her clit. Candice?s couldn?t take anymore, as the wave of explosion filled her so did Sara?s mouth with Candice?s cum. When Candice?s groans and movement stilled Sara sat back on her heels looking pleases. Then Candice reached down and grabbed Sara?s face and kissed her tasting her cum. Sara, Reese, and I couldn?t wait for our release. Sara started slowly rubbing Candice?s soaking wet pussy knowing how sensitive she was. I was done with Candice yet. I pulled her off the couch and turned her over so her face was facing the back of the couch propped up on her knees. Reese placed a stool behind the couch and instructed Sara to sit facing Candice with her legs on either side of the of Candice?s head over the couch for stability. As I thrust forward finding her tight warm and wet pussy it was almost overwhelming. Reese grabbed Candice?s face and pushed her head into Sara?s pussy. Oh god this is all I could ask for. Watching Sara?s head rock back and hips thrust while Reese pinched Sara?s nipples, I grabbed Candice?s hips and thrust her harder and harder till I was about to explode. I stopped I head Candice moan I knew she was close and wanted to cum again. Reese motioned for us to come to the bedroom, Candice could barley walk and it was hard for me to walk as well with my cock so still and ready to explode. Reese motioned for Sara. She crawled up the bed facing the headboard he proceeded to tie her hands to the bed post. He then motioned for Candice. Candice hesitated but did as she was instructed he had her lay on the bed tits up between Sara?s legs and handcuffed Sara?s ankle to Candice?s Arms. Leaving nothing but Candice?s mouth able to move and lick Sara?s pussy. Reese then motioned for me to stratle Candice. I then knew what he had in mind and I was more than happy. As Candice licked and sucked Sara?s clit, I rubbed my cock along Sara?s cunt opening getting it soaking wet and pushed deep and inch by inch in her asshole. Oh god how tight it was. Reese then pushed his cock deep in to Candice?s cunt. The harder and faster he moved the more the girls moved. I felt Sara start to quiver and cry out just as Candice sucked harder as she came with Sara. Finally pushed me over the edge as I poured my hot cum in that tight ass I knew Reese had cum I saw it on Candice?s thighs. When I slowly pulled out of Sara some of my ooze dripped onto Candice. We untied the girls and headed for the shower.

With the grin on Candice?s face I knew this would be the first of many more experiences with Sara.

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