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My Stranger - A Hotwife Adventure

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My Stranger (hotwife, cuckold)

"We shouldn?t be doing this," I protested. ?I?m married.? I pushed the charming young man I hardly knew away. He was my flirtation at a party, my fantasy to think of later, my hot, young stranger. I had never seriously considered letting it go any further. I was 45 years old and he couldn?t be more than 25. It was silly! Apparently, my stranger didn?t see the same way. Gently, confidently, he persisted. His hands rested lightly on my hips and I did nothing to move them. My heart raced and my knees trembled. I knew what I was doing was naughty, but I also knew what my body wanted. I knew my husband was watching. I wondered what he was thinking. My stranger?s face was close to mine, and I could feel his warm breath on my neck. It sent shivers down my spine, and my mind raced as I fought to regain control of myself. He was hot and I really wanted him, but I shouldn?t be doing this with him here, I shouldn?t be doing it with him at all.

"Maybe we shouldn?t, maybe we should, but your body really wants to, doesn?t it?" He teased as his hands moved up from my hips, slipped under the hem of my shirt, and caressed my bare skin. The tingle went through my body like an electric shock, straight to my pussy. I felt it pulse with desire. I stifled a low moan that sought to escape my lips.

"I can't, I shouldn?t," I whispered as the sound of my heartbeat pounded in my ears. His lips were on my neck, planting soft butterfly kisses on the sensitive skin, sending waves of desire through me. "My husband is watching." Despite his repeated encouragement, I had never been unfaithful to my husband of twenty years. I loved him with all my heart. I would never do anything to deliberately hurt him. But, my dear sweet husband wanted me to do this, didn?t he? At 58 years old, Hubby knew that he couldn?t take care of my sexual needs anymore, especially since a heart attack left him unable to get and sustain an erection. My husband knew that, even though I would never complain, I missed the hard, deep fucking I loved so much. He had encouraged me to date other people, to find someone younger and stronger to give me what Hubby no longer could. I felt so confused, so conflicted. And Hubby was watching me, waiting to see if I gave in to my desires with this man!

"I?ll bet he?s enjoying it," my tall, good looking stranger said knowingly. He pushed his hips forward insistently, pressing his body tightly against mine. I felt his hard cock throbbing against my tummy. It felt big, really big! Before his heart attack, when he could still get hard, Hubby was bigger than average. But this man?s member felt even longer and thicker than Hubby?s ever had. I had never really thought about what it would be like to have sex with a really well-endowed man, but something inside me wanted this. I really couldn?t help relaxing into the sensation of his impressive hardness against my body. I began to fantasize about the sensations his cock would cause inside me even as he held me in his arms.

"He'll be hurt," I protested as my stranger's lips continued to trail soft kisses on my neck and up to my ear. I tilted my head, giving him easier access to the soft part of my throat and sighed as I felt his warm breath caressed me.

"He knows you love him. He knows it?s just lust. Besides, he wants to watch us. He can?t take care of you anymore. He wants to see you properly pleased by a real man." he said bluntly. "I could see it in his eyes when we left the party. You saw it too, didn?t you?" His fingers traced the top of my shorts, and dropped to caress my ass. This time, I didn?t stifle my moan. My body was on fire! I subtly moved my hips against him wanting to feel his big cock rub against me. My pussy felt like it was on fire!

"Wait," I protested, as my body continued to grind against his. I was still trying to regain control but we both knew it was a lost cause. My arms moved to his waist. I began to push him away then, against all rational judgment, I pulled him tighter against me. I was so conflicted. "Please." I begged, my voice trailing off as I became unsure whether I was asking him to stop or asking him to continue. "Oh, god," I wondered aloud, "what am I doing?" But I knew exactly what I was doing. So did my stranger. I thought of the party going on just a few yards away from where this handsome, dominant man was seducing me.

My stranger had introduced himself shortly after Hubby and I arrived at the party. I was talking with a few friends, but I was instantly attracted him. He was much younger than me, in his mid twenties. He was tall and very handsome, with a trim, muscular body, dark hair, and piercing blue eyes. In short, he looked nothing like my chubby, much older husband. I?ve always been a bit of a flirt, but nothing serious. My stanger?s smooth open confidence caused me to let down my guard, and he knew exactly how to get and keep my interest. We talked casually for a bit, exchanging flirtatious comments that were just playful. I soon became comfortable with him, and made a few more overtly suggestive remarks. Over the next hour our conversation became increasingly sexual, and I could feel the heat rising in his eyes. I?m sure he felt it rising in mine as well.

When he suggested that we step out to get some fresh air, I accepted immediately, eager and anxious about why I was agreeing to leave the party with this man I had barely met. He led me right past my husband and right out the back door. I had thought Hubby would surely step in and assert his spousal claim, but he hadn?t. I had looked right at my husband as my stranger led me out of into the secluded darkness of the back yard. We made eye contact, and my husband knew exactly what I was doing when I left with this man. Hubby had made no effort to stop me. In fact, he had given me a loving and encouraging smile! He had stayed at the party while I, his loving wife of twenty years, slipped out with my handsome, virile stranger. Had it only been an hour earlier that we had met? Does he even remember my name? I tried desperately to remember his!

Over my stranger?s shoulder, I saw a shadow near the rear of the house. Even though I couldn?t see him clearly, I knew my husband stood there watching as I shared a passionate embrace with another man. The touch of my stranger, and the knowledge that Hubby was watching, excited me in ways I had never imagined. I could feel my juices soaking my panties. This was beyond anything I had never done or even imagined doing. Hubby and I weren?t swingers. We had done roleplaying and shared fantasies, but we were really just an ordinary, vanilla couple. I didn't know what to do, what to expect, but my body was on fire and I wanted my strong, beautiful young stranger as much as he wanted me.

My beautiful, young stranger continued laying tender kisses from my neck up to my mouth. Our lips met, and I opened my mouth to him. We kissed softly, tenderly, with building urgency. It was electric. He gave to me and I returned his kisses passionately. I had known I was playing with fire when I let him lead me outside. But I liked the way he made me feel. When he looked at me, spoken to me, teased me I felt alive, beautiful and desirable. I let my tongue slither into his mouth, exploring and entwining with his as we kissed. Our kisses quickly became deeper, wetter, more passionate. I slid my hands under his shirt and up his back, feeling his warm skin. I caressed and stroked his strong rippled muscles and lightly raked my nails down his back as we kissed. He moaned his encouragement, and I scratched him harder, certain I was raising red welts for him to remember me by in the morning.

My stranger's hands left my hips and moved between us. I felt him loosening his belt, then I heard the sound of his zipper, incredibly loud in the dark stillness around us. My body trembled with anticipation. I kissed him with renewed fervor as I felt him fish his manhood from his shorts. My hand quickly found his hard, throbbing cock. I wrapped my hand as far around it as I could and squeezed it as we continued to kiss. I hadn't touched any man besides my husband in 20 years and my head was spinning with the sensations I was experiencing. I moaned into his mouth and moved my hand over his big, beautiful cock as if it were the first one I had ever touched. He was big, really big! My hand didn?t fit all the way around, and I could have easily wrapped both hands around it with room to spare.

He moaned low and deep into my mouth as his fingers deftly unfastened my shorts and slipped inside my panties. I could feel the heat, and knew he could to. I could smell my arousal filling the air, mingling with his musky man-scent. I have always loved the sweet smell of my pussy, and my desire rose even higher. "God you're wet," he whispered. I don?t remember when my pussy had been so wet, and I suspected it was partly because my husband was watching us from the shadows.

"Mmmm, I want you," I groaned as his fingers found the swollen nub of my clit and rubbed it softly. He needn?t have. I was ready for him. I wanted to feel his huge thick cock inside me, and I wanted it now!

Hearing a rustle behind him, my stranger smiled triumphantly and looked over his shoulder to where my husband stood, silently watching his wife of twenty years give herself to a much younger, much stronger, much more virile man. My stranger pushed my shorts down past my knees and they fell to the ground exposing my neatly trimmed bush to his hungry eyes. I wondered if he preferred shaved pussies like so many men seemed to these days, but all I saw in his look was eagerness and appreciation.

I kicked off my sandals and stepped out of my shorts and panties, making myself completely accessible to this beautiful man. Another moan escaped me as the cool night air hit my hot, wet pussy. I kissed him hungrily, devouring his mouth with my own. I dropped all pretense of hesitation, making it clear what I wanted. I plunged my tongue deep into his mouth and twisted it with his, wrapping one hand in his dark, thick hair as my other hand continued to stroke his massive cock.

"Please," I pleaded between kisses, ?Please take me now!? I could feel fluids running heavily from the tip of his dick. I really wanted take his beautiful cock into my mouth, to taste him. I rarely give my husband head but, with my stranger I desperately wanted to do it. I wanted to feel that huge, throbbing shaft fill my mouth, press against my throat. I wanted to taste his tangy juices, to lick and suck him like a lollipop.

But, more than that, I wanted to feel his long, thick monster fill up my pussy, my hot, wet cunt! I hated that word before this night. But, I didn?t hate the ?C? word right then. At that moment, I loved it. I longed to say it. It was dirty, and graphic and naughty, which was exactly how I felt. "Please fuck me," I gasped, "Shove your big, hard cock into my cunt right now!"

My stranger turned me around and grabbed my hips. He turned so I was facing my husband, and I could see his silhouette in the shadows. Then my new lover reached around and grabbed my titties, squeezing and pinching them as I moaned and rubbed my ass against him. I twisted around and raised up to kiss him again. I stuck out my tongue and licked his full, soft lips as he continued to maul my tits. I could feel the drooling head of his cock at the slippery entrance of cunt, and I pushed against it, wordlessly demanding that he fuck me. I was shocked at the ease with which his massive member entered me. He was so much bigger than Hubby, but he went right in. I loved the feeling of intense pressure as he stretched my pussy, my cunt, touching me in places Hubby never had.

My stranger pushed his hips and drove deeper. His big, thick dick filled me up, and I felt his balls rubbing against my butt. He started to fuck me slowly, still caressing my tits. I looked up over to where we both knew my husband stood. I could see movement, and I smiled as I realized that Hubby was jerking off as he watched me getting fucked by a man I hardly knew. I pulled off my shirt and slipped off my bra. It felt the cool night air caress my naked body, and I felt an incredible sense of power, knowing my husband was submissively watching me give myself to a man I had chosen. Then, I gave myself over to the sensations and forgot about my husband completely.

"Fuck yes, like that, like that, like that!" I urged as my stranger fucked me with long smooth strokes. His big, thick cock stretched my cunt like nothing I had ever felt. I could feel him press against my cervix each time he drove into me. It didn?t exactly hurt, but the pressure was intense. I wanted more!

"Harder," I demanded desperately. I could feel my orgasm building, and I knew it was going to be a good one, maybe even earth shattering. He was so good! He pounded his beautiful cock into me even more aggressively. His rhythm was steady but he expertly mixed short and long strokes to keep my excited body guessing. I know I was loud and it?s possible other people at the party heard my cries through the windows. I didn?t even think of it at that moment. I was lost in the incredible fucking I was getting. My words were unintelligible and laced with vulgar profanity. I begged my lover to fuck me even harder. I pleaded with him not to stop and to make me cum. My body shook and my pussy spasmed around my lover's massive cock.

Then he grabbed my hips and just pounded into me, hard and fast, pushing me over the edge. My body was wracked with pleasure and I cried out, howling as the orgasm washed through me. But, my stranger didn't stop just because I was going nuts. He continued to fuck me right through one climax and into another. His hands held my hips, and he fucked me harder than I had ever dreamed possible, riding me to a second orgasm that, almost immediately, spilled into a third. The sound our bodies slapping together filled the night air as he slid his hands up to tits and pinched my nipples between his thumb and forefinger, intensifying the orgasm ripping through me.

Sweat rolled down my face, and I licked it from my lips. My chest and back shined with perspiration as we fucked furiously. Though time seemed to have no meaning for me, Hubby later told me we fucked for nearly thirty minutes without a break. I had never cum in such rapid-fire, consecutive climaxes in my life, but I shook my way through another as my well-endowed lover pounded mercilessly at my throbbing, wet kitty. I could feel my juices running down my thighs, and my legs felt weak as a fifth climax tore through my weary body. I collapsed as my orgasm subsided, and dropped to my knees at my young lover?s feet.

I looked up at him, exhausted yet incredibly satisfied, as he moved in front of me. He was pumping his big hard cock a few inches from my face. "Suck it," he ordered, pressing the head of his throbbing member against my mouth. It was shiny with my juices and his fluids oozed from the tip. I didn't hesitate. I opened my lips as wide possible and gobbled as much of his slippery wet cock as I could into my mouth. The taste of our combined juices was salty and slippery and surprisingly good. I moaned my appreciation around his shaft and enthusiastically sucked his beautiful cock.

I wrapped both of my hands around his shaft and slurped on the head of his giant dick like it was an ice cream cone. I hadn't swallowed my husband's cum in years. I didn't mind the taste, but he never really insisted, so I didn?t to it. But, with this new lover, I wanted to every drop of his seed. I looked up at him with adoration. He had fucked me so good! I really wanted to make him feel as good as he had made me feel. I worked my hands up and down over his slippery shaft as I swirled my tongue around the head and into hole in the tip.

My lover moaned and groaned with pleasure as I worshipped his beautiful cock with my lips and tongue and mouth. I wanted him to fill my mouth with his hot cream, but he had other plans. He pulled me to my feet, leading me a few feet further into the yard, sat me on a retaining wall with my back to my husband.

I spread my legs wide and offered him my hot, wet cunt as my husband continued to watch from the shadows. My stranger pushed his huge dick back into me, and my body came alive to his touch. He began fucking me as hard as before, with the different angle making me cum for a sixth time. I heard him whisper, ?Pathetic,? and I looked up. My stranger was clearly watching my husband, standing in the shadows, stroking his dick while another man fucked his loving wife senseless. I was astonished when my young stranger raised his hand and waved to Hubby, then motioned for him to come closer. I don?t know why, but I knew my husband would obey this dominant young stud. Hubby had told me often enough about his fantasy to see me fucked by a real man with a bigger, harder cock. It seems my stranger knew Hubby?s type too, and he smiled as he watched my husband move slowly out of the shadows and approach.

But my stranger never stopped fucking me. And I don?t think I had ever been so loud in my entire life! My body shook and the sensations were so overpowering that I yelled and screamed and cried out as orgasm number six segued into orgasm number seven. My body was completely exhausted, but I was as hungry for him to fuck me as I had been when we started-now over an hour ago. I closed my eyes, reveling in the sensation of number seven. When I opened them, my husband was beside me. He had his shorts pulled up, but I could see the outline of an erection - though not nearly as impressive as my young stranger?s.

I could tell my stranger was finally close to cumming. He grinned at my husband, then leaned forward to kiss me deeply. I responded without hesitation, making it clear that I belonged to him at that moment. Pulling back, he smiled and asked, "Are you ready for more?" He slowed the thrusting of his big thick cock into my quivering core.

"Yes, god yes." I hissed. "Fuck me lover. Fuck me as hard as you want to. Give me your cum."

"Where do you want it," he asked, as if he didn?t already know the answer.

"Inside me? Cum inside me, baby. Fill me up with your cum." I felt like I was mumbling, my voice was thick with lust, and my body wouldn?t stop shaking as aftershocks of the brutal, relentless fucking kept going through me.

My beautiful stranger groaned and stiffened, and I imagined his cum spewing from his beautiful cock like lava spewing from a volcano. I looked down, watching his thick, creamy seed flowing out around his staff and churning as he kept driving deeply into me, giving me every single bit of his manhood for as long as he could. I looked at his face, and saw he was smiling triumphantly at my husband, pointedly humiliating him. My husband just smiled back sheepishly and rubbed his more modest erection through his short. I drew my lover?s face to mine and kissed him softly, tenderly, and worshipfully. I wanted him to know how wonderful I thought he was. I wanted Hubby to know too. My stranger continued to pump his dick into me until it finally succumbed and went flaccid.

I didn?t mean to, but I sighed with disappointment I felt him fall from my well-fucked pussy. I had loved the incredible full feeling my stranger gave me. At that moment, I knew that, as much as I love my husband, I would not settle for just his limp little dick any more. Fortunately, he?s a very good pussy eater and, clearly, he likes to be cuckolded.

I fought to catch my breath as I felt my lover's cum dripping from my gaping pussy. He pulled on his shorts and tucked his flaccid cock into them. I gazed longingly as his dripping tool was taken away from me. Then, handing me a business card, he smiled and said, ?Call me.? Without another word, he turned and went back to the party, leaving me sprawled naked in the back yard darkness with my cuckold husband.

My husband dropped his pants and moved between my splayed legs. His nice, if not immense, dick, jutted out from his body harder than I had seen it in years. He pushed his cock into my cum-filled pussy covering it with my beautiful young stranger?s potent seed. I stopped him before he could begin fucking me. "Don't. I'm too sore." Unfazed by my rejection, Hubby rubbed my lover?s cum all over his cock and began to stroke himself furiously. He ran his eyes intently over my disheveled, fresh-fucked body, and I could see the excitement was driving him crazy. His gaze fell to my gaping pussy, and stayed there until he reached the point of no return. Groaning loudly, he shot his wad all over my already sloppy pussy.

We dressed quickly and slipped around the house, leaving the party unnoticed. "Where do we go from here," Hubby asked as we drove home.

?I?m not sure,? I answered softly. ?But I have no regrets. I have never had sex like that in my life! I love you, you know that right?"

"Yeah. I love you too. More than anything in the world."

I looked at the business card my beautiful young stranger had left with me and smiled. "Maybe we should start by calling my handsome young stranger. His name is Jared."


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