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My First Time

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My first time, and I really don’t wanna give my age because it was extremely young. My family had gone on road trip vacation. I was staying with my aunt in Newport Beach around 40th St., a short walk from the pier. I had already been surfing for about three years since I was 10. Yes I know do the math … I had Been very curious about sex because a ton of movies had a lot of that content in it and let’s face it Southern California is a pretty sexual place to be raised.

I do wanna say it was a weekday because the beach was not extremely busy. I laid my board down and started stripping the wax off, when another surfer came by and asked if I had enough sex, for those of you, that don’t surf ,sex wax is the type of wax you put on the board to give it grip.

I remember he was an absolute angel hair down to his shoulder blades, tan, and a body. That was absolutely amazing. So I replied, can a girl ever have too much sex. He asked if he could perch out next to me, I replied, absolutely. We talked for quite a while. I asked him to unhook my top, was going to get some sun on my back. I laid down on my stomach. He unhooked my top, and once again commented on my thong. He asked if he could rub some oil on me. I said no I don’t need oil but you can rub me if you like. at this age, I had been rubbing my pussy regularly three or four times a day for a couple years, and was extremely curious and eager for somebody else to try. He started rubbing my shoulders moved his way down to the sides of my breasts down to my hips and started groping my ass. At that time I started, moaning, arching my back, putting my ass slightly up into the air, spreading my legs apart a little more each time he moved his hands. I asked him to rub the inside of my legs, hoping that he would feel I was tripping wet. He never put his fingers inside of me, but did witness the fact that I was dripping. He asked me if I wanted him to fuck me. I told him I do really really really bad but I’ve never been with a guy before and I don’t have any protection, however, my aunt is at work and we could have the house all to ourselves if we find a condom. Sparing some detail we wound up back at my aunts house actually found a condom and a bunch of toys and movies. We quickly got back to where we had been on the beach. I told him I’d like to pretend we were still out there. he asked me to lay on my stomach. She laid over top of me and slowly and gently started pushing his cock inside of me. I thought I was gonna die. It felt so good. It was tight and warm every inch he went in just seem to get better and better he kept asking me if I was OK I kept telling him yes it stings a little, but it feels so good. I told him to keep pushing it in slowly with more pressure and more pressure, I was arching my back, sticking my butt slightly in the air, his legs were on outside, knees bent up around my hips, he was grabbing the top of my waist, twisting it up so he could get deeper and deeper into me. I had had many orgasms from masturbating over and over but I had never had an orgasm with a cock in my pussy. The next part of the story is more than a reason that I have the fetish I have when it comes to cum, he started fucking me harder and harder, faster and faster and he asked me if he could remove the condom and come on me. I replied where do you want to do that? He said on your chest. So on his queue, I rolled over on my back. He tore the condom off and started a ejaculating all over my tits. I was enamored by the consistency, the warmth and how silky smooth it was. After he pumped almost all of it out, he started squeezing more of it out on me. I got some on my fingers, put it in my mouth and tasted it. I started rubbing it all over the front of my body, legs and neck. Every since that day I have always begged for calm to rub onto my body. There’s nothing better than doing that then suck cleaning the guy and begging for more.


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