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My Bosss Husband

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I am by profession an accountant. I have studied and worked hard to get to where I am today, never asking for or never doing any specific favors. I have recently started to work in an accounting and auditing firm where my immediate superior, the company CFO is another female, younger than me by some 8 years or so. Her husband also works with the same firm but he works in a separate department where he is responsible for distribution of internal and external documentation, company courier services, etc. It is only by sheer coincidence that we all know each other, including my husband under very different circumstances - in the swinging lifestyle. We have often met at events but, so far, we have never actually played together. Having said that it has been very clear that Franco, my boss's husband, does like me and I definitely do like him back. He is my typical "dream guy". Tall, well built, very well groomed, educated and really knows how to treat woman. And, from what I have seen at some events he is also well endowed. I guess the only reason we have never played at any event is simply that his wife loves girl on girl play while I am strictly only into hard cocks. Whenever my husband and I attend any event we make sure single guys are admitted as we only go in search of mfm threesome fun. Not that we lack any fun between us, my husband Mike is a great lover too and we make love at least once a day sometimes 2/3 times. But having the occasional sex rather than making love entices us both and it strengthens our relationship tenfold. At work, we all manage to remain very professional and none of us show that we know each other outside of work and of course none of our colleagues know that we are swingers. Like many others, we show we live a normal lifestyle and there is no added friendship between us at work. That of course does not mean that whenever Franco comes to our office, him and I do not glimpse at each other as secretly as possible. A wink here and there or a smile. Maybe a secret complement whispered in my ear at times. My colleagues are all females and of course we do chat between us about him too when the boss is not around. However, this is all done very secretly as, according to my colleagues, the boss is very jealous. Secretly knowing their private lifestyle, I try very hard not to laugh at my na ve colleagues when I hear such comments. Going onto 45 years soon, I admit I do look and feel good. I work hard on keeping my body firm and I am blessed with a height of 167cms and a natural pair of 38DD's. This also gives me the advantage to enjoy revealing tight fitting clothes and high heels highlighting what my husband calls my hour glass figure. I have long black straight hair now down to my lower back matching my glass reflecting black and brown eyes. I believe all these combined together are one of the reasons I do manage to turn many heads around whenever I enter a room or club. One day, a few weeks ago, I was in our breakout area when I suddenly felt someone breathing hard down my neck and whispering in my right ear. "One day you are going to push me over the edge with your so elegantly sexy outfits and those beautiful eyes". It was Franco. My body stiffened as I was startled but at the same time feeling very aroused. I just couldn't move. I felt my breasts swelling in my tight sports bra under my transparent top and I was embarrassed to feel my nipples hardening. What if my colleagues notice them? Worse still, what if my boss did? The situation however did not seem to worry Franco as he let his hand caress my arm and pressed himself closer behind me whispering further "you feel what you do to me". How could I not feel it. His pants were surely bulging behind me and I could feel his heat being transmitted through our clothing. Yes the clothing. Good thing we had those or he would have slipped right into me. I was so dripping wet. I knew however this was a bad idea and had to put a stop to it. I really wanted him deep inside me and all over me but I knew this was neither the place nor the time. Pulling myself away gentle I looked back, my eyes clearly showing my desire and whispered back. "Well, I guess you'll need to do something about it, someday, somehow, somewhere". Straightening myself, I composed myself and returned to my workstation leaving him pondering with his hardon and imagination at the same time hoping none of my colleagues notices anything that has happened. Of course I was feeling really horny the rest of the day and I messaged Mike not to be late to pick me up. "I want you soon" I texted. He was of course punctual as always and I could hardly control myself when I entered his car. "Find a hidden corner and lets fuck" I said. His exclamation was wonderful and only made me hornier. It seemed like he wanted to ask what happed but I simply fucked him and said "I'll tell you later". Later at home we did our usual stuff, talked with our daughter, dined all together, watched TV, washed, etc. Then in bed I rode Mike again and recounted it all to him while slowly rocking myself up and down on his cock feeling it ever growing inside me over and over again. That's what we love about the lifestyle, every encounter makes us want each other so much more each time. In the following days and weeks work continued as usual but every time Franco came to our office I felt that same tingling sensation and wetness between my legs. A couple of weeks had passed since that episode with no further added spice, until last Friday which was the last Friday of the month and which means it was a themed dress down day. On all other working days we are obliged to be elegantly and business like dressed but on themed dress down days we can all wear more relaxed, sporty and fun like as we want as long as we kept to the theme. Today the theme was 'back to school' and so I had decided to wear as a naughty school girl with a shorter than usual black and white skirt and a black waistcoat under which I had a lacy white sheer bralette. I also styled my hair in two pig tails and wore a black heel shoes with white socks complete with school tie and even a school badge on my waistcoat. So basically a full schoolgirl's uniform. I felt and I knew I looked good. Mike could hardly keeping his hand off my bare thighs while driving me to work and, as he told me later, he also enjoyed looking at me walking from the car to the office while a couple of young guys eyed me head to toes. I guess I might have worn sexier than I had intended too but it was too late to go back home to change now. Apart from the dress code, the work is expected to continue as all other days, so I went straight to my desk and started my usual routine and work. Checked emails, some filing, inputting of invoices and checking out what my boss left us for work for the day. On her desk, as many other days, there was a pile of envelopes to be delivered manually to our clients. I called Franco and advised him that he had a pile of deliveries to collect and attend to and he said he'll come soon. It took him some 30 to 40 minutes to come to pick up the envelopes but when he came it looked like he did not want to leave. More than usual he kept staring at me today and lingered around as if he was playing for time. He went through all the envelopes one by one, reading out the names to me and commenting on each one while eyeing me all over. I could sense that he was excited more than usual somehow today. Was it my outfit ? His eyes looked deep into mine with a deep sense of desire and that look together with his deep manly voice were now also having their effect on me. This kept on going for quite a while until one of my colleagues rightfully pointed out to Franco that unless he got on his way he would never finish his deliveries in time. We all laughed at the comment and Franco was on his way with a desired look in his eyes but with a smile on his face. The situation also made our day at the office lighter and happier as my colleagues and I kept recounting his comments on the names on the envelopes and commenting at his handsomeness and what a fun guy he was. That also helped the day pass faster until it was suddenly time to pack and go home. I had received the usual message from Mike that he had arrived to pick me up and so, as always, I went to the rest room to freshen myself up for him as I always do. As I stood on the pavement looking around to see where Mike had parked I heard another car hoot its hon at me and looked around to see it was Franco in his SUV. He signaled to me to join him in his care and I felt a bit confused. I looked around and saw Mike parked across the road. He had noticed Franco's invite and Mike gave me a look encouraging me to see what Franco wants. Still feeling shaky I approached Franco's car and entered into the empty passenger seat near him. He smiled gently at me and looked straight into my eyes. "You've been a very good school day today with the way you prepared all the envelopes for me. You made my day quite easy and I guess you deserve a present." With that he placed his warm hand on my now very exposed thigh as the short skirt rode higher on my legs in the seat. His touch was like a spell on me and I simply could not think straight any more. Then he continued "You remember a few weeks ago I told you that you will drive me over the edge one day and you told me that I need to do something about it, someday, somehow, somewhere?" How could I ever forget. "Yes", I said "I remember it very well. I still hear your whisper in my ear every time I enter the breakout area". He leaned closer to me, his hand sliding between my thighs, making me moan softly while he whispered in my ear "perhaps today can be that day". I knew Mike was watching all this from his parked car but I also knew he was enjoying it completely, which made me feel even more confident to play along. I clasped my thighs tight together grasping his hand between my bare skin. Somehow I managed to finally stutter a few words. "You have seen me at events and you know I have a fetish for multiple hard cocks, don't you?. He smiled "Oh yes and I love the way you play with them too. Would you like to go somewhere more private?" he asked. I looked straight through the wind shield of his SUV right across the road towards Mike's gleaming eyes. Seeing his excitement, I smiled and turned towards Franco's kiss pressing my lips deep on his, kissing him wildly and letting our tongues fondle each other's. I looked straight into Franco's eyes "We can go to our play place if you'd like" Its free today. Mike can follow later." "Just indicate the way" Franco said. "Just give me a minute" I said and with that I slipped off my tiny, and now very wet panties, climbed out of Franco's car and walked towards my horny Mike. Seeing me approach he put his window down allowing me to put my head inside and give him the same deep kiss I had just given Franco. "See you a bit later at our play apartment" I told him and turned to walk back to Franco's car. Two steps, then I turned back and before Mike closed his window I threw him my wet panties laughing. He blew me another kiss while I walked back to Franco's car. "Now we can go" I said excitedly. It took us just ten minutes to arrive and I don't think that Franco removed his hands from my body for a single minute through them all. Upon entering I asked Franco to give me minute to freshen up and showed him the second bathroom if he needed it too and to make himself at home. I fixed my makeup and grabbed a band new pair of knickers which I slipped under my skirt. All ready I went back to the living where Franco seemed to be feeling really comfortable. He was now standing behind the bar and was preparing some cocktails for us two. He was even gentle and kind to prepare a third "for Mike, when he comes" he said. I guess he also wanted to show me that he was OK if Mike joins us too. I put on some seduction music and we relaxed on the sofa close to each other sipping our drinks and gently teasing each other even more and more both by touch, by looks and by words. As I lay there relaxed I raised my legs resting them on his so it was easy for Franco to caress my bare legs all the way from the high heels to the hem of my short skirt. His touch was very seductive and clearly he was loving the effect it was having on me as he was doing his utmost to drive me even wilder. With every caress his hands went higher up my legs reaching the trim of my fresh underwear which was already getting wet again. Reciprocating, I let my hand run up and down his shirt, occasionally sliding one or two fingers between its buttons reaching out for his skin. Seeing that he liked this, I gently unbuttoned his shirt, bottom to top, one button at a time until I had opened all his shirt up following which he bent slightly forward to remove it off completely. His hands being free again he then rested one on my waistcoat instead of my bare legs and proceeded to start unbuttoning the three buttons he found there. With the last button the waistcoat fell completely open giving Franco a full view of my breasts tightly packed in the clinging bralette. At this moment by right knee was close to his manhood I could clearly feel it jump up an inch or two in his now very tight pants. I liked the reaction. I therefore let my hand slide down his bare torso to the top of his trousers and juggled at his buttons and zippers making it clear I wanted them off. I did not need to work hard on them for franco to get the message. He smiled at me, gently moved my legs off him, stood up and gently and slowly let his trousers fall to the floor and stepped out of them. "Better?" he asked. I gleamed at him head to toes pausing on his now well erect cock on the way down and then stopped my eyes there completely on the way up. I stretched out my hand to him, which Franco took and pulled me up from the sofa pulling me close to him and we embraced in a most sensual deep long kiss. His hands were hot on my body and I loved feeling them roam over my practically bare back and slide down to the inside of my skirt. I felt my body twitch with fun as he slid them out and reached for the skirt's zipper at the back, sliding it down gently until my skirt fell to my high heels. His hands now had completely free access to my buttocks which he squeezed and caressed whispering "Your skin is so shaved so smooth". "All lasered" I responded and with that I took his hands and led him up the seven stairs to our raised bedroom letting him enjoy my swaying ass raising high above my long legs in the high heels. I sat down on the edge of the bed attempting to remove my high heels when he held my hand lightly and said softly "Leave them on. I love your elegance. Let me see some more." And with that he helped me to my feet again and spiraled me around looking at me all over admiring every inch of my nearly naked body. His pleasure was really exciting for me and I just simply wanted more and more of it. So I took the opportunity to gently play with the strings of my bralette stripping off as gently and as teasingly as possible looking at his manhood grow and grow as it there was no end. Once both of us were now equally in our knickers only he let me fall on my back on the bed standing tall above me. Loving the view I stretched my leg out to reach his crotch with my toes tugging at his panties pulling them down as much as I could as they were literally being held up with his now well erect cock which snapped out of them with a big bang making us both giggle at the show. Now he was totally naked, standing right there in front of me, seemingly much taller than ever before and from my angle his cock seemed never ending making want it even more and more. Stretching out my legs, I gently teased his bare torso with my high heels which he seemed to love as he leaned closer so my heels started digging into his chest. Looking straight into my eyes he caressed both my legs with his large hands all the way from my ankles to my small, now very wet panties, sliding his fingers inside them at each side on my hips, then twisting the panty stings around his warm fingers he gently slid my panties down my legs staring at my wet pussy lips. Both of us now totally naked he looked straight into my eyes and softly asked "How far do you want me to go?" Without a breath I signaled to the bedside table. "Top drawer. Oh boy, as deep as you can go. Let it's head hit me hard over and over again". I noticed a strange look and a smile on his face and my eyes quizzed his look. He smiled wider. "I like that answer but I actually meant - how far do you want to let things go. Your answer still answers the question, I guess." We both laughed and giggled as I realized my mistake and at my obvious want of him inside me. While Franco reached for a condom from the bedside table we heard the main door close and felt Mike had now joined us. "We're in here, hun" I shouted. "Franco prepared a cocktail for you too. It's on the bar". "Wow, that's very thoughtful" Mike said coming up the stairs with his cocktail in hand. As he approached for a kiss I reached out for Franco's big manhood letting my fingers surround it all and looked at Mike in his eyes "Look what I've got today". "Looks like real fun for your starters today. Enjoy some more while I have a shower", Mike said. Our shower has a glass between the shower and the bedroom and thus Mike could see all that wan happening now. As always, I wanted his cock two. I confess I do have a fetish for two big cocks at the same time. So I let Franco lie on his back and I squatted over him, facing Mike. I know that's Mike's favorite position as he feels how deep he goes inside me. Concentrating back on Franco's hard pole now, I let myself lower gently until I could feel his tip pulsating my wet and very sensitive lips. Straddling him gently, I was now teasing myself with the tip of his cock, going gently but slightly up and down feeling him opening me wider with every time I go lower, a little bit further every time. Mike was enjoying the view and although I could not see Franco's face I could feel his pleasure running through his body. This was becoming too much of a tease for me too and it wasn't long before I was slamming myself deep on Franco's dick, taking him all the way inside me, feeling him filling me up completely, pumping me hard and harder. After a while, Franco pulled me up and turned me around and around and around fucking me hard in every imaginable position, each time making me cum harder and harder. I love it when a man turns me around like that, feeling his strength when he lifts me up and takes me around. Mike knows I love that two so he joined us and played along helping me into each new position. Franco and Mike where now taking it in turns to pound deep inside me and while one was inside me, the other would be giving the rest of my body full attention with his hands, his lips and his cock. I loved every moment of it for what looked like hours on end until we all fell down in a mound of flesh on the bed, entwined between both of them, one on each side, feeling their warm manly hands caressing me all over my body. I must have dozed off at some time and when I did wake up I found myself hugged around Mike, both of us still naked. Mike had gleaming eyes at me, smiling softly. I looked around for Franco. "He left some hours ago" Mike said. He must have thanked you a hundred times while kissing you all over your naked body before he left. "I think I should have been the one to thank him for the great evening he gave me" I told Mike. I tuned around and cuddled up to Mike loving his warm hands caressing my nakedness. As always my hands ran over Mikes body too and soon I realized he was hard again down below. "What do we have here", I asked naughtily. "Well, lets say its my way of showing you I loved it too" Mike said leaning back and enjoying my playfulness. Of course, feeling his hardness I could help but making love to him wildly and aggressively as we both could not stop thinking about the previous evening.

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