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My Best Sales Training Meeting

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My Best Sales Training Meeting

I had been out of town for 3 days attending a sales meeting in Atlanta and was staying at a nearby resort hotel. Most of the salesmen from our company were staying there and the rest were mostly couples on vacation.

On the second day of the meetings after dinner I went to the hotel's pool area to use their hot tub to relax. It was a good sized hot tub and there were several of the guys from our group and two couples in the tub when I got there. It looked too crowded for another person to get in and I started to leave when one of the couples said don't leave there's always room for more and motioned for me to slide in next to them.

It was a tight fit and almost everyone was cracking jokes about how all our bodies were pressed together. I guess the teasing and jokes were too much for the older couple and they soon left. All that remained were the couple that had invited me to slide in next to them, myself and four other guys from our company. We continued to chat and as time went on two of the other salesmen said good night and left. All that was left were the couple and the 3 of us salesmen. All of us had been drinking --probably way too much-- and soon all the talk and jokes centered around sex.

I figured that the couple would bail as things were getting fairly raunchy, when Deb pulled her bikini top down, saying well what do you think of these. Bill her husband laughed and smiled as she shook them back in forth in front of us. He then told us that she loved to tease and that they always had fun with what ever she wanted to do.

Well the three of us just stared at her tits and made all kinds of suggestions as to what we would like to do with them. As we did, she moved to the center of the tub & knelt on the bottom with her tits bobbing on the surface of the water. We looked at her husband and he said every things kool and almost instantly six hands headed for those tits. As the 3 of us rubbed her tits, she started playing with our cocks underwater. Within seconds all three of us had raging hard on's . Then suddenly Deb pulled her top up and stood up and jiggled her tits in our faces and said if you want to play with these come up to room 310 in a while. And with that Deb and Bill got out of the tub, put on their robes and headed for the elevators. We stood up to follow, but noticed that all of our cocks were standing straight out. Sitting down again we discussed what had just happened and whether they had just been teasing us or if this was for real. We decided we had to find out one way or the other, so we dried off grabbed our robes and headed up to their room.

We knocked on the door and Deb opened it standing there naked in front of us & Bill was lying naked on their king size bed as she invited us in. She told us that they wanted to party with us but that she was in charge and that if anyone didn't want to do as he was told that he should leave now. Since she saw none of us heading for the door, she said get your robes & suits off and get over here as she headed to their bed.

The three of us were standing along the side of the bed watching as Deb started giving her husband a BJ. Then she stopped and stared at us as all of us were stroking our cocks. Deb crawled over to the edge of the bed and starting with my cock she proceeded to suck each of us for about 20 seconds apiece. Then she stopped and said that before we go any further you need to know that Bill is bi and that he expects that if you want to play with me that you will have to play with him too.

This caught the 3 of us completely off guard. I looked at the other guys from our company and turned to Deb and said I didn't care what I have to do --as long as I get to fuck that beautiful ass of yours, figuring that she would say to hell with you. Instead she said suck both of your friends cocks first and then you can fuck my ass. They looked at me and said hell ya we want to see you fuck her in the ass & held out their cocks in my direction.

My only choice was to run like hell or suck their cocks and get to fuck Deb's ass. So I said to myself what the hell and started sucking the cock closest to me. I really wanted Deb's ass so I really got into what I was doing. As I sucked, Deb was rubbing my balls and rimming me, causing me to suck faster as I really wanted to fuck that ass of her's. Soon the first guy started groaning and shot his load into my mouth and as he pulled out Deb sucked the rest of his cum off his cock sat up and gave me a cummy kiss and then guided my mouth down onto the second guys cock. He was dripping pre cum like crazy and his 7' cock tasted really great as I sucked it. Soon he said here goes & started filling my mouth again with cum.

With cum running out of my mouth I looked at Deb and said get on your knees, it's time for you to pay up. She said hay I was only kidding--your not fucking me in the ass. But her husband Bill you got to see what you wanted --now it's time for you to pay up as he bent her over on the bed. As she squirmed and protested, Bill looked at me and said there's her ass and spread her ass cheeks apart showing everyone her shiny wet pussy and ass. I leaned over and dribbled about half a mouthful of cum onto her ass and then placed the head of my cock into the pile of cum and on into her waiting ass.

Deb moaned and squirmed but my cock was in and the more she complained the farther I drove my cock into her ass. The two other guys got on the bed in front of her and made her take turns sucking their cocks as I continued to fuck tight ass. As I was doing this, Bill had let my two friends hold Deb as they face fucked her and he moved around behind me. Suddenly I could feel Bill pressing the head of his cock into my ass. He had covered it in some kind of really slippery stuff and after the initial pain that the head of his cock had caused as it entered me--it started to feel good. For the next ten minutes Bill thrust into me which in turn drove my cock balls deep into Deb's ass as she sucked on the cocks in front of her.

I felt Bill's cock swell up and then he started filling my ass with his cum. I had never felt anything like this before and the sensation made me cum in Deb's ass as Bill's cum kept pumping into me.

By now, Deb wasn't complaining anymore but was eagerly sucking cock as cum oozed out of her ass. Bill and I went to their shower to clean up and then gave each other a BJ before returning to their bed room. When we got there Deb was riding one of my friends cocks in a DP as the other guy had his cock buried in her ass. Bill and I were completely shot, so we just sat on the bed and watched as Deb got fucked silly. We all had such a good time that night, Bill and Deb made plans with us to meet us at next years sales meeting. With only 8 months to go until that meeting, I am eagerly looking forward to the next time all of us can get together again.

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