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Multi ethnic swinging on close circuit camera

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I wanted to relate a strange experience my wife and I had a couple years ago. We were visiting a pretty well known resort with an active swinging life. The night started uneventfully in the resort bar, where we struck up a conversation with a wealthy lawyer and his wife. They were in their mid 50s, the wife blond and smooth, the husband a gray templed respectable looking sort. After a couple drinks we were invited back to the couple's enormous multi-bedroom condo for a party.

The place was pretty much rocking when we arrived. I'd estimate the crowd at around a dozen couples and a few singles. We appeared to have been the last couple "recruited" for the evening. After we'd had a chance to mix a little, the lawyer cleared his voice and grabbed all of our attention.

"I know many of you haven't been here before, so I'd like to fill you in on the rules of game," he said with a smile. "If you're here to judge, I ask you to leave now. Everything goes here, as long as it's safe and fun."

Many of the couples looked around the room at each other in anticipation. I caught the eye of a short blond with some beautiful cheerleader thighs and pert tits under her low cut sun dress. My wife, who is a pretty brunette with long hair, big round natural tits and a hairy pussy, was looking great in her tight cocktail dress and heels. She cast her eyes around the room sizing up the potential.

The host continued: "I'm sure you'll all have a great time tonight but just so you don't get any illusions, please realize that pleasure is pretty much a public affair here. You'll notice later that each of the bedrooms is equipped with multiangle cameras. All I ask is that you use the beds provided. Otherwise the cameras won't capture what they're supposed to."

At those last words I heard a bit of grumbling in the crowd. The host anticipated the complaints.

"Now, now, don't worry. I won't be filming any of you. These cameras are closed circuit and feed these three big screen TVs you see here. The voyeurs among you --- and aren't we all? --- will get to enjoy the action. But there won't be any recording. Everyone understand?"

With the preliminaries out of the way, my wife and I separated and mixed throughout the room. She was conversing with a mixed race couple. The guy was an athletic black guy, the wife a bleached blond that wasn't my type.

I made the acquaintance of the pretty blond I had seen earlier. Turns out she was Russian and her husband was a friend of the lawyer. He was off chatting up some other ladies so I had the Russian flower all to myself. After about 10m minutes, my new friends gently took my hand with a smile and escorted me into a bedroom reached by a spiral staircase.

We kissed and fell onto the bed and I noticed four small cameras, two perched on tables at bed level and two others pointing downward from braces in the ceiling. Any doubt that my friend and I were now "stars" on the flat screen tvs was put rest when I noticed two of the cameras whirring quietly and craning to catch our movements.

At this point I'd thrust her dress up and was making a meal of her auburn haired bush. Before long she'd unsnapped my pants and took my cock in her petite mouth. Our 69 session didn't last long before I'd seized her ankles and plowed into her hot Russian hole. We collapsed into each others arms with shrill shrieks of pleasure and chit chatted a few minutes before returning to the party room.

I looked around for my wife but noticed my wife was missing. That's because she was now providing a show on a 60 inch TV screen. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The scene on the screen was pretty static. In the dull light I could see the back of her head --- and it was moving up and down on a backdrop of black flesh. The cameraman switched angles and it came into clearer focus. My wife was sucking on a huge black cock, working the head slowly and with relish.

A small crowd gathered around the screen with me hooted its approval. "Atta girl!" one guy said. "You know you love it."

Strange as it sounds, I took a bit of pride in the fact that she was my wife and was earning accolades as a porn star. What a good girl, I thought. My 40 year old MILF of a brunette wife was getting a big black cock. She deserved a little fun in her life.

Apparently my wife's black lover had enough of the oral because I saw them rearranging themselves on the mattress. Before long he began stroking up and down and I saw her pull back her legs wide. I could barely hear any sound so I adjusted the TV to catch the swelling crescendo of moans emitted by my brunette honey.

I groaned with disappointment as the screen switched to another couple on the screen. I almost wanted to burst into my wife's love chamber to watch it live, but that would have been greedy. Hard again from all the excitement, I almost burst out laughing when my wife re-enterred the party room 15 minutes later with a dirty smile on her mouth.

She came over and squeezed my hand in reassurance. But I didn't need such assurances. I don't know if this is a good or bad sign, but my only other sexual partner that night was my wife. We found a free bedroom and starred in our own marital show. I fucked her so hard that the image must have shaken the TV screen in the party room.

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