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Mary Mary Quite Contrary, By 2Swallowmore

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When Mary pulled in, Rachel grabbed my cock under the thrashing water in the hot tub and told me, ?Here comes your other slut baby.? The smile on her face told me I was in for a good time. Mary walked to the hot tub and said hi. I reached out and played with her tits over the hot tub as I returned her hello. Her clothes were off in seconds and she was on her way in. Rachel told her, ?I?m gonna go get you a drink while you two get acquainted? and climbed from the hot tub, kissing me on the way and jokingly, ?Don?t have too much fun while in gone.? And left to go get her drink.

Mary knew why she was here, she wanted a night of domination and getting used like a little slut. Our phone conversations and texts told us what we liked. I had no inhibitions about giving it to her and, using her like my little slut. I raised to the hot tub?s edge and told Mary, ?Come here. Let?s see how good you suck cock.? Mary moved to in between my legs and began kissing my dick as my dick finished getting hard. Her lips wrapped around my head and teased then, down to my balls. She looked up after as she succulently excited my balls ?Am I a good cock sucker?? I patted her on the head and told her ?Yes, you?re a good little cock sucker.? She smiled at pleasing me.

Mary still had my dick in her mouth when Rachel returned with her drink. Rachel set her drink down as she asked her. ?He?s got a great cock for sucking, doesn?t he?? Mar slid my cock from her mouth and smiled real big. ?Hell yeah he does.? Rachel leaned down to get a mouthful of cock for a moment as Mary took a drink from her glass. Mary watched Rachel?s mouth encompass my entire cock and swallow it into her throat in amazement and told Rachel, ?Damn! YOU?RE A good cock sucker.? I held Rachel?s head down on my cock and told Mary, ?Suck my balls slut.? Rachel?s hand found the back of her head and pulled her to my balls. ?That?s it girls, suck that cock.? I watched as they passed my dick back and forth to each other, feeding it to each other like one oxygen mask under water.

Rachel raised up and placed her hand on Mary?s head again. ?You go ahead and suck his cock, I get to all the time.? and took a swallow of her drink. She put the drink down and kissed me as Mary sucked my cock, then fed me her tits. I sucked Rachel?s tits and chewed on her nipples for a few minutes before telling Mary. ?OK, now come up here for a minute. Let me check out that little pink pussy of yours.? Mary slowly slid my cock from deep in her mouth, as if she didn?t want to stop sucking it and stood up in front of me. I reached for Mary?s pussy as I told her to ?Open those legs, bitch.?

My fingers found Mary?s twat slippery wet as Rachel stroked my cock and asked, ?Does her pussy feel good baby? You think you?re gonna like fucking that cunt?? I turned to Rachel. ?Time to find out.? I told Mary as I pulled my fingers from her, ?Bend over and get fucked.? Mary turned and grabbed the edge of the hot tub, put her ass in the air and spread her legs as I slapped her ass. ?Get that pussy up here.? Mary lifted her ass higher as I pulled her back, grabbing her hair. ?You gonna be a good little bitch and get fucked?? Rachel answered for her, lifting her head so Rachel could see her face to face. ?She?s gonna be a good little whore and get that pussy fucked real good aren?t you?? Rachel made Mary look at her as Mary answered, ?Yes. Yes I?m a good little whore. Fuck me.?

I slapped Mary?s ass again and told her, ?Here?s that cock you wanted.? As I slid my dick between her wet pussy lips, spreading them open. The heat from her pussy surrounded my dick as I plunged into her. Rachel enjoying the expression on Mary?s face as she moaned and cried her whimpers with the feel of my cock hammering her. ?Does her pussy feel good baby? Fuck her brains out? I answered Rachel. ?Oh yeahhh, she?s a good little slut.? As I hammered Mary?s little twat harder. Mary began to groan and pant for her breath. ?That?s it. Fuck her harder. Make her cum. Make her cum.? Rachel took her face into her hands with one cheek in each palm and watched her as she came all over my cock. ?That cock feel good?? Rachel asked her. Mary couldn?t even breathe as she answered her. ?Yhheaass. Oh god. Fuck me. Fuck me.? I grabbed Mary?s hair and pulled back hard. ?Cum on my cock bitch! Cum on my cock.? Mary came a second time as Rachel patted her on the head, telling her. ?That?s a good little slut.? While I filled her with a load of cum, spraying into her like a water hose and fucking her so hard she fell against the hot tub, forcing Rachel to slide off the side. I never missed a beat, stepping with her I continued fucking her little slut twat. My strokes were long and deep now but slowed as I asked Rachel. ?You think she liked her cock?? Rachel smiled back at me. ?Oh Yeah, she liked it alright! Didn?t you Mary?? Mary was gasping for air as she answered ?Ahhh. Oh Yeah. Gasp, Fuck yeah!?

As I pulled my cum soaked cock from Mary?s pussy, Rachel found her way to my dick and took it in her mouth, softly sucking and savoring my cum for a few strokes. Then she reached over to Mary?s pussy and wiped the cum from Mary?s beaten pussy lips with her fingers, then reached around to Mary?s mouth and fed it to her from her fingers, ?Look, I saved you some.? Mary smiled and licked my cum from Rachel?s fingers as I sat back in the water to catch my breath.

They sat back in the water after a moment and shared a smile and a ?look? with each other. ?Did you like that?? Rachel asked. ?Oh hell yeah!? Mary told her. They grabbed their drinks and lit a smoke. ? You sluts gonna be ready when I want to fuck again?? They both answered me at the same time ?Hell yeah.? Then turned to each other and laughed. Mary told Rachel ?God damn that was good.?

Rachel looked over at me, ?Preston, You gotta fuck her tits later. Her tits look really fuckable.? Then turned back to Mary. ?You like getting your tits fucked?? Mary lifted her tits and laughingly answered, ?Cum all over these babies!? We all laughed and just talked some as we relaxed and made more drinks.

After about an hour I started to feel rested and my cock was ready as I watched their tits at the water level. I told them, ?I?m gonna go get another drink? and started to climb out. Rachel caught my dick in her mouth as I made my way around them, then put it in Mary?s mouth, grabbing my balls and telling me. ?Hurry back honey. We need fucked.? I pulled my cock from Mary?s mouth and walked inside.

While I was making my drink, I had an idea. I went to the bedroom and retrieved the leash and collar to bring out with me, along with the flogger. I carried them with my drink. The girls watched me walk towards them until they made out what was in my hands, then looked at each other in silence. I walked up, put my drink down and asked ?Who wants to be my bitch and, who wants to be my slave??

Rachel looked up at me excitedly, ?I wanna be the slave. Can I be the slave?? I looked at Mary. ?I guess that makes me your bitch then.? I handed Mary the collar, ?Put this on my slave bitch.? and smacked Mary?s tit with my flogger. She yelped at the little sting and answered, ?Yes Sir.? Mary maneuvered and placed the collar around Rachel?s neck. I handed her the leash. ?Now put the leash on her.? Mary attached the leash to the collar. ?Now make her suck my dick.? Mary didn?t know what to do. I whipped her nipples again with my flogger. ?MAKE her suck my DICK!? Mary jerked her by her leash and told her ?Suck his cock NOW!? As Rachel started sucking my dick I patted my bitch on the head and told her, ?You?re gonna make a good little bitch.? I let Rachel suck my dick for only a minute before telling my bitch ?I?m going inside, bring my slave to me.? And walked back inside.

I sat on the couch and waited. Only a moment passed before Mary lead Rachel into the room by her leash. ?I have your slave Sir.? ?Bring her here.? She pulled on the leash and dragged Rachel to me, standing in front of me. ?Both of you turn around.? They turned and faced the coffee table. My flogger whipped across Rachel?s ass with a snap. ?You gonna be a good little slave?? ?Yes, I?m a good little slave.? My whip cracked across Mary?s ass cheeks. ?Did you train my slave good bitch?? ?Yes, she?s a good little slave. She?ll do whatever you want.? I could see the red stripes across their ass cheeks from the flogger. ?Bend over! Both of you.?

They bent over to the coffee table in front of them. ?Open and show me those pussies? They opened their legs some for me. I gave a light swipe of my flogger to Mary?s pussy lips just to hear her whimpering yelp. ?You?re gonna make my slave behave, aren?t you?? I swatted her pussy again, harder this time. ?Yes! Yes! She?s gonna behave!? The tassels on my flogger whipped the wet pussy lips between Rachel?s legs. ?And you?re gonna do what you?re told, aren?t you?? ?Yes. I?m gonna behave. I?m gonna behave.? I stood so my hard cock could slide between Rachel?s legs and feel that pussy. I took her leash and pulled some, telling Mary ?Put my cock in that pussy for me.? Mary reached and grabbed my hard cock and guided me into Rachel?s wet cunt. ?Thank you Sir.? Rachel said as my cock slid into her. I reached over to my bitch and grabbed her hair. ?Make her to fuck my cock!?

Mary yanked on Rachel?s leash and barked her orders at her. ?Fuck him and make his cock feel good, slave.? Mary pulled on her leash again. ?Slide that pussy up and down his cock.? Rachel started fucking me with long strokes up my cock and back. ?Now suck my balls bitch.? Mary feel to the floor and climbed underneath me. Her mouth warmed my nuts as my cock probed Rachel?s pussy. Rachel felt my cock get harder with the stimulation of my balls being sucked. ?There you go girls. Good girls.? I started fucking Rachel harder and harder with the excitement. It didn?t take long as I tugged on her leash and fucked her, for her to cum the first time. ?You like getting fucked , slave?? her answer was choked by the leash and struggling. ?Yhess.?

I watched my cock pound deep and hard into Rachel?s little pussy as I began to finger her ass and listen to her whimpering screams. My balls were bouncing off Mary?s face I was fucking Rachel so hard. I love the feel of Rachel?s pussy around my cock. I could feel my balls begin to tingle and knew I was about to cum. My cock was rock hard as Rachel came and covered me in her warm juices again. I could see Rachel?s cum dripping from my cock as I hammered her. Mary?s face had drips on it below. I couldn?t hold it any longer. Rachel began moaning loudly and heavily and gasping for breath as I filled her with jolts of hot liquid and hard cock. Mary kept trying to suck my balls as I got off and I was spanking her face with them as I churned Rachel?s pussy into butter. My cum spurted onto Mary?s face out from around my dick. I pulled my dick out and fed it to Mary. ?Suck that cock bitch!? I stabbed her throat with my cum covered cock and choked her on it as she swallowed my cum and sucked my dick, getting all the cum, Then stuffed my dick back into Rachel?s pussy for a few more strokes, dunking it in and, pulling it out to feed Mary again.

I patted Mary?s head as she sucked my softening dick. ?You?re a good little bitch. Now reward my slave for being a good little fuck.? Mary tugged on Rachel?s leash and pulled her to her. ?Come here slave.? Mary hugged her and told her ?You were a good little slave. You fucked him real good.? And consoled her. ?You did a real good job with your pussy.?

I looked down at them on the floor. ?You sluts are gonna suck my cock together in a little while.? They looked up at me. ?Yes Sir? I sat and lit a cigarette and, watched Rachel lick the spots of my cum off Mary?s face before they relaxed and sat back. We began talking again and just relaxing. I told Rachel to put the leash around Mary?s neck in the middle of our conversation and just left it alone for now as she wore it.

We decided to go back out and hop in the hot tub again. I made Rachel lead Mary by her leash. She told her to ?Get in bitch.? As we got to the hot tub. We climbed in and relaxed in the thrashing hot water together. The girls talked as I enjoyed the jets. I couldn?t hear them nor, did I care as I took a siesta for a few. Occasionally a laugh together from them was loud enough for me to hear. I was way relaxed for time being.

?Can we suck your cock now?? I heard as I felt a hand around my dick. The girls were on each side of me. I lifted my head and opened my relaxing eyes. ?Yes but, I?m going in to lay on the bed.? We climbed out and dried off. I walked to the bedroom and layed down, waiting for my cock suckers. Rachel dragged Mary around the corner into the bedroom by her leash. ?This slut says she?s gonna suck your cock with me? She jerked Mary down to the bed by the leash and told her ?Start sucking his dick!? Mary climbed between my legs and started sucking my balls succulently as my cock got hard. Rachel smacked her ass with the flogger and told her ?I said suck his cock. Not his balls bitch.? And smacked her ass again as she started sucking my dick. Rachel?s hand then spanked Mary?s ass so hard it must have welted. ?Swallow that dick, slut!? Mary gagged herself on my dick as Rachel pushed her down on me. ?Is she sucking your dick deep enough baby?? Rachel pushed her down a little more. ?Good girl. Gag her with my dick.?

Rachel kept her hand on the back of Mary?s head as Mary gobbled my dick for a while. ?Give me that cock.? Rachel grabbed my dick from Mary?s mouth and started sucking it as Mary watched. Her lips were down to my balls in one gulp. Rachel loves a cock in her mouth. ?Suck his balls,? Mary followed her orders and started sucking my balls as Rachel pleasured my cock. The two of them took turns and helped each other as they kissed and licked my cock from top to bottom, teasing me forever. Rubbing my cock on each other?s lips and feeding it to each other. I almost came right there as Rachel took my cock in her hand and rubbed it across Mary?s lips and asked her, ?You want to suck this cock slut?? Mary opened her mouth and shook her head yes. Rachel put my cock in her mouth and kissed my shaft up and down and sucked my balls as Mary sucked on my head. I was moaning louder than I want to admit but, oh my god!

Rachel took my cock back from Mary and told her, ?Let?s get some cum now.? Rachel?s lips began massaging my cock up and down as Mary stroked my saliva covered cock. They traded places a couple times on the way to make me cum but, it didn?t take long. I was about to explode as I looked down at them. Rachel?s hand stroked my dick into Mary?s mouth as I felt my cum spew into her throat. Rachel pulled me out and I watched my cum flow from my cock like a volcano erupting. Rachel?s lips met Mary?s around the head of my exploding dick. Cum covered their lips as lapped up the flow of my white jism and shared my cock. Mary licked the cum from Rachel?s fingers as she continued to pump me dry. The two of them took their time and Rachel spit out my cum several times to clean it off again. She fed it to Mary telling her, ?Gargle with it.? Mary flung her head back and gargled with my cum. ?Feed it back to me.? Rachel opened her mouth for Mary?s deposit. Gargled with my cum, then swallowed with a smile. ?Mmmm. Thank you for the cum.? Mary followed her with. ? That was delicious?. I laid there for a few minutes with the girls nibbling on my cock before they got up, deciding to have a drink.

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