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Mary Ellens First Three Way

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Mary Ellen's First Three Way

I first met Mary Ellen, who later became my wife, when I was nineteen and she was fifteen years old. Too young, eh? Like all guys I check out the ladies but in this case I had to do so surreptitiously because of her age and because I was her brother's friend. Six months later she attended a New Year's party we were having and at that celebratory hour she crossed my path and stopped me and insisted upon a kiss. Not wanting to get into hot water with her brother, I gave her a peck on the lips. She had a different scenario in mind and parted my lips with her tongue.

Over the next couple of years I had several women that I took to bed. One in particular was Judie. She was quite interesting because she was several years older than me and much, much more experienced. She was infamous for being particularly attracted to virgin young men. I wasn't a virgin technically because I had made three trips to Red Rock Road in Nevada. However, as far as skill and intimacy, I was in that lonely land. The thing that I found attractive about Judie was her daring. She told me that several times she had done ménage a trios. Some had been with two women and with two men. She took me to bed several times but didn't derive any pleasure other than taking mental notes about my inadequacy later to use in making fun of me. She found this very amusing.

Mary Ellen on the other hand, was a high school cheerleader, active in school plays and academically nailed the top of her class with very little effort. I confess to not knowing why she zeroed in on me. Count my blessings is what I did though. Six months into her freshman year in college I figuratively crossed the Rubicon and deflowered her. The secret to her academic and personal success was that she was very determined and once she made her mind up, there was no giving up until her goal was achieved. In sorting out our future wants and desires I insisted to Mary Ellen that I was a little different from her ideal middle class mate. I said that I had an artistic bend to my life and that I wanted to explore myself sexually. "What do you want to do, sleep with other women besides me? Do you expect me to go along with that?

"Uh yes," I said, "And I want you to have sexual partners too. Uh, male and female." I guess that she thought that I would change my mind. We eventually moved in together and for a couple of years, hashed things out. Later our vows were said and we settled in as husband and wife.

One evening at a party of a friend, whom should I run into but Judie? In a side conversation she resumed her superior and aloof air and asked me how married life was treating me. I said that I liked it but at the same time I felt that it was a little constraining. Raising an eyebrow she asked me to explain. I told her that I was hoping that Mary Ellen would be more relaxed and sexually adventurous. " How so?" she asked.

I then related to her that I was a little frustrated at how slowly Mary Ellen was responding to my urging to be open minded about a three-way. Judie laughed and just about spit her wine on me. "Have you worked out the details ahead of time and then forced her to make a decision?

"No." I confessed. "Would you be willing to be the third?

"No way." she replied. But then I saw that mischievous thought cross her mind for reconsideration. I believe that I could see her picturing herself in the room, as a detached observer, so that she could witness me falling down on my inadequate ass again. "Okay, I will!" she said with glee. My stomach turned over at the thought because I could see her anticipation about the possibility of her gloating afterward; recounting my downfall on a personal level and perhaps in my marriage too. I recalled how much her laugh had hurt in the past. This must have been too much for her to pass on. Nevertheless, it was now or never.

We agreed that after the party she would show up at our apartment door ten minutes after Mary Ellen and I had arrived. That's all that I would get. Ten minutes to say what was happening and then it would be: show time.

My heart was thumping very slowly in my chest and those ten minutes were not enough. However I did spill it out and say that Judie would be knocking at the door and that I was going to fuck both of them. Mary Ellen could join in or maybe that would finally be it to our marriage. I spoke of my frustration and that now was the time to act if she really wanted to be with me.

Knock, knock, knock! sounded at the door. Judie had brushed her shoulder length blond hair, retouched her makeup and looked pretty. She smiled like the proverbial cat that just ate the canary and asked, "Is everyone ready?" Mary Ellen's eyes had narrowed to sniper slits but she didn't move. That was a small but encouraging sign.

"Come on in." I managed to choke out. I nervously and quite shakily poured some brandy for everyone but Mary Ellen didn't drink. She stood with arms folded waiting for someone to call this whole thing off. Judie was rocking her head and enjoying herself. She was anticipating that Mary Ellen would soon throw in the towel. How was this going to work with two women who seemed at war with each other? Each was playing a game of chicken.

I touched my wife's shoulder to thaw her out even a little. She shrugged it off and glared. Seemingly at an impasse, I removed my shirt. Next my trousers fell and finally I stood naked and pale in the kitchen in front of both young women. Judie's scarf came off, unwinding slowly from her neck. Then she shed her top and pants. She stood unashamed in her bra and panties looking back at May Ellen. The hum of the refrigerator buzzed for a very long while. Mary turned abruptly and went into the bedroom. Judie's and my eyebrows arched with a "What gives?" expression. I stepped forward cheek to cheek and put my hand on Judie's breast. Silence. We could hear Mary Ellen doing something but it could have been her packing a suitcase to leave. More silence. Then her voice called out. "Are we going to get on with it?"

Judie's face fell a little but undaunted we entered into the dimly lit bedroom. My determined spouse lay there rigid but naked under the covers. Judie's face wasn't so confident now but she looked like she still felt Mary Ellen would back out sometime soon. I kissed Mary Ellen softly on the lips slowly. My inner voice told me that an iceberg was going to be easier to melt. She sat upright and said, "I'm going to participate but I'm not going to eat her snatch!" Eventually she responded and kissed me back with her slow soft tongue slipping in and out of my mouth. One amusing parlor trick she had done to amuse us at parties was to demonstrate how she could touch the tip of her nose with her tongue. This dexterity could also fashion an ice cream cone in record time. I cupped the back of Judie's head with my hand and brought it up so that she was face to face with Mary Ellen's. Judie's expression still contained that smirk that she thought Mary Ellen would bail at any moment. Looking for it but not finding it, I guided Judie's mouth to Mary Ellen's and slipped off the bra and panties.

The two tongues glided against each other and across both lips. Gentle kissing became deeper and went on and on and became more urgent. Neither was coming up for air. Judy could not have guessed that Mary Ellen's oral skills were outstanding. The tension went out of Mary Ellen's body and snuck out the door of the apartment like smoke retreating over the threshold. Judie giggled. Her lips glistened as she caught her breath. Knowing Judie, I looked down the back of her thighs and between her butt cheeks. Sure enough, as I remembered, she was a very moist girl. More kissing; I kissed titties all around on both torsos. Judy broke it off and slid down past Mary Ellen's belly button and down to her muff. Her lips and tongue leaving a moistened trail. I wanted to shout with exhilaration. I was about to witness some live-action girl-on-girl pussy eating. Woohoo! Kowabunga baby!

At first, long laps around the labia and then flirty, teasing licks. Next came gentle sucking on the clit. Judie reached up with her hand and inserted her fingers into Mary Ellen's mouth. She sucked on them and without any verbal communication left lots of saliva on them. Judie eased in one and shortly after two of her fingers into Mary Ellen. Then like a tow truck hooking up, pulled them back slightly; jiggling them inside her as if beckoning her to come to her. Then her mouth was on the clit again and it wasn't coming off anytime soon.

Judie was no slouch orally either and because of the explosive sensations Mary Ellen was feeling and the sense that she had now crossed into a taboo land, she quickly tensed, moaned, and uttered, "Oh gawd, gawd, oh FUCK!!!!" Lightening bolts zipped across my mind. Judie raised her head a little and giggled softly. I actually thought that I had seen my friend for the first time in a different light. Gone was her smug and smirk. She looked like she genuinely enjoyed giving my wife head.

After a respite, Judie went back to her task and very shortly muffled shouts of "FUCK, FUCK, FUUUUCK!" were heard again. I dove past Judie's butt and down to her thighs slopping up her prodigious love honey. This electrified her and she rolled over so that I could lap at her labia. Unlike previous sessions with her, it took no time at all for her to shoot out a tsunami that drenched my face. Letting her recuperate, Mary Ellen moved Judie into position so that she could repay the favor. Not unlike a tit-for-tat scenario, it was one of twat-for-twat. My flexed boner sputtered pre-cum on skin as I watched the woman's tongue, who earlier had said that she wouldn't eat Judie's snatch, lash at it now like wielding a fluttering whip.

Judie moaned a satisfied grunt and very quickly delivered a warm gush all over her face. Grabbing Mary Ellen's ankles, I hoisted them up over my shoulders and rammed my tool in to the hilt, deep into her receptive tunnel of love. I tried to tell myself "No," but what a wimp! Try as I might, I couldn't help myself and after about six strokes I spurted like a super soaker toy shooting my load.

As we lay entwined, Mary Ellen cussed and said that she was dripping on the sheets. I withdrew but very quickly Judie went down and slurped the spunk from Mary Ellen's butt. This wound Mary Ellen up again and she whispered that she wanted to see me fuck Judie. I took her doggie style and Mary watched intently the in-and-out action in front of her. There was no early release on my part this time. During this, she lubed her finger, drew repeated circle patterns on the sphincter and ultimately drove it slowly into Judie's chocolate chute. "Ugh! Ugh!" Judie's face was buried in the pillow and her grunts were muffled but told us in volumes the level of ecstasy she was feeling from this stimulation. This had to be a first for her.

Drained and in the wee hours of the morning, we gathered ourselves up and showered and then hit the sack. We didn't wake up until sometime around noon. That was a night that still brings naughty smiles to our faces.

Judie eventually married some guy from out of town and we haven't seen her for a while. My wife freely admits to becoming a slut that night. We both "check out the ladies" now. At times when she and I may get parted while shopping at a department store, I just may find her chatting up a cute salesgirl in the lingerie section. When I catch her eye, she is all smiles.

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