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Man Haters Birthday Bash

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It all started innocently enough. My wife came home from work with a small wrapped box. I inquired about the gift wrapped package and was informed that one of her coworkers was having a small girl?s night birthday party at the local Mexican restaurant. My wife asked if I would like to join her and I gave it one of those ?whatever? looks, but answered sure why not. I had just finished running errands in town, so I was properly dressed for a restaurant supper. My wife went through the ritual of shower, hair, makeup, etc. When she appeared in the den, she was dressed to party; Low cut blouse, tight jeans, stripper heels! I had to tweak her prominent nipples that were evident through her tight blouse. She gave me a playful slap and we were off to the restaurant.

We arrived about 10 minutes early and were the first of the group at the restaurant. My wife informed the waiter that we were to be seated in the outdoor patio section. He escorted us there and he took our drink orders. Dos Mucho Grande Margaritas! The fishbowl margaritas were to be our drink. I had never met my wife?s coworkers and I really wasn?t expecting anything more than a female group of alcohol deprived wives to show. As cars arrived in the parking lot, I would ask my wife if this one or that one was part of her party. First to arrive was a mid thirty year old brunette. She was identified by my wife as Tina the birthday girl. Tina was almost a full figured girl and was quite curvaceous. I was surprised to see that she was attired in a form fitting short dress. Her braless breasts were suspended by an elastic low cut spaghetti strapped top. And in the sunny backdrop of the parking area, I could see the outline of a dark thong like undergarment through the sheerness of her dress. Hmm, not bad I thought. When Tina entered the patio, she greeted my wife with a kiss on the cheek and my wife introduced me to Tina. Tina gave me a big hug and I strained my nerve ends to feel her breasts against my chest as we hugged. Then the second and third girls arrived. One was a short petite blonde with ginormous breasts. Her white button up blouse couldn?t hide the fleshy color of her breasts and the darkness of her areolas that peered through her cotton top. The third girl was a sturdy built young lady with a hard body. She chose to dress in denim short shorts and a skimpy top. I was in heaven all evening looking from breast to breast!

Man bashing was theme of the night. Each woman took turns criticizing their husbands, boyfriends, and men in general. I sat back in my chair to avoid becoming collateral damage. I had a gentleman?s agreement with the waiter and he kept the drinks coming. An hour into this party, the ladies were quite tipsy. Tina backed out of the Man Haters conversation and asked me to dance to a song on the juke box. It was a slow song and Tipsy Tina leaned on me hard just to maintain a vertical position. A few times during the dance, I felt her breath on my neck and a nibble. I inadvertently, but purposely brushed the side of her breasts a few times. When the song was over, I returned Tina to her chair. After a few more sips of the tequila fire water, I stood up and excused myself to the restroom. Tina asked to accompany me as she didn?t know where the restrooms were located. I obliged and took her by the hand. I led her through the myriad of dining tables to the rear of the restaurant.

When we arrived at the restroom doors, Tina turned to me and gave me a big hug. During this embrace, I gave her a little kiss on the lips. This turned into an all out tongue wrestling session. Before I could comprehend what was happening, Tina dragged me into the ladies room. We continued to make out like teenagers and I flipped her elastic top off of her breasts, exposing two milky white globes with large pink nipples. I dived into one of these orbs and began to nibble and suck. Tina somehow shimmied her dress down to her ankles and stepped out of it. A purple thong was revealed. I pressed Tina back onto the baby changing countertop and removed those thongs. The aroma of woman must filled the air and I dived into her crotch. Her lips were full and pink and her tunnel was glistening. I drove my tongue deep inside and slurped all of the flavors from her nether region. Tina demanded her birthday present loudly with moans and screams of fuck me! I feared that the restaurant patrons would hear this and begged Tina to quiet it down a bit. I released my throbbing tool from my pants and walked between Tina?s legs. My shaft slid easily inside the slippery walls of her passion and I began to pump her full depth. Her screams were not to be silenced, but I continued at the risk of being discovered. With the excitement of this situation, I didn?t last long, before I was spraying my load inside her. After a long passionate kiss, we left the restroom, apparently unnoticed by the multitude of diners. The rest of the night was uneventful with the exception of the erotic glances that Tina and I exchanged.

I began receiving several text messages on my cell phone in the days following the party. These texts were not just from Tina, but from the other ladies that were at the party as well. I knew that our restroom rendezvous was public knowledge. I also knew that sexual favor was to be used as hush money to keep this incident quiet. So now I am that guy waiting in the shadows of the mall several times per month to meet up and make out with the women of the man haters birthday party.

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