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I have been married four years,happily as far as i knew.

My wife and my mom didnt get on at first,mom never actually said anything,but i could tell,she was a little stand offish and quiet whenever Anne was there.

Anne and i have a good sex life,we watch a little porn together on occasions to spice things up, we both had been married before,and to be honest we both had reputations for fucking around,but when we started seeing each other we got on like a house on fire, but i think my mom heard the rumours about anne,and didnt take to her.Anne is very preety with large breasts,a little plump but very attractive.

I lost my dad about a year before i met Anne,it hit mum real hard,he had a blood clot in the lung,at least it was over quick for him,but only in his mid forties.

Then i met Anne,i often thought of other guys fucking her,tried to get her to talk about it but she never seemed to want to,or to know about my past.

Anne was away visiting her folks one weekend,to cut a long story,i met an old flame and took her back to our flat and fucked the arse off her,mom came round in the morning and caught her coming out of the bathroom wearing one of my shirts,to say mom was disappointed in me was the least of it.

Mom said she should tell Anne,i of course disagreed.

Mom stayed quiet,but wasnt happy.

Then last year mom met a guy at a wedding we were all invited to,shes a young looking 50 year old by the way, blonde with a good figure,she has looked after herself and still turns heads,even if i do say so myself,the guy seemed ok and treated mom well,she seemed happy and laughed a lot more than i have seen for a long time.shes been seeing him since, She also seemed to get on a lot better with Anne,they would spend more and more time together, shopping and whispering together so i couldnt overhear,i thought it was funny at first,but it seemed i was in the way at times,i asked Anne about it and if mom had said anything,she said "about what?"and told me not to be stupid,she said mom only talked about her new fella,things she could never talk to her son about,so i relaxed for a while.

Then one evening i said i would meet Anne round at my moms place after training,i was early,the training was cancelled due to a power failure,and as i went into the back kitchen door they obviously hadnt heard me because of their laughter,they had,by the sound of it,been at the vino calapso,and there was two empty wine bottles on the kitchen table.

I was about to walk into the living room when i froze,Anne said "i know John,(me),has played away several times,if you want me to go with you i would,whats good for the goose is good for the gander" they both laughed,i wondered what on earth was going on.Then i heard mom say:

"i couldnt play party to my daughter-in-law going to a sex swap party now could i"? they both laughed again.

I couldnt move,my whole body froze.

"I know he has fucked an ex once or twice and lets say im not an angel either"said Anne,they both laughed.

"he thinks i dont know but ive read tell tale signs after ive been away,and of course my girlfriends tell me little things theyve seen"

I stood absolutely rigid,my ears strained to hear and i hardly breathed.

"i wouldnt have believed contemplating such a thing,but----"! mom whispered.

"but???"said Anne,"let me tell you,"Anne continued "ive noticed the change in you since you met Tom,and correct me if im wrong,but he fucks you like never before--right"?

"right"whispered mom,after a pause.

"and he is a member of the swinglifestyle,and wants to introduce you to his lifestyle---right"?

"right" said mom.

"you know that means your going to have to fuck other guys dont you"? Anne said in a seductive voice.

"are you all right with that"?

a long pause then mom replied,"i dont want to lose him,so if thats what it takes---i guess so"

(I couldnt believe what i was hearing,my mom and my wife not only using language that i woundnt use in front of a women,but talking about being fucked by strangers.)

"Tom says he wants to be with me,but couldnt give the lifestyle up,he says there is no reason why we couldnt get married if we go into the lifestyle together and can still love each other,and i feel he means what he says,and ive fallen in love with him."-------------------------------------------

and his cock"!!!

they both fell about laughing for went on,

"I asked Tom how the parties went,he said they all arrive separately,men in one area women in another at some big house,they are all very well off,they all wear masks,all diferent masks,so you dont know who is who" Anne whispered "but you would know Tom by his cock,right"?

"oh yes"said mom."I have had to use my rabbit since Norman (my dad) went,its well worn,but since having Toms cock in me,im spoilt for anything else."

"mmm i wondered how you managed,women have needs dont they,"Anne laughed,"so do you think you could go through with swapping?asked Anne.

"To be honest,its not something exactly new to me"said mom, "oh,tell me more"Anne whispered;

"Norman wanted me to swap with another couple,we went on holiday with them to a caravan park in Eastbourne"

(I couldnt believe what i was hearing!my mom and dad,never.)

"tell me about it"whispered Anne,i swear it sounded like she was getting turned on.

"Norman worked with this guy Ernie"continued mom, "he wasnt bad looking and we all got on well,but it wasnt until we were on holiday that Norman intoduced the idea to me,he said Ernie fancied me,he was telling me this as he was fucking me after a night out dancing,we had had a few so my inhibitions were relaxed anyway, Norman kept trying to talk me into it as he fucked me,he was whispering in my ear that it was only sex and wouldnt mean anything,and that he would love to see me being fucked by someone else.

The scene kept running through my mind and i must admit i was turned on,as Normans cock slowly,but very deeply fucked me,im sure he was fucking me deep like that to enhance my feelings towards swapping,but i started to imagine Ernies cock inside me and i came very loudly, Ernie and Babs were in the next caravan,but i bet they heard me"she laughed.

"Anyway as we lay having a cigarette afterwards,we talked about the possibility, i asked him if he wanted to fuck Babs,he matter of factly said he would,but it wouldnt mean anything,it was only sex and no more would be said after the holidays."

Anne piped in "and did you swap????" she sounded intrigued.

"yes,the next night we went dancing again"answered mom,"Norm made sure i wore sexy pants and stockings and suspenders,as i dressed my stomach was in knots."

"Ernie danced with me most of the night and Norm danced with Babs,i had butterflies in my stomach all night long, and towards the end of the night when the slow dances came on,Ernie made sure i could feel his cock against my pussy,i felt light headed but i felt excited too."

"what happened then?"asked Anne."tell me in detail,dont leave any detail untold".

"well i remember walking back to the caravans,Babs took Normans arm,so i took Ernies as we walked,we were walking behind them,Ernie put his arm round my waist and let it slip to my bottom,then under my dress,my stomach was churning,but i wasnt going to stop him, when we reached the vans Norm said to Ernie,"why dont you take Jean into our caravan for a nightcap,and ill go with Babs into yours?"

Norman looked at me and said "allright"????.

I flushed up but stammered "yyyes,ok"!and with that Babs and Norm went off.

I fumbled for the caravan key in my bag,as i did so Ernie started to kiss my neck from behind, "you know what theyll be doing dont you?"he whispered.

"i can guess"i replied.

"as i was putting the key in Ernie ran his hand up my skirt from behind to my stocking tops and beyond,he was nibbling my ear and his hand pulled my panties to one side and slid his fingers into me,i was wet through and groaned,he turned me round and kissed me long and hard, he was a good kisser,i think that is very important"said mom.

"then he said he was going to fuck me all night,and would that be allright?"

I just kissed him hard and whispered -"yes."

"and what was his cock like,was it like Toms"?asked Anne.

"no not really,not as thick,it was just the same as norms really,but it remained harder much longer,and he did preety much fuck me all night,his recovery was remarkable,he must have cum 3 or 4 times,it was lovely".

"that was the first time i had spunk in my mouth,i had sucked Norm before but never swallowed."

Anne sighed,"and did you swap again with them?"

"yes once at our place,we did it same room which added to the thrill,we just went back for a nightcap after a night out again,one thing led to another,a game of strip poker and a full swap,the boys also encouraged Babs and i to participate with each other if you know what i mean,i think Babs was bi anyway."

"mmm,and did you???"asked Anne.

"yes,although Babs did most of it."

"mmm,i have participated myself once or twice"laughed Anne.i have daydreamed about swapping, i think John would probably be up for it" (I couldnt believe my ears,i pulled my zip down and let my cock free.)

Mom continued"then we decided we wanted to try for a family,so that was that,Norman did suggest we try it again after John was born,but i didnt want to then."

"so watching Tom fucking someone else wouldnt bother you"Anne asked.

"well,it depends i suppose,i dont really know"mom answered.

"you said you knew about John being unfaithful but that you were no angel,what did you mean"mom asked inquiringly, Anne said"dont tell John will you" "of course not,besides you know enough about me now to blow me out of the water"mom laughed.

Anne continued "well,my boss at the office has always made it clear he wanted to fuck me, and at our christmas party,after i found out John had been shagging around while i was up at mums,i thought why not, i always wear stockings so i decided to tease him and let him have a few glimpses, accidently of course,but he got me in the print office and fucked the arse off me,and you know something,i enjoyed every second."

"a few times since the boss has asked me to stay behind for extra work,if i say yes, we both know what that means,he has quite a nice cock too,but he loves to preform oral on me".


(I have never had the slightest incline Anne would or had fucked behind my back,i was open mouthed in disbelief,but my cock ached and i had a funny sensation in the pit of my stomach,but i liked it.)


"tell me about Toms cock,whats special about it?"Anne croaked.

"oh its lovely,i dont know how long it is but its the thickness,its huge,i can hardly get my fingers round it,ive never been so satisfied,i love the feel of it in me" mom said lovingly."i never fail to cum".

"Sounds nice"whispered Anne.

There was a long pause------a good few minuets of silence.

"mmmmmmmmmmm,well if every one wears masks--------------maybe i should go with you,just to make sure your ok"said Anne.they both giggled.

"mm maybe you should"whispered mom.

"one night when John is out fucking his bits on the side"laughed Anne.

they both laughed and i heard the glasses being replenished.

Ann said quietly "what if Tom were to fuck me in front of you,would you mind"? she spoke in a husky voice, (i knew Anne was thinking about the scene in her mind,and when she spoke in that tone,she was definalely turned on,)

"i might like feeling that thick cock too,youve made my juices run just thinking about it"

(I knew my Anne,she was testing the water,if the questions went pear shaped she could change the mood at the drop of a hat,she was clever,and she was testing mom.)

"i dont know,ive not thought about him fucking someone in front of me,just someone eles fucking me in front of him" said mom,they both laughed again.

"well maybe you should,he obviously would like to see you being fucked,maybe youd enjoy watching him" Annes voice was huskier by the minute."does he like you to dress up for him"?

"well,he loves me to wear stockings and suspenders,in fact he insists on it"laughed mom.

"mmmmmmmm,i always wear them too"whispered Anne,supprising what power they give us" "look"!!

i heard a rustleing of clothes and guessed Anne showed mom her stocking tops.

"oh, yes they suit you,you have nice legs" mom said in a whisper.

(I could imagine the scene and felt my cock begin to stir more eagerly)

another long pause,more wine poured,

"you have nice legs too--------let me see them"Annes husky voice.

"no,really"replied mom.

"well youll have to get used to being seen in stockings and probably nothing eles but a mask"laughed Anne.

"yes i guess so"laughed mom.

pause---"well then"whispered Anne.

after a few moments i heard rustleing of clothes again and presumed mom lifted her skirt to show Anne.

"oh yes,a fine set of pins,lovely in nylons."---look im all wet here,i hope Johns up for it tonight".

they laughed again.


(I edged toward the door so i could see between the door and doorframe, Anne sat in an armchair almost straight on to me,her skirt was raised and her legs slightly apart,i could clearly see her cream thighs above her dark stockings,and there did seem to be a damp patch on her panties.

Mom sat on the sofa to my right side on,i couldnt see much of her.)


again a long pause.then Anne said, "seriously though,lets say,what if i did go to the party with you,would you mind if Tom fucked me-----in front of you"????"what would you think???especially thinking if some stud with just as thick a cock,was fucking you"????

(Id never heard the likes from Anne before,my cock was now a tent pole.)

"mmm,im begining to think i might like that,giving Tom a beautiful young temptress like you, whilst that stud,young stud that is,fucks me------god,listen to me,"said mom"ive had too much wine".

"did you enjoy watching Norman fuck Babs then or not?.asked Anne.

"yes i did supprisingly,it was a real turn on."smiled mom.

"well,if it helps,i could------"croaked Anne.

"yes,"whispered mom."prey tell"!

"well,----you could always let Tom fuck me here in front of you,to see if your going to be all right with it"Ann cooed,"it would let Tom know your going to be allright for the party,and it would give me revenge on John for all his shagging,even if he is your son,he deserves it"laughed Anne.

another long pause.

"mm,let me think about it"laughed mom.

I must have groaned or something as i stroked my cock,both ladies stopped and looked toward the door, I paniced as i put my cock away and made a niose as if id just come in,waited a moment then went into the room, mom sat on the sofa,Anne opposite in a chair,"hi ladies"i said.

Anne had a drink in her hand and had difficulty in getting her dress properly down, I realised i still had a bell tent on so sat next to mom on the sofa and tried to cover up.

mom got up and said she would fetch more wine as she pulled her dress down.

We had a couple of drinks,you would never guess in a million years the discussion they had had, women,such a cunning species,they were back in their comfort zone now they thought they had got away with it.

Once or twice though i did see Annes stocking tops as she had had quite a few wines and was now relaxed again, (and i wondered if she would show them to Tom in this manner before he fucked her.the scene ran through my mind now-----and strange as it seemed----- i liked it,my cock did to.)

Eventually we made tracks for home,we walked arm in arm,Anne was a bit tipsy, "lets have an early night tonight,im in the mood"she smiled at me.

"oh,whats brought this on"?i asked,as if i didnt know.

"nothing in particular"she laughed.

We have a tv/recorder in our bedroom with a blue ray player,Anne said she would get a couple of drinks and why didnt i get a porn disk out,the one called "FALLEN ANGEL" which just happened to be a wife swap film,so i did with a smile on my face.

Anne jumped into bed in her panties and stockings,she always kept her stockings on if she wanted to fuck,it was her way of telling me.

I stripped off and still had a semi on,mmm Anne smiled.

We cuddled up in the spoon position and i pressed play on the video,the film was about the husband moving to a new job,there was a party organised to welcome him and his wife.

When things started getting sexy the wife was very unsure about continuing,but the husband tried to talk her into it,familier ground i thought.

As we watched the movie Anne pushed her backside into me,i knew she was probably thinking about Tom fucking her,so that gave me a huge boner,as she pushed back she was so wet i slipped straight into her,i dont think ive ever known her so wet,she groaned,i slipped my hand under her and played with her big tits.

I stayed pretty still,i knew if i started to fuck her with long thrusts i wouldnt last two minutes,Anne moved back and forth for us.

In the film there is an oldish guy with a very thick cock,when he was shown i could hear Anne groan in her throat,she was definitely turned on and im sure she was seeing this guy as Tom fucking her.

"have you ever been to a swop party"? she asked.

"no babes,have you? "no"she whispered.


(I remembered back to her conversation with mom,and decided to try to turn her on even more and see if i could get her to confess to wanting to.)


"I suppose it could be fun though,do you?" i whispered as i started to fuck her slowly.

"I dont know,wouldnt seeing someone else fucking me hurt you?she whispered.

(I remembered mom saying to her what dad had said,that he would like to see some else fucking her)

"not as long as it didnt affect our relationship"i said.

"no,it would only be sex wouldnt it"?she whispered.

"yes it would i guess,and if you want to know the truth,i think it would be an enormous turn on to see you being fucked by someone else"

As i said this she groaned and started to orgasm,her eyes were closed and she moaned loudly, her breathing was very deep now,her hand came round me and pushed my backside so i went more deeply into her,i had never known her cum so quickly.

As she came i kissed her neck(which she loves)drove my cock into her and asked:

"why,would you let me me watch someone else fuck you,would you like someone else to fuck you in front of me"?

"OH YES,OH GOD YES PLEASE" she cried as her orgasm hit its peak.

(I knew she was probably imagining Tom fucking her right now,but i wasnt bothered.)

As she came back down to earth she must have realised what she had said.

"gosh i think i got carried away then"she said.

she looked over her shoulder at me,"you wouldnt really want to see someone else fuck me would you"?

knowing it wasnt going to upset her,i replied "yes i think i might,ive imagined it once or twice" "really" she asked.

"as long as we were both ok with it and continued loving each other,you wouldnt mind me fucking someone at the same time would you?"i whispered.

she didnt answer and turned to watch the film again,just at the time when the older guy was shoving his thick cock into some hairy cunt.

I snuggled into her neck again and played her nipples,they were huge, "thats how ive pictured it,someone with a thick cock pleasing you"i whispered and bit her neck lightly,"of course youd have to have your stockings on".

(long pause)

"dont i always"she whispered back after a few moments,and i knew i had her.

"have you ever thought about it,being fucked by someone else?"i asked.

"no,not really"she answered.

There was another pause as i smiled to myself,then she said:

"not until now"!

"so think about it,maybe youd like a thick cock in you from time to time"i bit her neck again.

The guy on the screen was being sucked off by two girls.

Anne bit her lip and started to buck on my cock,i knew she wanted Toms cock all the more now, i started to thrust deep and long,"imagine its that bloke on the screen fucking you,would that be nice"?"a nice thick cock like that"

"yes" she whispered. ---"what?"i asked.

she was building up to another orgasm,"oh yes,YES IT WOULD,FUCK ME,OH FUCK ME."she sobbed, I waited until i heard her groans and then let rip,my spunk hit her pussy walls at a hundred miles an hour,she almost cried.

"god,i enjoyed that" she said and turned to kiss me.

we continued to watch the film,it showed the rest of the people at the party fucking and sucking,then it switched back to the two girls sucking the thick cock,then as the guys spunk came in great spurts she groaned again,"let me suck your cock back to life so you can fuck me some more"she smiled.

and suck me she did,like never before,she held and licked my balls,and sucked the whole length of my cock,her eyes were closed and she was rubbing her pussy into the bed,i knew she was probably thinking it was Toms cock,and knowing that brought my cock back up to full attention.

i nearly came and had to stop her, she got up and straddled my cock and slowly started to fuck me.

The film got to a part where the husband had got two guys to service his wife at the same time, Anne was watching the film as we fucked, "would you like me to arrange that for you babes?"i asked.

she looked at me and a sort of smile came over her face,she looked back at the screen,and i could tell she was thinking of it.

"would you like two cocks at once babes"?i thrust my hard dick upwards right into her cunt,she groand,"maybe"she whispered.

I groaned loud to make her think the idea was turning me on.

she looked at me and asked,"would you want me to?"

"i can imagine it would be nice"i said.-------"yes,so could i"she whispered.

she bent forward and kissed me hard and she groaned again.then sat up and continued to fuck me as she watched the screen.

The two guys on screen were now fucking her every which way,i wanted Anne to think about this happening to her.

"maybe i should bring a friend round---one with a big thick cock"i prompted.

she looked at me again but didnt say anything,but she was real flushed and still turned on i could tell from her expression,she liked the idea but didnt know what to say.

"anybody in mind"? i asked her.

"have you"?she said with a lump in her throat.

I waited a moment then said "what about that boss of yours at work,he seems to fancy you".

she looked at me but didnt stop riding my cock.

"what makes you say that?" she asked.

"well when weve been out the odd time hes been there he seems to look at your body a lot" i said matter of factly."trying to look at your stocking tops,not that i blame him."

She never said a word but kept riding my cock and looking at the screen.

Then her eyes closed again and she threw her head back"oh god im cuming again"she cried, she bucked and rubbed her hands on her own nipples,and she came and came.

It took some doing but i held my spunk back,having cum a little earlier helped,but i hadnt finished with miss Anne yet.

Her breathing calmed down and we snuggled up together.

"god,i know it might just have been pillow talk,but that was great,we will have to try that again,i cant remember cuming so much"she whispered.

"who said it was pillow talk"i said.we were still watching the film.

"you mean you would like to watch someone fuck me"?

"I might want to be like that husband there and watch two other guys fuck you"i said.

"whats brought all this on?" she quizzed.

"well talking about it has turned you on you must admit"

"yes it did,but talking and doing are two different things"she replied.

"well i get the impression you might like to be fucked,and it kinda turned me on"

"oh did it,well maybe ill think about it then"she smiled.

"oh im sure you will"i laughed.

I got a pillow,put it under her tummy and rolled her on her stomach,the film had finished so i turned it off,there was just the lamp light, I eased myself on top of her,my cock seemed huge to me,the events had turned me on too.

I slipped my cock into her wet pussy,she groaned again.

"god,if this swapping idea has got you like this,maybe i will give it some serious thought"she sighed.

I began long slow thrusts,banging into her arse,i could see her bite her lip, as i fucked her i slipped an arn under her and played her clit.

she closed her eyes and began a continual moan.

"what you thinking of babe"?i asked.

"nothing"she replied."why,what do you want me to think about"?she giggled.

"why dont you think of that guy with the thick cock fucking you"

"mmmmmmm,ok" she started to slowly buck under me and i was trying to get as deep as i could,i got into the push-up position which she always likes,it gives more penitration and i know she is being pleasured.

(I dont know where her thoughts were exactly,i wish i did,it turned me on knowing her thoughts were on some other guys cock,a strange feeling,but one i liked.)

We both came together,it was probably the best fuck weve ever had.

The following day,Anne was unusually quiet,i think she was pondering over last nights events.

Then i had a brain wave.

Last year i had fitted a watchbot(a camera which watches and records your home in case of burgulars) to both my flat and moms house,and it will send both video and stills to your laptop,

Ok,i know spying on your mom is not the right thing,but i wanted to be able to see Anne on her next visit,and hear what they were saying,i work in the security world so fitting an audio bug with it wasnt difficult.

I went round to moms and told her i had a software update for her watchbot,and i fixed it so i could pick it up on my laptop too.she didnt suspect a thing.

The camera was in the top corner of her living room so it gave great coverage.

I tested it that night and it worked a treat,there was a very short lapse every few secs but it didnt spoil the picture.

I hadnt put it in a moment too soon either for about 7pm Annes mobile rang,she was in the kitchen,i was in the hall and could overhear her,it was mom, Anne whispered "no he is in the bathroom,why whats wrong?".-------------------------

I turned round and went into my study room,i had my laptop on so quickly entered the password for the watchbot at mums,i had missed a bit but heard mom say, "yes i know,Tom wants to bring him round now,he is going to be at the party apparently and wants to meet me,Tom said to make sure i had my stockings on,that can only mean one thing as far as i can see------so i really could use some back up,im a bit apprehensive"

"oh"Anne whispered,"well John is training tonight as he missed last nights,so i could pop round, and funny enough what was said after we got home last night"----

"I will tell you later,ok,i will come,see you soon."Anne hung up,but i got the drift.

I went into the lounge,Anne said"Jean had called and is a little upset,she wants me to pop round for a girlie chat,something about Tom,dont bother coming to pick me up i will get a cab after, i dont think mom wants you to see her upset,but dont worry if im late,i want to make sure she is allright."

"thanks thats nice of you"i replied.

"well you know that love affairs are not always straightforward,i will just pop for a shower first,you get off for your training and ill see you later,dont wait up"she kissed me and went to the bedroom.

I heard her go into the shower,then i banged the front door as if i had gone out,a little later Anne came out and back into the bedroom,the door was slightly open and from my advantage point i could see her in the mirror.

she purfumed her body all over,put stockings and suspenders on,a shortish skirt and low blouse, showing a lot of cleeverage and high heels.I had the makings of a semi lob on already.

I quietly went out got in my car and drove round the corner where i could still see the entrance.

Shortly after a cab pulled up,Anne came out and climbed in the back.

I waited a moment or two then drove back and went into the flat.

I went straight back to the lap top and logged in.

Mom was just shaking hands with some guy,Tom said "this is Bill",the guy said "enchanted"as he kissed moms took their coats and brought them a drink.Tom sat next to mom on the sofa and had his hand on moms knee,the sound wasnt brilliant but good enough and the picture quality was superb.they were just making small talk.

Then i saw Tom try to inch moms skirt up a little,but she kept pushing it back down.

Shortly after the doorbell rang,mom jumped up and went to answer it,a few moments later Anne came in and was introduced to Bill,she already knew Tom of course and kissed his cheek,I could make out Anne saying she was sorry to call uninvited,but as John was at training she thought she would pop round for a chat and a wine,she didnt expect mom to have visitors.

Anyway Anne sat in an armchair with her wine,luckily facing the camera,it didnt take long for her stocking tops to come into view,i think both Tom and Bill had noticed.

The guys made sure the wine kept flowing,especially for the ladies,i think they had brought a couple of bottles too.the laughter soon started and everyone was enjoying themselves.

Toms hand was on moms knee again and i could see her resistance had wained,her skirt got higher,Anne made sure more of herself became exposed,Bill looked from one to the other.

Anne made an excuse that she wasnt much of a drinker and that it soon went to her head,Bill said not to worry as he filled her glass up.

After a while Tom asked mom to put some music on and to have a dance,as they danced Toms hands were busy and he had moms skirt up at the back,it was real strange to see your own mom,but then i thought everyone needs fulfillment so why not.

Bill then asked Anne to dance,she acted tipsy and it didnt take Bill long to try his luck.

I guess Bill must have been in his early fifties,but had kept well and was well groomed.

His hands were on Annes bottom and i noticed her blouse was undone.

Tom looked as if he was trying to explain something to mom but i couldnt make out what, then Tom held moms hand toward Bill and said to swap partners for the next dance,Bill took mom in his arms and Tom Anne.

Tom was much more forthcoming with Anne,he was kissing her neck almost at once,and her blouse was open,i noticed his hand on her breasts.Anne was talking and smiling as if she didnt know what was going on.

Bill was trying to grope mom not with as much sucsess i fear.

Mom went to get more drink and they all sat down again,Anne buttoned a couple of buttons up,but not too many,she did have nice big tits and they were preety much on view.

Because they were a bit closer to the mike,i could make out what they said, Bill said "maybe we should invite Anne to the party too,i think she might enjoy it,and im sure we would enjoy her" "oh,what party is this then?"quirked Anne.

I couldnt hear all that was said but Tom told her it was an adult party with an adult theme for a very few privaledged guests,or something of the like.

"Would you be interested?"asked Tom.

"i might"smiled Anne.

The guys kept the wine flowing,Toms hand was now exposing moms stockings to Bill,I will have to be careful too much wine makes me naughty,smiled Anne.

Then luckily they turned the music down,i could hear better.

From somewhere Tom produced a pack of cards,"lets see how we get on then".he kissed mom deeply, Anne smiled,her thighs were open,see through panties showing and her tits almost on full view.


(MY COCK WAS AT FULL MAST IN ANTISIPATION.and that strange sensation in the pit of my stomach)


"whats the rules then"asked anne.

"four cards dealt at a time,one to each,the person who receives an ace has an article of clothing removed by one of the opposite sex"Tom smiled.

"you do know im a married woman dont you"smiled Anne.

"and what a lucky man he is"charmed Bill.

Bill refilled the glasses,Tom dealt four cards,no ace,he continued until one fell in front of Anne."oh"she said"is that me."

"yes my dear"said Tom,"Bill would you be so good."

"certainly"said Bill as he stood up,"would you please stand my dear" "if i can"laughed Anne.

Bill began to undo the two remaining buttons on Annes blouse,and as he removed it slowly,he made sure he got a good handful of tit,as he did this Tom kissed mom and put her hand on his cock,then looked at Anne.

"very good"he said,and dealt again.Another ace fell to Anne,"oh thats not fair"she said.

"just the luck of the cards"laughed Tom.

"my turn i think"Tom stood.Anne was up before him smiling.

Tom turned her round so she had her back to him,Bill got up and sat next to mom on the sofa,he put his hand on her knee,mom smiled.

Tom undid the bra clasp and kissed Annes neck,as he slid the bra straps over her shoulder he cupped both breasts in his hands and held them,and played her nipples.

Bill kissed mom and his hands were on her breasts over her blouse,mom groaned.

"one more deal"Tom said as he peeled three cards off the pack and turned another ace over in front of mom,i dont know how he did it but he was good.

Tom continued to hold Annes breasts as they swayed standing over the table.

"Bill,please" Bill had mom stand up but remained seated,"i have wanted to see Jeans stockings and panties since we got here"he proceeded to unclip the belt on moms waist,he then ran both hands up her legs to her panties,"i think i want to see the panties in my hand"he smiled as he inched her panties off and she stepped out of them.

Tom had Anne laying back against him,his hands moved from her nipples under her skirt to her fanny,his fingers must have entered her,she groaned.


I got my cock out and started to wank,i kicked my pants right off,my cock was huge.


Bill lifted moms skirt and put his mouth to her pussy,she held his head and pulled him into her,her head thrown back,and she groaned again.

Tom had his hands inside Annes panties and he kissed her as he finger fucked her.

Anne turned round and sat down her hands went to Toms belt and she dropped his pants as Tom removed his shirt,she pulled his underpants down and the thickest cock i have ever seen came into view,"oh my god--------you were right Jean,this is a monster"

Tom cottoned on straight away,"oh youve talked about my cock have you,-----so your being here tonight wasnt just by chance then,you naughty girl Jean,come here".

Jean turned and went to Tom,he kissed her as Anne took his moster cock into her mouth,or at least what she could of it.

Tom started to finger fuck mom "good girl"he said.

Bill had disrobed and came up behind mom and removed her blouse and bra and freely played her tits,Tom took one of her hands and fed it behind her to Bills cock,he too was quite well hung.

mom was playing with Bills cock,Tom whispered something,she turned and went down on her knees and took Bills rod into her mouth.

Tom pulled Anne up and turned her round and bent her over the chair arm,he threw her skirt over her bottom,she looked great,still in her high heels and stockings,her big tits dangling over the chair,Tom pulled her panties to one side and put his huge cock to her pussy lips,as he entered her Annes head was thrown back and she screamed as he drove it into her,but her scream turned to moans as he started to thrust into her"oh my god"she kept saying,"oh my god".

"do you like my cock in you young lady"Tom asked.

"oh my god yes,please dont stop,dont ever stop"she groaned.

Bill had mom over the arm of the sofa,he entered her from behind and was going hammer and tong, Tom reached over and played with her tits,they leant toward each other and kissed.

It was too much for mom and she came loudly,she sat back onto the sofa.Bill reached for Annes tits and played them,mom played Bills balls from behind,Bill edged his cock towards Annes mouth,she didnt need no persuasion,she sucked his cock to the thust of Toms monster.

Tom stopped and went toward mom,he knelt before her and burried his tongue in her pussy.

Bill slipped into the chair and pulled Anne on top of him,he burried his cock into her cunt and they both started to buck and fuck each other.


I couldnt hold back, i felt my sack fill and shot my spunk all over the place, ------------------------------------

Tom began to fuck mom on the sofa and it wasnt long before she came again,Bill said he was cuming and that made Anne cum in bucket fulls.

I dont think Tom had cum but i wasnt sure,mom said he had great recovery powers, as Anne climbed off Bills cock,Tom caught her and laid her down on a couple of cushons, he entered her straight away still with a huge hard on,Anne put her legs round his waist and just lay there and groaned as Tom pounded her fanny,she was almost sobbing as Tom arched his back and shot his spunk into her,from her scream id say she came again.

mom was sucking Bill but i dont think he could make it,he was spent.

As everyone started to untangle,Tom said to Anne,"would you like to come to the party then young lady,there will be much more of that"he said.

"id sure like to,but i dont know if i can get away"she replied.

"bring your husband with you"he beamed.

"what with his mum there,i dont think so."

"well thats a shame,still you could try to get away?"

"yes,i can try"said Anne.

"i had better get off mom,are you going to be allright?"

"yes,ill be fine now"mom replied."thanks."Anne started to dress.

"yes thanks"echod Tom and Bill,"i think we might recuperate and take Jean to her bed" they both put their arms round mom,Jean smiled.

"ok id better be off,its getting late,ill just order a cab as i sort myself out"

Mom sat between the guys on the sofa all still naked,Anne came back into the room a few minutes later to say her cherrios,she kissed mom on the cheek,both Tom and Bill stood up,as Tom kissed Anne on the lips he placed Annes hand on his cock and put his hand straight up to her pussy up her skirt,Bill ran his hands up her skirt from the back,they both finger fucked her.

"Havnt you guys had enough"?laughed Anne,Tom said there was still a little time before Annes taxi,and bent her down towards his growing cock,Anne laughed but took his cock in her mouth,Bill fed his cock to moms mouth as he continued to finger fuck Anne.

They went at it like that for a couple of minuets,then annes phone message alert went off to tell her the taxi was outside.

"Maybe we could do this again sometime?"said Tom."even if you cant make the party,maybe on your husbands training nights.?"

"maybe,Ill think about it,if thats ok with mum"Anne looked at her."you gonna be ok mum"Anne asked, "oh yes i think im going to be well looked after,and maybe we could do it again if you want to"she answered.


(After Anne had left,i knew she would only be 10 mins or so,i watched mom sitting between the two guys,she had one leg over each of their knees,their hands and mouths were busy,then the guys took mom to her bed,and they put the lights out,i thought oh well good for you mom,maybe when im your age i will be doing something of the same,so i cant judge. have fun.)

and i closed down the laptop.


I placed Annes rabbit vibrator under the cushon of the armchair,I quickly took a shower,as i came out in just a towel,Anne came in.

"hi babes,how was mum?"i asked.

"she is fine,something and nothing really,just girl stuff though so dont ask" "ok".

Anne sat down and took her shoes off i saw her stockings, i said"your a bit over,or should i say,under dressed for a visit to moms arnt you"?.

she looked like a fish caught out of water.

I continued"now you either wanted to show your stocking tops to the taxi driver as his tip, or you wanted to carry on from where we left off last night when you got home"?

She looked a little caught out,but stuttered,"you know me".

I sat on the sofa and let my towel fall open,i had a semi lob on,Anne sat in the armchair she looked a little shocked.

I said "lets have a nightcap and some fun before bed".I knew she was trying to think of an excuse as she was still full of spunk from her nights activities.

"Ok,"------"just let me take a quick shower".

"dont be daft"i said,"you just had one before you went to moms".

she didnt know what to say.

I handed her a wine in my naked state and said."i want you to do as i ask,its my turn" (sometimes we did this to spark our love life,and it was my turn.)

She just stared at me."ok"i asked.-------------"ok"she responed.(no choice really)

I sat on the sofa opposite her again and started my game,i was going to enjoy this.

"i want you to sit back in the chair,and open your legs as if your wanting a couple of guys to see your stocking tops and panties,accidently of course,as if your teasing."

She flushed a little,but after a moment or two,she did so.

"lovely"i said,"i do love you in stockings".

"now i want you to put one leg over the chair arm" She smiled,but did so.

"now i want you to start touching your pussy with one hand as you drink your wine with the other" "JOHN" "COME ON" i said,its my turn,i know you dressed like this for me,so do it" she realised i had her,she had to do as i said.

Her hand went to her pussy and she started to run her fingers up and down her snatch.

"lovely,now put the other leg over the other arm" she did so,i started to play with my erection,she was smiling now,a little more relaxed.

"look under the cushon"i said.

she looked and brought out her rabbit,she smiled,"i suppose you want me to use this?"

she smiled again and put both legs back over the arms,she clicked the switch and the batteries kicked in,she moved her panties over and started to run the rabbit along her pussy lips.

I crawled over on my knees in between her legs,the rabbit was inside her now.

I licked her clit and ran my fingers beside her dildo, "your panties are wet"i said"and they look spunk stained"?

I saw the panic in her eyes.

"you must have just caused that"she replied."really" i frowned,she knew i wasnt convinced.!

I removed the dildo and licked her pussy lips,she looked alarmed.

"thats a strange taste,salty,----it tastes like when ive licked you out after ive fucked you.

you sure youve been round moms and not out being fucked like we were talking about last night" I smiled at her.

(She looked panic strickened,i was enjoying this all right.)

"It must be the the rabbit,you didnt wash it did you?It must be from the last time i used it".

I licked her pussy deep,my tongue played a tune,she looked a bit ashen,but after i put her legs over my shoulders she seemed to relax again,i continued to run my tongue deep into her, I undid the buttons on her blouse and pulled her bra down so her tits spilled out,

"mmmm your nipples look very red,just like when ive been giving them a good sucking, you sure youve been round moms?"i raised my eyebrows.

"dont be silly,ring her if you want"she said angrily.

"I might just do that"i whispered.but i carried on licking her pussy.

I slipped the rabbit back into her and stood up,i put her hand back on it and pushed it up her fanny.

I then put my cock to her mouth and she immediatley started to eat me.

she pumped the dildo in and out as she sucked me.

"there,two cocks at once,how does it feel"i asked.

she smiled,"good".

I knew i might cum soon,so i backed off and sat on the sofa again and had my drink,my erection out in front of me.

I motioned for her to continue to use the rabbit,she did.

"have you thought any more about what we talked of last night"? i asked.

"which part".

"about you fucking some guy in front of me,or maybe two guys."?

"no,not really" "not really,either you have or you havnt"?

"well,maybe a little"she smiled."have you been thinking about it then,sounds like it?"

"yeh,i guess i have"i waved her to come over to me,she did and i told her to take off the panties.


(I knew at some point i was going to show her the laptop view on the spy watchbot,i just hadnt worked out when, and i knew i was going to bring someone round to fuck her in front of me,i just hadnt worked out who yet,i think i wanted to see if she would try to go to that party or back round to moms to get some more of that thick cock of Toms first)


She straddled my cock and i slid into her,she immediately started to fuck me, "whats all the sudden lust wanting to see me being fucked?"she asked.

"I dont know,probably seeing that video of the guy with the thick cock,and ive never been the jealous type,i imagined it being you and i kinda liked it".

"oh i see,"she said.

"will you let me set it up,maybe as a supprise for you,we can try it once,if you dont like it fine,but you just might,and id like to try it,maybe a full swap too".?i quizzed.

"maybe"she answered,"now just fuck me" "have you ever been fucked by a thick cock like that"? i asked.

She had her eyes closed,she waited a few moments then whispered "yes"!

"Tell me about it" i demanded.

"I will tell you about it,but not just now,in my own time,but i promise to tell you" "now just fuck me,please"


As we fucked all the events that had happened,and those to come,ran through my mind.


Anne wanted to fuck most nights and watch dvds especially about swapping and women being fucked by two or more guys at once.

Then i remembered an event from my past,a close friend,Jim,had wanted to have a threesome with his wife,so invited me round,it happened a couple of times,it was great,but then they split up,i hadnt seen him for seven or eight years.

I still had his number on my phone so rang it just in case,i was pleasently supprised when he answered,we caught up a bit and decided to meet for a drink,he lived out of town now but we said we would meet at my local the next night.

We met and caught up in full,he was living with a girl but hadnt remarried,then i explained what i had in mind,he hadnt met Anne but when i showed him her photograph he was drooling.

I told him i would like to return the compliment,i had been trying to encourage her to swap or try a threesome,and i had thought of him,i knew he was well hung and would keep his mouth shut afterwards.

I told him the plan and that he could stay over on the said night.

He was all for it,he said he worked away at times so getting away from his girl for a night wouldnt be a problem.

He only had a couple of pints so drove home with a huge grin on his face,and told me on the phone later,a huge hard on,he said he couldnt wait.

Things ran through my mind quickly,i knew just what i wanted.

I had to let Anne have her turn on instructions that night,i had to lick her out whilst she rewatched the swap movie of the party,she came in my mouth and i lapped her up,she loved it.

I arranged to meet Jim in our local on friday night,he was to park on our avenue and leave an overnight bag in his car.

I had Anne dress sexily,s & s of course,no bra,i told her when we get home i was going to fuck her silly.

She laughed "whats new",i just smiled.I hid her rabbit under the cushon again.

We had been in the pub about half-an-hour when Jim came in,we gave it the old long lost friends act,and he joined us,it was obvious Anne liked him straight away.

When he was in the loo,i reminded Anne that it was my turn to be obeyed.

"oh,and what do you have in mind"?she asked.

"I know Jim,he will be thinking im a lucky bastard,i want you to give him a few glimpses of your stocking tops,i want him envious,green with envy,and you do have lovely legs"!

She just laughed.

Jim rejoined us and we were all getting on well,Jim sat opposite Anne but nothing??

I raised my eyebrows to Anne,she smiled.

she crossed her legs and Jim noticed straight away,Anne pulled her dress down but slowly she allowed it to slip upwards again,she was very good at this.

She would cross and uncross her legs during conversation,and because the position we were in didnt allow other pub users to see,once or twice Anne allowed her see through panties to Jims view,even i had a hard on.

At the end of the evening we were all best friends,"lets go back to my place for a nightcap,you can call a cab from there."!i said "yes,ok,"replied Jim,and off we went,i knew Anne had no idea what was in store for her.

When we went into the flat,i told Jim to sit on the sofa,this meant Anne sat opposite in the armchair.I got us all a drink.

We talked a while and everyone was relaxed.

I gave Anne a hand signal to open her legs,she gave me a frown and her expression changed.

I repeated the signal and she looked a little pale,as if she realised something wasnt quite right here.she frowned again.

"you know your still under my suggestions dont you"i asked.

she just stared at me.

"Dont you"?i asked.

"yes" she whispered.

"youve given Jim a view of your pussy all night,why stop now?"i smiled.

she didnt move.

"did you like the view Jim"?

"It was lovely,very sexy"Jim smiled.

Anne stared at both of us,but mainly at me, then very slowly she leant back and allowed her legs to open slightly, Jim took a drink of his wine and adjusted his crutch,"lovely"he said.

Anne sipped her wine,i made another hand signal for her to open her legs wider,she stared at me her face ashen,her expression never altered,but her legs opened,her stocking tops and panties came into view.

I got up and took the wine over to her,filled her glass and then undid the buttons on her dress,her tits were visible but not the nipples,not yet.

I returned to Jim and filled our glasses and sat.

I motioned Anne to put one leg over the arm of her chair,again she just stared at me.

Jim and i took a long drink.

"many years ago,long before i met you,i shared Jims wife with him,we both fucked her and it was very enjoyable,--------i thought i might return the favour" i said.

Annes face still never altered,but after several moments when you could have heard a pin drop, she placed one leg over the arm,her dress rose high and her see through panties gave us view of her pussy lips.

I motioned for her to put the other leg over the other arm,she responded immediatly and did so,

I told her to feel under the cushon,she pulled her rabbit out,a slight grin came onto her face,"im not complying to another instruction--------------- untill i see two cocks in front of me"she smiled.

I stood up and started to strip,Jim copied me.

As we got to taking our underpants off Anne started to run her fingers along her snatch,she was wet,very wet.She also undid the remaining buttons on her dress and pulled it open so her tits were in full view,her nipples were standing out like organ stops.

Jim and i both had full erections,Anne licked her lips.

"lets see the rabbit in action"i asked."that ok with you Jim."?

"I should say so"Jim grinned.

Anne pulled her see through panties to one side and the batteries kicked in again,she put both heels onto the chair,her cunt was wide open,Jim began to slowly wank,Anne groaned.

Her rabbit was quite large and she couldnt always get it all in,but it slipped right in to the hilt and she groaned louder.

She was running the dildo slowly in and out,but it made a lovely squelshing sound,i knew she was really turned on now,she was enjoying herself,the shock had worn off and she gazed at Jims hard cock.

"I need a cock in my mouth"said Anne.

I nodded to Jim and he stood up and moved toward Anne,his cock before him.

he went to Annes side and she took his cock in her mouth,Jim put his hand down to Annes pussy and fingered her as she carried on pleasuring herself.

I watched,it was a very erotic sight.

I crawled over on hands and knees as i had done before,i took over dildo duties so she could get both hands on Jims cock,Jim played with her tits.

I took the dildo out and ran my mouth all along her snatch,she was like a tap,i watched closely as she sucked on Jims rod,"would you like a taste"?i asked looking at Jim.

"oh yes please"he replied.

I pulled her panties off and Jim came between her legs,she immediately placed both stockinged legs over his shoulders and she groaned again as his tongue went deep.

she took my cock in her mouth and smiled at me"thank you"she mouthed.

"no,thank you"i said. We fucked every which way,once when i lay down,Anne placed her pussy on my mouth as she sucked my cock,then Jim slipped his cock into her,that was a view i hadnt seen before.

Jim stayed sat night too,we fucked preety much the whole weekend,the only time we went out was sat night,we saw a film,Anne sat between us both on the back row of course,we very nearly fucked her there too.

When Jim left on sunday Anne said it had been wonderful,we said we must do it again sometime,Anne said "soon,i hope".

After he left Anne said"I had no idea on friday in the pub you know,even when we got back here,i was gobsmacked when things became obvious,but i must say i enjoyed it.

So then,what was it like watching your wife being fucked,was it as you had hoped"?

"It sure was"i smiled"i liked it"-------"good"she sighed.

over the next few days Anne talked about little else,on friday night Anne said "lets stay in,i feel like watching someone else fucking" "oh,the dvds you mean?"--"yes"she answered"ive borrowed a couple from a girl at work" After about 8 oclock we settled down with a bottle of wine and started to watch a film, there was a knock at the door,i went to answer it,it was two girls,one was Trudy,a girl Anne used to share a flat with,i didnt know the other,"Is Anne in?"Trudy asked."yes come in i said.

Anne greeted them both,and they sat down,Anne asked me to get them a drink.I was introduced to Mel,who gave me a peck on the cheek,as did Trudy.

I suppose i should have cottoned on but i didnt,i kept getting glimpses of stocking top from both girls,still i didnt clock on.

Then Anne said to the girls"John has a real thing for stockings and suspenders".

"oh,i wouldnt wear anything else"replied Trudy,as she said this she lifted her dress and her legs were open slightly,no panties,"oh commando"laughed Anne.

Mel also piped in,"me too",i gazed at her pussy,i was amazed how much pussy hair she had.

Trudy was blonde and her pussy lips were very visible through her light sprig of hair.

"And what about you Anne"laughed Mel"lets take a look at yours,Trudys told me so much about it".

Anne raised her skirt above her waiste,no panties,all three girls wore stockings,what a lovely sight.

Anne stared at me,ler legs wide open,the other girls followed suite, "Many years ago,long before i met you,"Anne smiled at me,"i shared a flat with Trudy,when we didnt have boys in toe,we would service each other,Trudy has the greatest tasteing pussy, and now she shares with Mel,need i say more"?

I coulnt reply,i was mesmerised.

Anne got up and went to Trudy,"Time i tasted you again".

"would you look after John pleas Mel,dont want him feeling left out"Anne smiled.

"sure,my pleasure"quirped Mel.

As Anne reached Trudy she lifted her bottom off the chair,her legs wide and a deep groan came from her lips.

Anne was a bigger build than both the other girls,as she walked over she dropped her skirt,her hips swayed and what an exotic sight it was.

Mel had me stand,she had my cock out and ate as if she was famished,then i fucked her on the sofa,she went like a bucking bronco and i came buckets when she orgasmed,i couldnt hold it back.

Mel then went to eat out Anne,and Trudy made her way to me,i was so afraid i wouldnt be able to raise to the occasion,but im proud to sat Trudy licked and sucked my shaft back to life in next to no time,she sat on me and she did the fucking,we both came together im glad to say,but it did take some time.

when i shot my spunk,Trudy and i watched Mel service Anne to orgasm,Mels arse stuck up in the air as she did so was a wonderful sight.

Anne got up and replenished the drinks,Trudy went to Mel and they cuddled,Anne sat with me.

"Thought id repay the compliment"she smiled.

"Thank you"i mouthed.she smiled and held my cock."it was nice of you to let me have two cocks."

"well its not the first time is it,its a shame Toms not here"i said without thinking"!!!

Anne looked at me sternly"what do you mean"?

oh oh i thought,i had to think quickly.

Trudy and Mel were sevicing each other, I took Annes hand and led her to the study room,i switched on the laptop,then logged into the watchbot.

Annes eyes lit up when moms living room came into view,her face really was ashen now,

"how long have you had that in place"?she whispered.

"long enough"i replied"and i havent been traing for two weeks"

"you saw"---------------"yes i saw" i said.

tears came to Annes eyes,"im so sorry"she said.

"dont worry,i put the idea in your head,and you only fucked your boss after you found out id been fucking around."

"you know about that"she asked.

I nodded towards the laptop.

"oh yes"she whispered."and your not mad"?

"no,not now,it turned me on"

"Oh my god,and you watched your mom"!!!

"yes,i couldnt help that,but i wanted to know what was going on,and im glad i did now"i said.

Just at that moment,mom and Tom came into the picture,naked apart from moms s\s,they were followed by another naked guy,and it wasnt Bill.

Anne and i both looked at each other,i turned the laptop off and we went back to join the girls.

We fucked all night till the early hours when the girls got a cab."must do it again soon,they both said.

Anne and i decided anything in the future was ok as long as we both knew what was going on and okd it.

Which was just as well because mom called next day and asked Anne if she would like to go round that evening and meet a new friend of Toms.

We both laughed,"what do you think"asked Anne?

"I think i could put up with that"i smiled.

(But i still had to work out how the party was going to work,i think we had enough to be going on with,although the party was only a month away.)

I will let you know of the outcome.


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