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Love On The Elevator (Part 1)

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Love On The Elevator (Part 1)

They walked towards the elevator. CK?s shirt was still unbuttoned; the soft brown hairs on his chest complimented the pink of his shirt. Janae walked beside him in her stocking feet, her shoes dangled from her fingers, in the other hand her bag. Her blouse flowed loosely over her skirt, after all they were headed home no one would see them.

The elevator doors opened, Janae looked at her reflection in the mirrored wall at the back of the small space, still flushed. He smiled at her as the doors closed behind them. His arms surrounded her; she dropped the bag and shoes, as he leaned into kiss her. ?You taste so good,? he murmured as his lips brushed off hers. He lifted her silk blouse at the back and ran his hands over her bare skin. ?You didn?t dress fully,? he whispered as he ran his hand across her back. She could feel him, rock hard, as his knee edged between her legs. ?Can you feel how bad I want you?? She dropped her hand, pressed into him with such force, pushing him back against the steel clad walls.

The elevator stopped, the lights went out.

?Can you see?? he asked. Janae replied, ?No, but who cares?? She smiled with delight as her lips touched his, gently at first, she opened her mouth, and her tongue traced the outer edge feeling every curve.

She moved back slightly, her head lowered to his chest, as she kissed her way down. Her soft lips covered his nipple as her hand moved slowly down to his waist. "What are you doing?" he asked knowingly, there was no reply as she eased the black leather strap from the buckle; her long fingers skillfully opened the belt. She continued to kiss his chest. His scent turned her on so much.

CK?s eyes started to adjust to the darkness, he couldn't see fully but could feel her shoulder length hair brush against his skin.

She opened the button on his pants, her hand pressed into him, as she cupped her hand around his hidden member, it twitched slightly. Her thumb and finger eased the zip on his pants down. Her hands moved to his waist, her thumbs slipped into the waistband, she eased his pants down. CK?s hand reached to find her face, as he asked, "What if the lights come back on?" She ignored him.

His pants fell to the floor, his bare ass pressed against the cold steel wall. Janae stood upright, her eyes focused in the darkness. She brought her hand to his face; gently running the back of it down over his cheek, her fingers followed the angle of his chin, down his neck, to his chest. Her palms caressed the hairs on his chest, slowly moved down around his waist, clutching his ass. He moaned at her touch, he could feel her breath on his skin, the feel of her warms hands. As she held his firm ass in her left hand, she ran the other down his thigh, she stopped at his knee, slowly glided back up to his wanting shaft. She leaned in to kiss his lips; her tongue teased him as she pulled away.

She didn't speak, as she knelt on the cold floor. She opened her blouse, she took his throbbing member into her hand, and he was rigid. He had wanted her since he felt her sweet pussy lips on his. Finesse guided his eager erection into her warm moist mouth; she circled the tip tasting his seeping cum.

CK moaned as he felt her mouth, in the dark it was like a soft silky pussy drawing him into her. Her tongue lapped at him. His hands found their way onto her soft hair, he gripped tightly, as she glided down the ridges of his twitching dick, she savored him slowly, her mouth took him half way at first, as she pulled away her tongue flicked at the head, she lunged back onto him, she took him all, as her throat gagged, she pulled back slightly, he pushed her head onto him. "Fuck yes,? he moaned, her tongue tickled the underside of his dick as she pulled away from him once again.

She lowered her head, her mouth opened as she sucked his fullness in, her hand gripped his iron length, she twisted around his girth, as she moved slowly around the ridges of his dick, her fingers moved around him, gripped him, her tongue lapped at his sac, so full for her. Janae moaned as her pleasure built inside again. He gripped her hair, as he began to buckle, she released him. His ramrod throbbed close to her face. Her tongue flicked at the tip, her eager mouth wanted him so much. He relaxed as she withdrew, her breath on his shaft, his back against the cold steel, "Fuck baby what are you doing to me?" She knelt upright, her breasts close to his rock hard dick, She took his hand, wrapped it around his shaft, as she cupped her tits tight, lifting them up to him. He could feel the curves against him, she leaned back slightly as he slid his rod between them.

The hollow between her breasts so tight, as he slid slowly into them, His trickling cum made it easy, he gathered speed. Her tongue lapped at him, as his crown rubbed her lips, with each flick of her tongue he bucked faster into her, each thrust brought him close. He reached for her, his thumb ran over her nipple, so hard, as he circled over it, feeling each bump, his touch slowed, as he took his thumb to her mouth, he traced around the edge, her tongue played, as she sucked it in.

Janae released her breasts, her mouth lunged onto him, with such haste she fucked him so hard with her lips, his moans became muffled yet enhanced. Her tongue flicked, her teeth gently grazed, as her mouth slid over him, her reflex allowed him deep. Feeling him close, his grip tightened in her hair. Janae pulled away, her hand gently grasping him, as she pumped his rock hard dick to orgasm, his moaned louder as his hot love shot onto her breasts, down over her curves, on her nipples, against her collar bone.

CK slumped slightly against the cold walls of the elevator as his body savored every moment of her touch. She lifted her weight from her knees. His eyes, now focused in the darkness, could see her sexy hair as she stood before him. She lifted her breast to her mouth; her tongue licked the salty warmth. He lifted her skirt, as he pulled her into him. The lights flickered; she hastily fixed herself, as she stood in front of CK. She licked her lips as the lights came back on. The elevator began to move. She giggled as CK tried to grab his pants, "You just wait till I get you home."

~Cymande Haalan

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