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Love After The Elevator (Part 2) (Revision)

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CK stands in front of the elevator doors. His thumb pushes his leather belt through the metal clasp as he hears the ding. Behind him Janae stands smiling as she realizes her shirt is clinging to dripping cum. She wraps her arms around CK from behind and hugs him tight with a huge smile as they exit the elevator. CK's smile dwindles away immediately as he notices the night security guard standing before them.

"She's new." Janae whispers in his ear.

"I know. They said we wouldn't have a new guard until Monday." CK replies as they ebb closer towards her. Her demeanor says she's irritated. She stands with her arms crossed and her foot slightly tapping.

"Is something the matter Miss." Ck asks as the two stand before her.

"I'm Dylan. The new security guard. Can you follow me please?" She responds.

"Whats this about?" Ck and Janae ask simultaneously. The two look at one another as the security guard walks away, motioning for them to follow. The two follow her into the security room and see a wall of monitors. She sits in her chair and runs her fingers over a little ball sticking out front her desk. The monitors begin to rewind and stops abruptly. She motions to one monitor in particular. At first its pitch black. Beneath the monitor CK reads that is for the elevator they were just on.

"The was a problem with the elevator you two were just on. Are you okay?" Dylan asks.

Janae and CK exhale in unison as relief sweeps over them. The two nod as the guard stands up from her seat. She walks over towards CK. Janae's eyes watch her cautiously as she notices a wet spot in the seat Dylan left behind.

"I'm new here and I have every right to say I accidentally deleted footage on my first day. But I do believe I'd need a little persuasion." Dylan says running her hand along CK's face. He pulls back slightly looking her over certain she has nothing but speculation.

"What do you mean?" Janae asks.

Dylan walks over to the desk again and runs her finger along the little ball prompting the monitors to play back. The black screen continues black for another 20 seconds and then it turns green. The elevator is visible as though the lights have been turned on. Each intimate moment that had just taken place was recorded in 1080 hp.

"I see two wedding rings and I see two separate last names on those briefcases. I think you two know what I know. Persuade me to 'accidentally' delete this footage." Dylan demands.

"How much do you want Dylan?" CK shakes his head in disgust. "Be reasonable" He continues. Dylan looks over at Janae. She notices Janae's sticky shirt clinging to her gorgeous breasts. Janae's anger rises and her breathing picks up as she is disgusted by the woman's blackmailing tactics.

"I was wondering how you were going to deal with that lil shirt issue but you just trudged right through it." Dylan smirks as she points towards Janae's nipple. Its visible through her shirt as CK's cum has left it opaque. "I don't want your money. I enjoyed the show you two put on. I want the both of you." Immediately Janae is taken aback.

"I don't do women. So how much do you want?" Janae says, lashing out exposing her rage. CK takes out his check book and writes down the officer's full name from her id card hanging between her breast.

"So what will it be, five? no.. eight thousand. I stand here and watch you delete the footage right now." CK offers. His demanding demeanor makes Dylan weak in the knees. She steps back rewinds the tape and hits delete.

"That is the initial prompt for deleting, next step is to start recording over the previously deleted section. I said it once. I don't want your money and since she doesn't want to participate she can simply take off her clothes and sit there and watch you and me."

CK looks at Janae. The two quietly come to terms with Dylan's unwavering demands. Janae begins to open her shirt and as CK places his check book back in his pocket. He turns to Dylan and sees she too is already removing her uniform. The uniforms square structured shape had hidden her gorgeous form from the two of them. The once dumpy looking security guard was an incredibly shapely woman. Her Dominican and Puerto Rican heritage had adorned her with an immaculate skin tone and body structure. CK wasn't so off put at the new sight of her.

"I want everything you were headed home to give her." Dylan says as she walks up to CK. She places both hands around his neck pulling his lips into her own. Her warm tongue is sweet. The kiss is hot and welcoming. For a brief moment CK's eyes open as he searches for the sweetness he's tasting. His eyes settle on a tiny bag of Hershey's Caramel Kisses seated next to her drink. He closes his eyes once again as he rests in her kiss. His hands find their way along her smooth skin. Her curves welcome his hands. Her strong soft tongue works diligently as her hands work his belt open and his pants down.

Dylan eyes Janae and notices she's fully undressed standing with her arms crossed. She smirks pulling away from CK. He removes the rest of his clothes and lifts the woman up onto her desk. He drops to the floor pushing her legs apart. Her wet pussy's heat meets him as his lips draw near. She smells clean? her swollen lips are wet? she grips the back of his head and forces his face into her. She chuckles softly as his tongue instantly goes to work. Thick and wide it forces its way past her lips. She tastes marvelous to him. His tongue investigates her fully. Lunging deep caressing her walls. He rolls around her clit sucking it deeply. Her legs pull up onto his shoulders clinching his every move tighter.

The veracity with which CK indulges the woman causes Janae to become aroused. While still upset by what she's being forced to do, the carnal act itself is sensual and alluring to her. She loosens her arms as she watches him intently please this gorgeous woman. CK pulls back and taps the woman's thigh. In response she immediately scoots down off of the desk and turns around. CK forces her head to the table and grips her ass cheeks, one in each hand. He forces his tongue inside of her dipping pussy again. She squeals in delight as he tongue fucks her diligently occasionally dipping deeper to hit her clit. Dylan moans in ecstasy. Her delight disgusts Janae as she remembers Dylan's words?." I want everything you were headed home to give her."

CK jiggles her ass in his face a bit enjoying the encounter far more than Janae would have expected him to. She see's his relaxed demeanor as he pleases the woman who is holding them captive. Fuck him? she thinks to herself as she notices Dylan watching her. She stares back at Dylan, examining her from head to toe. Dylan's hair is long and silky. The thick black hair shines brightly form the glare of the monitors. Her heritage shown superbly through her sexy skin and bone structure. Janae's dissension subsides a bit as she watches CK eat Dylan from behind with all his skill and aggression. He stands to his feet and thrusts his dick inside of her with no warning. The force causes the desk to shake as Dylan fights to catch her breath. His throbbing dick slices through her wet pussy. Her hot lips grip him like a warm blanket. She feels him deep inside of her with zero regard for her comfort. This realization only enhances her pleasure as she feels in control and at his will at the same time.

Unwilling to let CK fuck her and give Dylan what rightfully belonged to Janae, Janae pulls him from behind, out of her and forces him to the ground. Her wet pussy drips as she rushes down upon him filling herself with his fully erect dick. Dylan is amused as she walks around Janae flicking her hand through Janae's hair. Dylan sit at the top of CK's head and watches as Janae fucks what belongs to her. Her fast pace exposes her built up desire and his intense gripping of her waist guiding her as she fucks him mercilessly shows the two have a passion unrivaled. CK looks up at Dylan and see's her breast hanging over his head. He leans up and sucks her nipple while Janae pounds down upon him. He reaches overhead and grips Dylan's ass pulling her atop of his face. Her well fucked petals rest upon his face as he caters to her clit. Now with one hand on Dylan's ass and the other gripping Janae's breast while she rides his dick, CK looses himself in thought and works on autopilot to please both women. His tongue fights the current as Dylan drips down upon him grinding into his mouth and nose.

The two women eye one another unwilling to relinquish any power. Janae's look lets Dylan know this dick belongs to her while Dylan's look lets Janae know she has ownership of the both of them for the moment. Dylan reaches out grabbing Janae's other breast. Janae pulls back at first then rest in her touch. She continues to grind into CK's dick as she watches Dylans breast bounce with the thrusting of all three's collaborative effort. Janae notices a longing in Dylan's eyes. The pleasure from CK is intense for the both of them yet Dylan looks at her with a wanting an unexplained impulse rushes over Janae and she snatches a hand full of Dylan's hair pulling her in for a kiss. Their tongues collide. Dylan's soft lips and tiny tongue are unfamiliar. The taste is sweet and the moment is sporadic. Thoughts of hatred and uncertainty cloud Janae's mind as pleasure overrides the rest. Dylan's touch is pleasing to Janae as she melts into the kiss.

Dylan smiles as she feels Jane's cheeks also rise in a smile. CK's efforts go unnoticed as the two men begin to cum in unison. Still working diligently CK feels the two women heave as they continue to kiss. Their heavy breathing links in unison as the passionate French kiss become gasping smacks of tiny kisses. Their bodies writhe with excitement as they get up to enjoy CK's dick together. They share licks and sucks. Janae pampers the head of his dick while Dylan's tongue teases his balls and the bottom of his shaft. He cums immediately from the collective attention. The ladies smile at one another in appreciation of what had just taken place. Dylan stands up and pushes record..

"The footage is gone. You two are free to leave." Dylan explains as she pulls on her clothes. Janae hand's Dylan a business card after they are all fully dressed. On the back it has CK and Janae's cell numbers. The two leave fully dressed. Janae rubs her chest realizing Ck's cum from the elevator has dried hard on her blouse.

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