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Licking her when he couldnt - Erotic fiction

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She finally sent him an IM. Her pictures were super sexy but she was straight, only looking for men. She may not be interested in me but maybe she would be interested in him. When he sent me the message that she has finally contacted him and told him I gave her his IM name, my pussy tingled.

They talked all afternoon, with the conversation taking a sexy, dirty, turn after a couple of hours. When I got home from work he was still chatting with her. It made me so hot knowing he was chatting with her. I hoped he would tell me he was leaving to go to her house. When I went to bed they were still talking. I woke up so horny and dying to hear about the conversation. He really didnt say much except that it went very well and that she was a sexy woman. He told me he really wanted to fuck her. All day I pictured him fucking her, all day I hoped for a message telling me he was going to her house. I was so horny every chance I got I had to stroke my pussy and taste it, imagining it was her pussy and that he was feeding it to me.

He sent me a text with an address on it right before I got off work. I grinned and my pussy got really wet. I flew to her house. I expected him to be there when I arrived but his car wasnt there. I must have beat him here. I wondered why I was there when she was straight, I just decided she wanted to meet me to be sure I was ok with it.

She opened the door and was just as sexy as I thought she would be. Stunning woman. She motioned for me to follow her. She walked in the next room and picked up the phone and told the person on the other end that she was back. When she said "yes she is here. Ok I will turn it on, hold on." I wondered what was going on. I wondered if she was talking to him on the phone. She handed me the phone and said he wants to talk to you. After greetings were out of the way, he told me that she was sending him a pair of her panties and I was there to pick them up. Turned out she is also bi-accepting and while she doesnt give to women she will accept (and yes I still love licking a woman even when she isnt going to lick me). He told me that she was horny from their talking and that he was working and could come to fuck her and that he volunteered me to.

I was so excited I was going to get to make this beautiful woman cum. He told me to give her back the phone. She had set up the webcam and was laying back in a chair naked with her legs spread wide. I gave her the phone back and she starting talking to him again. I didnt waste anytime, I dropped to my knees and spread her beautiful pussy lips and started licking her pussy. She continued talking to him but told him "yes she was imagining it was him licking her". It drove me crazy and I slid fingers in her and started slowly fucking her while I sucked on her clit. I wasnt listening to everything being said because I was focused on eating her for as long as I could before she came. I wanted to lick her for a long time. My pussy was throbbing and I wanted to stroke it so badly. She was getting so wet and moving slowly on my fingers. I heard her tell him how she had been thinking about riding him all day and how she couldnt wait to have his big cock inside her. She heard me moan and she pressed her pussy against my mouth and then smeared her juices all over my mouth and face. I pulled my fingers out of her and started fucking her hole with my tongue, licking around the inside of it, sucking gently on it, then with my tongue wide and flat Id lick up to her clit and suck it long and deep into my mouth.

She tasted so good and mmmmm the way her pussy smelled, I couldnt wait to taste and smell it on Dragyn. As I licked her and listened to some of their conversation my body started to tremble. When she told him she wanted his cock in her ass I came. I couldnt hold it any longer. I was so horny from licking her and when she said that to him it was too much. She grinned and told him she thought I really liked that idea, she pulled her knees toward her chest, which spread her ass apart for me to lick. I didnt hesitate, I started licking her pretty little hole. I flicked my tongue around it and licked across and around it, I pushed my tongue inside it and listened as she told him how she wanted him to fuck her in the ass, to the positions she wanted, and how she wanted me to suck it clean so he could put it back in her pussy. She was driving me crazy, I was going to cum again. I started fingering herr pussy while I was rimming her, she began to fuck my fingers, she stopped talking and began moaning. She moved her pussy back toward my mouth and I took the cue to start sucking on her clit while I fucked her. She came so hard and so much, she covered my face with her juice. After she came she picked her panties up from next to the chair and wiped her pussy with them. She leaned forward and told me to take them to Dragyn and to tell him she cant wait to fuck him.

I was so wet there was a huge wet spot on my pants. When I got home he asked me how her pussy tasted. I told him it was delicious and he needed to go fuck her that night, I told him she couldnt wait for his cock. He told me they were going to fuck soon. He took the panties and smelled of them and started back to work. I was in my bedroom and could hear him typing I knew he was chatting with her.

Later that night when he got off work he called her again and I could hear them making plans to meet but I didnt hear when, I was so excited. I heard her moans again and knew she was on cam cumming. Moments later he came in the bedroom, he was still talking to her. He brought his laptop in and hooked it up to the TV and he came over to me and put me on my knees with my face toward the tv. He stuffed her panties in my mouth and he slid his cock into me, and started fucking me while he was talking to her. He told her "yes Im watching, Im fucking her while Im watching you and imagining its your pussy Im fucking, I came immediately. I loved that he was imagining I was her and that he told her that. I came again. He fucked me until she came again then he came in me and pulled out. I wished he would fuck me some more imagining I was her but Id rather he talk to her and make plans to go really fuck her......

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