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Let me know when youre ready!

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There's a knock at your door. You open it and see a handsome man, in his mid 40's but looks younger. He grabs you around the waist, pulls you into the room and whispers in your ear "Have you been a bad girl looking for fun on Craigslist? Good".

He draws you closer and kisses you hard on the lips. He kisses down your cheek to your neck. He explores your neck with his lips until he finds that spot that makes you gasp. . .. at the back of the neck along the hairline.

Once I find that spot, I kiss down your chest. Once my mouth finds those sweet nipples, you start to moan. A hand finds its way down to your hot wetness, giving you a taste of what you'll be experiencing once my mouth arrives. I start undressing you slowly as I begin kissing down, down, down, until I find myself at your most private of parts. Tongue and lips and fingers explore and you begin to breathe heavier and heavier. For -- how long? Minutes? Hours? An amount of time that has you going out of your mind, my expert tongue driving you crazy. Sucking on your clit while putting first one finger in, then slowly a second. But just as climax is about to finally occur you beg me to be inside of you. I move my way up to your breasts again to suck on your nipples and drive you even more crazy. As I do this I undo my jeans and then sit up to show you my hardness. I put you down on your knees, unzip my zipper and say "I'm going to use that mouth of yours now. " Suddenly, your mouth and throat are full of my hard cock. As I come closer and closer to gagging you, your hands instinctively rise to protect you from my thrusting. Strong hands quickly grab your wrists, lifting them above your head, making it clear that, for now at least, you will be using only your mouth your lips and your tongue to please me.

Finally I remove myself from your mouth and pushe you forward onto your hands and knees. I circle behind you and SLAP! spank you hard. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Until you feel your ass getting a little red. With each successive slap you feel your little ass getting redder, yet still I continue SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!

Then, thankful the spankings stop, you feel a shift in his weight, as you feel pressure against your tight little ass.

Instructing you to interlace your fingers behind your back... pressing your breasts forward... presenting yourself to me...

Walking around you .... inspecting you... deciding what to do to you first...

Pulling you to your feet.... Hands remain behind your back... breasts full... perfect... beauty ....I take off your bra and rub your breasts from behind...lightly pinching nipples with my cold hands to get them hard....

Instructing you to bend over ... presenting your bottom to me.... knowing that you will soon feel the sting of my hand across your ass....

Slow.. steady strokes across your ass... each on slightly stronger... finding a new spot of untouched skin.... rubbing out the stings between each perfect "SMAcK!" ...

Your ankles instinctively parting with each perfect sting.... subtly asking to be penetrated... subtly asking to be taken ....

Your wetness building inside of your hot sex.... sliding your panties down over the curve of your perfect ass... slowly... sensually... the touch of the fabric so perfect on your now sensitive skin ...

The sensation of my left hand in the small of your back..... gently pushing you down... my feet opening your feet... Sliding my hand up your calfs then to your thighs... firmly, but gently....then briefly to your crotch only to tease.

I grab a hand full of your hair.. gently tug, then harder as I pull your head back to look deeply into your eyes..

"Are you ready to feel me inside of you? "

Slowly, opening you thick cock spreading you .... just the tip to start...I massage your pussy from the outside with my hardness...then I sneak it in after a few minutes of teasing - filling you slowly and sliding back out...

Again, I enter your wetness more fully this time going deep as you push back into me... Riding.... little moans escaping your lips... so wet from the anticipation... so eager... so ready..

Fucking you now.... perfect rhythm ...rubbing your nipples and clit as I take you from behind

Let me know when you're ready!

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