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LeanTimes pt1 –

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By Joyzealots

We found our self?s kind of tight on income at one point in time and were lamenting a bit and remembering some of the nicer rooms and B&B?s we had stayed at when times were flush, ?The Best? bar none had an indoor pool but they have since filled in the pool WTF? (And now have become just another coastline B&B too bad so sad)

But the best of the others have had an ocean view and big hot tub in room usually in the window or on the deck.

Our Oregon coast is always a cause of romantic and erotic thoughts for both of us and we would wear our sweet toys to a frazzle by the end of a stay, having teased and taunted on the drive over, flashed a little here and there (The Red cock in Lincoln city, is a fav.), and shown up at the hotel or B&B with that just fucked look and often with something sexy and reveling on or somewhat askew.

We?d generally go on our own, although sometimes I?d try to pull someone along, but most of our friends are pretty vanilla and they all know we fuck like maniacs so if they aren?t into watching or same rooming it?s more often a strike out than hit.

It?s not that we are unattractive at 55 we still turn heads, we just don?t pursue, I?m much more interested than my lovely wife in swinging or a FWB relationships, she tells me ?we aren?t swingers? but even so she loves the extra attention and chance to flirt when we hang with others and gets off quite hard to my woven tails of what naughty fun we could have with another couple, or?, generally our close friends (makes me smile to think how they would react to knowing they have been seen So desirable to us as to be the subject of lusty tails and good hard cums).

So we are getting our self?s off one night (she loves a warm cum sprinkle), and I?m telling her of how our favorite couple to fuck in our fantasies Jeff & Monica said they wanted to host a weekend with them at the coast and had asked me to pick out a room, they said lets do one you know is laid out well and we?ll cover the cost, I felt it too generous and I said ?we can?t really afford to split the cost right now? but they had talked between them already and said they were not going to ?Cabo? this year and they?d love to cover the cost reminding me of our generosity during our prime income days, so humbled by their offer I figured at best I could return an offer to keep them mellow and give them both a massage. A raised eyebrow and a smirk from both and I knew a fun weekend was possibly ahead!

That had fueled their generosity even more I?m a kick?ass masseuse for no training and still have very strong hands and good back to lean in with.

So off to the coast with massage table and oils along and a likely to be horny weekend ahead, the day was quite hot and the girl?s summer dresses reflected the same heat as the blood rushing in my cock, damn they looked so good!

My wife and I sat in the back and Jeff drove she?s such a wonderfully hot wife she had my cock out stroking it within a mile from town getting very sexy looks from Monica as she watched until she could take no more and reached over to stroke Jeff as he drove, damn we were all on fire!

On one of our first stops down the road I had been on the passengers side and when we got out I instinctively opened Monica?s door before walking around to get my wife?s well much to my delight Monica legs swung out one at a time and the show was natural and beautiful (thought to myself ? I?m going to shave that bush later) I grabbed my cock?bulge nodded a thanks and headed around to get my wife?s door and found when I got there that Jeff somewhat uncharacteristically had gotten to her door first, I looked in and caught eyes with her she smirked and I knew she was going to give him a naughty show so I smiled and stepped back behind Jeff to let him get the door and thus got to enjoy her spread legs and fresh shave as well and watch as she spread for him as she stood then gave him a tongue strong kiss and a little cock rub. Before taking my face in her hands and giving me the same treatment just not letting go of my cock and grabbing Jeff?s again until we came around the car to where Monica stood and my Hottie wife offered her to feel what they were causing in our pants, So hard to not cum right then and there.

And Holy shit did they lay it on us with each stop along the path nudging closer to see things in the stores, rubbing themselves against us and copping a feel of our cocks, and each other! I even came around a corner behind a clothes rack (In the Red Cock) to see My wife with her hand up the front of Monica?s dress she and Monica both turned and gave me quite a wicked smile and just a few moments later they came up to me and my (did I mention?) Most Awesome Wife kissed me hard (lots of tongue) spun me around and told Monica to kiss me as well she grabbed my cock while doing so and my wife held her fingers up to my nose and I knew she had been fingered Monica when I had seen her hand up her skirt ? OH yeah the scent was awesome! Again I just about came right then WOW.

Just a part of the game they were playing with us and I was loving it!

I was so hot I told those two naughty girls to dip a taste of each other and give Jeff a nice this side/that side wipe on his lips as we got in to the car I was thinking after we got in but oh no, they followed him to his door and as he sat down they lifted each others skirt and with no shame ran their fingers up each others cuntlips with an extra wiggle and on to Jeff?s lips one to each side then cleaned each others fingers off with their lips kissed me with Lots of tongue before I opened their doors to another nice flash show as they each got in the back seat and started making out, loosening clothing and rubbing their cunts it would seem they were a lot hornier than I?d ever seen them and although the trek to the hotel was short they managed to both scream out a good cum before we arrived, I?m sure Jeff?s cock was as rock hard as mine.

As we walked up to the hotel we were a bit toasted from the last cum and puffy and joking around Monica patted Sue?s ass and Sue returned the pat but didn?t let go she just kept her hand cupping Monica?s ass cheek as they walked in the lobby they were making us so hard touching, no groping each others asses and close secret whispers between them so close they stole kisses on each others ears and as they did, and well it seemed to Jeff and I like the game was on and we groped them as well switching from one to the other.

Soon we were on the way to the room switching girls for kisses as we walked down the hall the poor bell hop was sporting a nice cock bulge by the time we made the room, I pointed it out to the girls and whispered to them to give it a nice rub before he goes, they were in quite a mood and both grabbed his cock through his pants and both girls kissed him with loads of tongue (it seems his tip was well handled) once he left they broke in to laughter and ?oue la la?d? about his package and good kissing, falling down from cracking up they landed on to the couch in the least graceful manor possible - butts and pusses to the sky, so being I seldom miss a chance I quickly slid my tongue up and down each of their joy zones and started the horny ball rolling again, the chance to taste them both so quickly was to die for the sight, flavor, and scent differences between them was something I?ll never forget!

I was quickly informed us gents were overdressed I?m very comfortable naked pretty cocky about it really, but it became obvious Jeff was not so much, doing his best to hide his cock, but the ladies would not have any shyness now and with that the women walked over and took him by the hand, lead him to the big bed, and laid him down both of them on a confidence building exercise with him one taking his cock in her mouth and the other hanging her breast over his face within minutes he was very hard and after a big spit?fest on his cock they took turns sliding up and down his shaft telling him how wonderful it felt and how it was plenty big enough to please them, and they meant it! Both Cumming hard and fast, Monica Cumming first and then my wife jumped on barely missing a stroke and rode him out hard until they came together making quite a mess, so like the hotwifes they were out to be, they cleaned him up together kissing each other to get every last drop. As Jeff rested and recouped I didn?t let that moment go by without a nice creampie clean up tasting both Monica?s well fucked pussy and then she helped me with my Wife?s drippy Cunt which was quite messy with her and Jeff?s cum all frothed up and running down her ass Monica and I kissing it all together Mmm yummy!

The Hot tub was calling, some warm water fun in the window of the hotel both a chance to get it good and possibly show off to voyeurs below, Jeff became the bartender and got some snacks around while he recouped his cock from it?s whooping the girls gave him.

I watched as Monica and my Wife bent over the edge of the tub while filling it, their backside view engorging my cock again, oh well at least now it was very clear we all would be fucking the weekend away, any doubt of a long massage façade to get everyone horny was not needed, so I asked my Wife to hold my cock and feed it in to Monica?s bent over fuzzy Cunt, My Wife So rocks as she licked me up and down and shoved her face in to Monica?s backside and prepped her for my cock then as if we had done this a thousand times she lined me up and slapped my ass saying ?give it to her good honey? and oh did I!

More to Cum!!

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