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LeanTimes pt 2

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LeanTimes pt 2 ?

By Joyzealots From pt 1 ? The Women had given Jeff a grand ego builder fuck when we arrived at the beach front room to get him wound up for the fuck?fest ahead and while he recouped these two scorching hot women were looking to me for more cock and not shy about it as my Hot Wife and scorching hot fuck friend were headed to the hot tub Jeff let his tired cock recover and played bartender and snack host.

As we prepped for the tub both lassies bent over the edge to feel the water and well...

I have a don?t waist the moment policy, So I stuck my face in those two lovely rumps as quick as I could ?Dirty sluts? I said when I switched from one to the other ?you two taste like a good fucking, Yummy!? I never use demeaning language so this was a push for me but they ate it up and fed the fire with ?yes tonight we are Dirty Sluts and now you are to!?.

With that said I figured they should use me and asked my Wife to guide me into Monica?s hot Cunt! Then with an orgasmic enthusiasm she dropped to her knees and gobbled my cock for a moment then became a spit?fest champ getting as sloppy as possible drooling all over, then with that same drive shoved her face in Monica?s Cunt from behind tonguing her deeply and when she pulled up from her snack kissed me Deeply, I mean Really Deeply! then in a flash she had grabbed my ass cheek and drew me toward them and with a little ?spit slit sliding? lined me up and slapped my ass, I slid in and as I did Sue spit one last time on Monica?s tightly puckered ass ring teasing it with her little fingers telling us both how she could feel the slickness from Jeff?s cum that had run there during their earlier double fuck now that was a hot bit of naughty sharing and we all shivered a bit at the thought Mmmm Sue moaned as she leaned in for a lick and back to me for another Hot sticky kiss just to be a dirty slut as we had collectively determined was a proper term for the night. I pumped Monica for 120 nice deep strokes (yes I counted, it?s kinda like that think baseball thing)and she had started Cumming at about stroke 75 and seem to have caught her breath and Sue was giving me the ?I want some now? look as I pulled out of Monica she moaned disapproval but Sue told her she had to share until Jeff was ready again and that she would not let her go unpleased so Monica returned the same polite gesture and shoved her face in Sue?s backside making a spit?fest there, lined up my cock and slapped my ass, Alas I so often feel like a work horse (large smirk).

As I slid in Monica positioned herself so Sue could lick and nibble her wonderful tits Stating ?you said you?d not let me go unpleased? and as Sue licked, kissed & bit a little. Monica spurred her on and moaned which made me loose count but that was good as it let Sue get an extra bit of well deserved cock action.

When Sue had Cum twice (she?s a quick Cummer) once with her face in Monica?s tits and once with Monica grabbing her face and kissing her hard and strong with loads of tongue, She pulled off my cock saying she was fuck?whooped and looking to rest her hips and climbed in to the hot tub.

Just then Jeff brought in drinks and snacks just as I was lining up my throbbing cock at his wife?s hairy bush (I?m going to trim that thing!) Monica had not lost one bit of ?let?s fuck attitude? stating under her breath ?I just have to have more of that big fat cock? so with a give it to her nod from Jeff I restarted our fucking from earlier, nice and easy with a long slow buildup. As we went at it Jeff got in the spa and within seconds it seemed Sue and Jeff were out to catch up (so much for sore hips?) Jeff?s cock had made it back up in time to be filling Sue?s hot box from behind and with Sue and Monica both leaning over the edge of the tub from two sides (Jeff and Sue causing a little splashing from inside the tub) but with her and Monica side by side they were able to lean in to each other and touch and kiss sending Jeff and I in to a burst of man moans to watch their wonderfully naughty show. My cum was building fast and I had begun to rub Monica?s very pretty puckered ass with my thumb and the response was so much more than I expected she became very vocal hissing ?Yes, Yes do that more? so to add naughty?er to the mix I held my hand out for Sue to wet my thumb asking her out loud if she would help lube Monica?s ass for play, with a sloppy slurping noise she left my thumb nearly dripping I pulled it out of her and brought it to Monica?s ass I just love spit sex it?s So naughty!

I didn?t rub around the ring long before I started pushing from her taint to her ass with a strong rub and each time popping in just a bit until I had her shuttering under my playfulness. I felt my Cum arising and she was nearly spent so for one last naughty for this round I pulled my cock out and pressed it at her backdoor she turned to show a scared look and I assured her I was only looking to make a cum mess of her pumping a few good squirts in her pucker and across her taint rubbing between them like I had done earlier getting one more super strong Cum from her.

As we came down we were applauded by our spouses as they fucked slow and steady Sue pulling Monica close and whispering in her ear ?isn?t his cock the best? while thrusting back at Jeff as he pumped away at her from behind.

Monica and I climbed in the spa and at first fed on Sue?s tits for a bit kissing, nibbling, and sharing tongue action on her tits and in some scorching three way kisses, then we moved around to tease and thrill Jeff as he gave my ?dirty slut? her pounding from behind Monica kissing him and rubbing her awesome tits all over him, I reached down and ran my hand over their coupling feeling Sue?s puss lips slide out and in with each thrust and I let my fingers dance around even touching Jeff?s cock as it slid in and out, I was thrilled when I found Monica?s hand there rubbing Jeff?s balls and playing with his ass. We felt them up and down until Sue had Cum many times and Jeff announced he was nearly there Sue really wanted to do something for Jeff he would never forget the sight of so she directed Monica to get next to her so they could push their tits together for Jeff to Cum on He pulled out and shot quite a load as he did they rubbed, licked and nibbled all that Cum up like champs!

Wow that was one of the hottest scenes I?ve ever seen and this was just the first night!


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