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Laurie, Roxanne and Me

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Laurie and Roxanne

My wife Laurie and I were living in Santa Barbara, and had a nice couple that we often spent time with. Often this included hot tubbing together. There were several hot tub rental places where you could go and get an hour or two soak for a small fee.

One night we were going to meet Roxanne and her boyfriend at the tubs for a two-hour soak and chat. Packed a bottle of wine, some snacks and headed out. It turned out that Roxanne’s boyfriend had gotten stuck at work and wouldn’t be making it. We got to the venue, went into the tub area, it was open air and a beautiful night. We turned the lights down, opened the wine, took off our clothes and climbed into the hot water.

Conversation was all over the map and I had two gorgeous nude women all to myself, eye candy for certain. Rox climbed in on one said and Laurie on the other. After about 30 minutes, they were snuggled up next to me. Enjoying the wine and water and nipples and everything else. Rox has seen my cock a number of times, never touched or played with either of us. Laurie was dipping water on pouring it on Roxanne’s leg, and then caressing her leg repeatedly. After about 10 minutes of that, she reached across and took Rox’s hand and pulled her across me for a deep kiss. That made my cock pop up hard in about 10 seconds. Rox took my cock in her hand and then looked at Laurie “Can I use this for a while?”, Laurie just smiled and said “I was hoping you would”.

Rox took my cock into her mouth and went as far down as she could and Laurie moved around behind her in the hot tub. As Rox was sucking and playing with my cock, Laurie began to work on her from the back, playing with her pussy and her ass in the hot water. Rox asked me to sit on the edge so that Laurie could have better access to her. Of course, I couldn’t wait to get on the edge. As soon as I was sitting they stopped kissing and moved over and Rox re-engulfed my cock in her mouth and throat. Laure was working Roxanne with vigor, on a mission to make her cum. It was long before Roxanne popped her head off my cock, looked right into my eyes and said “Oh my God is she good at this”, and then she came all over Laurie’s hand and fingers.

They switched places for the last 30 minutes of our time and Laurie sucked my cock and rimmed me while Roxanne worked her pussy and ass. Laurie told me she didn’t want me to cum yet, so we wound down, cleaned up and dried off and got dressed. We all piled into our car and drove then our apartment. We went upstairs with the excuse “We need something to eat”. After a snack (cheese and more wine), Laurie went into the bedroom and took Roxanne with her. They returned a few minutes later completely nude and obviously turned on. They both came over and kissed me deeply. With Roxanne continuing to kiss me while Laurie dropped to her knees and began sucking my already hard cock. Roxanne told her to “move around back”, and she lowered herself to the floor and began working on my cock while Laurie plunged her tongue into my ass crack.

After a few minutes of that, Laurie stood up and whispered in my ear “You need to use that thing on Rox’s pussy”. She pulled Roxanne to her feet and kissed her, then pushed her back on the couch behind her and went down on her (mind you, this was the first pussy she had eaten). Rox began to warm up nicely, and Laurie’s pussy was dripping down her leg (she always was juicy). Laurie grabbed my cock and pulled me over to where she was working on Rox, and pulled me down next to her. “Put that cock into her pussy” You don’t have to invite me to a party more than once. I put my cock at the opening to Rox’s pussy and I was going to go slowly, Laurie had other plans. She put both hands on my ass, and looked around to make sure my cock was started into Rox’s pussy, she shoved my hips forward until I was all the way inside Rox. She let go a satisfied sigh as Rox gasped at the sudden invasion to her pussy.

Laurie then reached around and put a finger inn Roxanne’s mouth for her to wet it and reached between my legs from behind and pushed her wet finger into Rox’s asshole, while pinching her left nipple and looking at Rox’s face intently.

After a few seconds I could feel Laurie’s finger rubbing the bottom of my cock through the separation between Rox’s ass and pussy. She asked me “can you feel that? Does it feel good?” Roxanne went to answer and Laurie covered her mouth “I’m asking him”. Then she put her fingers into Rox’s mouth to get them wet and began working her clit. And told me in a quiet voice “fuck her deep”.

After about 10 minutes of this, Rox began to cum, 1, 2, 3 times. Finally Rox grabbed Laurie by the hair puled her sharply to her face, kissed her deeply, and told her “Can he cum in me? I’m on the pill, and I really want his cum in me!”. Laurie told her “There is no chance he’s going to pull out of you, his cum is going to be all the way up inside you, but, you don’t get to keep it.”

Then she looked into my eye, gave me a deep kiss and whispered “Fuck the shit out of her!”

I increased the pace going for my own climax, I pushed Rox back and spread her legs wide, and told Laurie “work her pussy”. As that was going on I could feel my balls starting to contract. Just as I was about to bust my nut, Laurie pushed me into her friend and pushed a finger up Rox’s ass again. We both went off at the same time. I put squirt after squirt into Rox, all the way against her cervix. As I slowly withdrew my semi hard cock from Roxanne’s dripping wet pussy, Laurie reached out and pinched Rox’s pussy shut “to hold it for me” she said.

She told me to stand up, and she engulfed my cock to clean me off. Pushed me back out of the way and pushed Rox back on the couch “Stay there! “ It was an order. She then put her mouth where her fingers had been and began to eat my cum from her pussy. This lasted a while, and since she was already on her hands and knees, I slid my cock into Laurie’s pussy and my thumb into her ass. I moved slowly, not wanting to disturb what she was doing, and I kept fucking her for about 20 minutes while she ate Roxanne to 3 more good strong orgasms. Roxanne finally had enough and pushed Laurie off of her and began working on Laurie's pussy while I was fucking my beautiful wife. Roxanne looked at me and said “take her ass, she loves that”.

I pulled my cock out of Laurie’s pussy and put it into Rox’s mouth to get it wet for me, then she increased her pace on Laurie’s pussy, and I pushed my cock into Laurie’s ass. As I increased my pace, I put both my hands on Laurie’s hips and drove my cock as far as I could into Laurie. Rox grabbed on of Laurie’s ample breasts in her hand and pinched her nipple hard. When Laurie gasped Rox put her tongue in her mouth. Watching that made my cum rush out, and I deposited deep into her asshole.

We all collapsed into a pile on the floor and couch. A few minutes later we all went into the shower and cleaned up and then went to bed. The next morning is another story….

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