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Labor Day WeekendFootball Party

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It was a glorious Labor Day weekend. My daughter was home from college, I had purchased a college football package for my satellite television service, and I was prepping for the first Saturday of football of the season. I was so excited that I woke up before daylight to fire up the smoker grill and start the festivities. I prepped the chicken wings, pork ribs, potato salad, dips, everything. I preprogrammed all of the day?s games on my satellite receiver; first game at 9 am last game at midnight. The beer was chilling and I was pumped.

Just after daylight my daughter shuffled into the kitchen. Her eyes were still closed and she had a terrible case of bedhead. I looked at her in her sleep wear; tank top and panties. I thought to myself, If she looks this good in her present condition, Damn I have a beautiful daughter! I had raised her myself from the age of five. Her mother had a wandering soul and up and left us. She disappeared off the face of the planet and I have never heard from her again. Now standing before me was a beautiful young woman of 23 years. My reminiscing was suddenly interrupted by?Dad, what are you doing?? she asked.

?Oh, I am preparing for a day of college football? I replied. I explained that I had every game available on the tv. I had invited my lifelong friend Steve to come enjoy this opening day marathon. My daughter Michelle had always referred to him as Uncle Steve. Steve?s wife was out of town and he was helpless as a bachelor. After a cup of coffee, Michelle finally became alert and looked over my fixins?. My God Dad! Are we feeding a football team? If one shows up, we are prepared! I laughed. Michelle excused herself to shower and I made her a little breakfast. Michelle returned shortly, wrapped in a towel with one on her head as well. She sat down at the dining table and ate her breakfast, while I continued stirring and flipping and adjusting the heat. I looked like a keyboardist for a hard rock band. Michelle took her empty plate to the sink and as she walked away, her towel unraveled and fell to the floor. I couldn?t avoid a peek. My daughter had blossomed into a beautiful woman. Her body was so perfect and curvy. Her breasts had to be large c cups and as she bent over to collect her towel, I saw that she womanly parts were pink and she kept her area trimmed of hair. Michelle blushed and giggled as she ran out of the kitchen.

A short time later Michelle returned wearing an oversized football jersey and jean shorts. She pitched in and helped as I ran back and forth from the kitchen to the smoker grill on the patio. AT 9 am, I was happy to see the first game pop up on the tv screen, just as I had programmed. Steve had just pulled into the driveway. My day was going just as planned. Steve came through the door with a case of beer under his arm and gave me the ritual chest bump and hug. As he put the beer on the table, he turned and caught a glimpse of Michelle. My God, what a beautiful woman you have become! Steve exclaimed. I beamed from his compliment. Yes she has, I added. I mixed Steve a Bloody Mary and sent him to his recliner. Michelle followed him into the den and plopped down on the loveseat. I told them that I would be in and out during this game, but for them to keep me updated.

As I continued my cooking and grilling, I would hear the occasional ?YEAH?! or Come On! or Stupid Ref! from the den. I returned during a brief reprieve from my cooking and asked for an update. I plopped down on the recliner next to Steve and I noticed that Michelle was wearing a different jersey. Steve began to update me and I glanced back at Michelle. She reclined against the arm of the loveseat and had her knees bent to her chest, with her arms wrapped around them. Her long tanned legs and short jersey caught my eye. I quickly noticed that during her jersey change, she had lost her shorts. Her white cotton panties shined like a light against the Orange of her new jersey. Michelle was always a girl that liked to change clothes several times a day, so I just passed it off as her normal thing. I got back up and left to tend the grill. I returned about fifteen minutes later to catch a few minutes of the early game. After getting caught up, I noticed that Michelle had changed again, this time into a red jersey. She was reclined on the loveseat with her legs outstretched. From my angle, I thought I saw a glimpse of her trimmed pubes below the seam of shirt tail of the jersey. I thought no couldn?t be, so I disregarded it as poor eyesight. I left again to tend to my cooking. Steve followed me to the grill. We popped the top on a few beers and he commented again about how beautiful Michelle had become. We talked about the future games of the day and Steve returned into the house.

I returned a short time later to find Steve and Michelle both on the loveseat. Steve sat on the right and Michelle was seated reclined with her head on the left end pillow and her feet in Steve?s lap. Michelle caught me up on the game. It was in the third quarter and was extremely one-sided. The underdog was 40 points down. I was almost beginning to regret smoking pork ribs and a butt because they require so much attention, but after a short pause, I left again to cook. I took an occasional peek into the den from the kitchen. Michelle and Steve were just on the other side of the kitchen wall and couldn?t see me when I peeked in to see a play or two. I began to notice a little snuggling between Michelle and Steve. I peeked in more frequently. I was becoming curious about the goings on between my best friend and my daughter. I struggled with my fatherly thoughts and the natural manly thoughts that invade every man. I peeked in again, taking care not to make my presence known. Steve?s hand lay upon Michelle?s crotch and I could see clearly that she was panty-less. He was stroking her clit with his finger. She had her legs parted for easy access. I forgot my cooking and stood there for the longest time. I watched Steve make moves on my daughter! A few minutes later, Steve had dropped his face into my daughter?s crotch and was slurping her into his mouth. Michelle had her head thrown back with her eyes closed. I could hear her moaning. My member responded! I had a hell of an erection. I reached down and rubbed myself as I watched them. I had to back away. I retreated to the grill and guzzled down a longneck. I silently sneaked back in and took my position in the doorway. Michelle was sitting on her knees facing the loveseat. Steve was standing behind her and was fucking her. The sounds of sloppy wet fucking filled the air. I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out and began to stroke it. It only took seconds before I was slinging cum through the doorway. I watched Steve arch back and power thrust Michelle?s pussy. He grunted and launched his load all over her ass and lower back. They quickly reassembled themselves and seated back on the loveseat. I also cleaned up my mess and walked in as if nothing had occurred. The room smelled strongly of sex. I watched a little football and once again had to leave to tend to the meat. When I returned, both Steve and Michelle were gone from the den. I tiptoed down the hall and saw that they were both naked on the bed in Michelle?s bedroom. I watched as Michelle sucked my best friend?s cock and drank down every drop that he spewed. I watched as Michelle mounted Steve. I began to look closely at them both.

Michelle with her long slender body and perfect breasts the size of gr*pefruits, her pink little nipples, and her tight belly made me think taboo thoughts. Her ass was round and her vagina extended and disappeared with every stroke. Steve too was healthier than I had thought. His arms were muscular like a bodybuilder. And who would have thought he had such a large cock. It had to be 9 inches and Michelle was accepting every inch. My erection grew again. I became fearless and released my cock from my pants. I stepped into the doorway and started masturbating. I watched them as I stroked my cock. I became aware that they were watching me. As I neared my climax, Michelle stopped riding Steve and both of them watched me stroke my cock. I launched forth several spurts of cum and fell against the door facing. I backed out of the room and they continued their lovemaking. I went to the den and fell asleep on the recliner. When I awoke, Michelle and Steve were eating ribs and wings in the den. I got a plate and we watched football until 2 am. No one said a word about the days events, but I am sure I want to do this next Saturday!

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