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Kitchen incident leads to amazing sex

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I awoke in the middle of the night at our friend's house needing some water as my husband and I enjoyed dinner and drinks with our friends. As I climbed out of the guest bed, my husband was sound asleep laying there completely naked with covers kicked off. I thought to myself, he looks too good to leave alone and when I return, I'm going to get me some dick!

I peeked out the door to ensure no one was awake as I didn't want to get dressed just to get a glass of water. As the house was quiet, I crept down the hall towards the kitchen. I walked into the dark kitchen and instead of turning on the light to see, I opened the refrigerator instead for light. As the refrigerator door opened, I decided to see if there was something more inviting than water. As I bent over slightly to look, I was frightened by the pressing of a semi-hard cock in the crack of my ass. As I prepared to stand up, I felt the slight pressure of his hand on my back, to keep me bent over. I remained in that position assuming my husband followed me into the kitchen and was getting dirty. He slowly pressed into me even harder as I felt his cock growing between my ass cheeks. I whispered, "you dirty husband...if you're going to fuck me, make it quick so we don't get caught!"

He reached around me and fondled my breasts as his cock continued to grow. He gently touched my hard nipples, resulting in me grinding into him even more and after a few more minutes of my head in the refrigerator, his cock was rock hard and was being pressed against my wet pussy. As dirty as I felt from my sneaky husband bending me over and the risk of getting caught; I whispered, "fuck me!" He lined up behind me, placed the head of his cock at my wet pussy lips and thrusted into me! The moment his cock was inside me, the feeling of shock consumed me as I knew it was not my husband. Before I could even react, he began to slowly move back and forth. His cock felt so amazing as it was much thicker than my husbands. As much as I knew I should stop, I could not as I now felt even dirtier, being fucked by a mystery dick. He continued to move inside of me, and his cock felt incredible and after I bent over a little farther, he sped up his long thrusts into me. Thrust after thrust of pleasure had both of us breathing heavier and it felt so good, I struggled not to moan. He began to speed up and I could feel his cock harden even more the harder he fucked me. After another minute or so, I felt an orgasm building quickly and without warning, my body began to shake as I came on his amazing cock. As my body was trembling from the incredible orgasm, I could tell he was about to cum himself, so in the moment, I whispered, "pump that cum into me!" After another few thrusts into me, he let out a quiet grunt as I felt his cock explode inside of me. Pulse after pulse, he filled me with his cum. I could feel the heat of his cum deep inside of me as he struggled to remain quiet. A few moments later, he slowly pulled his thick cock out of me and as he removed his hand from my back, I paused for a moment and then slowly stood up. As I slowly turned around, he was already gone. I grabbed a bottle of water and walked quietly back to the guest room.

There my husband was, still asleep in the same position he was before I got fucked it the kitchen by a strange dick! I was very turned-on and wanted to share my kitchen fuck with him as I rode his cock. My husband is a very sexual man, who loves being dirty and loves me taking another man's cock. I climbed into bed and began kissing him softly as I gripped his cock. He responded and let out a little moan. I then whispered in his ear, somebody just bent me over in the kitchen a fucked me so good, filling me full of cum. His cock instantly grew in my hand and our kissing got intense. My dirty little mind was racing with nasty thoughts, and I said to my husband, "I want to sit on your face and share his cum with you. I want you to lick every drop of him out of me. I want you to take his cum down your throat as your tongue makes me cum again." His cock pulsated in my hand as he moaned with approval. I climbed up and straddled his face with my cum-filled pussy. I held onto the headboard as I lowered my pussy onto his mouth. He immediately buried his long tongue into me and as he started to work my pussy, I could feel the cum start to work its way down to his eager mouth. As my husband's tongue was quickly bringing me to my first orgasm, I could now smell the cum as my husband struggled to take it all down his throat. This was so erotic and moments later, I let out a little moan and said, "I'm going to cum on your face honey...oh it comes....ooohhhhhhh ...ffffffuuuuuuuuucccccckkkk! I came so hard, I struggled to stay upright as he licked me through my orgasm. While still enjoying my intense orgasm, I reached back to discover my husband's incredibly hard cock was leaking pre-cum. This drives me crazy, and I immediately lowered my still orgasming pussy onto his hard dick! I instantly started riding his cock and I could not believe how hard it was. After just a few moments, I started to orgasm again as I was so turned on, and my husband's cock felt so good!

As I struggled to function through my orgasm, I lowered my body down to his and began kissing him as I shook from the intensity of the orgasm. I became even more excited when I tasted the other man's cum from my husband's lips. This new experience had both of us going crazy as we were fucking so hard. After a few minutes, my husband rolled us over onto my back, lifted my legs, and began to pound my pussy with his cock! He was fucking so hard; the sounds were echoing throughout the room. All the sounds from my cum-filled pussy, combined with the sweet smell of sex, had both of us going crazy with desire when my husband announces he was about to cum. After a few more deep thrusts into me, he lets out a deep moan and begins to unload into me. I could feel his cum shooting out of him from all the excitement and to my surprise, he continued to fuck as he is filling me up.

After spending a minute or two pumping me full of cum, he whispers in my ear, "it's your turns to clean cum!" and pulls his cum covered cock out of my pussy and straddles my face as he pushed his cock into my mouth. He was still so excited as he slowly begins to fuck my mouth, pushing the head of his cock deeper into my throat with every thrust into my mouth. After a few minutes of me sucking the cum off his cock, he reaches around to the back of my head, holds it, and says, "I'm going to cum down your throat you dirty girl! As I let out a moan of approval, he pushed all the way in and unloaded the last of his cum deep down my throat.

A few minutes later, he collapsed onto the bed and as we both lie there, he says, "damn baby...that was hot. Rest awhile, then go get more water from the kitchen. Maybe you'll get more of that mystery dick for a round two!"

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