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Karen, my secret lover

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I have a great memory of something that happened when I was in the army back in the '80s. It was my first encounter with a married woman, which was something that I'd never even thought of doing until then. It happened one day when I least expected anything exciting to happen.

A bunch of us in my platoon had a good social group going, and we'd hang out together off duty and go out to local bars and other fun stuff. Most of us were single, but there was this guy Ron who had a wife named Karen. Being a little bit more of a 'nice guy' than the rest of the guys, I always enjoyed talking with Karen when the bunch of us were out somewhere. She always said I was a sweet guy and she seemed to be a true friend. Karen was average height, slim with sexy curves, wore a Sheena Easton hairstyle and had some really delicious-looking legs. She was a very pretty woman, and I'll admit that I'd fantasized about her a time or two but never in my wildest dreams thought of acting on those fantasies.

I was off duty one day, using a pass I'd earned for covering somebody elses absence from guard duty on short notice. It was looking like a beautiful spring day and I was thinking about maybe heading out for some outdoor recreation but hadn't made any solid plans yet. Little did I know just how much recreation I'd be getting into.

The first thing I did that day once I was up and about was go to the main PX to pick up a few small things. Karen worked part-time there and it was always a delight to see her in the store, and that day was no exception. We made some small talk as she straightened up clothing on a sale rack, and Karen asked me what I was going to do with my day off. When I told her that I didn't have much plan beyond a vague idea of outdoor recreation, she said that she was off at 1130 and was thinking about getting outdoors herself, maybe going for a jog since she felt she needed more exercise. I complimented her on being in good shape, and she blushed a little and said she really could use a little more exercise, then asked me if I'd mind joining her for her jog. Karen said that since the army made us run three times a week, I must be fairly fit and she'd be more motivated to get a good workout if she had a fit runner along to encourage her. Being the good helpful friend, I accepted and we agreed to meet a little after 1300 at a spot near the on-base housing, which she and Ron lived in.

At 1300 I was at our meeting place, dressed for a run and ready to go. Karen arrived shortly after, and I couldn't help but notice how sexy she looked in her short running shorts and close fitting T-shirt. We did a few warmup stretches, and I tried really hard not to be obvious about taking in her physique during those. I don't think she noticed my glances at all, since she was so used to me. Soon enough we set out for the run.

Our jog was uneventful but enjoyable. Karen and I made the usual small talk along the way, talking about the other guys in the platoon, funny things Ron did at home, the usual stuff. I kept admiring her in motion the whole time, watching those yummy legs working, but kept quiet about it.

After about 45 minutes the sky started getting a little cloudy. Karen joked that there goes that tan she was hoping to pick up, but we relished the coolness that came with the clouds. But the sky grew even darker about 15 minutes later, and we wondered if it was going to rain. Just then it started raining, and Karen joked about that question being answered. A little rain never hurt, but a moment later it began to pour down and thunder boomed. Karen expressed some shock at how hard it was raining and we reacted as most people did, with a panic to get out of the rain. We were alongside the base's golf course, so I suggested that we cut across it to the clubhouse, which wasn't far: cut across the nearest fairway then up another and around some trees. They'd have towels at the clubhouse and we could rest there until the storm passed.

We took off at full speed into the fairway, which was empty by now as all the golfers had sped their carts back to the clubhouse at the first sign of rain. Our shoes made splish-splash sounds as our feet pounded the grass in our mad dash to shelter. Of course I noticed that Karen looked just as good soaking wet with rain as she looked any other time.

Running so hard over grass in the rain took its toll though, and by the time we got most of the way up that last fairway we were gulping air and couldn't go much more at that speed. We lost momentum and fell to a walk as we reached the green. The clubhouse was not much farther, about a hundred yards beyond a thick stand of trees that surround the green on three sides and stood close enough that their branches hung over the green in places. Karen mustered the strength to jog over to one of the shaded areas in hope that the trees would offer some shelter from the rain. They slowed it down a little, but the rain still got through- but by then we were too tired to care, breathing hard after all that sprinting, standing there trying to recover.

I must have really pushed myself too hard, as I felt the urge to sit or lie down or something and just rest. I sat on the carpet-like grass on the green and my head hung low for a moment as I kept gasping from the exertion. Karen asked if I was okay as she squatted down beside me. I said I was, but just needed to rest for a few minutes. Karen said that we might as well, since we were already soaked. She sat down on the grass to my left, facing me. I reclined on my elbows as we joked about how soaked we were. I joked about how her shirt and shorts clung to her, and it was obvious for a fraction of a second that I was staring at her wet body, and my cock twitched in my wet shorts. It was obvious that Karen noticed it twitching, and she was slow taking her eyes away from my crotch and when our eyes met again it seemed like something unspoken passed between us. Karen slowly brought a hand to my crotch and softly grasped my cock through my wet shorts and our eyes met again. I heard a shiver in her breath, accompanied by the sound of the rain pattering on the leaves overhead. My cock responded, twitching again and growing harder in Karen's hand. She squeezed it gently and stroked it slightly, her breath shivering again when she did so.

I couldn't believe that she was doing this, but it was clearly okay with both of us, that spark or whatever it was that passed between our eyes pushing us past the point of no return. I reached out and placed a hand on Karen's thigh, the soft smooth skin soaked with raindrops, and she seemed to quiver at the touch. Karen squeezed my bulging cock harder and leaned in over me, our faces drawing close. We stared into each others eyes for a half second, then I felt Karen's lips touch mine, slowly at first, but then we both leaned into it and kissed passionately, Karen squeezing and stroking my cock more as my arm went around her.

Our kiss broke and we stared into each others eyes again, our breath hard but no longer from the exertion of running as much as from the pure sexual passion we were feeling. I ran my hand up Karen's thigh, under her shorts and onto her hip, and she ran her hand under the waist of my shorts. She gasped when her hand touched my cock, and she squeezed it again then tugged it out over the waistband. Karen glanced down and half-gasped, half-sighed at the sight of my fully erect cock in her hand. Our eyes met again and it felt like we both knew that we had to fuck. We kissed deeply again and struggled to our feet, not wanting to break the kiss. I helped Karen out of her shirt and we peeled the rest of our wet clothing off in record time then fell into anther kiss, my hard cock pressing into Karen's wet belly. I couldn't believe how good her beautiful body felt up against mine!

As we kissed we sunk to the grass. I was on top of Karen and her smooth legs were around me, and we couldn't get enough of each other as we kissed and our bodies ground together. My cock was rubbing on Karen's very wet pussy, and then with just the right thrust I entered her as she gasped hard. I sunk all the way into Karen and before we knew it, we were both thrusting hard into each other. I was amazed at how good Karen's pussy felt, and loved how she took my cock so well with every deep thrust into her. We looked into each others eyes again, and I thought to myself that I couldn't believe I was fucking Ron's wife, and fucking her hard on the golf green with rain pouring down. There was no stopping us, and we lost track of time as we screwed each other passionately on the grass. I loved the sound of her moans and gasps, which turned me on even more. Karen came a handful of times, and it was amazing to experience her orgasms as I thrust deep inside her. Eventually my own orgasm exploded, and I nailed my cock tightly into Karen as I shot a heavy load deep into her.

We lay spent and breathing hard, my cock still all the way inside Karen's pussy, as we softly kissed in the rainy afterglow. We looked into each others eyes again as I softly caressed one of her breasts. I hoped I'd recharge fast enough to go another round, and gently thrust my softening cock until it slid out. As we cooled from the heavy passion, I wondered if we'd made a mistake with our unexpected tryst. Our secret, Karen said as she squeezed her legs around me. I smiled and agreed.

The rain had tapered to a gentle drizzle by then, and we knew we wouldn't be able to stay there long. We reluctantly rose, and Karen bent forward to stretch. Seeing her sweet pussy framed by her glorious round butt cheeks made my cock stir again and I grasped her hips and ground my half-stiff cock against her pussy. That beautiful butt felt so good against the front of my hips, but I knew that fucking Karen doggy-style would have to wait for another time. I hoped she'd want to, that this wasn't going to be a one-time thing that she'd pretend never happened and try to forget. Karen purred and wiggled her hips a little in response to me, but then stood up and we dressed quickly, hoping that nobody had seen us or knew we were there.

The housing area was only a half mile from the golf course, so instead of asking for towels at the clubhouse we walked to Karen and Ron's house. Since we were out in public on an army base we had had to act like we were just innocent friends, but we knew better and in low tones we talked a little about how good what happened felt and how we were both very surprised that it happened. Karen couldn't believe she'd done it, but seemed to not regret it. Once safely in the house, we dried off and kissed some more, but we knew that there wasn't time to do more than that, as Ron would be home before long. We agreed that we'd have to be very careful about how we acted around each other from then on, but Karen hinted that another encounter might be a possibility since we both enjoyed it so much. We parted with another kiss, and as I walked back to the barracks I couldn't stop replaying the whole thing in my mind and hoping that we'd fuck again, and soon.

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